10 FAMILY FEUD PODIUM ANSWERS & MOMENTS Steve Harvey Got Confused Or Laughed Over!

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
  • 10 Family Feud Answers Steve Harvey got confused or laughed over on Family Feud US!
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Comments • 2 019

  • Akima Murphy
    Akima Murphy 14 hours ago

    Two women part is sending meeeeee

  • somtitious
    somtitious 14 hours ago

    5:54 I bet that white boy said "my nigga" 😂😂😂😂

  • Goddess. Leia
    Goddess. Leia 15 hours ago

    soooo no “naked grandma”

  • drewcliff82
    drewcliff82 16 hours ago

    I wish my wife's bottom look like who's

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter 17 hours ago

    My mans was so confused

  • Chester Manhunter
    Chester Manhunter 17 hours ago

    4:54 a doooeee

  • Demon Slayer 561
    Demon Slayer 561 21 hour ago

    Everyone just gonna ignore the fact that at 2:00 they gave him an x before he said his answer?

  • Kristel sil
    Kristel sil Day ago

    He over acts🤡👎🏼

  • That Kid Thomas
    That Kid Thomas Day ago


  • Dayvon Hambrick
    Dayvon Hambrick Day ago +1

    Steve: I wish my wife bottoms look like whose
    Pastor Tim: Myself
    [Died laughing for half a minute]

  • Canna710
    Canna710 Day ago

    Anyone else mindfucked by all the curves in this video?

  • jwo7777777
    jwo7777777 Day ago

    Where's the "PORK LION!" answer?

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar Day ago

    4:44 so we’re just going to ignore so many people watch Maury Povich during sex🤣🤣🤣

  • Tayyab Iqbal
    Tayyab Iqbal 2 days ago

    Carson knew what it do 😂😂😂😂

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh 2 days ago

    😂😂😂 My block game is strong as hell...I don’t wanna hear about no thieves please 😘

  • KGC- Rico
    KGC- Rico 2 days ago

    8:32 the bell said " shutup sandwich maker"

  • Train Gamer 115
    Train Gamer 115 3 days ago

    The day I go to church is when this happens

  • s s
    s s 3 days ago


  • Grace Rodhouse
    Grace Rodhouse 3 days ago

    “SHUT UP ORJI!!!”

  • GavinGaming
    GavinGaming 3 days ago

    It literally said Swedish women too.

  • JustinFG
    JustinFG 3 days ago +4

    5:48 Carson was like “COME HERE MY MAN!”

  • ExiletheJedi
    ExiletheJedi 4 days ago

    Max is a Thot slayer

  • Michael FerchminRowe (Student)

    Why is he so supposed after the answers??? He ask provocative questions

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels 4 days ago

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}

  • dosduros
    dosduros 4 days ago

    9:31 Somehow that was not unexpected.

  • Glitch Gaming
    Glitch Gaming 4 days ago

    5:55 some serious bro shit

  • Tall Random Guy
    Tall Random Guy 4 days ago

    ***Edit: thanks for all the likes!!

  • Kyle Roberts
    Kyle Roberts 4 days ago +1

    10:12 who else thought it would be up there

  • Robert Wicker
    Robert Wicker 4 days ago

    Two pillows. THOSE AREN'T PILLOWS!

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 4 days ago

    his balls, wtf!!

  • Kendra Jackson
    Kendra Jackson 4 days ago

    How did I know she would say his"balls"

  • SaNItY
    SaNItY 4 days ago


  • Superior trash can
    Superior trash can 5 days ago +1

    Top 10 ways to tell your wife that you're gay

  • john bailey
    john bailey 5 days ago

    A real ass***e telling contestants to shut up.

  • Mate Maliselo
    Mate Maliselo 5 days ago


  • Julio Villarreal
    Julio Villarreal 5 days ago

    5:04 hahah

  • J M
    J M 5 days ago


  • Jack
    Jack 6 days ago

    The best is when the holler *good answer!*

  • Ivan Grushke
    Ivan Grushke 6 days ago

    “Carson” 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood 6 days ago

    Ooh we’re starting off strong.

  • Evan Chroniak
    Evan Chroniak 6 days ago

    I’m sorry but who names a child “Orji?” He must have had a rough time in middle school.

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas 6 days ago

    steve fuck you bitch

  • Virtual Waffle
    Virtual Waffle 6 days ago +1

    Steve Harvey: Name a male body part starting with the letter P.

    Contestant: PENIS

    Audience: HahAHHAHHAHAHhahahHAhhHAHahAHHaHahHAHhaHAHAHha (10 minutes later) hahHAHhaHHahHAHAhAHhaha

  • -Blackout -
    -Blackout - 7 days ago +1

    0:17 STEVEH_HARVEY.EXE has unfortunately stopped working

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 7 days ago +2

    Steve Harvey is a meme goldmine.

  • Almendrita Chiquita
    Almendrita Chiquita 7 days ago +1

    -His eyebrows
    -His eye...What?
    - Yeah his eyebrows

  • cuco51
    cuco51 7 days ago

    That pastor is sooo gay.

  • Elijah Garcia
    Elijah Garcia 7 days ago +7

    Player: *says sexual answer*

    Steve Harvey: * surprised pikachu face**

  • J C
    J C 7 days ago


  • Lazurite
    Lazurite 7 days ago

    Seeing Steve Harvey shut down over an inappropriate answer is my favorite thing.

  • Destiny Martinez
    Destiny Martinez 7 days ago

    Good ol’Tim, on the other hand I’ll see this show in hell.

  • Hayden Kyle
    Hayden Kyle 7 days ago

    naked grandma

  • Robert Sobotka
    Robert Sobotka 7 days ago

    2:06 Why the second guy didn't have a chance to a answer? XD

  • Zela Morre
    Zela Morre 7 days ago +2

    The "Roof Roof" lady won though. She planted the idea of a deer in the opponent's mind with her southern pronunciation.

  • Liz Gillette
    Liz Gillette 7 days ago

    7:46 is what ur lookin for

  • ya boy bosswipes
    ya boy bosswipes 8 days ago

    8:10Steve finna nut

  • Hinzel 77
    Hinzel 77 8 days ago

    black people humor

  • Kiel
    Kiel 8 days ago

    Steve.exe has stopped working.

  • harley cortez
    harley cortez 8 days ago

    @5:41 racism died. my man carson

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth 9 days ago

    10:51 exactly what I was thinking

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth 9 days ago

    10:06 if it was up there though

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth 9 days ago

    The tiny weenie buzzed the second guy out so quick. Bro the fuck.

  • Mr. Keem
    Mr. Keem 9 days ago

    Easy on my balls, they fragile as eggs.

  • Nator Termi
    Nator Termi 9 days ago

    7:05 now that's a fine ass

  • John Pereira
    John Pereira 9 days ago

    Steve Harvey: whats is a penis?
    Everyone: penis
    Steve Harvey: WTF SERIOUSLY?

  • Underscore Galore
    Underscore Galore 9 days ago +6

    Is wish my wife’s bottoms looked like
    Tim; myself
    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • D.A.n.K DF
    D.A.n.K DF 9 days ago

    That guys name is ORJI

  • Daflehrer Eins
    Daflehrer Eins 10 days ago

    "2"! Ha-haaa...

  • Martin Chamoun
    Martin Chamoun 10 days ago

    Harvey: What is the only thing that can grow on a man in seconds and get small after some seconds.
    Contestant: Penis
    Harvey: 😲

  • Abhay Namboodiri
    Abhay Namboodiri 10 days ago

    I wanted to know the pastors answer lol @11:20