Wonderful Jimenez solo goal! Torino 2-3 Wolves | Highlights

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • Highlights from the Europa League play off between Torino & Wolves in Turin.
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  • Michel Hernandez Mendoza

    ahora soy wolves adios tiburones rojos del veracruz

  • karl williams
    karl williams 8 days ago

    tatters say old gold and black the locals know its orange and coal black

  • Vegeta Blue
    Vegeta Blue 13 days ago

    Soy mexicano y estoy suscrito a tu canal para apoyar a los Wolves!

  • Pragwo1f
    Pragwo1f 16 days ago +1

    Where would we be without Raul? Having said that, it was a decent imitation of the parting of the Red Sea by the Torino defenders.

  • Hector arturo
    Hector arturo 16 days ago

    Porque no hace esos goles contra curazao....mediocre

  • Fms Mesa Scip
    Fms Mesa Scip 16 days ago

    Sí señor. . .
    Viva México cabrones . . .

  • LFC 4 LIFE
    LFC 4 LIFE 16 days ago

    Congratulations Wolves

  • John Mackel
    John Mackel 17 days ago

    There’s something that the wolves want you to know, best in the world he comes from Mexico, our number nine, play the ball and he’ll score every time, si señor, pass the ball to Raul and he will score!

  • Luis De León
    Luis De León 17 days ago

    La defensa del Torino en el gol de Jiménez, más grande que tigres 😂😂😂

  • fehmiig
    fehmiig 17 days ago


    MON KEY 17 days ago

    Well done wolves 😃👍🔥

  • Jorge Esparza
    Jorge Esparza 17 days ago

    Ahuevo de cantera Americanista
    Orgullo Mexicano❤️😎💪

  • Alchemist M
    Alchemist M 17 days ago +2

    Nkoulou is one useless defender if you ask me . He just escorted Jimenez for the 3rd goal.

  • cabronreth13
    cabronreth13 17 days ago

    very suspicious defending.....

  • SmithsnMoz
    SmithsnMoz 17 days ago

    The GLADIATORS?...lol... I Love football but these guys are not "Gladiators "!... Not even close. Try Boxing or MMA matches, now they're GLADIATORS!😊

  • Melanito González
    Melanito González 18 days ago +1

    Eres un orgullo para el Américanismo 👌👊😎

  • Fernando Saldivar
    Fernando Saldivar 18 days ago +1


  • Snoopy a
    Snoopy a 18 days ago +5

    If the wolves will into to chuky Lozano they was a team impresionant.

  • Jorge Campos
    Jorge Campos 18 days ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👐👐 Raúl

  • Juan Siagian
    Juan Siagian 18 days ago

    I wonder why Europa League play off matches don't have any Europa League attributes (badges, balls, adboards) like they will use in the group stage onwards

  • Matthaus Beach
    Matthaus Beach 18 days ago

    If you look at the First goal, with 0,25 velocity, Saiss Is offside

  • Thebeanman17
    Thebeanman17 18 days ago

    Wolves are a fresh team (united fan) their kit is nice their badge is nice their football is nice 😂

  • Aczino67
    Aczino67 18 days ago

    Viva México Culeros!! 😎

  • Aaron playz Fortnite and Minecraft


  • Chris Lemuel Paz
    Chris Lemuel Paz 19 days ago

    Way To Europa League BOIIIIII

  • Sanele Sima
    Sanele Sima 20 days ago

    Adama Traore

  • U
    U 20 days ago

    No le quito merito a Jimenez ¿pero que diablos hacen los defensas del Torino? al 5 lo pasó como aire, el 38 iba trotando a 2 km por hora en lugar de ir como demonio a quitarle la pelota y el 33 va reculando solamente viendo la jugada en lugar de ir a cerrarlo :v
    Se vio ridícula la defensa, yo también me habría enojado como el portero.

  • Mark O'Neill
    Mark O'Neill 20 days ago

    If they get into the group stages,and I hope they do,they will be very dangerous opponents.

  • -Angga
    -Angga 20 days ago

    Wolves right now is like 40-50% power of Portugal national team.
    It can be 100% if they sign CR7, lol.

  • Mario Fassino
    Mario Fassino 20 days ago +1

    Forza toro

  • Daiva Kundeliene
    Daiva Kundeliene 20 days ago

    Is wolves the new ajax?

  • Reptar
    Reptar 20 days ago

    Jimenez better than Rodriguez

  • iBi AhIVIeD
    iBi AhIVIeD 20 days ago

    Raul Jiminez what signing for Wolves World class striker

  • renzo.pereda
    renzo.pereda 20 days ago

    Gracias a este cabrom ganamos en las apuestas 😜😜😎$$$$$

  • Chaotic Rager
    Chaotic Rager 21 day ago

    The fact the players ran to Traore after he set up Jota's goal say sit all really. This guy is improving game by game he gonna be a beast!

  • the Sun and the Earth
    the Sun and the Earth 21 day ago +1

    the defender for jimenez goal....backing off and opening up a shooting angle?! strange.

  • the Sun and the Earth
    the Sun and the Earth 21 day ago +1

    The penalty was soo thick.

  • SharkTec
    SharkTec 21 day ago

    4:25 se cae el señor de camisa azul jaja

  • Глеб Николаев

    Wolf the best!!! Hello from Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • JSmith,john,Smit Gallardo Calzada

    Ahuebo vamos wolves vamos raul

  • Rogelio
    Rogelio 21 day ago

    4:07 Jiménez
    De nada

  • Gerleo98
    Gerleo98 21 day ago

    4:23 un tipo se cae en la grada jajajaj

  • Nani serrano
    Nani serrano 21 day ago

    Perdón si una vez te dije tronco raulito crack 🔥

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 22 days ago

    The magic starts at 4:08
    6 minutes and 57 seconds to score a solo goal would have been something else! ;-)

  • José Adrian Ramírez
    José Adrian Ramírez 22 days ago

    Bastante raro el goal de Jimenez, él no tiene la culpa de eso, pero los de Torino hacen pensar mal

  • miguel armando hernandez

    Wonderful Jimenez

  • adrianfcopalencia
    adrianfcopalencia 22 days ago

    Que bueno que meta gol Jimenez pero no les parece sospechosa la mala marca del defensa? Corre para atrás en vez de cerrarle el paso.. No es normal

  • Kito Cano
    Kito Cano 22 days ago

    I’m not a wolves fan but I hope you guys get a trophy this season

  • Luís Miguel
    Luís Miguel 22 days ago

    lool let's call the mexican views ahah

  • cat god
    cat god 22 days ago

    Mexicanos suscritos
    Reportense 👍

  • Mrfranson19
    Mrfranson19 22 days ago

    Ha wolves suck!

  • Jose Luis Arvizu Moreno

    Excelent Jiménez

  • เจาะสนาม TV - OFFICIAL


  • Mohammed Sebeel.M
    Mohammed Sebeel.M 22 days ago

    Psycho Wolves🎭🦊

  • Mihai Avr
    Mihai Avr 22 days ago

    Disgusting , these clowns play football just for money , I rather go play in China than fix a match . When I step on the field I'm going to take some names, I don't care it's Messi Ronaldo I'll eat them for breakfast, This IS the attitude a Professional Football player should have . Play TO WiN Or Don't ShOw Up.

  • AlexMc13x
    AlexMc13x 22 days ago

    33’s defending for the third is woeful😂😂

  • Aaron Aamir
    Aaron Aamir 22 days ago

    wonder how much wolves paid torino for this game

  • Ezz Barca
    Ezz Barca 22 days ago

    2:04 the masterbucks commentary

    FEDEX_POLO FLACKO 22 days ago

    Torino è bianconera

  • Gambitto User
    Gambitto User 22 days ago

    i think it was the goalkeeper mistake in the jimenez goal