The Alienware BEAST

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the Alienware Area 51m. The most Powerful Alienware Laptop.
    Custom Area-51m -
    With an i9-9900K and desktop grade RTX 2080 running at 200W, this is an incredibly powerful laptop. The CPU is on an LGA 1151 socket, the GPU uses a custom DGFF connection from Dell. Both the CPU and GPU are upgradeable. Starts at $ 2300 goes up to like $ 5300.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  5 months ago +1773

    This laptop give you some SERIOUS POWER and the ability to upgrade it. Is that important to you? Would you buy this?

    • Storm Gamer
      Storm Gamer 10 days ago

      In my dreams? yeah

    • LIVE 2 SHOOT
      LIVE 2 SHOOT 11 days ago

      Yes why not...
      Nice just saw your TVclip channel it's awesome, the way open the back panel of laptop and explains everything. It's kinda of good.
      Hey can you please show us Dell 15 pavilion 5580 video. By unboxing and opening it's back panel.
      Your faithfully fan...

    • Saulo Valentim
      Saulo Valentim 13 days ago

      Please make a video about the new m15 and m17. Thaaanks!

    • Saulo Valentim
      Saulo Valentim 13 days ago

      Please make a video about the new m15 and m17. Thaaanks

    • God Slayer
      God Slayer 15 days ago


  • Melted Heck
    Melted Heck 20 seconds ago

    Look! Something I’ll never have.

  • GamerzEra
    GamerzEra 22 hours ago

    But can this laptop run mincraft?

  • bop god
    bop god 2 days ago

    -just duct tape the AC adapters together-

  • Saharanboy Haha
    Saharanboy Haha 4 days ago +1

    Worst laptop of my life totally money wasting

  • MrT 06
    MrT 06 4 days ago

    I need it but money

  • Dylan HRS
    Dylan HRS 5 days ago

    Could you possibly buy the bare chassis of this? like w/out ram, gpu, cpu, drives ect since those things ARE in fact removeable on this thing?

  • Azat Kılınç
    Azat Kılınç 5 days ago

    Beautiful End, non-logical pc

  • Phillip Lemmon
    Phillip Lemmon 5 days ago

    Let me know when alienware FIXES THE COOLING PROBLEMS THEY HAVE.....

  • Mistaken Enemy
    Mistaken Enemy 6 days ago

    It is Alien technology, open your eyes 👍

  • TheSorinAlexandru SQR

    The neons in the back what are they called ? !!! plz i whant some of those... they seem pretty awsome :d

  • Luis Baquerizo
    Luis Baquerizo 9 days ago

    Lol best ending ever

  • Radio 4Men
    Radio 4Men 9 days ago

    *I love Alienware. Since I cant stand MACS! And I never play games.*

  • Thiện Anh Nguyễn

    but helios 700 can game better.

  • it's Fay
    it's Fay 10 days ago

    In the same time, when they (Alienware) about to give this laptop a name, they watch memes too. :v

  • Morenob
    Morenob 11 days ago

    The only thing we'll find on Area 51

  • Morenob
    Morenob 11 days ago

    I'd rather go with the Microsoft Surface book 2

  • The Dynast Queen
    The Dynast Queen 12 days ago

    That's a damn portable desktop which in theory sounds great but it's FRICKIN' YUGE!!

  • chilly burrito
    chilly burrito 12 days ago

    Msi gs65 gang wya.

  • carlos de leon
    carlos de leon 13 days ago

    Damn you Todd Howard you did it again

  • Saulo Valentim
    Saulo Valentim 13 days ago +2

    Please make a video about the new m15 and m17. Thaaanks!

  • wesley lewis
    wesley lewis 14 days ago

    actually if you do normal use you get 3 hours of battery life

  • joaquinn
    joaquinn 14 days ago


  • R5N2K20
    R5N2K20 14 days ago

    for that price they could've used aluminium materials instead of shitty plastic

  • Will Black
    Will Black 15 days ago

    Can you RAID this Area 51?

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper 16 days ago

    Less portable?? Get the sand out of your vagina

  • christofinb
    christofinb 16 days ago

    No doubt a very good gaming laptop with really high specs but it looks a bit odd, I like novel quirky things but this just looks awkward.

  • Hamming Gaming
    Hamming Gaming 16 days ago

    Bro what is the price ?
    And if you don't play games please gift it to me 😂🙏

  • John Mead
    John Mead 17 days ago

    At first I regretted spending 5k on this laptop. After playing devil may cry 5 and assassin's creed odyssey. I don't regret it one bit lol

  • Livinglikelime 95
    Livinglikelime 95 17 days ago

    I just bought an Alienware 51m with i9 9900k rtx 2080 I’m excited anyone have advice for overclocking when I receive it?

  • Malamute
    Malamute 17 days ago +2

    Is this good laptop to watch video and read email ???

  • Rithvik Krishnan
    Rithvik Krishnan 17 days ago

    Pls can you review alienware m15 r2

  • wesley lewis
    wesley lewis 17 days ago

    anyone want to buy a laptop that handles heavy gaming then you should get the alienware area 51m

  • Icy
    Icy 18 days ago

    I loved the exit even though I don't play Elders Scroll!

  • Daniel Owusu
    Daniel Owusu 19 days ago +1

    Whenever I see this laptop I wish I could buy one

  • truong dau
    truong dau 23 days ago

    A ơi e bị mất toàn bộ đèn led trên alienware 15r4 mà e cài phần mềm mới và cài lại win mà k đk a có thể giúp e được k ạ.tks

  • V GK
    V GK 23 days ago

    Any other upgradable CPU laptops?

  • CodenameDakareto
    CodenameDakareto 23 days ago

    With the Area 51 thing trending, I need to upgrade to a better laptop, will check this out. Cheers!

  • FoVet 20
    FoVet 20 23 days ago

    im planning to buy a alienware m17 with a 2080 gpu in a few weeks but was originally going to buy the area 51m but after seeing those adapters and how its not so portable is there any advice that would make the area 51 the better option?

  • Viquers Vikers
    Viquers Vikers 25 days ago

    Its Made from alien skins

  • Aswin Babu
    Aswin Babu 26 days ago

    Is that the Real Madrid jacket?

  • JDJDH e
    JDJDH e 26 days ago

    so area 51 is just a laptop maker?

  • Billu_Bhayankkr
    Billu_Bhayankkr 27 days ago

    This guy has more than 100 gaming laptops..... Lucky bastard

  • Qtrag Gtrag
    Qtrag Gtrag 27 days ago

    Helios 500 i9 or this one ? Im not sure.

  • George Pelletier
    George Pelletier 28 days ago

    I’m getting this for Christmas and I’m already hype about it 😂

  • Foozle 1-Up
    Foozle 1-Up 28 days ago

    Talks about being big and heavy
    *Predator 21x has entered the chat*

  • moobs
    moobs 28 days ago

    Alienware is the worst computer you can ever buy, i know this from personal experience. You shouldn’t pay a cent for this worthless pile of shit.

  • Jay Trem
    Jay Trem 29 days ago

    Alienware m15 R2???

  • MikeM
    MikeM 29 days ago +1

    2020: Alienware 51 Raid

  • riyad ra2
    riyad ra2 29 days ago

    i've an old alienware m14xr2. im crazy about alienware. its design just awesome & best. bt now im not able to buy this 51. pls send me a gift from company

  • Mahendra Pratap Singh
    Mahendra Pratap Singh 29 days ago

    4:57 AREA 51 wtf

  • 不穿内裤
    不穿内裤 29 days ago


  • Kindeep Singh Kargil
    Kindeep Singh Kargil 29 days ago

    _Storm area 51_

  • First Second
    First Second 29 days ago

    Wow, the best ending I have seen to a gaming machine review

  • C I A
    C I A 29 days ago

    Legends say you can breach area 51 easily with this laptop

  • Jake F
    Jake F Month ago

    to show its power you run skyrim at the end lol.. my old $300 laptop from 2011 could run skyrim

  • Veli Zamanov
    Veli Zamanov Month ago

    What camera are you shooting at?

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh Month ago

    It would be epic if you could use this like a regular laptop for word processing and stuff where it will undervolt the CPU and rely on the iGPU of the 9900K and the battery could probably last MANY more hours with that and then when you get home BAM! Insane gaming setup

  • Reynaldo Acevedo
    Reynaldo Acevedo Month ago

    Hey Dave, would you do a review of the new m15 2019 ?

  • Musfiq
    Musfiq Month ago +1

    take this to the raid

  • Sifan Yang
    Sifan Yang Month ago

    Gaming laptop is a joke. Just buy a desktop

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Month ago +174

    when the aliens from area 51 start making computers

    • 012 Musketeer
      012 Musketeer 18 days ago +1

      good one👽✌🏾

    • Weitao Deng
      Weitao Deng Month ago

      F.B.I WTF??u mean....they stormed area51 before us??!!FK!!

  • Ethan Diamond
    Ethan Diamond Month ago

    HELP!!! This Alienware M15 with an RTX 2060 for £1.8k or the Acer Preditor Triton with an RTX 2060 for £1.5k
    Please help, is Alienware worth the extra?

    • Ethan Diamond
      Ethan Diamond Month ago

      Ali Alashgar I got the Alienware M15 R2 in the end. Picked it up for a sweet £1.7k. Better upgradability and overall build was worth the £150 extra. Plus the legend design is hot

    • Ali Alashgar
      Ali Alashgar Month ago

      Ethan Diamond they are both 2060? If they have the same ram choose the triton

  • Tom Kushal
    Tom Kushal Month ago +4

    How many of you are going to RAID AREA 51?

  • Ur Daddy
    Ur Daddy Month ago +1

    Ik why this video is on my recommendation right now after 4 months later CAUSE OF IT'S NAME AREA 51.

  • Rajesh krishnan
    Rajesh krishnan Month ago

    Well I still can’t afford it.

  • Name
    Name Month ago +1

    9:33 you basically rickrolled us with skyrim

  • VinayKanthRao Kodipelly

    My model: i7-9700k, RTX 2070, 16GB RAM
    If you are planning to do some serious work on your laptop. I would suggest stay away with this Area 51m. It is still in the first generation and I can see there are too many defects with this model. I am a doctoral candidate in mathematics education and bought this laptop a month ago thinking it will be perfect to render my video lectures, animation, and also might as well finish writing my thesis on it. I don't play a lot of games. The laptop was faulty from the day I received it. I had to reinstall Windows 10 to make it work. Now a week ago there are artifacts appearing on the laptop screen. I thought it is a driver's issue and updated it. It didn't help. I cannot even get into the windows desktop as all I can see a black screen and weird artificats after login. I bought premium support from Alienware and contacted them via email. I told them how important this laptop for my academics but they didn't reply promptly. Their responses are days apart. They gave a set of tests to run to make sure it's not a big issue. They are just wasting time as after all those tests, it is apparent that I had a faulty GPU. I gave up and called the customer care and told them the issue and updated with run tests. Then they created a job order where I had to send the laptop to their repair center. They promised me that end to end service time will be less than 5 business days. After four days, I received an email saying that there are some failed parts in the laptop and they don't have stocks of those parts right now, those parts MAY arrive in five business days. They have no idea how it is affecting my academics. They are ignoring customers suffering because they will have to answer for packing defective parts. I searched Reddit and other forums only to be surprised that I am not the only victim here. The bottom line is : buy this laptop at your own risk and don't rely on this for serious works. If you badly thinking to buy this laptop, I would wait for the next generation of this model so that they will have some time to understand customers sufferings and ensures not to pack defective parts.

  • kirthi geswaran
    kirthi geswaran Month ago

    i like it

  • 雁行风
    雁行风 Month ago


  • Save us M1SAKI
    Save us M1SAKI Month ago +1

    I wouldve bought it if not for the two chargers. Wtf?

  • Nyol Novantadue
    Nyol Novantadue Month ago

    woow, you made an awsome outro, i didn't expect the skyrim meme, Subscribed!!!

  • Andres Bravo
    Andres Bravo Month ago +1

    If You think that the Area 51 is, then I think this month is kinda special here...

  • Sahaj Thapa
    Sahaj Thapa Month ago +6

    Hey Dave! Are you doing any reviews on new Alienware m15/17 (2019)?

  • gray pierre
    gray pierre Month ago

    Can you make a gaming console out of this?