The Alienware BEAST

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the Alienware Area 51m. The most Powerful Alienware Laptop.
    Custom Area-51m -
    With an i9-9900K and desktop grade RTX 2080 running at 200W, this is an incredibly powerful laptop. The CPU is on an LGA 1151 socket, the GPU uses a custom DGFF connection from Dell. Both the CPU and GPU are upgradeable. Starts at $ 2300 goes up to like $ 5300.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +1626

    This laptop give you some SERIOUS POWER and the ability to upgrade it. Is that important to you? Would you buy this?

    • Mohammed Ali
      Mohammed Ali 5 days ago

      I have a question is there any Gaming laptop that have SLI RTX 2080 ti ? I can't find any laptop you can buy with SLI RTX why ?

    • DanishnSonic
      DanishnSonic 18 days ago

      Not yet, I trust in the future generations of this laptop, it'll probably be simpler, lighter and more customizable. but time depends on the company.

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan 23 days ago

      I am going to buy it, but hope they get rid of the glossy parts and have some better screen options

  • Kurt Padua
    Kurt Padua 56 minutes ago

    One question is, is it bad if I left my laptop plugged in all the time?

  • Lord Saruman
    Lord Saruman Day ago

    dat ass...

  • BerZe Namikaze
    BerZe Namikaze 2 days ago

    Best outro evver

  • Tanuj Singh
    Tanuj Singh 2 days ago

    Can someone explain me the Skyrim meme? 🤔

  • loopy koopa
    loopy koopa 2 days ago +2

    Battery life is the one thing stopping me.

  • Vincent Luardo
    Vincent Luardo 4 days ago

    I never said I’d love any channel and content until this one. Freakin creative damn! ❤️

  • Brandon Sellers
    Brandon Sellers 4 days ago

    There have been upgradable laptops in the past. A long while ago, Sager made a 20 inch laptop that held 2 desktop graphics cards in the laptop, and you could buy new graphics cards and swap them out with new desktop graphics cards when you wanted to.

  • Victa Nguyen
    Victa Nguyen 5 days ago +1

    You have the best job in the world 😢

  • Kyson Jelleff
    Kyson Jelleff 5 days ago

    How fast

  • Austin Ryerson
    Austin Ryerson 7 days ago

    please slow down i can literally hear you catching your breathe

  • wesley lewis
    wesley lewis 8 days ago

    heck yeah i would buy that

  • Brad Bradson
    Brad Bradson 8 days ago

    It's seriously ugly. I'd be embarrassed to be seen with it

  • S-V-V-Aسذء
    S-V-V-Aسذء 9 days ago

    شكراً على المقطع احبك♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Eil Sirfalas
    Eil Sirfalas 9 days ago

    Hi, does both of the 2 AC Adapters need to be directly plugged into a wall outlet or are both of them can safely be plugged into an extension cord??

  • Pranav Saravanan
    Pranav Saravanan 10 days ago

    Bro do more gamming laptop video please please please

  • Nico Mößmer
    Nico Mößmer 10 days ago

    Alienware Note for you: next laptop you make with a threadripper of with an Intel Xeon

  • Harshul Narang
    Harshul Narang 11 days ago +1

    Video Suggestion: Area 51m (top-tier) Vs. MacBook Pro (top-tier)...
    I know mbp is gonna loose but it'll be fun to watch it!

  • John Cesar Villar
    John Cesar Villar 11 days ago


  • DC The Eyepoke Champ
    DC The Eyepoke Champ 11 days ago +1

    $2800 eww nty ill stick with the 15r4 i got last year for 1/2 the price lol. Plus that ones so big and ugly and cheap looking

  • Pablo Wasserman
    Pablo Wasserman 12 days ago

    Still no SD card reader!

  • GingerDuck 4.0
    GingerDuck 4.0 13 days ago

    Alienware for rich people??

  • BadMannerKorea
    BadMannerKorea 15 days ago +5

    The two AC adapters is off putting. It limits your ability to be comfortable traveling around.

  • jason chen
    jason chen 16 days ago

    An overpriced device like Apple, you don't buy laptop for gaming period

    • BadMannerKorea
      BadMannerKorea 15 days ago +1

      Who says? You? I’ve built my desktops for many years, and I have a great desktop config for games and whatever I want. But I want a laptop for gaming and other purposes because I’m moving from my current location for about a year, and I don’t want to take my desktop with me. I don’t think I’d buy this Alienware because it is over priced for what you get, but using a laptop for video games is completely acceptable.

  • SanC
    SanC 17 days ago +1

    Hi, thanks for the review. I had one question regarding this pc:
    Im an animator who works 2D and 3D. I also do some video editing. I was in the looks for a replacement for my desktop pc, wich is getting old. Was also interested in portability in case the need to travel arises. Also, I was thinking on making an investment on the long run, ie, buy something powerfull so that it lasts for many many years (my current pc is over 7 years old and I still work on it)
    Of course I also enjoy my games, but Im not too demanding. I dont really care about having a billion fps. As long as the game looks good and is playable Im ok.

    Would you recommend this pc to me?

  • Addison Slave
    Addison Slave 17 days ago

    Oh,my god ,i can take to work,awsome

  • MINZELO 23
    MINZELO 23 18 days ago

    I didnt expected that

  • Spacetime Matter
    Spacetime Matter 18 days ago

    İ realy hate rectangle enter button.Always mixing with shift button.

  • Andrew Christian
    Andrew Christian 18 days ago

    Is it available to buy in Singapore or Indonesia ?

    LAURA OKMANE 18 days ago

    Oh wow 😮 as an Alien myself I’d love to own this
    Shopping for my business/TVclip running computer now I dyed the Apple Mac for the popularity of it
    But I honestly haven’t used a computer in over five years now
    I know. Alien I said haha 🤣 I was busy at the sea... but time to tech up. So many choices. This brand is beautiful never seen it to anyone
    Very berry cool

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 18 days ago +2

    Linus: bad speakers
    Dave: good speakers
    Linus: bad trackpad
    Dave: good trackpad
    Me: ?????

    • William Richards
      William Richards 18 days ago

      The area 51m has the best speakers available on a gaming laptop, and has a well built and precise track pad

    • William Richards
      William Richards 18 days ago +1

      Linus has a biased opinion on Alienware, he tends to speak negatively when he reviews them and for some reason does the opposite for asus

  • StarChomp
    StarChomp 18 days ago

    I'm buying one soon. It's stupid how much I pay to take my desktop everywhere when I move. It's time to change

  • 陈鹏飞
    陈鹏飞 19 days ago


  • Firedragon439
    Firedragon439 19 days ago

    i love alienware's

  • Nitin Bhattacharyya
    Nitin Bhattacharyya 20 days ago +2

    This device is outright gorgeous,I would've bought it immediately if I wasn't poor

    • BadMannerKorea
      BadMannerKorea 14 days ago

      Nitin Bhattacharyya I wouldn’t get an MS in CS. Get the BS and then get a job making 55-80k a year. Then get your job to pay for the MS.

    • Nitin Bhattacharyya
      Nitin Bhattacharyya 15 days ago

      @BadMannerKorea well I am studying CS ,I am in my 1st year ,after that there's MS so hopefully after that I get a job and can get expensive hardware. At least that's what I am aiming for

    • BadMannerKorea
      BadMannerKorea 15 days ago

      Get a job.

  • munir amlani
    munir amlani 21 day ago

    Dude, your channel has awesome content!

  • Akash Bhowmik
    Akash Bhowmik 21 day ago

    Nope not gonna upgrade it m happy with my ALIENWARE 17 R3 .....

  • _눈눈
    _눈눈 21 day ago


  • Daniel Daring
    Daniel Daring 21 day ago

    On May 6th I ordered area51m 9900k, 2060gpu custom build from Dell. They told me it would be delivered by the 23rd. On the 16th I asked for an update and the agent told me there had been a parts shortage, but that the machine was built and only lacked some kind of software update. Each subsequent day when I asked for any update I was told the same thing; the laptop would ship and arrive on time. Finally, on the 22nd, when I managed to speak to a manager, he told me the order failed to reach production, (meaning the laptop had not even begun to be built) and that I would need to cancel the order and rebook it all over again, waiting probably another 3-6 weeks. There was no explanation as to why the order was never processed nor why agents were telling me all along that the machine had already been built and would ship according to schedule.
    Dell blatantly lied to me for 3 weeks. I cancelled the order, but there was no way I was gonna trust Dell with rebooking the order. They lied to me every step of the way; they could not be trusted for anything after that. MAYBE they would fulfill the order properly the next time, but how could I trust them? There was ZERO offer for compensation for lost time and to add insult to injury, the sales consultant I spoke with said she'd make sure the rebooking price stayed the same, as though she was doing me some kind of favor by NOT charging me more! I'm currently in the process of filing a complaint with the better business bureau.
    Dell stole 3 weeks of my time waiting for them to do what they said they would do. Now I've ordered through HIDevolution; they are a little more expensive but they have a much better reputation AND they offer delidding and other services which Dell does not. MAYBE Dell will fulfill your order properly, but don't trust them. Check around online and you will see they are notorious for this kind of behavior. I thought I would be the exception, but I was very much mistaken. They will lie straight to your face and offer as many apologies as it takes to make you give up. If you want a custom laptop, do not go with Dell.

    • Daniel Daring
      Daniel Daring 18 days ago

      @Deaunta Dukes Pretty much the same for me; parts on order. I was told it'd be roughly 3 weeks or so. -_-

    • Deaunta Dukes
      Deaunta Dukes 18 days ago

      Nice I went with the delidded option as well placed my order last Thursday from HIDevolution didn't receive an ETA... The order status shows parts are on order so can't wait to get it

    • Daniel Daring
      Daniel Daring 18 days ago +1

      @Deaunta Dukes Around June 12th, I think. I also went with the delidded option, since it was fairly inexpensive.

    • Deaunta Dukes
      Deaunta Dukes 18 days ago

      Daniel Daring I ordered the area 51M from HIDevolution I7 9700K RTX 2060 great customer service also opted for the delidded CPU what was you estimated date for arrival?

  • REBEL.Ins'
    REBEL.Ins' 21 day ago

    You can stick it under your sweater if you've left your bullet proof vest at home....

  • Kevin Medina
    Kevin Medina 24 days ago

    I would like to see a high end laptop with UHD and HDR10.

  • X14Z
    X14Z 24 days ago

    Its almost perfect but tge problem is... I cant afford it...

  • Dario A.
    Dario A. 24 days ago

    I have to just say Fuck Alienware. 1 year trying to get my 15inch laptop fixed. I had to do it by myself. Pretty horrible help from them.

  • Anonymous 62614
    Anonymous 62614 24 days ago +1

    I wish Alienware made a thin and light version of this laptop

    • Papa Carson
      Papa Carson 20 days ago

      Yeah, and risk everything that makes this laptop it's self? The area 51 was a behemoth of a desktop and this is just the portable version of that. Nobody - not even alienware would risk ruining this flagship design over "thin and light"

  • portsmouthize
    portsmouthize 25 days ago

    I have had every Alienware area 51 since it started ..they tend to fall apart around 18 months .including the latest ,which alienware tech who came to my house and could not fix Bios to A14.SO THEY GAVE UP Worst customer service ever.AVOID AVOID. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kev3004
    Kev3004 25 days ago

    In comparison to Xbox/PS4 does it shit on it

  • XerxesxRxvxngx
    XerxesxRxvxngx 25 days ago

    😂 When you boot it up, SKYRIM INTRO 😂😂😂😂

  • Aidan Thomas
    Aidan Thomas 26 days ago

    I mean I’ve never really been a fan of alien ware but that laptop in my opinion is pretty ugly.

  • multiverse specimen
    multiverse specimen 26 days ago

    You boot it stuff just goes.... epic

  • 999a999a channel
    999a999a channel 27 days ago

    I liked the ending 😂

  • Andrew Pleva
    Andrew Pleva 27 days ago +13

    You’re so much easier to listen to than that unbox guy.

  • Satria Sailendra
    Satria Sailendra 27 days ago


  • Jeppe Petersen
    Jeppe Petersen 27 days ago

    Damnit that`s a sexy machine! i really want it, but i`m not sure if its worth the price

  • Angry F'n Luiz
    Angry F'n Luiz 28 days ago

    Saw it at the micro center the other day. It’s perfect. But don’t take it to Starbucks. People will want to steal it. Makes their MacBooks look useless.

    THE16THPHANTOM 28 days ago

    nice touch with that skyrim bit. thumbs up earned.

    THE16THPHANTOM 28 days ago

    1080p club in 2019.

  • shaquandre big
    shaquandre big 28 days ago

    Alienware= PC gucci

  • asdf072xxp
    asdf072xxp 28 days ago

    I heard Jonny Ives designed this.

  • Carlos Prado
    Carlos Prado 28 days ago

    Two adaptor, better buying a small desktop lol

  • 张浩田
    张浩田 28 days ago

    I have a question,how much?

    • Kev3004
      Kev3004 25 days ago

      张浩田 $2300-$2800

  • broken shot
    broken shot 28 days ago

    I got it and I travel it is good compared to my asus note

  • Bangla Universe
    Bangla Universe 28 days ago

    solid review man following for years but really i always knew you would be one of the best reviewers one day

  • Andrew Bills
    Andrew Bills 28 days ago

    The Acer predator Helios 500 chip swap from 2700 to 2700x will reap quite a bit of gain. So if Intell has something similar then you may luck out with a desktop CPU.

  • blk jet
    blk jet 28 days ago

    It would have been nice if you had run it with one power adapter and then with both and fans turned all the way up so we could hear the noise levels.

  • Badhon Ebrahim
    Badhon Ebrahim 28 days ago


  • Alex Simon
    Alex Simon 28 days ago +3

    No homo but it's so pleasant listening to you lol
    Edit: rtx is the biggestestest overkill for a 1080p panel with that refresh rate 😂😂😂 even the CPU. If I had this lappy most likely I'd downgrade everything and sell these components 😂

  • Fahd Abdul Rahman
    Fahd Abdul Rahman 29 days ago

    Now break it in half

  • Omar Saeed
    Omar Saeed 29 days ago +2

    The best thing you translate video in Arabic 😍❤❤

  • Neo Zhang
    Neo Zhang 29 days ago

    the look of the plastic material and color is really cheap and's no different than the PC ten years ago. Yes the tech has improved a lot but the design and texture and color???'s still windows 95 era...

  • Jay Rushlow
    Jay Rushlow 29 days ago

    EGPU tech needs to really get up to speed, to buy a massive laptop and it be outdated in 6 months SUCKS

  • faizul alam
    faizul alam 29 days ago

    HAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. Did not see that coming XD

  • eCivil-Tech.
    eCivil-Tech. 29 days ago +1

    please make drop test of this beast XD

  • Scott A
    Scott A 29 days ago

    That thing looks like shit

  • Gatman
    Gatman 29 days ago

    that ending 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anil kumar Kushwaha
    Anil kumar Kushwaha 29 days ago

    Please can you tell me sir, which camra do you used...

  • 郁郁寡欢
    郁郁寡欢 29 days ago


  • BmanGotBored
    BmanGotBored 29 days ago

    Wow, that's all I have to say to Alienware. Wow

  • Ginna Mann
    Ginna Mann Month ago

    IMO acer nitro 5 is best for gaming and heavy softwares and fits into budget

    • Ginna Mann
      Ginna Mann 25 days ago

      Nouveau Riche nope buddy thats not the reason i like it i bought thats all money has nothing to do with it i can buy above those specs but i work as a programmer not a graphic designer and i dont have time to play games so i wanted a laptop which looks great and fit my requirements thats it

    • Nouveau Riche
      Nouveau Riche 25 days ago

      Just because you only afford the nitro 5 🙄🙄

  • Ginna Mann
    Ginna Mann Month ago +1

    can anybody help me i got unarc.dll error everytime i try to install a big game now i have to install it on other pc first then copy it to my laptop
    Edit: i found a solution i installed the game in safe mode and it worked!

  • Pranav Mohan 12345678910111213141516

    I have one it's good

  • 남이
    남이 Month ago

    Alienware is best pc i ever used, most amazing thing is , it need just 3 seconds boot windows since power on..omg!!

  • Ago go
    Ago go Month ago

    only thing beast about alienware is the price. saying its the most powerfull alienware laptop doesn't say much.

  • hưng nguyễn
    hưng nguyễn Month ago

    Like bareborn with amd ryzen 3800 and rx 3080 :)).

  • Ivan Constantine
    Ivan Constantine Month ago +3

    Upgradeable? LOL
    you know very well that intel prob gonna use a new socket for their next gen CPUs

    should've offered a Ryzen version instead

  • aizen hatakh
    aizen hatakh Month ago +1

    Why I feel am poor gay 🤔🤔🤔

  • Shinnapat Leungphetngam

    Buy this laptop and play Cyberpunk 2077 and Far Cry: Blood Dragon
    Retro overload

  • davidferg08
    davidferg08 Month ago

    After I buy that new Beast I'll save up and try to buy a house and internet to go with it. It's all about priorities.

  • Midnight Lucifer
    Midnight Lucifer Month ago +1

    Just imagine
    Someone getting this laptop for work and not gaming.

    • Piano Smile
      Piano Smile Month ago +2

      What if gaming is their work?!

  • MLP.A-Len
    MLP.A-Len Month ago

    Alienware or ROG?

  • Solomon Cortez
    Solomon Cortez Month ago

    This is an ultra book not a laptop

  • ilhaan Wick
    ilhaan Wick Month ago

    Aliens are expensive

  • Husky1320
    Husky1320 Month ago


  • Yung KeyStone
    Yung KeyStone Month ago

    Wow one hour of battery life🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ that’s so bad

    • Winston Rhock
      Winston Rhock Month ago

      The Blue Bogle this laptop is not meant to be portable. Quite frankly any gaming laptop is horrible on battery life. If battery life is priority you should be looking at ultrabooks

  • Nail clippers
    Nail clippers Month ago +2

    Oh my goood, that looks so nice.
    If only I could afford it🤤
    Lol I’m broke

  • Mohammad AL-ataya
    Mohammad AL-ataya Month ago +7

    Am watching this through an intel celeron 1gigabyte dell vostro 1015 2007 edition 🙂🙂🙂

  • Ceastic Deception
    Ceastic Deception Month ago +2

    Why is it called area 51? Because I don't know and i'll never know it

  • Booter Brod
    Booter Brod Month ago

    custom mxm module to have desktop 2080... but then dont give it full wattage... so... whats the point ? mobile 2080 is barely slower than desktop 2080 anyways... stupid

  • Booter Brod
    Booter Brod Month ago

    people who buy this dont need an sdcard slot? what ? says who ? that makes no sense...

  • LLENN Chara
    LLENN Chara Month ago +1

    When you finally bought 17R5 and then this thing came out...

    • Fabulously Terrifying
      Fabulously Terrifying Month ago

      I feel your pain. Granted I've had mine for a couple years but it's like "seriously"

  • Teddy L
    Teddy L Month ago +1

    Eye tracking is an advertiser's dream. This will make Google, Microsoft and Apple very happy.