• Published on Nov 18, 2018
    🎥 : Goldfinger (@goldfinger1987)
    KIEL TUTIN(@Kieltutin)
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  • Lalala Zara
    Lalala Zara 3 hours ago

    My queen, her body really know how to play

  • Emma bella
    Emma bella 4 hours ago

    Almost 20M. Let's go

  • Ma Rini
    Ma Rini 5 hours ago

    LOVE WHEN LISA DANCE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Entice smith
    Entice smith 19 hours ago

    Going 20M

  • Naddie mont
    Naddie mont 20 hours ago

    Come on, 20M

  • lila thea veda
    lila thea veda 21 hour ago

    Always the best for me

  • I am your Infinity #infinity

    There was one comment where a x person commented that Lisa is one of the best dancer in Kpop.......people got triggered

    I found most are army's.....
    Can someone reply me why army's are toxic especially towards blackpink and blinks...

  • Алия Мавлетбаева

    Д скажи те мне пожалуйста остались ли те скромные девушки которые не одеваются как шл@хи и так не танцуют ненавижу все женские корейские группы кроме тех кто одевается только из за этого и ведут себя так ужасно это лично моё мнение

  • arianator_swties _blink_jenlisa

    I don't understand why korean blink are almost all ot3 and don't like Lisa in korea she is the least popular member but in international she is the most popular member......and why they shade on her nationality

    • V Perz
      V Perz 15 hours ago

      Korean blink actually REALLLLY love her. Like a lot. But the media always choose to put the bad comments from the fews blinks. Don’t worry, she’s the type for a lot of Korean boys 😊

  • helloTPWKloveyou bye

    Wow where's the warning? My HEART 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • nane fi
    nane fi 2 days ago +2

    I think every dancer have their own dancing styles and LISA too, so don’t compare them. Lisa’s style is strong, soft and smooth in the same time. This is talent.

  • Janoo Queen b
    Janoo Queen b 2 days ago


  • Sassygirl Varshu
    Sassygirl Varshu 2 days ago +6

    Still now im trying to see who is that guy besides her but i can't 'blink' my eyes from my godess LISA

  • Chel sea
    Chel sea 2 days ago

    Can we also appreciate the choreographer? I think he is from Royal Family ❤

  • Anxhela Ana
    Anxhela Ana 2 days ago +7

    Imagine her performing this at award shows...😶

  • blackTan Nation
    blackTan Nation 2 days ago +1

    I want Kiel to choreograph all BLACKPINK songs

  • Shansy Cung GMBI
    Shansy Cung GMBI 2 days ago


  • Lusiana Susi
    Lusiana Susi 3 days ago +1

    I hope lisa comeback to x-academy

  • Nhàn Thanh
    Nhàn Thanh 3 days ago

    Cj Lisa nhìn ngầu quá

  • Love lisaaa
    Love lisaaa 3 days ago

    Come on, 2020!

  • Axi Belle
    Axi Belle 3 days ago


  • Axi Belle
    Axi Belle 3 days ago

    We're going 20M

  • Emma bella
    Emma bella 3 days ago


  • lila thea veda
    lila thea veda 3 days ago

    Happy 20M soon

  • ศศิญา ตระคล้อกลาง


  • Love Lalisa
    Love Lalisa 3 days ago

    Almost 20M!

  • Nana Nanana
    Nana Nanana 4 days ago


  • Isidora Estella
    Isidora Estella 4 days ago

    puse los subtitulos y en vez de TAKI TAKI decia esta aqui esta aqui

  • LaLalisa.m 《BLINK LiLi》

    Lisa is the dance queen 🔥❤👑

  • Ramya E
    Ramya E 4 days ago +1

    Unni saranghae ❤❤ u guys just nailed it✌

  • rosé chaeyoung
    rosé chaeyoung 4 days ago


  • Glorilyn Montejo
    Glorilyn Montejo 4 days ago


  • Sophia Esguerra
    Sophia Esguerra 6 days ago +1

    Oh wow! That was place were jennie solo shooting in.

  • Emma bella
    Emma bella 6 days ago

    It's been one year but I'm still slayed

  • Entice smith
    Entice smith 6 days ago

    So good

  • Entice smith
    Entice smith 6 days ago

    Lisa ♡

  • Lidiani Almeida
    Lidiani Almeida 7 days ago

    Tadinha da lisa só osso🤭🥢

  • RUAmplified
    RUAmplified 7 days ago +1

    Why cant blackpink have choreo like this?

  • Mini Marin
    Mini Marin 7 days ago

    Did you notice? The same background of Jennie's *solo* choreography video

  • mī Abdelaali
    mī Abdelaali 7 days ago

    Blink for ever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖lisa Oni sarangih

  • amonrut prajongrum
    amonrut prajongrum 7 days ago

    ❤❤ Lisa ❤❤

  • Lee Nhi
    Lee Nhi 7 days ago +1

    I love lisa

  • jgdtje udttdu
    jgdtje udttdu 7 days ago

    LisA caN't dAncE

  • каша с комочками

    Мне показалось или Лиса в конце в ногах запуталась?😂😍

  • kim seulgi
    kim seulgi 8 days ago

    Keil tutin was a choreographer😎😎

  • Mukesh Lodwal
    Mukesh Lodwal 8 days ago

    Best dance ever lisa

  • sneha chattar
    sneha chattar 8 days ago

    Lisa please collab with our hobiiii

  • Uttara
    Uttara 8 days ago

    Do you get money by likes because I wonder why their are this kind of comments which can sometimes result in big social issues

  • hj ramlawati halik
    hj ramlawati halik 8 days ago

    love u

  • kaylla haiffa Inu
    kaylla haiffa Inu 8 days ago

    Lisa blekpink good

  • Oanh Oanh
    Oanh Oanh 8 days ago

    Lisa 🖤💓

  • Lola Mills
    Lola Mills 9 days ago

    Que bien que baila Lisa lpm🔥😍

  • Love lisaaa
    Love lisaaa 9 days ago

    So good

  • Axi Belle
    Axi Belle 9 days ago

    Go go go 20M

  • Bahtiyor Niyazov
    Bahtiyor Niyazov 9 days ago +5

    Lisa - like♥️
    Kiel Tutin - comment

  • ianne c.
    ianne c. 10 days ago

    aaaaaa omg!!!

  • m m
    m m 10 days ago


  • minchan glir tv
    minchan glir tv 10 days ago


  • jjk_tsu
    jjk_tsu 11 days ago +1

    Mire esto y me traume :0

  • some amazing crafts
    some amazing crafts 11 days ago

    *_Her legs are longer than my life_*