Are Gaming Phones A Ripoff?

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • Dave2D review and of Razer Phone 2, ASUS ROG Phone, Xiaomi Black Shark 2. Comparison of the best gaming phones on the market. Are they really worth it?
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  8 months ago +747

    Gaming phones are getting increasingly popular this year. Anyone thinking of getting one? Which one?

    • Mirza Dzananovic
      Mirza Dzananovic Month ago

      I cant belive Sony didnt nb1 in gaming phones

    • Walkli 7
      Walkli 7 Month ago

      One thing tho it is possible to remove the 30 fps cap in mobile fortnite

    • Red Static
      Red Static 2 months ago

      Razer phone

    • woosh lol
      woosh lol 2 months ago

      A gaming phone sounds and seems stupid..dont hurt me

    • Kıro Buro
      Kıro Buro 2 months ago

      Not even gettin a phone this year because I bought a rtx 2070 msi raider 8Sf

  • adeep187
    adeep187 3 hours ago

    for the look of the actual phone the Razer is nicest for me. The ROG one looks honestly too nerdy, it's not stylish. Xiaomi one honestly looks kinda cheapish. I do really like the customizable RBG icons and side lights, that's dope af.

  • The_retard 1970
    The_retard 1970 5 days ago

    I could deal with the dim screen on the Razer

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 25 days ago

    A lot of popular games are capped at 30fps, shows two

  • I
    I 25 days ago


  • debmustang gt
    debmustang gt 26 days ago

    Gaming phone abdolutely pointless, what android game do you get to play that indulges you for hours !, None. Honestly only a fool would buy a gaming phone for changing his pubg experience, that one can the flagship model at the same price , those will have the same 855 chipset and gpu , i want my phone to look elegant , and peform like a beast.

  • Mr Dr Prof Patrick
    Mr Dr Prof Patrick Month ago +2

    Pixel 4 with a fullscreen oled 120Hz display would be a dream.

  • ミニシュ
    ミニシュ Month ago

    Now, that's first time I've heard someone compliment Switch's ergonomics.

  • Ringo Rinka
    Ringo Rinka Month ago

    Many people complaining because of the price .. only real mobile gamers apreciated those prices

  • Darthenzo
    Darthenzo Month ago +1

    Gaming phones.. It's like virginity condoms

  • Kosame
    Kosame Month ago

    haha gamer

  • smash man
    smash man Month ago

    Why the hell would you want a gaming phone. You could get a switch or any other console, and they are still cheaper. "Yay. I can view ads at 60 FPS."

  • notoriginal video's
    notoriginal video's Month ago +3

    Would rather buy a gaming pc
    Gaming phone are not worth it
    What games do you even play in play store btw??

    • notoriginal video's
      notoriginal video's Month ago +1

      @Proto Type pro tip: this kind of phones are not worth it.

    • Proto Type
      Proto Type Month ago +2

      True I would just buy the Asus rogue due to its design, it looks unique compare to most phones n they would be my main reason but I'll just wait for note 10 tho lol nothing beats the s pen

  • Miku Ivalice
    Miku Ivalice Month ago

    I'm annoyed by gaming phones because theres no seperate GPU. It's all system on a chip, usually Snapdragon 8xx series, they're always powerful, but can't be more powerful than a phone that isn't classified as gaming... So they have to rely on gimmicks that are more aesthetics over function. So you get blocky, uncomfortable phones that look "GAMING" but can't outperform the latest galaxy, iPhone, OnePlus, LG, Sony, etc... Etc... Devices... So like... Why? If the phone is supposed to be gaming, then it needs to actually run games better than non-gaming competition, and they just can't...
    And relying on cheap tricks like fans are pretty much pointless at full gaming workloads at this time, just because on their own, Qualcomm's SoC's don't get dangerously and uncomfortably hot, there's just no apps or games to push them to thermal throttling at the frequency you'd expect from Intel
    Like I expect in the future a gaming fan could make sense, but current SoC's just don't need them yet.
    The only advantage is the higher refresh rate, which is the only gaming feature that isn't a gimmick, but I expect that kind of thing to be more normal in other phones in the future, especially after OnePlus 7 pro, now that everyone is raving about 90hz.

  • Kevin Pedersen
    Kevin Pedersen Month ago +30

    imagine unironically taking mobile games seriously.

  • aorozco
    aorozco Month ago

    I consider Gaming Phones a stupid idea (Just like really over the top high-end ones), unless you are developing a demanding app or game for mobile phone and you want to prevent someting like a bottleneck, there's absolutely NO NEED For such specs in a phone, i mean, it's a PHONE.. If you want to play games, Buy a Console or PC, If you want to do Film-making, get a Camera and proper equipment, a phone will never fill those needs (In the more profesional aspect).
    Don't get me wrong, the fact that a phone is nowdays a multitasking little beast that can do almost anything is actually awesome, but some phones are getting over the top.

  • Kvetoslava Mirgova
    Kvetoslava Mirgova Month ago

    L like this phone lam going to buy it are you

  • Matt's Tarantulas
    Matt's Tarantulas Month ago

    I'm sorry but a 20 year old computer could play these games. I don't understand why you would want one when a smartphone is just as good.

  • khaled nwilati
    khaled nwilati Month ago


  • Izalith
    Izalith Month ago

    I dont see the point in gaming phones... When i totally called that mobile games would destroy video games.... Once i first saw microtransactions, I called it .... Bye gaming .... Shit games.... Sigh

  • Eric Park
    Eric Park Month ago

    Very nice, I will try something like this ✌️

  • The Spark
    The Spark Month ago

    Gaming phones are essentially just phones, treat them as such. My rig is ugly and by default not called a "gaming rig" ... it´s however far faster than most rigs. Do you call the MI9 with its 855 CPU a gaming phone? .. you could I guess.

  • Klinox Games
    Klinox Games Month ago

    Short answer: yes

  • Shawn Smerlick
    Shawn Smerlick Month ago

    So basically the rog is the best

  • emarskineel
    emarskineel Month ago

    There are no phone games worth playing so I fail to see the point

    • SunShyn3
      SunShyn3 Month ago

      Nah mate I need to play fortnite at the best FPS while taking a massive Crap

  • SSS _ HEX
    SSS _ HEX Month ago +6

    PC Gamer: I have 27" 4k display/32GB DDR4/1TB SSD/5TB HDD/1080TI SLI/220V/unlimited play time. for 1500$
    Conslole Gamer: I have 24" 1080p display/16GB DDR4/256GB SSD/1TB HDD/1080Ti 220V/unlimited play time for 500$
    Mobile (Gaymer?): I have 6"(LOL) 4K display/8GB DDR?/64GB ??/ chianjionguahahalolol video card/4000mha baterry for 2-3 hours for 1000$.

    • Mellanone
      Mellanone Month ago

      @SSS _ HEX 40-50" sounds more suitable :D

    • SSS _ HEX
      SSS _ HEX Month ago

      @Mellanone I've just said that so the specs "contrast" to be a bit faded.

    • Mellanone
      Mellanone Month ago

      why would a console gamer have a smaller display?

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams Month ago

    Razer selling it for 500 right now

  • awie je
    awie je Month ago

    i'm a mobile gamer but even i would not pay that price. most mobile game dont even need that high specs to be played. if i wanna play ultra graphics games, i would just buy a PC.

  • neil sullada
    neil sullada Month ago

    yeah buy a fucking computer what good game is on a phone

    TRAS̸H DØVE Month ago

    If only these things wouldn't look like an alien fucked a Lambo

  • Kenneil
    Kenneil Month ago

    why u hating on shark too much the side lights looks pretty neat

  • ilovehotdogs125790
    ilovehotdogs125790 Month ago

    I bet iphone has better performance though lmao

  • RT Arcand
    RT Arcand Month ago +4

    I don't want my thumbs going all over the screen I'm supposed to be looking at. PC games or nothing. I'll stick to making phone calls on my phone.

    • Craig
      Craig Month ago

      If you game on a phone your doing it wrong on so many levels. Also you basically single yourself out as a real fucking peasant.

  • Overdrive UK
    Overdrive UK Month ago +1

    The Nubia Redmagic 3 blows all of these phones out of the water, and for only $500

  • TreeMobile.
    TreeMobile. Month ago


  • Bride
    Bride Month ago

    they make gaming phones?

  • TIT/\N
    TIT/\N Month ago

    gaming chair with headphone jack wtf

  • M Alghamdi
    M Alghamdi Month ago


  • Marco Daniel
    Marco Daniel Month ago

    Actually the fact that the Asus phone built in triggers require pressure to activate, is *actually a good thing* . Anyone who has used one of those "gamepads with rubber triggers" for phones to play PUBG, or other games, knows that triggers need to have enough resistance to be able too *hold the weight* of your fingers resting on them, without pressing down.
    The current trigger gamepad I use to play, is incredibly sensitive. This means if I so much as *GRAZE* the damn trigger button, it fires. Any button or trigger should only send a signal when *PRESSED* with a bit of force. If the weight of your own fingers is enough to press a button, you're gonna have a bad time playing. Fingers relax on top of the buttons as you play.
    You can imagine how many times I shoot by accident and scare the shit out of myself. Good on Asus for realizing that very important aspect of engineering a gaming phone.

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming Month ago +1

    why are the batteries so small?
    4000mah isnt going to last very long when playing games (which is the whole point of getting a gaming phone)

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming Month ago

      @Michael Rue then it takes longer than using wireless

    • Michael Rue
      Michael Rue Month ago

      @MWB Gaming use a non fast charge charger then

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming Month ago

      @Michael Rue I have done things like that to other devices (my iPad has a 50,000mah battery) but if I do that with my current phone, I lose my wireless charging (the cable for the wireless receiver can't be extended)
      And since this phone keeps melting cables when I use the included fast charger (5A at 5V) wireless charging is the only practical solution

    • Michael Rue
      Michael Rue Month ago

      @MWB Gaming well you could add one if you want and you can make it as big as you want if you have the cells

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming Month ago

      @Michael Rue the battery is not worn out, my usage is a lot heavier than most others (mostly because I have tethering constantly enabled)
      This same usage killed a brand new S10 in just a few hours

  • Darwisy Daniel
    Darwisy Daniel Month ago

    That is blackshark helo Nor blackshark 2

  • TheByteable
    TheByteable Month ago

    If Alexander Graham Bell was alive today, I think he would be wtf is a Gaming Phone?

  • Zach Coleman
    Zach Coleman Month ago

    That fan might be useful if you play Pokemon Go in the summer lol.

  • snapdragon64 Orbital

    Maybe but it simply shows how mainstream flagships rip you off by skimping max functional hardwares like a 5000mah battery, superior cooling and a jack with a top tier chipset. These gaming units show it's not impossible. And don't give me crap about ingress protection unless you're a clumsy idiot who drops your phone everyday or you're swimming in water going to school or work.

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming Month ago

      5000mah is tiny
      10,000mah should be the minimum (a full day of actual heavy usage with realistic screen settings instead of a few hours then you find yourself tethered to the wall)

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    I don't even play any mobile games but found this interesting.

  • KONATAonPC -
    KONATAonPC - Month ago +1

    Gaming phones are a ripoff for two reasons:
    1. Gaming specific hardware doesn't exist, just the same shit as normal phones, just get a Pocophone.
    2. The top rated games on the play store are games that would be rated below average on a real gaming platform, if you spend even a cent on mobile gaming, you're the loser.

    Just get a normal phone and a Switch.

    • Jessy Williams
      Jessy Williams Month ago

      KONATAonPC - exactly dude. People in this comment section are just blabbing that, "yeah but switch isn't a phone." Its so stupid that people want to play games on a communication device. Switch is the best portable option.

  • DrawTimeInc
    DrawTimeInc Month ago

    Gaming on a phone sucks. I never use mine for gaming. That's what I got a gaming computer for.

  • TrueBot
    TrueBot Month ago +4

    why would you get this and not a switch? I mean do you really like playing PubG and Fortnite with touch that much?
    my phone isnt a gaming phone and it runs PubG just fine, I don't get it

    • TicoBot
      TicoBot 26 days ago

      @TrueBot these phones are still competing against other flagship devices. It's meant to be a spin on phones not a console replacement

    • TrueBot
      TrueBot 26 days ago

      @TicoBot well if you got enough money for these BS gaming phones you can get a normal phone and a switch lol

    • TicoBot
      TicoBot 26 days ago

      People want a phone as well lol.

    • Herr Oberbesserwisser
      Herr Oberbesserwisser Month ago

      I mean there is the pocophone for cheaper as the switch. You get a 8 core cpu while switch only has 1 core. You get 8 gb ram and switch only has 2 or 4 idk.
      And you can use an Xbox controller but sadly there are only 2 good games. Thats the selling point of the switch honestly lots of nice exclusives.

      Thats why i just root my device and run Emulators i guess.

    • Jessy Williams
      Jessy Williams Month ago

      SweatiestDegree exactly. I don't game until i could feels buttons under my fingers. Touch just ain't it. Plus the eshop is filled with a great library now. Don't know why they wanna game on hard glass.

  • its matt
    its matt Month ago

    Why would you want a dedicated gaming device that runs android?

    • Comrade Russia
      Comrade Russia Month ago

      *cough* *cough*
      Poor people who wants to game but can.t afford a decent pc.

  • skyseasun333
    skyseasun333 Month ago

    Why the hell would I want a headphone jack ...? We listen to higher bitrate music and a DAC dongle is one of the only ways in which to do that. I bought my wife and I a Razer 2 smartphone and a 512gb micro SD card for a total of 576 gigs of storage each. The brightness is adjustable and I don't think you properly represented how the brightness works since it is also adaptable. Until you use one for months, you'll never know what you're missing. Our Razer 2's ROCK!!!

  • superchibiwings
    superchibiwings Month ago +2

    every flagship phones are rip off. if you want handheld gaming you go for handheld console.

    • Jessy Williams
      Jessy Williams Month ago

      superchibiwings yeah and even the cheapest of these 3 phones comes in the cost of 2 nintendo switches. A complete rip off.

  • P.
    P. Month ago +1

    "a gaming anything needs a headphone jack" - well said my friend, I wonder when manufacturers will finally take note...

  • Sora Kuhaku
    Sora Kuhaku Month ago

    I love the Xiaomi Blackshark... but i only have the blackshark 1 but for me it perform like hell and i really loved it and with regards to the price it is cheaper than the 2 but perform the same process so i depends to the user... just dont think about the price but think about your own preference

  • 丨ㄒ乙尺ㄚ丂ㄖ爪ㄖᗪ乙

    *cough* *cough* red magics mars anyone?

  • Pax
    Pax Month ago

    3:17 Preach!

  • Mammutbrot
    Mammutbrot Month ago


  • Tech guy
    Tech guy Month ago

    If it's not comfortable just use a controller with it

  • Tech guy
    Tech guy Month ago

    I beat 95% of the negative comments have never experienced 120hz. I'll gladly pay a premium for it. I'm hoping Apple finally uses it in their iPhones someday.

  • josh
    josh Month ago

    Gaming phones? That's the most ridiculous thing I think I've ever heard.

  • Peter Muster
    Peter Muster 2 months ago

    to shorten your video a bit --> Yes

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior 2 months ago

    Everyone flipping out over the RGB
    Remember the Xperia U, P and S line in 2012?

  • Hysaze
    Hysaze 2 months ago

    Damn. ROG is the best amongst all.

  • notoriginal video's
    notoriginal video's 2 months ago +2

    Gaming phone for what good game????? Just a waste of money

  • kaream alaa
    kaream alaa 2 months ago

    2:00 was just watching this episode

  • FrootLoop
    FrootLoop 2 months ago

    the only gaming phone ever existed was the xperia play

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
    Tiger25NYC Brooklyn 2 months ago

    I've never seen them in person. I just picked up a Samsung Note 9 and gaming on it is great

  • Swoogie37
    Swoogie37 2 months ago +1


  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 2 months ago

    Tbh i dont think they offer that much of a edge over current flagship smartphones like the XS or the S10 those phones are just way more versatile and can still run games pretty well especially the XS with its A12 processor

  • Call Me Chris
    Call Me Chris 2 months ago +2

    not worth it, if you want a gaming device on the go buy a Nintendo switch

    • TicoBot
      TicoBot 25 days ago

      @Call Me Chris yeah you can get an Xbox 360 for 35 bucks

    • Call Me Chris
      Call Me Chris 25 days ago

      @TicoBot you can get a phone for 100-200$ for casual usage

    • TicoBot
      TicoBot 26 days ago

      People want a phone too lol

  • Robert Sabie
    Robert Sabie 2 months ago

    One word

    Dolphin Emulator

  • Jericho Magno
    Jericho Magno 2 months ago

    If this so called gaming phone can emulate ps2 games i'm in.

    SPAGGHETT 2 months ago

    I think they are. Honestly, mobile games aren't that demanding, getting a normal smart phone will probably work. Unless you are really competitive, you will probably feel like you have a little boost in performance.

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 2 months ago

    good one dave

  • TechMeUp!!!
    TechMeUp!!! 2 months ago +4

    imo, i feel like dave was a bit biased against the blackshark phone.

  • Game Crafting - MineCraftPE

    What I learnt:
    He is RICH

  • Peteyabit
    Peteyabit 2 months ago

    yes they are a ripoff just like gaming gear headphones break in a year or less the mice are shit just get a flagship

  • Micheal Deaton
    Micheal Deaton 2 months ago

    what was that scene he played on the ROG phone with Gustaf Skarsgård? Was that Vikings?

  • pop
    pop 2 months ago

    hey hows it going? dave titty here

  • Renz0N7
    Renz0N7 2 months ago

    Phones aren't for gaming
    If you are that kid that says
    "iAm A g4M3r b3CaUsE I PlaY mObilE lEgENDs anD RuL3S oF SuRViVal"
    Then you aren't a gamer, you are a player. Mobile isin't a proper platform in gaming. If you are a true gamer then you play on Keyboards or Controllers. But hey iTS tREndInG so you fucking force yourself to like the game. Thats "mobile gaming" in a nutshell
    bUT HeY tHeRes PopULAr GAmEs lIke PuBG or FoRTaIn
    Well those games are PC games ported to mobile.
    Mobile gamers aren't gamers
    Phones aren't the new gaming
    Name some Mobile only games in this reply section
    I have been a gamer since the N64 Came out so you can say Iam experienced
    Ik gamers should accept all gamers for there likes and dislikes because at the end games are supposed to be fun and to connect us but there is a difference between a Bandwagon who plays Apps all the time (A Player) and a Gamer that plays video games on Nintendo or Xbox or Playstation or PC

  • Emgod YouPeasant
    Emgod YouPeasant 2 months ago

    -Better than my laptop-

  • Clay Soggyfries
    Clay Soggyfries 2 months ago +1

    All that just to play PUBG mobile

  • Tanzin's Gamax
    Tanzin's Gamax 2 months ago +1

    I'm in love with ROG phone.

      KYUUBIKUN 2 months ago

      It does. People either hate both phones or say both phones are awesome. Ty for ur input

    • Tanzin's Gamax
      Tanzin's Gamax 2 months ago

      @KYUUBIKUN Yes, I tried the razor phone. It was actually my friend's phone. It was amazing. But it has some heating issue. They gameplay was awesome. specially I loved the emulated gameplay. I'm an avid game player , just started this gaming channel. I love to play on big screen but I also love handheld gaming accessories. These gaming phone Rog and Razor both are amazing. You can also play ps2 game with damonps2 emulator on these phone much smoothly. But asus rog is better than razor , It has better cooling system and gameplay. If you are on a budget go for razor , otherwise choose asus rog. Although both are pretty good phones. Hope this will help you.

      KYUUBIKUN 2 months ago

      Have u tried the razor? Im curious cause i play pvp phone games and they are all cheaper than i phones and galaxy

  • MilkTea
    MilkTea 2 months ago

    0:00 波動拳!

  • Alan Chen
    Alan Chen 2 months ago

    just get a samsung.

  • santyclos
    santyclos 2 months ago

    I use my $225 Huawei Honor 8x for gaming and it works just fine lol

  • Mahorca 40Hz
    Mahorca 40Hz 2 months ago

    hey look a gaming phone lets thet the camera,you are irrelevant.

  • DaveFKY
    DaveFKY 2 months ago

    I hope Asus make a budget gaming phone without notch. Uhmm. $200 I will buy it. I hope so.. Hehe. Im just sooo poor..
    *Edit: I mean Razer as u can see in my Profile.*

  • F1reP0weR ExtraPower
    F1reP0weR ExtraPower 2 months ago

    Oh you have a razer phone what games do you play?

  • the best noob 75
    the best noob 75 2 months ago

    you havent said if they are ripoff or not

  • Nate Cheng
    Nate Cheng 2 months ago

    too much rgb!!!!!!!! HOW

  • Junior Dada
    Junior Dada 2 months ago

    7:08 but you had it on low sensitivity o.o

  • 威廉JUN
    威廉JUN 2 months ago

    aritriggers 要用力才能触发 像他那么轻轻碰 根本没用力😥

  • Petr Stuchlý
    Petr Stuchlý 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't care for this RGB led crap at all? Like why does a gaming anything need to have built in rainbow lights?

  • Ariel Green
    Ariel Green 2 months ago

    I order one it comes I today on Friday. I can not wait to play with it. I got my Beats Tour earphones. So I am about to jamm.

  • Hennessie Carreon
    Hennessie Carreon 2 months ago

    Iphones are literally better than any of these

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 2 months ago

    I will be honest if they add a 2mp single rear and front camera on a gaming phone i will still rate it highest if thats the best one at gaming..i dont know why anyone want good cameras on a gaming phone.

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 2 months ago

    Most needed gaming feature is record internal audio like who agree

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 2 months ago

    Absolute garbage. Yeah it's cool. But any android, or ios is perfectly fine. A phone is a means of communication. Nothing more. I would just have a brick phone, if i didn't need certain apps for work. What a waste of money.

  • Frololal Gaming
    Frololal Gaming 2 months ago

    Who needs camera for gaming?

  • Frololal Gaming
    Frololal Gaming 2 months ago

    Imma sell my iphone 7 for asus rog lol