11 Folding and Organization Hacks! | Clever DIY Clothes and Bedding Folding Hacksby Blossom

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Learn how to fold pants, jackets, shirts, and more with our easy to follow DIY folding hacks! These folding hacks will help you stay organized in your home and when you travel. Fold up and watch these clever folding hacks!
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    11 Folding and Organization Hacks! | Clever DIY Clothes and Bedding Folding Hacksby Blossom
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  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz 48 minutes ago

    👍👏 I do most of it drawers,closet looks need.i have certain why I hang my blouses

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  • Mirian Duran
    Mirian Duran 3 hours ago

    I am going to try I have nothing to loose !! But a lot to learn 👍thanks 💚💚

    NITYA LOVES 5 hours ago +2

    JUST W☺W👏👌 Am an Organized person & keeping my belongings organized is on my priority list & I teach the same to others. But these DIY techniques are life blessings for ones cupboard... 👔👍 👕👖👗👘👚

  • ghanshyam rhy
    ghanshyam rhy 5 hours ago

    Indian clothes bhi fold kariye just like salvar kurta

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    Very useful video tq

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  • Julia Brett
    Julia Brett 7 hours ago

    Thanks. Terrific hacks.

  • Mary Brito
    Mary Brito 7 hours ago

    Observando bem ,não é tanto a preguiça e falta de organização,mas o que complica é falta de lugar para guardar as coisas,e algo estrutural .

  • Donna Ickes
    Donna Ickes 8 hours ago +1

    The folding jeans method works for skinny jeans smaller size and skinny ankles but it does not work for a bigger size and slightly larger ankles.

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  • Hayet Benadjaoub
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    So beautiful thanks

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    I think she has a degree in folding clothes. Lol

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    😮😮😮 great video. There are no repeats in the video. Whoever says this is commenting on the wrong video

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    Too much energy & time

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    I need to watch this again and again... there’s a lot of great tips of things do do.... thank I!

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    Wow just what I need. I'll be doing this later😃

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    Какая скучная тётка. У неё, наверно, даже дети упакованы и расставлены по полочкам

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    Wouldn’t watch this channel again. Ideas no good.

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    I'm so inspired that I am folding my jeans right now!

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  • María Julieth Martínez Castillo

    Super genial.

  • Little Timmy
    Little Timmy Day ago

    Marie kondo

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    Omg it saves so much space ..thanks for uploading it

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    Very good ideas

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    Just hang your clothes all on hangers
    Soooooo Easy
    You will stretch out many items with the over flapping & folding methods

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