Top Viral Animal Videos - May 2019

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Here are Newsflares best viral animal videos of May 2019.
    From cute, heart-warming to downright funny...we have it all! Let us know which one of these hilarious animal videos was your favourite.
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Comments • 3 726

  • Phil
    Phil 15 hours ago +1

    The best is that poor city boy with the new Jeep complaining about scratches because he finally got his designer country house with all that finance money and his wife is still sleeping with the milk man because his voice sounds like letting air out from a balloon

  • Rhonda Clark
    Rhonda Clark 20 hours ago

    Get rid of the goats 🐐.

  • g.k g.c
    g.k g.c Day ago

    First vala so funny

  • Mario Cas
    Mario Cas Day ago


  • jieles van doornen
    jieles van doornen 2 days ago


  • Polyukest
    Polyukest 3 days ago

    9:44 That's why I carry a gun. I've had to kill two pits. Looking forward to shooting another.

  • TrashG
    TrashG 3 days ago

    1:09 did the dog celebrate ?

  • Susan Pyakurel
    Susan Pyakurel 4 days ago

    8:13 Nascar Armadillo 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Dj Luminol
    Dj Luminol 4 days ago

    If I was a duck I might try and peck the dog balls if he tried to eat my face to.

    YOUR DADDY 5 days ago

    The white and tan cat in the beginning is a hell of a wing man...

  • กรกนก ฉิมพาลี


  • CyTlom Pli
    CyTlom Pli 5 days ago +1

    That guy with his goats and his jeep have me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael morres
    Michael morres 5 days ago

    Ohhh the mime 🐕 cute

  • Jenoy Sanchez
    Jenoy Sanchez 5 days ago

    Gagong pusa😂😂

  • Marcos Arreguin
    Marcos Arreguin 6 days ago

    Fuk your Jeep and that texass plates

  • Shawn Sipman
    Shawn Sipman 6 days ago

  • hangry26
    hangry26 6 days ago

    That first video though... ol cheatin ass! 😂hope that cat put the paws on both of em. Lol

  • Ella Aplan
    Ella Aplan 6 days ago +1

    3:58 why you letting the duck smell your butt?

  • åke boi larsson
    åke boi larsson 7 days ago

    2:51 my big brother

  • AL Rashdi
    AL Rashdi 8 days ago

    jeez i watched baby elephant dick today!

  • trudy101
    trudy101 8 days ago

    The one with the gagging cat was really mean of the owners. How would they like it if someone kept doing the same thing to them over and over again?

  • PrehistoricLEGO
    PrehistoricLEGO 8 days ago +1

    9:50 alright boys spread out the could be anywhere

  • Nicole Moone
    Nicole Moone 9 days ago

    That guy at the end needs to be a lil more gentle with those goats. He could have broke their legs.

  • Proto Kirby
    Proto Kirby 9 days ago

    umm no. crow eating a baby duck. that's getting a dislike from my panic attack and lack of breath

  • Jay Donagh
    Jay Donagh 10 days ago +2

    2:19. Bear opening door: "Excuse me miss, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?'

  • AshaCake
    AshaCake 10 days ago +3

    They guy with the goats and his Jeep I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂😂

  • AshaCake
    AshaCake 10 days ago

    A bear opens my door I am not recording I’m calling the police. He’s going to jail!!!!!! Opening doors

  • Nyneva Kyte
    Nyneva Kyte 10 days ago

    This man has obviously never goated before

  • Seconds _To_Nos
    Seconds _To_Nos 10 days ago

    Be warned to pet frogs those things are very dangerous

  • coolraul
    coolraul 10 days ago

    Yo ceno cabra asada esa misma noche....

  • S Roland
    S Roland 11 days ago

    1:20 this dog is PULI❤🇭🇺❤Hungarian dog,the best pastor and alarm dog!!!

  • Tim 0341
    Tim 0341 11 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing went the goats jumped back on the jeep

  • Sarah Barisas
    Sarah Barisas 12 days ago

    4:06 Okay, just give it to me is straight: is there a medical condition this cat has?

  • Moon 27
    Moon 27 13 days ago +5

    Bear: Ey, can I eat you?
    Lady: speaks Russian
    Bear: hold up-

  • *Sm0l Latte*
    *Sm0l Latte* 13 days ago

    ur mom :3

  • moonlight wolf
    moonlight wolf 13 days ago

    Black cat: hello u looking sexy
    Other cat:thx
    Black cat:see u tonight~
    Other cat:k~
    Black Cat: well she was-
    Black Cat:who is behind m-
    Black Cat:...
    Black cat:AHHHHHH

  • *Sm0l Latte*
    *Sm0l Latte* 13 days ago


    ORTAYA KARIŞIK 13 days ago

    hello ..I would appreciate if you subscribe

  • MaximaMan06
    MaximaMan06 14 days ago

    That dog at 3:36 would never do gay for pay work because he refused a bill.

  • Caro Line
    Caro Line 14 days ago +1

    12:10: when you don't want children but still got children to look after.

  • Ramona
    Ramona 14 days ago +1

    Goats climb things. You can't stop them. Create something they can climb on.

  • Geetha 95
    Geetha 95 15 days ago

    Dislike because of theCrow😭🐥

  • Sol Feinberg
    Sol Feinberg 15 days ago

    6:10 - I've often said I could make a whole new dog whenever I brush mine, but . . .

  • Sol Feinberg
    Sol Feinberg 15 days ago

    1:18 Jah Rastafari! Ever living, ever faithful, ever sure! Ya, mon.

  • hana w
    hana w 15 days ago

    welcome to the park goatties

  • hana w
    hana w 16 days ago +1

    that poor frog wants that finger so bad😂

  • tshhie
    tshhie 16 days ago +1

    first of all


  • Stop reading my comment
    Stop reading my comment 16 days ago +1

    2:28 ”honey, I'm home”

  • Stop reading my comment
    Stop reading my comment 16 days ago +1

    0:26 yeah that's not a cat

  • zack sto
    zack sto 16 days ago

    why didn't that bear attack that Russian woman?

  • Bear Grylls
    Bear Grylls 17 days ago

    8:16 definitely Cleveland racing armadillo with Peter and the boys

  • Niqo B
    Niqo B 18 days ago

    Watch this with captions English captions lol

  • The Seductive Potato
    The Seductive Potato 18 days ago

    Hank: Trees? Nah...
    Expensive Jeeps? *MHMMMMM*

  • Leida Reiss
    Leida Reiss 18 days ago +1

    Number 29... The bear is a real man, show them off buddy 😂

  • mini moni
    mini moni 18 days ago +1

    0:52 wtf

  • yamaotostrike
    yamaotostrike 18 days ago

    Lol@ Russian lady greeting bear. Noice.

  • maduhllyn
    maduhllyn 18 days ago +1

    the dog with dreads ahahahahah😂😂

  • Alisha Veits
    Alisha Veits 19 days ago

    19 - Shibe NOT amused!

  • Short Stuff
    Short Stuff 19 days ago +1

    That delivery guy is a perfect example of how not to act around dogs you don't know.