Office Christmas Party - DIO - metal xmas scene

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • Escena de la pelicula donde el caos se apodera de la fiesta xD

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  • High Lander
    High Lander 25 days ago

    Few years later and still nothing beats this movie scene. LEGENDARY.

  • Manu 05
    Manu 05 2 months ago

    This is fucking great especially Jesus on that horse

  • TheReal BiggChubbz
    TheReal BiggChubbz 9 months ago


    ZETRIX POWER 9 months ago +1

    Esta escena te hace entender que el caos ya esta mas hardcore en la fiesta
    Y esta bien cagado cuando la negrita electrocuta a todos
    Y los otros haciendole gestos de ya bajale hahahahaa mientras la musica se oye bien cagada y extrema pero muy buena hahah

  • 某人吳
    某人吳 11 months ago +1

    This is my favorite movie scene❤️🍻

  • Mauricio Macri
    Mauricio Macri Year ago +2

    god rest ye merry gentlemen ronnie james dio tony iommi rudy sarzo & simon wright ahi esta el nombre de la musica! de nada

  • Jack Crow
    Jack Crow Year ago +2

    Jesus knows how to party.

  • cameron120587
    cameron120587 Year ago

    The funny thing is that historically Christmas was more like what is shown in this movie versus the PG-13 version that Charles Dickens popularized with 'A Christmas Carol' - the peasants would form a mob, appoint one of themselves to be the 'Lord of Misrule' and go about the town terrorizing the nobles and demanding food and drink or they would burn down their homes.

  • Jr. Rivera
    Jr. Rivera Year ago

    Lol my dream job

  • clark4023
    clark4023 Year ago +22

    I imagine, that this is what the last days of humanity will look like!!! Out Frickin' standing!!!

  • Ana Milosevic
    Ana Milosevic Year ago +4

    The movie was lame but this scene was worth it. One of the best ever in the world of all time forever amen jesus

  • Reddevils39
    Reddevils39 Year ago +9

    This is how I like to picture my Jesus

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams Year ago +3

    I’d love to attend this kind of office party

  • iSm1lez
    iSm1lez Year ago +5

    *Best scene ever Jesus is the savior*

  • JustForFun21
    JustForFun21 Year ago

    Göttlich einfach nur göttlich dieser Film 😂😂

  • Episode CJSII
    Episode CJSII Year ago +8

    The person dressed in the sheep

  • Episode CJSII
    Episode CJSII Year ago +8

    I can't stop replaying! Funny ass scene

  • Felix Amador
    Felix Amador Year ago +5

    Just the song I was looking for

  • Icefi Tonic
    Icefi Tonic 2 years ago +12

    OMG..i died several times on this scene😂😂😂😂

  • Al Lex
    Al Lex 2 years ago +14

    beautifull scene..Jesus and that Music.

  • Michael Weaselboy
    Michael Weaselboy 2 years ago +14

    This scene is freaking awesome.

  • Hulk Wolverine
    Hulk Wolverine 2 years ago +5

    that's the funniest shit

  • 1impact
    1impact 2 years ago +68

    the most funniest scene in all history of movies lmao hahaha fckn jesus drnk af on a horse riding through that party

  • Pit
    Pit 2 years ago +26

    It is Ronnie James Dio, actually. The song is called "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".... Hell of a scene by the way. :-D

  • Frank Gigliotti
    Frank Gigliotti 2 years ago +7

    what song is this sounds like like dio?