GIANT Gummy Cola Bottle

  • Published on Aug 15, 2012
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    90 times larger than a regular gummy cola bottle! The Giant Gummy Cola Bottle is nearly eight inches long and packs a prodigious 1,080 calories.
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    Your eyes are not deceiving you. This colossal candy treat is real. The Giant Gummy Coke Bottle is delicious. And it can be yours!
    The Giant Gummy Cola Bottle is an amped-up version of a classic candy treat. Weighing approximately 90 times more than the standard-size gummy cola bottle, The Giant Gummy Cola Bottle perfectly mimics the styling of a traditional glass soda bottle.
    Measuring nearly eight inches long, each handmade gummy cola bottle treat packs a prodigious 1,080 calories and is available in a variety of delectable flavors: Vanilla Cola, Cola, Root Beer, and Cherry Cola. Made in the USA.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  2 years ago +878

    There's more flavors besides Cola! You can also choose Cherry Cola, Vanilla Cola, or Root Beer.

    • Joshua Park
      Joshua Park 2 months ago

      Vat19 ur stupid and racist bro

    • Matt Schaefer
      Matt Schaefer 3 months ago

      I'm Carson schaefer I'm the son of Matt schaefer I'm almost 12 my birthday is this Thursday and I'm from cleves ohio and the gummy cola bottle is one of my favorite gummies that vat19 sells

    • Andrew Rooplal
      Andrew Rooplal 3 months ago +1

      I got root beer and chocolate soda marshmallow soda and cotton candy soda

    • rickandmortyfan 649
      rickandmortyfan 649 3 months ago

      Cool! The original gummy cola was only just cola

  • RoxyFoxy animates
    RoxyFoxy animates 5 hours ago

    Make giant sour gummy cola! It would be cool right?

  • GatchaMuffin
    GatchaMuffin 6 hours ago

    Why doesn't anyone notice at 0:24 1080 CALORIES

  • Carter 31
    Carter 31 2 days ago

    Oh no I just opened this a McDonald’s ad turned on with my favorite food in it and I am like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Felix Pavlovix
    Felix Pavlovix 2 days ago

    Much better than Awesome disney toys

  • King- AlphaYT
    King- AlphaYT 2 days ago

    Make the world largest sour gummy cola bottle! That will be awesomeeee

  • Koralin Band
    Koralin Band 9 days ago

    I can just buy that at the candy store because you may creations for some reason that we can just buy.

  • General Topics_
    General Topics_ 11 days ago

    There 3 different flavours you can pick from! Gummy, cola and bottle!

  • Giraffe Bubblegum
    Giraffe Bubblegum 13 days ago

    This was 7 years ago , I mean like wow ...

  • Joseph Stalin Йосеф сталин

    They should make it hollow so you can pour actual Coca Cola into it

  • KeanozDayz 22k
    KeanozDayz 22k 18 days ago

    Ah’yes my fav flavor bottle

  • Uyên Linh Phan Thị
    Uyên Linh Phan Thị 19 days ago


  • Dwayne Carrasquillo
    Dwayne Carrasquillo 21 day ago

    Hello I would like to be on burning questions to can you please put this question on there how does the gummy bear guy make the cola bottle and how can I buy one

  • Shuckle
    Shuckle 24 days ago

    I approve if carbonated. Boosts my attack stat.

  • Marites David
    Marites David 24 days ago

    Philippines you bu

  • Lakshmi Shah
    Lakshmi Shah 24 days ago +1

    Their gummy is to small for the price and it’s 5.99 shipping

    Thank me later

  • beethoven _
    beethoven _ 27 days ago

    0:57 so theres a gummy flavor, a cola flavor, AND OMY GUD A BOTTLE FLAVOR.

  • Astrid and June Ivy

    0:31 what about that part?

  • Biking Fantasy - Street & Trail

    Not really 90 or 99 regular gummy bears cuz the gummy cola bottle is just half of the real thing

  • JJ GM
    JJ GM Month ago

    Do a gummy Pepsi.Pepsi is better than Coke

  • Mari Playz Gacha
    Mari Playz Gacha Month ago +1

    0:47 mukbank!! Asmr!! Ahahahahaa

  • Alec Zhor1
    Alec Zhor1 Month ago

    3 flavors!:
    Diet Coke
    & Coke Zero.

  • Glace Glace
    Glace Glace Month ago

    not gonna lie that seaweed thing looked tasty

  • ImaGotBot
    ImaGotBot Month ago

    Why is this recommend

  • Claudiu Leul Siret Gaming

    0:42 does it have drugs?

  • Hi I'm Bored
    Hi I'm Bored Month ago

    Any cola candies taste disgusting

  • Karen Palacios
    Karen Palacios Month ago +1

    It’s not really ninety because the gummy coke is only half and ninety is a whole bottle

  • jerbari bp
    jerbari bp Month ago


  • Frank Han
    Frank Han Month ago

    I’ll stick with regular cola, less calories 😕

  • Danielius Danis
    Danielius Danis Month ago

    Why you not make cola insade me real cola

  • Katy Woodall
    Katy Woodall Month ago

    Cool, bottle flavoured gummy!

  • Jordan Ellyana
    Jordan Ellyana Month ago

    Make a super big one

  • Naruto Nine tails
    Naruto Nine tails Month ago

    They have gummy flavor cola flavor and the best one


  • Akari_Moon
    Akari_Moon Month ago +3

    0:41 who else noticed that it was just a instant ramen noodle
    wrapped in seaweed

  • Tom The one and only
    Tom The one and only Month ago +1

    What if you hollowed out the gummy cola bottle and put collar in it?

  • Ralf Donut
    Ralf Donut Month ago

    Can you make world largest or party gummy coke bottle please

  • Gurķītis tv
    Gurķītis tv Month ago

    I got a Coca Cola ar while waching this video

  • xXComfy_pillowxX
    xXComfy_pillowxX Month ago +1

    2.0x speed sounds like its a fast commericial

  • Cash Bower
    Cash Bower Month ago

    I ate 90 gummy colas

  • Poppy Shepoo
    Poppy Shepoo Month ago

    I get these from my schools shop

  • Tregh Itolo
    Tregh Itolo Month ago


  • IIAder
    IIAder 2 months ago


  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi 2 months ago

    My childhood.

  • Wendy Bell Alburo
    Wendy Bell Alburo 2 months ago


  • zahid Momin
    zahid Momin 2 months ago +1

    Jon look's like he's in hell

  • Svetlana Ranković
    Svetlana Ranković 2 months ago +1

    Im serbia love english giant cola me serbian no giant cola me jes mini cola we meking candy pepsi

  • BMX Charlie
    BMX Charlie 2 months ago

    The thing for the aprion video it is in this video

  • Svetlana Ranković
    Svetlana Ranković 2 months ago

    We please making pepsi gummy candy

  • ian dokarasi
    ian dokarasi 2 months ago +1

    Vat 19 what if you put real cola inside the gummy bottle

  • Irma Castro
    Irma Castro 2 months ago

    The flavors:
    Gummy, cola,bottle

  • The Slump God
    The Slump God 2 months ago

    fucking hell its expensive

  • Isabella _ Gacha
    Isabella _ Gacha 2 months ago

    Who else wants to buy these but can’t cuz they’re broke .-.

    THE DIMOND TIMBS 2 months ago

    i personally like the bottle flavor

  • Poisonous Weeb
    Poisonous Weeb 2 months ago +6

    i got annoyed when he said every single ounce and a piece of gummy was left

  • Big Gaymer
    Big Gaymer 2 months ago

    So if i eat the blank part of the gummy , that means i'm eating glass?

  • kolloro
    kolloro 2 months ago +2

    I am drinking Pepsi while watching this😂

  • Burley Ant
    Burley Ant 2 months ago


  • Jeff McLeod
    Jeff McLeod 2 months ago

    Seaweed and Wheatgrass Strudel

  • Laura Zubaite
    Laura Zubaite 2 months ago

    I. Want. Ole

  • laclarous
    laclarous 2 months ago

    They are not giant, it’s just the people are small