2019 Golden Globes: Everything You Need to Know

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • The 2019 Golden Globe Awards will air Sunday, Jan. 6, on NBC.
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  • Limitless Potential
    Limitless Potential 8 months ago

    Enjoy the show as u eat TV dinners and they are served the best of the best.
    Keep watching them and going to their movies. Give your money they need it.

  • Antonina Cawley
    Antonina Cawley 8 months ago

    🐒 = 🐼 + 🐫

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu 8 months ago

    One piece is about to surpass Batman in lifetime unit sales
    American entertainment isn't dead and it's not too old to work. But it is acting like SEGA before the Sony PlayStation release

  • britzy
    britzy 8 months ago +4

    they couldn't have gotten someone even moderately funny to host it? no?

  • Rangshina Da Kro
    Rangshina Da Kro 8 months ago

    Golden Globe without Ricky it SucK!

  • pantera gt8
    pantera gt8 8 months ago +2

    The libatard awards for rich assbags that are in love with them self's

  • Mary
    Mary 8 months ago

    Sandra looks amazing.
    I don’t think that lady gag gag had enough of a dress, she needed more material. Dress as ugly as the wearer.

  • gloria Rodriguez
    gloria Rodriguez 8 months ago

    I DO NOT like the hosts. Not funny, some things said did not go over well, and it's only been 11 minutes!!

  • birdlynn hubbard
    birdlynn hubbard 8 months ago +4

    It has begun, but the co-hosts are obnoxious. What happened to royalty? They talked nasty, and just obnoxious. I'd much rather see some professionalism, and give the introduction and program much more calm, politeness, and class. They talked too loud, and sounded like grown up brats, not adults.

  • Speed King
    Speed King 8 months ago

    No Ricky Gervais??

  • Anonymous 206
    Anonymous 206 8 months ago

    I hope that it’s not a sjw circlejerk I rally wish they had Ricky Gervais though

  • Adam Dewey
    Adam Dewey 8 months ago

    Sweet potatoe soup and Moet damn!

  • M
    M 8 months ago

    No thanks!

  • Eddie Dallas
    Eddie Dallas 8 months ago +2

    The last 2 years set records for lowest ratings because everyone knows the hosts and winners use the night to insult 50% of the country and/or virtue signaling. The whole things become a joke.

  • Josue2018
    Josue2018 8 months ago +2

    Trump-deranged liberals annual convention!

  • Michael K, CPA
    Michael K, CPA 8 months ago +6

    Don’t watch the Golden Globes !!! No more Anti-America Anti-Trump award shows by these rich liberals...

  • milkbot200
    milkbot200 8 months ago +1


  • Thors Pinky
    Thors Pinky 8 months ago +1

    Is it time again for a bunch of elite out of touch jackasses to pat themselves on the back and bash The President?

  • troy b
    troy b 8 months ago +8

    Everything you need to Know? Women will win most awards, or else there will be cries of sexism, or people will be offended if they don't

    • troy b
      troy b 8 months ago

      @Limitless Potential tru

    • Limitless Potential
      Limitless Potential 8 months ago

      @troy b You will never get your point across. She will not follow reason

    • troy b
      troy b 8 months ago

      what are people complaining about in the articles I sent?@Astrid Holly

    • troy b
      troy b 8 months ago

      @Astrid Holly ya and what happens when they dont? THATS my point,,,times will be changing because of all the snowflakes

    • troy b
      troy b 8 months ago

      @Astrid Holly are you kidding me? they defend exactly what I was saying,,,complaints ! offended!

    WWG1WGA! USA 8 months ago +2

    Fk Hollyweird.

  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim 8 months ago +3

    the only good thing about these is the open bar for celebrities. does anyone REALLY care what a bunch of foreigners think of American movies?

    • Steve Yochim
      Steve Yochim 8 months ago

      @Astrid Holly Foreign movie reporters are just as unscrupulous as BILLBOARD reporters....

    • Steve Yochim
      Steve Yochim 8 months ago

      @WWG1WGA! USA we also would have accepted 'nien' or 'nyet.'

    • Astrid Holly
      Astrid Holly 8 months ago

      Foreign films are some of the best in history. It's great to get opinions and establish prestige from all areas.

    • WWG1WGA! USA
      WWG1WGA! USA 8 months ago

      Steve Yochim - nope

    • m
      m 8 months ago


  • Aidan Barnes
    Aidan Barnes 8 months ago

    I'm gonna miss this show because I'll be at work all day :(

  • BEBA Pagán
    BEBA Pagán 8 months ago

    I past like on the dominoes game because today is the Eagles team game 😘 "Philadelphia " .

  • lima lara
    lima lara 8 months ago


  • Venn B
    Venn B 8 months ago +3

    How can we stream it live?

  • Lilia El Khatib
    Lilia El Khatib 8 months ago +2

    She said JANUARY 27...

    • I Dont Understand Life
      I Dont Understand Life 8 months ago

      She also said the SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards)...and the Golden Globe sign is literally right behind her 😂

  • luxury_lyfestile
    luxury_lyfestile 8 months ago


  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan 8 months ago +1


  • Delilah Rose
    Delilah Rose 8 months ago