The WiiWare Chronicles (Complete Series) - Scott The Woz

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • A full retrospective on the WiiWare service and complete compilation of all five installments of The WiiWare Chronicles!
    The WiiWare Chronicles I - Scott The Woz (Episode 60):
    The WiiWare Chronicles II - Scott The Woz (Episode 67):
    The WiiWare Chronicles III - Scott The Woz (Episode 89):
    The WiiWare Chronicles IV - Scott The Woz (Episode 98):
    The WiiWare Chronicles V - Scott The Woz (Episode 101):
    Twitter: ScottTheWoz
    Facebook: ScottTheWoz/
    Instagram: scottthewoz
    Games Covered:
    Dr. Mario Online Rx
    Excitebike: World Rally
    WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase
    Grill Off! with Ultra Hand
    Doc Louis' Punch-Out!!
    Cozy Fire
    Sexy Poker
    5 Arcade Gems
    My Aquarium 2
    Let's Create Pottery
    Enjoy Your Massage!
    Muscle March
    Pong Toss
    Mega Man 9
    My Little Baby
    Star Soldier R
    Copter Crisis
    Aha! I Got It!
    Max and the Magic Marker
    Hockey All Star Shootout
    Tetris Party
    Fast Draw Showdown
    Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth
    Ant Nation
    TV Show King
    Flight Control
    Space Invaders Get Even
    Bit Trip Runner
    Soccer Up
    Mr. Driller W
    Frogger Returns
    Rabbids Lab
    Happy Holidays Halloween
    Robin Hood
    My Dolphin
    Pokemon Rumble
    My Zoo
    Bubble Bobble Plus
    Xmas Puzzle
    And Yet It Moves
    Family Go Kart Racing
    Snowpack Park
    Paint Splash!
    Dart Rage
    Art of Balance
    TV Show King 2
    Water Warfare
    Lead the Meerkats
    2 Fast 4 Gnomz
    101-in-1 Megamix
    Major League Eating: The Game
    Rock N' Roll Climber
    Cave Story
    World of Goo
    FAST Racing League
    My Life as a Darklord: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    Jett Rocket
    Chick Chick Boom
    Fish 'Em All!
    Racer's Islands
    Rage of the Gladiators
    Soccer Bashi
    Mix Superstar
    3D Pixel Racing
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  • Pistachio God
    Pistachio God 8 hours ago

    Me: * has already seen all of these videos *
    Also Me: *I’ll freaking do it again*

  • Eric H.
    Eric H. 21 hour ago

    The only regret I have about watching this video is the fact that I want the apocalypse to happen

  • The AnimatioNerd


  • Large Chonky Nugget

    56:19 THE MILK WAS GLUE!?

  • The Rollie Show
    The Rollie Show Day ago

    30:00 I thought my phone screen was dirty and I couldn’t see the words

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 2 days ago

    You just HAD to make the 10 min mark, huh?

  • yt - M
    yt - M 2 days ago

    12:04 oh tats on mobile too and it's probably better.

  • Tagg
    Tagg 2 days ago

    Vinegar the Woz

  • MxMaker
    MxMaker 3 days ago

    Liked it, only for "Where is Dad?" joke at 38:20

  • M_ Riolu
    M_ Riolu 4 days ago

    I am about to give you your rent money by watching this

  • Mr.Cracker
    Mr.Cracker 5 days ago

    "they should just make death illegal"

  • Yo Its Premo
    Yo Its Premo 5 days ago

    not vince valenti

  • absurdiron is the best

    What about badland it looks like world of goo

  • Erica Drew
    Erica Drew 7 days ago

    Are you really colorblind?(I'm just curious)

  • Bay2bayboy
    Bay2bayboy 8 days ago

    man you managed to make this more dramatic then i t really was

  • Robin Jandro
    Robin Jandro 9 days ago

    I almost die laughing at the intro, he is very scared and frightened but still saying "Hey all, scott here" xD

  • The llama lord
    The llama lord 9 days ago


  • James H
    James H 9 days ago

    And Yet it Moves was a great game. Very trippy, graphics wise , near the end though

    EEMOWJEE 11 days ago

    hey! hes got a wii loaded with wiiware games!

  • ohsomuch
    ohsomuch 12 days ago


  • R. J.
    R. J. 12 days ago +2

    Who could've thought that Scott could make me cry with his ending?

  • Quentin Howard
    Quentin Howard 14 days ago

    Don't talk crap about Pokemon rumble.

  • TheModdedwarfare3
    TheModdedwarfare3 15 days ago

    Onslaught was my favorite neon green colored bug shooting game.

  • Doym Toym
    Doym Toym 15 days ago

    Ok I just watched an hour of Wiiware videos and didn't even notice it was an hour

  • Aidan Z.
    Aidan Z. 15 days ago

    Wes Flowers: shoots multiple times
    Me: wait, that’s illegal

    OGOKE WILLIAM 16 days ago

    24:03 who else sees the spongebob mii in the background

  • dustboxednorth
    dustboxednorth 16 days ago


  • Johan Vandijck
    Johan Vandijck 17 days ago

    This video is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster

  • Formula Fanboy
    Formula Fanboy 17 days ago

    "No Jomtron, YOU sound like a terminal illness!"

  • Roshawn May
    Roshawn May 18 days ago +1

    For anyone watching this at work. I would strongly advise skipping 7:35

  • Tinyunknown156 Gaming
    Tinyunknown156 Gaming 19 days ago

    The gnome game had a switch version...

  • Enzovexx
    Enzovexx 20 days ago

    Try the DSiWare chronicles!

  • Servfong The Boi
    Servfong The Boi 20 days ago

    This whole apocalypse after Wii shop channel closure that didn't actually happen in real life makes me believe that the apocalypse is in an alternate reality

  • Jett Hazard
    Jett Hazard 20 days ago

    I skip to later on and I see a ugly ass baby and I hear "Was that pregnancy worth it?"

  • Timpani
    Timpani 22 days ago

    Most of these games have really cheap digital midi instruments and it irks me.
    Though its expected for wiiware games like these

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 22 days ago

    What is this? OMG, is a 1 hour video about a lot of random bad games, I'm not going to wat... WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE! Is that Cave Story? Cave Story was on the Wii store? How the fuck I didn't knew this?! I have to watch this video...

  • aceclutchh
    aceclutchh 23 days ago

    i just realized that the company that made 101 explosive mega mix is the same company that made the persona series.

    what the hell

  • Patricia Blanch
    Patricia Blanch 23 days ago

    World of goo was THE BEST when I was 5

  • Giga Boi
    Giga Boi 25 days ago

    Yes baby=animal

  • Giga Boi
    Giga Boi 25 days ago

    Yea baby=animal

  • Trip
    Trip 25 days ago +1

    Seeing World of Goo again really brings back the memories..

  • Ronald Monroy
    Ronald Monroy 26 days ago

    *CAVE STORY?!*

  • Edbeebop
    Edbeebop 27 days ago

    S C O T T

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 28 days ago

    I like all the joke about the online but I know u can hack your Wii or whatever to get online. Idk how like mariokart CTGP

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 28 days ago

    The thing about the music abruptly starting loudly reminded me of twilight princess whenever you go outside during the day you’re greeted to that loud ass fanfare before the main hyrule theme starts

  • TrnThtHrtbtOvrAgn
    TrnThtHrtbtOvrAgn 28 days ago +1

    Every time I hear the Wii Shop theme, I immediately expect some sort of quick-edited meme compilation.

  • BrettFurfy
    BrettFurfy 29 days ago +13

    Timestamps for anybody wanting to watch in Chronological order:
    March 25 2018 - 1:25/13:13
    May 6 2018 - 14:19/26:11
    October 7 2018 - 27:22/37:10
    December 2 2018 - 38:17/46:59
    January 21 2019 - 47:25/0:00/13:26
    January 22 2019 - 13:44/26:22
    January 23 2019 - 26:35/37:21
    January 24 2019 - 37:39/47:11
    January 25 2019 - 48:24
    January 26 2019 - 51:54
    January 27 2019 - 54:14
    January 28 2019 - 56:17
    January 29 2019 - 56:55/58:58

  • Scrambles the Death Dealer

    Includes paid promotion from Pepto Bismal.

  • CrissCross - RoBeats & More!

    What if Wii Music was a Nintendo Select, Scott?

  • Walk Boi
    Walk Boi Month ago

    1:01:08 my grandpa walked in to the room I think you can guess how that went down

  • Jacob Leonard
    Jacob Leonard Month ago


  • Bendoswrk 5
    Bendoswrk 5 Month ago

    spoopy scott: Hey what's the matter? afraid to get burned?
    *gunfire noises*

  • Dannher-W128
    Dannher-W128 Month ago

    ... Am I the only one that Needs Muscle MArch in the Switch?

  • Wigga Mcwiggins
    Wigga Mcwiggins Month ago


  • Wigga Mcwiggins
    Wigga Mcwiggins Month ago

    I loved fluidity

  • Zebra
    Zebra Month ago

    Thanks for not forgetting me

  • AmazinAid
    AmazinAid Month ago

    27:00 You and me both

  • PunkJax
    PunkJax Month ago


    no LostWinds?

    literally the only good original WiiWare game besides World of Goo?

  • Brillian the GYA
    Brillian the GYA Month ago

    Niccccceeeee vid Scotty boy

  • Generic friend #256

    The Nintendo Channel weirdly enough promoted Cave Story while still showing Fluidity gameplay, and being roughly 11 back then, I was like "god this looks boring", thinking it was still fluidity, but I eventually got crazy into Cave Story's original translation