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  • Published on Nov 15, 2011
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  • Cheyenne Loring
    Cheyenne Loring 8 months ago

    It's not smoke, it's steam.

  • D
    D 8 months ago

    his first videos are gone, that's so sad!!

  • Yun Bhristopher
    Yun Bhristopher 9 months ago

    Pale nail

  • Rzlick official
    Rzlick official Year ago

    Damn Emma was in this from the beginning

  • Teca Martinez
    Teca Martinez Year ago

    Am your Number #1 Fan give me a shout out bro

  • bp56789
    bp56789 Year ago

    "You know nothing, Snow John"

  • Forrest Culviner
    Forrest Culviner 2 years ago

    Can I make them with lemon? Lime?

  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez 2 years ago

    Dam sky using jeans instead of camouflage shorts lol

  • Denis Schulz
    Denis Schulz 2 years ago

    1:15 i bet they used the 7 hrs ;)

  • Rafael Cabral Williams

    Oh my god I love Emma!

  • Silky Snow
    Silky Snow 2 years ago

    gradeaundera anyone?

  • Munro Steel
    Munro Steel 2 years ago

    Holy shit it's been a while I still remember his old apartment with the rugs with holes

  • Jessica Furbee
    Jessica Furbee 3 years ago +2

    she seems very ditzy its kinda annoying to watch.

  • Kevin Sheriff
    Kevin Sheriff 3 years ago

    love your channel. Keep it.

  • Jorge Saenz
    Jorge Saenz 3 years ago

    This is my favorite tipsy girl, by far. Sooooo beautiful, it's a shame you haven't had the pleasure to meet me jeje

  • 50,000 Subscribers without videos

    So did u guys make out over the night?

  • Shay Axelrod
    Shay Axelrod 3 years ago

    She reminds me of Anna Kendrick

  • P L
    P L 3 years ago +7

    She looks like anna kendrick and Bella thorn mixed together.

  • Freya Okami
    Freya Okami 3 years ago

    - Suck one 'a these down
    - It's a big ooone ..
    0.0 Seriously .. What did you guys do for these 7 hours .. XD

  • Louis Hammer
    Louis Hammer 3 years ago +2

    You should put the orange halves in a muffin tin or something. then you wouldn't have to worry about them spilling.

  • Ntc2415
    Ntc2415 3 years ago


  • Peyton Royall
    Peyton Royall 3 years ago +2

    the redhead chick is hot af

  • Fiona Kae
    Fiona Kae 3 years ago +6

    it's not smoke it's steam

  • Johann Griggs
    Johann Griggs 3 years ago

    i had juice to their recipes the drinks are so strong

  • Sophie Bennett
    Sophie Bennett 3 years ago

    What is the matter with Emmas hips?

  • Ryan Mcnamee
    Ryan Mcnamee 3 years ago +45

    Listen to 1:36 with you eyes shut hahahah

    • Dj Thakral
      Dj Thakral Year ago +1

      Ryan Mcnamee hahahahahahahahaha fucking crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Aalyah CC411
      Aalyah CC411 3 years ago +1

      I'm so glad I listened to you that was the best "that's what she said" joke ever thought of

    • Joel H
      Joel H 3 years ago +1

      +Ryan Mcnamee "That's a big one" xD

  • Jaslyn Mu
    Jaslyn Mu 3 years ago +39

    she looks like a mix of Bella Thorne and Anna Kendrick

    • Takiek
      Takiek Year ago

      FOr me she looks like Lohan + kendrick tbh

    • Jaslyn Mu
      Jaslyn Mu 3 years ago

      +Brandi None lol ikr!

    • Brandi Bishop
      Brandi Bishop 3 years ago +1

      I'm late but I don't care I was thinking the exact same thing and she acts like Bella Thorne too

  • Jennifer F
    Jennifer F 3 years ago

    I really want to make this

  • Shariqwa Witwicky
    Shariqwa Witwicky 3 years ago

    (o.o) when she said "it's a big one" 1:38

  • Shariqwa Witwicky
    Shariqwa Witwicky 3 years ago

    1:26 "Yeah, you don't want them lookin like Lebron hair cut"

  • Moises Matute
    Moises Matute 3 years ago +1

    Who's the gal?

  • cowboy joe
    cowboy joe 3 years ago +2

    01:36 - 01:46 funniest innuendo

  • Christopher Adi Pascual

    @Tipsy Bartender emma is so cool and badass

  • Hansel Kuntadi
    Hansel Kuntadi 4 years ago

    i wonder who knows emma's full name~

  • Santo29200
    Santo29200 4 years ago

    Can we put the content of all of the oranges in the mix of jell-o ?

    • Hugo Beard
      Hugo Beard 4 years ago +1

      @Santo29200 I'd imagine so, it might make it little too citrus'y though.....

  • Dred
    Dred 4 years ago

    0:41 Oh man...

  • Heather G
    Heather G 4 years ago

    Can I do this with sugar free jello? Cool vid! Wanna try it!

  • lilwizzkid
    lilwizzkid 4 years ago +1

    "Suck on this now" "oo its a big one"

  • Rodrigo Avila
    Rodrigo Avila 4 years ago

    To Cachita miamor Te Amo

  • Natascha Irwin
    Natascha Irwin 4 years ago +1

    i cant find any jello powder here, can i use jello "leaves"?

    • Crypticexpert
      Crypticexpert 4 years ago

      @Natascha Irwin Sure you can, but It will be even stronger because you won't have the orange flavor from Jell-o

  • Callum Sutton
    Callum Sutton 4 years ago

    Are they British?

    • Privat
      Privat 4 years ago

      @Callum Philip Golligy Sutton The vodka is Swedish, nothing else matter.. -.-

  • strawberryvines
    strawberryvines 4 years ago +1

    pour less jello mix in the oranges make cranberry jello and pour on top.

  • Mark Small
    Mark Small 4 years ago +7

    Try placing the orange halves on a muffin tin to keep them from moving around.

  • Francisco Arias
    Francisco Arias 4 years ago


  • Luminasita
    Luminasita 4 years ago

    Better: add a packet of Knox gelatin to the jello mix, and instead of cold water add the same amount of cold booze (with some as water for weaker shots).

  • Jenny Murcia
    Jenny Murcia 4 years ago

    Her Name Is Emma Do You Guys Not Read The Description Box?

  • Albear
    Albear 4 years ago +1

    I would fuck her in a heartbeat.

  • Cub Deci
    Cub Deci 4 years ago +2

    I think these guys have.. a problem...
    Anyone got AA's number? Lol

    • J H
      J H 3 years ago

      @Cub Deci (503) 472-1172 i hope this solves your problem

    • Pepijn Vink
      Pepijn Vink 4 years ago

      Why would they have a drinking problem?

  • Lisa _WInKe
    Lisa _WInKe 4 years ago

    Where I can find the Jell-O Mix in Germany? Only in the Internet?

  • fred kenny
    fred kenny 4 years ago +12

    when she was stirring it in the beginning i jerked off to it

  • Ixplick117
    Ixplick117 4 years ago

    God! I love red heads !!! 😍

  • Raha Medhat
    Raha Medhat 4 years ago

    instead of 2 cups of cold water, you're suppose to replace 1 cup with alcohol.
    2 cups boiling water
    1 cup cold water
    1 cup cold alcohol

  • FuRy Wazy
    FuRy Wazy 4 years ago

    I love that video

  • Shannon Mock
    Shannon Mock 4 years ago

    the Jell-O will be firmer if you use cold liquor in place of half of the water.

  • toofine9
    toofine9 4 years ago +1

    scooping out and waisting something thats healthy to add something unhealthy..

  • Corteon Cox
    Corteon Cox 4 years ago +3

    he called her home boy LOLOLOLOLO

  • SpikeMoney
    SpikeMoney 4 years ago

    Rum and a real coconut

  • J Backlund
    J Backlund 4 years ago

    @1:30 Get your skinny ass off the counter! Didn't your parents teach you that unless you're getting that skinny ass tapped stay off the counter!

  • Tony Thrash
    Tony Thrash 4 years ago +1

    What's her name!!!!????

    • Tony Thrash
      Tony Thrash 4 years ago

      @wensou 😔

    • wensou
      wensou 4 years ago +3

      She's just a girl on TVclip. Nobody gives out their whole real name. They don't want some dude stalking them. 😳

    • Tony Thrash
      Tony Thrash 4 years ago

      @Niño Rata complete name..

    • Brak Eastwood
      Brak Eastwood 4 years ago

      Emma, you should read the description...

  • West Philly Chick To The Bone

    This chick gives heart attacks every time i see her. She's just..... *here it goes again - holds my chest*.

  • Issath37
    Issath37 4 years ago

    you are my role model i love watching your videos!!!!

  • jackoch
    jackoch 4 years ago

    she looks like that chick off pitch perfect

  • Mickey Melillo
    Mickey Melillo 4 years ago

    I miss Emma!!!

  • Christine Houmann Jespersen

    Why put you cold water in the hot water??

  • watchingmisskel
    watchingmisskel 4 years ago +9

    Pro tips: Don't add any of the cold water, instead use the juice from the oranges, and cut down a bit on the boiling water - results in a much firmer jello once it sets, more fun to chew and it tastes way fresher - and keeps the alcohol flavour a bit in the background

  • Jonathan Kelso
    Jonathan Kelso 4 years ago

    I like the girl

  • Darla Tubs
    Darla Tubs 4 years ago +7

    She looks like an older Bella Thorne

  • Darla Tubs
    Darla Tubs 4 years ago

    She looks like and older Bella Thorne

  • jessyme1984 E
    jessyme1984 E 4 years ago

    I made these before when we were bbqing and they were yummy but my neighbor ate them all

  • malm14
    malm14 4 years ago +1

    That's steam... :-)

  • Jazzy375
    Jazzy375 4 years ago

    Is there not a video with a girl in it at least? Because all your videos.. Literally all your videos are flooding my Facebook newsfeed.. The reasons why I don't use Facebook anymore

  • Kimberly Thornton
    Kimberly Thornton 4 years ago

    Can you make a walk me down? And my late uncle used to talk about a drink called 57 chevy. Thanks! I've made so many of your drinks!! Please keep up the good work!!♡

  • Brandon FengaliVevo
    Brandon FengaliVevo 4 years ago +22

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks a lot like Bella thorne ?

  • Alice Priest
    Alice Priest 4 years ago

    is that your girlfriend

  • Felix Gutierrez
    Felix Gutierrez 4 years ago +2

    Emma, I'll start drinking alcohol because of you!!!

    • Supernatural Saiyan
      Supernatural Saiyan 4 years ago +2

      @jinny1900 Bout to say that haha, always thought bella thorne was cute

    • jin joo
      jin joo 4 years ago +2

      @Sara Ray reminds me of bella thorne lol

    • Sara Ray
      Sara Ray 4 years ago +1

      i think she looks like anna kendrick

  • Nestor Mercado
    Nestor Mercado 4 years ago +12

    She's gorgeous

  • female lucifer
    female lucifer 4 years ago +1

    Skyy is steam not smoke ; :D still love you for it though

  • ghidfg
    ghidfg 4 years ago

    hmm she stayed over night eh..

  • Murat Karatut
    Murat Karatut 4 years ago +20

    are you fucking al girls on your videos O_O

    • wensou
      wensou 4 years ago

      @melkam647 meh, I was bored, so responded. Sorta like now...

    • Martinezd
      Martinezd 4 years ago

      @wensou He's trolling you dude. How can you not see that.

    • myrips2fat
      myrips2fat 4 years ago

      you seem mad that you dont know bro? you keep commenting about it calling me names? yeah youre mad bro lmfao calm down nerd, i dont have to prove anything to a loser who just calls people names when they dont get what they want to hear

    • wensou
      wensou 4 years ago

      @myrips2fat Nobody's mad. It fact this pretty is fucking amusing. You haven't proven anything right, so there's nothing to prove wrong. See how that works? No? Oh thats right you're too stupid. Let the fun and games continue. More Mead!

    • myrips2fat
      myrips2fat 4 years ago

      you mad bro you dont know the names of the pornstars? not my fault no one prove me wrong yet.. lmao you mad bro calm down.

  • Neo Smith
    Neo Smith 4 years ago

    I come here for the hot women nothing more nothing less. Oh, and the drinks are good too.

  • 윤홍수
    윤홍수 4 years ago

    jello pack size plz? 75g or 170g

  • Samiul bhuiyan
    Samiul bhuiyan 5 years ago +1

    She fucking sexy

  • edomanurevolution
    edomanurevolution 5 years ago +5

    She's so damn sexy!

  • Richard Burton
    Richard Burton 5 years ago +1

    Emma looks amazing in this video

  • Jessa Mae Me-ot
    Jessa Mae Me-ot 5 years ago

    whats her full name?

  • Alex Pinion
    Alex Pinion 5 years ago +6


  • Steven Syrko
    Steven Syrko 5 years ago

    I have tried these and if you make it like the Jello Gigglers they will set up stiffer and easier to cut into wedges.

  • flipgurujn
    flipgurujn 5 years ago

    I wonder if the drapes matches the vagina..

  • Cody
    Cody 5 years ago

    i bet they have amazing sex

  • WildTheoo
    WildTheoo 5 years ago

    here i thought he didn't drink.

  • Jan Sitchon
    Jan Sitchon 5 years ago +1

    marry me emma

    VLAARFLIP 5 years ago

    I love you so much!

  • Tristan Latvala
    Tristan Latvala 5 years ago

    Dude i miss this chick soo much

  • TeLisa DeBerry
    TeLisa DeBerry 5 years ago

    I thought Sex on the Beach was a virgin cocktail

    • tododd2k
      tododd2k 5 years ago +2

      Sex on the beach is vodka, peach snapps, orange juice and craneberry juice. You are probably talking about virgin on the beach which is all of thw above without vodka and peach snapps

  • Matt Chan
    Matt Chan 5 years ago


  • hostin cruces murillo
    hostin cruces murillo 5 years ago

    lol all alcoholic wants to return

  • kendalljazz
    kendalljazz 5 years ago +146


    • master boss
      master boss 4 years ago +2

      @kendalljazz You can't drink but maybe you can serve.

    • Santo29200
      Santo29200 4 years ago +5

      I can drink and I want to be in these vids

    • caiden heath
      caiden heath 4 years ago

      Oh my gosh same I can't drink but I love these videos hah

    • sabrina nezam
      sabrina nezam 4 years ago

      me 2

    • Danny
      Danny 4 years ago +4

      legally* ;-)

  • OhHellToTheNoo
    OhHellToTheNoo 5 years ago

    She said ''Here have mine...'' So, I have a feeling she does not like it and he is just putting on a show for TVclip!

    • TheSoulParadise
      TheSoulParadise 5 years ago

      she might not be a strong drinker this however is a man of the drink

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross 5 years ago +4

    she wants the black d!

  • Dillon Wijay
    Dillon Wijay 5 years ago +43

    "suck this one." "oh thats a big one." LOL