Watching My Old YouTube Videos From 2006

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
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    Just kidding of course- I'll NEVER retire from TVclip. I'll be making reaction videos until the day that I die. I don't care how old I am, or how decrepit my failing body becomes; I will post commentaries to this channel EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. And then, when I do finally perish, I will post one last video reacting to my inevitably hilarious death. And that's a promise!
    In today's video, I take a trip back to the year 2006- the beginning of my TVclip journey, and try to figure out what the hell was going on inside 12-year old Drew's head that caused him to think these videos were worthy of being seen by other humans.
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  • Emi M
    Emi M 49 minutes ago +1

    12 year old Drew is adorable

  • Cuz Yer Urban
    Cuz Yer Urban 8 hours ago

    My 18 year old brother thinks Pathetic Hearts is the funniest thing and that makes me so upset

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable Day ago

    I actually laughed at most of the clips he showed🗿

  • Ken Carson
    Ken Carson 2 days ago

    I'm watching this as Drew had hit 2 million. 🎉

  • Teresa M
    Teresa M 2 days ago

    You so pale

  • SliceO'Fish
    SliceO'Fish 3 days ago +1

    Happy 2 mil

  • Doofus Musclearms
    Doofus Musclearms 4 days ago +1

    Almost 2 million now

  • Little Beau Blue
    Little Beau Blue 4 days ago

    Almost at 2 mil now

  • Sanjana Ramesh
    Sanjana Ramesh 5 days ago

    “Steve you moron you led us to Cleveland”

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 5 days ago

    amanda is so gd pretty

  • Nazif Morshed
    Nazif Morshed 6 days ago

    *Drew Gooden, about to hit 2 million subs*
    TVclip: _lemme recommend you a video he uploaded when he hit a miilion subs_

  • Antony Dribinskiy
    Antony Dribinskiy 8 days ago

    You know what they say... FUCK 12!😄🤷🏽‍♂️😠🚔🚨🏍

  • Jonathan Shaw
    Jonathan Shaw 9 days ago +11

    Who else is watching this as he’s about to hit 2mil

  • Generalnyan
    Generalnyan 9 days ago


  • GiMMiXXX
    GiMMiXXX 9 days ago


  • Jonh Cena
    Jonh Cena 10 days ago


  • Turbo Flamez
    Turbo Flamez 11 days ago

    2006 Drew could have easily gotten himself some stunt double work on the Suite Life

  • AR MY
    AR MY 11 days ago


  • Soesbeats
    Soesbeats 12 days ago +1

    num nums

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 13 days ago +2

    Now everyone should go sub to his old channels and give his videos tons of views.

  • Michael
    Michael 15 days ago

    12:40 lol love the standing in place

  • dudeman29
    dudeman29 16 days ago +1

    Ah yes, the lore behind the little stinker army

  • anime profile picture
    anime profile picture 16 days ago

    Amanda highkey thicc

  • Lynn Arouna
    Lynn Arouna 17 days ago


  • Semmy Jansen
    Semmy Jansen 17 days ago

    Ok but the Yahtzee joke at 4:31 also just has me dying lmao

  • ‡ shelleysmonster ‡

    sure but why "pathetic"? Like that's so harsh djdjdjs

  • Max Iacavazzi
    Max Iacavazzi 18 days ago

    that was probably the most sincere "thank you for the subscribers" I've ever heard on this platform

  • Ikno
    Ikno 18 days ago


  • A Channel
    A Channel 19 days ago +1

    Dang. Drew is quite literally 2x my age. :(

  • Benny A
    Benny A 19 days ago +2

    Drew had the biggest glo up💀

  • Z B
    Z B 19 days ago +1

    Drew my roommate and I are watching this together, and we are so extremely CURRENTLY obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. I played all of the Kingdom Hearts games from start to finish within about 3 months and played KH3 on the release date and have since played several of them from start to finish again. I'm 100% sure I was an avid viewer of your videos back in 2006 I felt like my brain was being separated from my body to go back in time when I saw the first clip of this my fucking GOD. You're WRONG! The videos are hysterical. Yes we're high as hell. Yes we sat and watched every single one of them. Yes I remembered some vividly. You gotta stop cyber bullying 12 year old Drew cos he's funny as shit

  • Alaina Anonich
    Alaina Anonich 20 days ago

    I laughed at these

  • Dumbass
    Dumbass 20 days ago

    Holy shit! I actually remember waiting for those videos to be uploaded... oh boy

  • S Mathews
    S Mathews 20 days ago +1

    i was born in 2006😂

  • alex way
    alex way 21 day ago

    so drew how did you feel about mcr getting back together

  • alex way
    alex way 21 day ago +1


  • Crunchy Ramen
    Crunchy Ramen 22 days ago

    Being able to speak a little bit of Japanese made this hilarious to watch. When the MC tells the red hair guy he’s going to medical school, you put a horrible word in place of what should have been ‘I understand’ or ‘I see’ for the red haired guys response lol. I’m laughing so hard. Why do I find this so funny!

  • 111 111
    111 111 22 days ago

    he was ytping before ytp was a thing

  • L
    L 23 days ago +1

    Can I just say, Drew has huge balls because my old youtube videos make me want to puke, and the thing is, I cannot take them down because I can't log into the account 😩

  • TGELITE cherno
    TGELITE cherno 24 days ago

    I love Amanda, she is savage AF

  • Lexi Estrada
    Lexi Estrada 25 days ago +1

    Okay but when Amanda turned sideways..👀👀👀👀😶

  • Francis Maddox
    Francis Maddox 25 days ago +1

    my chemical romance fucking BANGS and ALWAYS WILL

  • Angel Monzon
    Angel Monzon 25 days ago

    I thought drew said the n word

  • Rahaw
    Rahaw 25 days ago

    I'm curious if you would reveal another channel if you get to 2 million subscribers
    I assume "pathetichearts" was the least embarrassing one to reveal

  • Stephanie Tarantino
    Stephanie Tarantino 25 days ago

    Amanda slowly walking out is sending omg

  • ineedausername x
    ineedausername x 28 days ago

    dw i had another channel when i was 12 where i made msp videos

  • Tash K
    Tash K 28 days ago


  • brolofozourus megarex
    brolofozourus megarex 29 days ago +1

    Honestly atleast u were creative.
    Look at me, im whatching you...

  • OwenKroeger Is here
    OwenKroeger Is here Month ago +2

    Ummm excuse me? #CancelDrewGooden

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W Month ago

    dear lord those jeans, wow

  • panini
    panini Month ago

    I only come here to see Amanda turn to the side

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics Month ago

    You'd have loved my Runescapades. I built a cult with a level one character. Never even did a mission. Just tricked people into joining my army.

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics Month ago

    The last one actually was kinda funny. Shame it is SJW bait.

  • Fivehitposts
    Fivehitposts Month ago

    holy fucking shit i think i actually remember watching your kingdom hearts 2006 video back then.

  • daddy devito
    daddy devito Month ago


  • Vanessa Easton
    Vanessa Easton Month ago

    It’s so nice to know I wasn’t the only bad thing made in the yr 2006

  • cap Rae
    cap Rae Month ago +17

    “im not a horse!” “yes, but i am.” is comedy gold drew

  • mackback319
    mackback319 Month ago

    "I made a poopie!!"

  • Guss Johnson
    Guss Johnson Month ago

    You and your wife give me hope

  • moreno recca
    moreno recca Month ago +1

    Hey drew...

    I like MCR too 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼