We Tried Bras From Amazon • Ladylike

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • Ladylike
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  • umama zakaria
    umama zakaria 2 hours ago

    They didn't wash the bras!!!!! 😣

  • Misty Vermillion
    Misty Vermillion 4 hours ago

    4:25 that bra would actually be horrible if you’re breastfeeding, just sayin

  • Isobel White
    Isobel White 2 days ago +1

    You could get a winner or you could get two sandwich bags tide together with floss
    Kristen 2018

  • Wet Waterz
    Wet Waterz 5 days ago +1

    "Thats why I have four bras, emine, meanie, minie, and mo"- Kristen says while holding up five fingers

  • artsy_cow_1775
    artsy_cow_1775 7 days ago

    I luv how they just pop out there bra in the middle of work...😂😂

  • Paige Jones
    Paige Jones 9 days ago

    So funny

  • Rachel Ann
    Rachel Ann 10 days ago

    Kristen is so cute with her hair up

  • •mėmë gåchä•
    •mėmë gåchä• 12 days ago

    Oml they are so friggen funny

  • Nadja Derlin
    Nadja Derlin 19 days ago

    The complete video: Hi my name is Devin and i'm discovering my own boobs today XD

  • Lillian Pruitt
    Lillian Pruitt 19 days ago


  • Takara
    Takara 19 days ago

    Um. I think in one shot you could see Devins nipple...

  • PinkyShayArtz 44
    PinkyShayArtz 44 20 days ago

    I got an amazon bra ad no joke.

  • mini 2006
    mini 2006 21 day ago +1

    at 9:41 there is the algerian flag 🇩🇿💜💜

  • Morgan V.
    Morgan V. 23 days ago

    Kristen: MMM BEANS
    me: *cackling*

  • Lilith Johnson
    Lilith Johnson 24 days ago

    "Its a tit party and your invited" the bisexual in me is happy

  • kitty wengie
    kitty wengie 26 days ago

    No one
    Not a single living soul
    Devin: Let's go shopeEeEeEnNnN

  • Best's Kitchen and Kitty Corner

    I have a personal boycott of amazon as a trillion dollar company It can afford to treat it's employee's with more finicial dignaty and I would think that these young women that come off as socially consious beings would not be giving him such propts!!!

  • Saron Elias
    Saron Elias 27 days ago


  • Siham Abdulkair
    Siham Abdulkair 27 days ago +1

    I legit just saw a pop up ad that was about bras

    Whelp theirs another one

    Whyyyyyy another oneeeeee

  • Katie Houston
    Katie Houston 28 days ago

    I Don’t Know bout you but £13 for a bra isn’t ‘very inexpensive’ if anything it a really good price

  • Watermelon Warrior
    Watermelon Warrior 28 days ago +4

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Devin: Nieeples

  • Watermelon Warrior
    Watermelon Warrior 28 days ago +1

    I love Devin! I mean like I love them all but Devin.....: I wanna feel my nips

  • Alydia Mills
    Alydia Mills Month ago

    Freddie:BuT I wAnT a SeT pLeAsE mOm

  • kaciejean Howardgmailcom

    Whos watching in 2022

  • Loretta Posey
    Loretta Posey Month ago

    I absolutely love you ladies for being so fun, funny and just amazing.

  • Loretta Posey
    Loretta Posey Month ago

    WOW you ladies look amazing

  • Kay Hen
    Kay Hen Month ago

    I know I’m late. But the other two were talking about their bras and then there was Devine “NipPLe ShoW, No NipPLeS.”

  • Bronwyn Watkins
    Bronwyn Watkins Month ago +1

    devan's bra was tagged as a demi cup - they're supposed to be a bit nippley!

  • Elli Bam
    Elli Bam Month ago

    This video is hella sexy. You definitely attract bi women

  • Rosa Leisle
    Rosa Leisle Month ago

    I do shop for bras but you have to look at your bras and search for the model number and brand in your covers

  • Lucia Garcia
    Lucia Garcia Month ago

    Pause the video here 5:56
    Me when it's the last day before the holidays and the teacher says homework.

  • grace flanagan
    grace flanagan Month ago

    Is it just me or does it seem to be for all ages

  • Sabra Trevino
    Sabra Trevino Month ago


  • Michelle Kolbusz
    Michelle Kolbusz Month ago +2

    Roses are red
    Poppys are too
    If u like ladylike
    Turn this blue

  • Beans Thecat
    Beans Thecat Month ago +1

    When you zoom up on the bra and you see something else...

  • gailjj
    gailjj Month ago

    I don't wear bra bc i don't have boobs. my hands are literally bigger than my tiny boobs 😂😭

  • kukachoo42
    kukachoo42 Month ago


  • Sisterhood Productions

    I love how Kristin just casually pulls her dress down to show her Freddie her bra

  • Ines Torres
    Ines Torres Month ago

    That girl in the yellow adidas shirt is soooooo beautiful

  • leeann buck
    leeann buck Month ago

    Freddie’s dressed like Delia from beetlejuice in the beginning of this video lol

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia Month ago

    So Freddie is basically a little boy

  • Sugar Chan
    Sugar Chan Month ago

    I wanna watch the TV Series flip them TIT$

  • Charity Makale
    Charity Makale Month ago

    Dev is definitely good nasty😍

  • Courtney Skinner
    Courtney Skinner Month ago

    Freddie wines in every video

  • Therealgirl123 Peppapig

    Bra shopping lol all the

  • ArtsyAshlyn
    ArtsyAshlyn 2 months ago +1

    “But i want a set please mom”

  • Sofia Hydukovich
    Sofia Hydukovich 2 months ago

    krstin doen't catch it but everyone else does.

  • Help with Ged
    Help with Ged 2 months ago

    Try Rihanna’s Lingerie on.

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L 2 months ago

    I’m gonna guy a president for my tatas

  • Kristy Moore
    Kristy Moore 2 months ago

    Jazzes hair is so long! And Just focusing on Lindsay while interviewing Jazz was so funny

  • Sappy -Chan
    Sappy -Chan 2 months ago

    *IM DEAD She Said I’m More Of A Four Hook Boitch*

  • Hey. It’s Tay.
    Hey. It’s Tay. 2 months ago

    Devin: “I want to be able to feel my nipples.”
    Also Devin: “Oh no you can see my nipples.”
    Also also Devin: “33 seconds and you can see my nipples. It’s nippley.”

  • Trix
    Trix 2 months ago

    At primary you can get really good bras for £2

  • Anastasia Popescu
    Anastasia Popescu 2 months ago

    I love your vidios

  • Yvonne Murray
    Yvonne Murray 2 months ago

    Kristin! Where do you get your favourite bra???

  • Elizabeth Kulinna
    Elizabeth Kulinna 2 months ago

    Can y’all try adhesive bras like the freedom bra?

  • lileane volleyball
    lileane volleyball 2 months ago

    jazz looks so good with her braids
    1:52 💀

  • Lyss 36
    Lyss 36 2 months ago

    "A niapple show

  • GJO95
    GJO95 2 months ago

    The girl in the yellow shirt is really cute

  • hiba mouddy
    hiba mouddy 2 months ago

    Ok but freddie looks great with that bomb liptick😍♥️