Chef Serves Gordon 3 WEEK OLD Baked Potato | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Alexis Cothern
    Alexis Cothern Day ago

    I’ve never heard of someone freezing a damn potato 😂

  • ScratchCard Mania
    ScratchCard Mania 4 days ago

    It shows they are willing to help themselves and change when they admit it’s disgusting rather than be like yeah yeah my foods amazing

  • lizardinthelites
    lizardinthelites 4 days ago

    1:39 was that dramatic and overexaggerated sound effect really necessary?

  • MutoreoCookie
    MutoreoCookie 5 days ago

    Probably the most intense "what a fucking embarrassment" I've ever heard xD 1:12

    FREEBORG !! 5 days ago

    Is the white girl wearing sweat pants for work ? Lol

  • rdlett1pp yup
    rdlett1pp yup 5 days ago

    I work in a small kitchen and we sell out of 15 bakers in half a shift. If we get down to 5, we bake more.
    This is sad

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 5 days ago

    It was like hello.....MY NAME'S NINOOO.

  • dill bill
    dill bill 5 days ago

    The added food sound effects are annoying

  • Gizziiusa
    Gizziiusa 5 days ago

    Put NINO in charge. he will have those girls out on the corner waiting for johns. that'll put more profits in the restaurant...

  • Gianni Villeda
    Gianni Villeda 5 days ago

    She gonna khs

  • Kakashi Girl
    Kakashi Girl 5 days ago

    What episode is this?

  • 83rdox
    83rdox 6 days ago

    Why frozen potatoes? Potatos are cheap and easy to cook

  • Khushi Malik
    Khushi Malik 7 days ago

    Why ninooo is in every vedio, why edited that ninooo episode here

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph 7 days ago

    Why do persons open restaurant an the food is not great 😳 3week old potatoes noooo

  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 7 days ago


  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 7 days ago

    That slime noice

  • Rhea Hill
    Rhea Hill 7 days ago

    *i love her*

  • pelon hernandez
    pelon hernandez 7 days ago

    she may not be good in the kitchen but the chef is definitely cute

  • yootoobdude
    yootoobdude 7 days ago

    how can i get full episodes with the swear words uncensored?

  • dj1200
    dj1200 7 days ago

    Seriously, what the fuck are these incompetent assholes thinking????
    There's no way in hell theyed serve that garbage to their own family.
    After seeing all the behind the scene shenanigans from these "restaurants" shows, I wouldn't ever trust the scumbags to make me a Hot Pocket.
    The fact they serve that crap to the public in first place, nevermind they're actually charging people. They shouldn't be allow to even run a lemonade stand, makeover or not.

  • lukma7
    lukma7 7 days ago

    Womens in the kitchen=tragedy

  • Darren Cagey
    Darren Cagey 7 days ago

    "It's like someone telling you your kids are fucking ugly!"

  • Rene M
    Rene M 7 days ago

    *it was like hello.. MY NAME'S NINOOOO*

  • Rene M
    Rene M 7 days ago

    She compared her kid to food. Damn that's fucked up lol

  • redfirezombie
    redfirezombie 8 days ago

    Well i mean if your kid is ugly someone is gonna say your kid is fucking ugly

  • russell suneagle
    russell suneagle 8 days ago

    “He wants all 3 of you to eat this shit that you serve people” 😂😂😂

  • Kev Ro
    Kev Ro 9 days ago

    Who the hell would freeze a potato?

  • TotallyRadicalRetroGames

    I mean they know Gordon is visiting in advance, right? So why the hell wouldn't you. At the very minimum make fresh soup. Like that's the damn easiest thing you can do. Look up a good soup recipe online and make it. 🤣🥁🤡🤡

  • Yeet 25
    Yeet 25 10 days ago

    * breathes in* bOi

  • shadow1234 seei
    shadow1234 seei 10 days ago


  • KGB2101
    KGB2101 11 days ago

    The sound effects when he stirs his food is SHIT. Just stop it!

  • That one guy with the extremely long username

    That chef is fine af

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 12 days ago

    3 weeks old? That shit is probably freezer burned too

  • MTCoblivsicas12345
    MTCoblivsicas12345 12 days ago

    Are they for real, Potatoes are so cheap why use 3 week old potatoes a fresh one would be like 20p...

  • bob shagit
    bob shagit 12 days ago

    ive ate at gordon ramsay pub & grill atlantic city and it was the worst experience of my life. left there broke, hungry, and after about 2 hours of waiting very disappointed
    love how he goes around ripping on other restaurants for being crap while he sells over priced samples at his own

  • Kabz
    Kabz 13 days ago

    My names.. NINO

  • Awesomanz TV
    Awesomanz TV 13 days ago

    wht epd is this

  • tigr Flwer
    tigr Flwer 14 days ago

    Well, they WERE fresh... once.

  • Big Bandz
    Big Bandz 14 days ago

    3:54 LMFAO he actualy said shit in a bold ass voice

  • Master Mundo
    Master Mundo 15 days ago

    1-17 fuck

  • Mathew Walton
    Mathew Walton 15 days ago

    Bitch don’t knock college cafeteria food

  • Oscar X-Ray
    Oscar X-Ray 15 days ago

    I'm glad you find it funny, because I don't.
    I'm sorry.
    I don't want you to be sorry, I'd be fucking embarrassed if I had to serve that.

  • Aly Fischer
    Aly Fischer 15 days ago

    He is a picky eater!😑😑😑

  • M C
    M C 15 days ago

    "What a fucking embarrassment" lmao



  • baa baa
    baa baa 15 days ago

    These people are insane

  • Destiny Hughes
    Destiny Hughes 15 days ago

    which episode is this?

  • ShakeFan14
    ShakeFan14 16 days ago

    Why would you serve Gordon Ramsay of all people a 3 week old baked potato?

  • Atlas Nova
    Atlas Nova 17 days ago

    “It’s like someone calling your kid fucking ugly”

  • Joe M. Salazar
    Joe M. Salazar 17 days ago

    What season and episode is this on?

  • Greg O'Donnell
    Greg O'Donnell 18 days ago

    “Its like someones sayin your kids fuckin ugly” omfg

  • Cara West
    Cara West 19 days ago

    "I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen..."

  • Unique Bacon Hair
    Unique Bacon Hair 19 days ago


  • daithi
    daithi 19 days ago

    Trigger the trolls but seriously can we stfu about Nino now. 😥

    BAT-TALK! 19 days ago

    Wow one of Ramsey’s videos was on suggestions and now i subscribed

  • Ambie Dawnnn
    Ambie Dawnnn 19 days ago

    Do these restaurants know what day he’s going to show up? Or does he show up unannounced?
    My BIGGEST question is how do the chefs and owners not know their food sucks? They’re on Kitchen NIGHTMARES and it’s fucken Gordon Ramsay for crying out loud! I’m pretty sure if I were the chef or owner of an excellently rated restaurant, even I would be nervous for him to try MY food... How are these people always like genuinely surprised that he hates their food???

    (These clips are the first time I’ve seen the show. I just replaced my Firestick so I’m about to pull up some full episodes! I love shows like this and Bar Rescue! Who knows of more like them?!)

  • Sexxy Hexxy
    Sexxy Hexxy 19 days ago

    "It was like helloooooo my name is NINOOOOO! Lol

  • Janssen
    Janssen 19 days ago

    why the fuck u putting fake sound effects?!?!?

  • Gaming Chinchilla
    Gaming Chinchilla 19 days ago

    "It was like hello MY NAMES NEENOOOO"

  • sophie aspinall
    sophie aspinall 19 days ago

    i kinda get why people are freezing meat but freezing potatoes?! how cheap and lazy can you get?!

  • Demetry Blair
    Demetry Blair 20 days ago

    I love how all the waiters come back and tell the staff what Ramsey sad but they put their own little twist on it it's hilarious

  • RED ALERT News
    RED ALERT News 20 days ago

    My names NINOOOOO!

  • Redi Beaux
    Redi Beaux 20 days ago +1

    I thought tasting your own food was one of the most basic steps in cooking. I've been doing that shit since I was 9 years old.

  • Atlas
    Atlas 20 days ago

    Honestly think these are fake, like they know a top chef like ramsay is coming why the fuck would they serve shit food? And three weeks old? Come on

  • Anastasia's World
    Anastasia's World 20 days ago

    Is there ever gonna be an episode where he actually LIKES the food?

  • Flora865
    Flora865 20 days ago

    "He's wants all 3 of you to taste the shit that you serve people" xD

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  • taigatancbj
    taigatancbj 21 day ago

    If you have a palette of a picky 5 year old that can’t eat anything, why tf are you running a restaurant?

  • Kaisar Dragon
    Kaisar Dragon 21 day ago

    Damn, if they knew ANYTHING about Gordon Ramsey they would have pulled that Shepard's Pie off the menu. Gordon will KILL a man for screwing that up.

  • Alex FRD
    Alex FRD 21 day ago

    Does every American Gordon Ramsay show need that "DUN DUN!" music?

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 21 day ago

    I would marry and have all the baby's with that blonde chef. 😘

  • krissy1203
    krissy1203 21 day ago

    “He wants all three of ya to taste this shit that you serve people “ sits plate down 😭💀

  • Eddie Cervantes
    Eddie Cervantes 21 day ago

    The chef looks like Elsa Jean

  • challengersrt8vszr1
    challengersrt8vszr1 22 days ago

    Like real shit how hard is it to look up a recipe online and tweak it slightly like better to do that then what ever the fuck these people are doing

  • challengersrt8vszr1
    challengersrt8vszr1 22 days ago

    Dude like idc I can out cook any of these fucking people like wtf I taught my self how to cook and looked up recipes and I will shit on all of these so called chefs

  • Kelvin Cooke
    Kelvin Cooke 22 days ago

    what a f u c k i n g embarrassment

  • YoYo Mydude
    YoYo Mydude 22 days ago

    Me on Mondays: 2:45

  • Ryan Emerson
    Ryan Emerson 22 days ago

    Which episode is this?

  • bobcatwelder00
    bobcatwelder00 23 days ago

    really the blonde chef should just go do porn she is hot as hell

  • newlend six
    newlend six 23 days ago

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  • big guy
    big guy 23 days ago

    do Americans need all this added sound effects and dramatic music.

  • Reanimated_Dead_Flesh
    Reanimated_Dead_Flesh 23 days ago

    Chef is cute

  • BlackHippe
    BlackHippe 23 days ago

    Bitch what? lol,chill you know it sucks.

  • Jhaye P. Official
    Jhaye P. Official 23 days ago

    Who freezes potatoes?

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 23 days ago

    'Here's your Shepherds Pie'
    'Looks like bullshit'

  • Teo
    Teo 23 days ago

    those look like theyre so dry, surely theres something they can do to save the dishes even by a little bit, like have they heard of seasoning

    THEBIGMIKEVLOGS 23 days ago

    Nice to meet *ya*

  • Joseph Grondin
    Joseph Grondin 23 days ago

    I would be so nervous being a server to Gordan Ramsey

  • Mexican Lettuce
    Mexican Lettuce 24 days ago

    lowkey tryna DM the chef, i want her to cook for me, shit

  • Joe Michaels
    Joe Michaels 24 days ago

    Where's the fucking passion? These people are so fucking clueless!! Don't even taste their own FOOD???

  • Joe Michaels
    Joe Michaels 24 days ago

    "Spuddy hell." (A local review.)

  • Bastion Cory
    Bastion Cory 24 days ago

    Who freezes potatoes? Its like the cheapest vegetable there is. Its not hard to make any kind of potato. Jesus

  • Emi Doodles
    Emi Doodles 24 days ago

    ooh... yikes... who keeps a 3 week old tater?

  • FoG_ Fusion
    FoG_ Fusion 24 days ago

    0:03 *HAIRLINE*

  • kimiisuu
    kimiisuu 24 days ago

    Sever says: there frozen
    Gordon: that in treating

  • Misha Arsenyev
    Misha Arsenyev 24 days ago

    Random question, does everyone else also do the little look around when they’re eating something?

  • RevolutionRobbie
    RevolutionRobbie 25 days ago +1

    I have mad respect for whoever the fuck gets to edit these. Godspeed.

  • Parthajit Barman
    Parthajit Barman 25 days ago

    I am curious. Why don't like the restaurants get the fresh food for the day when Ramsay is about to visit them?

  • Dva
    Dva 25 days ago

    These people act so fragile. My mom shit talks my drawings all the time, so what? You gotta man up, take the criticism and improve.

  • Feather rose _
    Feather rose _ 25 days ago

    “He wants all three of you to taste this SHit you serve ppl” 😂😂