Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming


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  • Ayham Al Soufi
    Ayham Al Soufi 9 minutes ago

    the first time i watched this i didnt get the 5:45 joke
    but now after moving to canada where its more popular, i get it
    best part of this whole thing

  • marlinazul
    marlinazul 29 minutes ago


  • King James
    King James 5 hours ago

    “He should just be ashes at this point”... 😭😭😭 #IDon’tFeelSoGood

  • Arkhampool
    Arkhampool 9 hours ago

    *He should be ash at this point*
    Oof, It hurts.

  • Rene Guerra
    Rene Guerra 9 hours ago


  • advaith suresh
    advaith suresh 10 hours ago

    10:02 people

  • Myles Barry
    Myles Barry 11 hours ago

    Insta-Kill just shoots a red laser from his eyes, those red specs aren’t for intimidating, but to shoot.

  • BHproductions
    BHproductions 12 hours ago +1

    Nothing is wrong with this movie!

    • Little Nig
      Little Nig 6 hours ago +1

      BHproductions worst Spider-Man movie ever

  • Z U C C
    Z U C C 15 hours ago

    2:26 So in the movie Peter takes off his suit and it dropped in the ground and couple of seconds later Aunt May walks in but she doesn't notice the big red and blue suit on the ground? That should be worth a sin

  • Liekki Animaatio
    Liekki Animaatio 15 hours ago

    Why doesn't Spiderman use the instant kill web on Thanos

  • Mendicant Biased
    Mendicant Biased 16 hours ago

    Eye of the tiger after the villain mocks boxing or wrestling or whatever.

  • Mendicant Biased
    Mendicant Biased 16 hours ago

    Anyone else think it's weird that Tony Stark made an AI that sounds like Paul Bettany and years later another AI that sounds like Jennifer Connelly? It's almost like a match made in heaven. Except God is replaced by Tony Stark. Also every religion ever is fake.

  • daisy doge
    daisy doge 21 hour ago

    I have neve seen cinema sins remove so many sins off because lets be real this was a good movie

  • trugle7
    trugle7 Day ago


  • Aneesa Rustam
    Aneesa Rustam Day ago

    That’s my school with all those windows 😂😂

  • Red Vienna
    Red Vienna Day ago

    Line at 10:00 did NOT age well.

  • Bryce Torres
    Bryce Torres Day ago

    He is ash right now...

  • JaiCookies
    JaiCookies Day ago

    Do everything wrong with black panther plz!!!

  • Alex Gerritsen
    Alex Gerritsen Day ago +1

    10:00 well he is ash now

  • Samme Amao
    Samme Amao Day ago

    Everything wrong with black panther

  • bella
    bella 2 days ago +1

    10:02 " he should just be ash at this point" well.................

  • Lefty the Bear
    Lefty the Bear 2 days ago

    Spider man's suit: You 576 possible web shooting settings
    Cinema sins: JESUS F$%K

  • AKMemez420
    AKMemez420 2 days ago

    This is probably my favorite movie

  • Mr Galaxy
    Mr Galaxy 2 days ago +1

    9:01 who wouldn't love ned?

  • Thinking Frogg
    Thinking Frogg 2 days ago

    10:02 how did they know

  • The black goat of the woods

    Everything is wrong with this movie
    Its the last jedi of the MCU

  • Wyhiob Carlile
    Wyhiob Carlile 2 days ago

    some of these things are "sins" but i don't realy think that they are sins

  • Yuuyami Konjiki
    Yuuyami Konjiki 3 days ago

    10:00 welp he's ash now.. HAHAHAHAHAA

  • The Nature Queen
    The Nature Queen 3 days ago

    10:00 funny story actually

  • MrAutobot390
    MrAutobot390 3 days ago

    4:49 Peter's had spider-tracers for YEARS in the comics. Who said Iron Man gave it to him?

    • MrAutobot390
      MrAutobot390 5 hours ago

      Little Nig I don't know about you, but I don't recall Peter every saying something like "It's a good thing Mr. Stark gave me these Spider-tracers" He probably invented them himself, and if he didn't why would Happy not have mentioned anything about the tracer that Spidey planted on Shocker. He just brought up the tracker that Tony put in the suit.

    • MrAutobot390
      MrAutobot390 6 hours ago

      Little Nig No, it never said Tony gave them to him. Peter is a smart kid, he probably invented them himself

    • Little Nig
      Little Nig 6 hours ago

      MrAutobot390 this movie??

  • mandalor-83 J
    mandalor-83 J 3 days ago

    Please do ghost busters 2!!

  • Tyson Lovell
    Tyson Lovell 3 days ago

    HAHAHA!!! He said spiderman should be ash by now. (if you dont get it, watch infinity wars)

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson 3 days ago

    One thing I hate about the spiderman films is how weak he is in comparison to the comics. He can catch 3 tonne cars like it's nothing and in combat he has to fake getting hit otherwise he will brake the bad guys fist. Also he can stick to anything evan hulk ( one of my favourite scenes in comic history )

  • Estevan Hernandez
    Estevan Hernandez 3 days ago

    6:35 he didn’t say to activate the web grenade because he loaded one manually in his webshooter

  • Linn Jansson
    Linn Jansson 3 days ago

    10:00 well now he is

  • Thomas Chia
    Thomas Chia 3 days ago

    "he should just be ash by now" foreshadowing

  • Masterhalo012
    Masterhalo012 3 days ago

    This is America

  • MP Red
    MP Red 4 days ago

    At the risk of triggering some short-fused SJW, anyone else find it odd how much Fox loves turning the ginger characters into blacks in order to ship an interracial relationship with the hero? Same thing happened with the DC shows.

  • Strandonn Clancy
    Strandonn Clancy 4 days ago

    Hannibal Buress AND Donal Glover? Damn.

  • Seoul
    Seoul 4 days ago

    Well, you were right I guess

  • Tiger swagE
    Tiger swagE 4 days ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t sin iron man diving into the water half a mile away from the camera then coming out of the water 2 centimeters away from the camera.

  • Eduardo César Rodrigues de Souza

    Vim pelo TheMFW

  • TNTCraft Mc
    TNTCraft Mc 4 days ago

    when instant kill mode he looked like deadpool

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia 4 days ago

    I thought recognizing that Cap is a criminal makes a ton of sense and deserved a sin off...

  • SciFi88
    SciFi88 5 days ago

    Actually, I think one main reason Peter didn’t call Happy instead was because of the end scene. While in jail, the guy asked vulture to give him Spider-Man’s identity and if he called Happy, he wouldn’t have had a reason to like Peter (when he saves him from the fire) and thus, would’ve given him Peter’s identity and Peter would not only be exposed, but also dead.

  • rocker123
    rocker123 5 days ago

    5:06 Stark do that on porpoise

  • Big Deano Plays
    Big Deano Plays 5 days ago

    Tbh Stark giving Peter the suit is the most sense it's ever made for him to have a suit that looks so professionally made. I means it's always too perfect to be real, except this time.

  • Jayden G
    Jayden G 5 days ago


  • Luca Lopes
    Luca Lopes 5 days ago

    I fucking love the captain America scenes

  • Mason Farrell
    Mason Farrell 5 days ago

    maybe the lowest sin counting ever

  • Sergiu Slobozoaia
    Sergiu Slobozoaia 5 days ago

    Stan Lee cameos are great, stop milking for sins

  • Pixel Asriel
    Pixel Asriel 5 days ago

    The end lmao

  • SoarKrieg
    SoarKrieg 5 days ago

    4:49 lol so I take it whoever wrote this sin and let into the video ain't read any Spidey comics or watch any shows. Peter ALWAYS had homemade spider tracers, they were in sync with his spider sense. Nitpicking is one thing but this is just straight up puttin a sin where is none lol

  • Ryth Puff
    Ryth Puff 5 days ago

    Peter can't spidey sense people he trusts like when aunt may snuck up on him and hit him, thinking he was a burglar

  • Brooke Peterson
    Brooke Peterson 6 days ago

    “He should literally be ash right now.” *sobs relentlessly*

  • _Jason_
    _Jason_ 6 days ago

    Also how did Aunt May not see the increnebly easy to see Spider-Man Clothes on the floor under Peter's legs ?!

  • Double Pickaxe Gaming

    I give some of these sins to the guy, but most of these sins, the answer or correction is implied, if you are a smart viewer, or just any viewer, you’d know the “answer” to the sin.

  • santi 15
    santi 15 6 days ago

    Ik alot of ppl rly love this movie but damn, it was straight mediocreeeee

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 6 days ago

    I disagree when you said that Peter didn’t have to leave prom, you literally explained and showed clips that Happy would not answer Peter, same with Ned when he tried talking to Happy. So why would Happy listen in the first place.

  • znaty92
    znaty92 6 days ago

    10:00 « Spider Man should just be ash at this point » ...........

  • R Allen
    R Allen 6 days ago +1

    This movie is fucking great

  • Peter Pupovac
    Peter Pupovac 6 days ago

    “He should be ASH by now”
    Hehehe 😏

    FCB MATCHES 6 days ago +1

    2:56 look at the title of zendaya's book...

  • crynos inso
    crynos inso 6 days ago

    4:18 couldn't Peter jump into the party still in the suit and be like "hey sorry I was late had to beat down some criminals at a bank."

  • Nicholas Lind
    Nicholas Lind 6 days ago

    You seem to like the best friend character. I hated him. Shoehorned in comic relief that just ends up being annoying.

  • ScorpShooter 29
    ScorpShooter 29 7 days ago

    mR sTaRk I dOnt FeEl So GoOd.

    SLAYERZ 7 days ago

    10:02 predicts Spider-Man’s fate in infinity war!!!

  • Nicholas Simonelli
    Nicholas Simonelli 7 days ago

    10:30 actually he is 14

  • Nicholas Simonelli
    Nicholas Simonelli 7 days ago

    2:48 he didn’t add or take away a sin

  • Lost Titanium
    Lost Titanium 7 days ago

    anyone else miss iron man 2 and spider man 2 XD

  • Stormy Skies
    Stormy Skies 7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Peter's spidey sense didn't go off when Ned was sitting on the bed because Ned wasn't perceived as a threat.

  • Karsyn C
    Karsyn C 7 days ago +1

    “He should just be ash at this point”

    He’s foreshadowing infinity war

  • Nomi
    Nomi 7 days ago

    Can you do everything wrong with avangers infinity war?

  • jad daher
    jad daher 7 days ago


  • John Camlin
    John Camlin 7 days ago

    The narrator doesn't understand how fire works.

  • John Camlin
    John Camlin 7 days ago

    You don't like the best Spider Man suit that has ever graced the screen. Fans like you, are the worst. The tree line was going the wrong way. He could NOT have used that to get where he was going. You talk about direction in the Patriot sins from the wood line and then forget about it here...?

    • Omar Tapia
      Omar Tapia 2 days ago

      I don’t think he dislikes the suit’s appearance. What he doesn’t like, which he did say in the video was that he doesn’t like that Tony made it and it’s got all this tech stuff, basically how Tony makes his own suits. It takes away from Peter’s character despite the fact that it is arguably the better looking suit. The tree line comment was a bit silly though, I’ll give you that.

  • John Camlin
    John Camlin 7 days ago

    Your sins about him being too much like Iron man or using Stark tech is just pathetic. That is what made this movie great. You should stick to watching Toby's shitty excuse for a web head. You seem to like lame and unexciting.

  • Will Rands
    Will Rands 7 days ago


  • Rafael Friedlander
    Rafael Friedlander 7 days ago

    7:13 Can we talk about how big that hall pass is?

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart 7 days ago

    Stark suit sucks!!! agreed 100%

  • Spudform
    Spudform 7 days ago

    10:00 infinity war spoilers

  • Jak O LeBurn
    Jak O LeBurn 7 days ago

    11:00 "He should just be ash at this point"
    Infinity Wars comes out...

  • Homestuck Trash
    Homestuck Trash 7 days ago

    well, hes fucking fifteen. how and why would he make his own damn suit

  • KinkajouSoup
    KinkajouSoup 8 days ago

    You know that kid who sees MST3K like years after you and all your friends? Then they decide they could do that better and for any movie? Then that friend dies alone? That’s CinemaSins.

  • Suarez Juan
    Suarez Juan 8 days ago

    8:20 when Peter was bit by the radioactive spider it gave him super strength

  • Ethan Lo
    Ethan Lo 8 days ago

    Maaaaan I was hoping you'd remove a sin for Peter's comment on the sandwich guy's daughter

  • Erica Willis
    Erica Willis 8 days ago

    "He should just be ash by now" lol

  • ineedtostopchangingmynameialwaysregretitafter oops

    10:02 "he should be just ash at this point"
    Boy do I have something to tell you

  • your_new_dogfather
    your_new_dogfather 8 days ago

    Wow, four sins taken off? You must really like this movie.

  • Simran Bains
    Simran Bains 8 days ago

    "he should be ash at this point" .... well

  • Moonstruck2 CoD
    Moonstruck2 CoD 8 days ago

    Childish gambino

  • The _zman600
    The _zman600 8 days ago

    Thank you

  • Seamus Ryan
    Seamus Ryan 8 days ago

    Spider man is the Ashen one

  • RaraMakesMusic
    RaraMakesMusic 8 days ago

    10:02 ‘he should just be ash at this point’

  • Elias Lê
    Elias Lê 8 days ago

    7:49 « but I love your daughter, so you have to kill her”

    Quote credited to HISHE

  • Kye Dysarthria
    Kye Dysarthria 8 days ago

    Also spiderman almost always has spider trackers so I don't know what Spiderman you are comparing this one to.

  • Kye Dysarthria
    Kye Dysarthria 8 days ago

    But spiderman wouldn't have the money to have build that suit and it's also different from the iron man suit.

  • Azure Aragami
    Azure Aragami 8 days ago

    this is probably the only cinema sins video that just pisses me off, not cause of any sin in particular but by how OBVIOUS it is that this guy doesnt really know anything about spiderman aside from his film history (aka previous movies), most of his complains of things that spidey can do on this movie are things that one way or another spiderman has done in comics and animated series for years now... for instance the homing beacon...
    Would it have been better if peter created the tools instead of being given them by tony? yes... would it have made sense to make him as smart as peter parker is supposed to be (aka one of the top minds in the universe) given how he is like 14 years old? no...

  • Evaluna Duran
    Evaluna Duran 8 days ago

    1:09 that school is a real school called Franklin K. Lane High School. My sister used to go there and my cousin goes there it has like 4 or 5 school that’s why it has so many widows

  • Lovely Luke
    Lovely Luke 8 days ago

    Personally I think the only problems with this movie are that he didn't make the suit obviously, can't really defend himself, doesn't have spider-sence and that they didn't menchen uncle ben at least once I think this film was more of an iron man jr oh and the only gadgets he made was the web shooter basically I hate the Spider-Man parts more than the peter parker parts I think they got peter absolutely perfect