Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Spider-Man Homecoming was a nice surprise, capturing the spirit of the character as well or better than any previous film. We loved it. And so, of course, we were compelled to sin it.
    Thursday: Get your pitchforks ready as we go after a classic.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • sightinsight
    sightinsight 8 hours ago

    at 1st it felt like a usual hollywood negro washing the schultz - but then that's the best nigga to play the shultz anyway, didn't like the flash though; at last, they finally got a decent oriental fucking about the fucking time fucking fuck it took them long, fuck just fuck man.

  • Lord Chilled
    Lord Chilled 15 hours ago +1

    No no no this movie flawless

  • Justinbloxian
    Justinbloxian 15 hours ago

    y'know,it was confirmed by marvel that the kid with the iron man helmet and toy blaster in iron man 2 was actually peter parker,i also think that the first avengers movie took place when peter was still a kid,which would make sence for the 8 years later thing in the start of the film

  • Lejla Bajramovic
    Lejla Bajramovic 16 hours ago

    ive been waiting on this video for MONTHS SJDNRKCMRCK

  • Billy Dee Sorrells
    Billy Dee Sorrells 18 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but 86 is really low on the sins. Uhm good job Sony Marvel.

  • Jesse McGuire
    Jesse McGuire 18 hours ago

    As God as my witness, I will never, ever get tired of Unbreakable references in Cinema Sins.

  • Nube Gamer
    Nube Gamer 18 hours ago +1

    This Spider-Man is basically Peter Parker inside the Spider-Man 2099 suit.

  • Will Melbourne
    Will Melbourne 18 hours ago

    "I'm looking at porn" everyone in the cinema burst out laughing at that

  • pilou
    pilou 18 hours ago

    2:53 im sure michelle was listening. she's too perceptive (and a bit stalkerish) not to have...

  • Gaming Goddesscj
    Gaming Goddesscj 18 hours ago

    XD I love the iron spider, I don’t care hilarious 😂

  • Qrazy Quarian
    Qrazy Quarian 19 hours ago

    "Say goodbye, Karen."
    "Goodbye, Karen!"
    On a side note, why are all the female AI called Karen? GlaDos, Plankton's wife, Spiderman's relationship counselor...? What is it with computer Karens?

  • 4BUB4K4R
    4BUB4K4R 19 hours ago

    Sony Xperia phones are waterproof

  • CooLdUdEe14
    CooLdUdEe14 20 hours ago

    I don't give a f*** the movie is amazing
    click like for tom holland

  • ItsKyle
    ItsKyle 20 hours ago


  • Dalton Lee Marks
    Dalton Lee Marks 20 hours ago

    So glad I wasn't the only one who had a problem with Spider-Man's suit basically being a fabric Iron Man suit. It takes a lot away from Spidey's own powers and ingenuity. I mean... does he use the spider-sense once in this movie?

  • triceratopsterminator
    triceratopsterminator 20 hours ago

    5:05 pfAAAHAHAHA

  • Shadow Seeker
    Shadow Seeker 21 hour ago

    the best sin here that was right on the point "thanks to tony stark for ruining most what made spiderman cool"i was thinking the same thing the whole movie, they have took everyting that makes spiderman spiderman and replace it with high tech bullshit and the origins gone straight out the window

  • Lynxiisers
    Lynxiisers 21 hour ago

    "I'll kill you and everybody you love"
    But if Peter loves that girl doesn't he have to kill his own daughter?

  • Nemanja Jovanov
    Nemanja Jovanov 22 hours ago

    I tried to watch them, but since first 15 were totally fabricated and non existent, I gave up.

  • Rikard Sheta
    Rikard Sheta 22 hours ago

    tom suck Tobey is the best spider man

  • Brayden Heon
    Brayden Heon 22 hours ago

    The sky fall reference at the end was gold

  • Alejandro Jurado
    Alejandro Jurado 22 hours ago

    please, everything wrong with pokemon i choose you

  • The Reviewer
    The Reviewer 23 hours ago

    Peter had his own suit, Tony just upgraded it. The movie shows Peter testing new web formulas, he did most of the work on his suit (Tony just made it look better and used some better tech on it while working off of what Peter already learnt).

  • UnknownCyborg
    UnknownCyborg 23 hours ago

    I agree that I didn't like the way they did the suit. They took away everything that made Spider-Man cool :(

  • Graves100Bllts
    Graves100Bllts 23 hours ago

    I feel you should take a sin off for Peter disabling Tony's training wheels, not add one because a high school sophomore hacked the suit - since you added sins for Spidey using stark tech rather than inventing things himself since he's a genius. Hacking the suit shows Peter's genius.

  • Arno Deinum
    Arno Deinum 23 hours ago

    no bitching about the random resolution of the screen capture @06:17

  • Hail Hydra
    Hail Hydra 23 hours ago

    11:26 Loool :D I got that reference.

  • shaggyman5
    shaggyman5 Day ago


  • Gill
    Gill Day ago

    2 jokes about peter stuck in a parachute? Thats a sin *ding*

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez Day ago

    The last one with Friday quote 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Unfortunate Gamer

    Holy shit is that Hannibal Burgess as the speaker at 2:50 😂 Hannibal is amazing.

  • ajax201000
    ajax201000 Day ago

    why and how would starks spiderman suit have access to detailed police files on criminals.

  • Felicitas Mokom
    Felicitas Mokom Day ago

    ok when he gave the 29 sin i dont think thats right he fell into the water if he fell on land i would understand but he fell on water so that sin is a mistake

  • Aleksi Kutateladze

    everything wrong with: CinemaSins

  • killabee stung
    killabee stung Day ago

    People actually liked this movie?

  • Ananya Mathur
    Ananya Mathur Day ago

    just realized that coach was hannibal

  • because i'm Batman

    another major sin ,peter should have punched tombes his lights out when they were in the car and he pulled out the gun. or atleast superstrong kung fu grib him.

  • ZnaiJ feng
    ZnaiJ feng Day ago

  • Tristan Endean
    Tristan Endean Day ago

    As a COMIC Spider-Man fan, I hate this movie.

    • Tristan Endean
      Tristan Endean Day ago

      Hopefully I'm done dealing with the majority who like Spidey being fucked over. Like that persistent prick. That new animated feature will be better.

  • nathan broad
    nathan broad Day ago +1

    This is a funny movie everything in this is explained

  • nathan broad
    nathan broad Day ago +1

    Y u hatin

  • SET Video TV
    SET Video TV Day ago


  • Eino Makinen
    Eino Makinen Day ago

    Manager necessarily past instructor march coat technique God vary information


    For once most of these sins are pretty legit

  • jket11
    jket11 Day ago

    Wonder who next years spuderboy will be

  • Ziad Ahmed
    Ziad Ahmed Day ago

    Hello mother fucker

  • sugarlover102
    sugarlover102 Day ago

    "my friends call me MJ" "what? fuck you movie" hahaha ded

  • Adrian Rizik
    Adrian Rizik Day ago

    But the fall from the monument I'd lethal because Peter didn't repack his parachute.

  • Nikined18
    Nikined18 Day ago

    Why did Vulture break down?

  • dhruv pathak
    dhruv pathak Day ago

    Nigga you’re releasing this shit several months after the movie? Fuck yourself lmao.

  • MyMjtaylor
    MyMjtaylor Day ago

    great movie bump that...y'all too picky

  • bigrandy612
    bigrandy612 Day ago

    Did the NFL really sue??

  • John g
    John g Day ago

    This movie was terrible & then with iron -man even worst......

  • Mojjo M
    Mojjo M Day ago

    Some of the best villains are in Spiderman - Doc Oct, Sandman, Venom, Harry, Gobilin and dark spiderman....
    "Peter, Dont tell Harry", "Listen, Listen to me NOOOW", "Drown It" "I didnt want this, but I had no choice", "My Daughter was dying, I needed money... I was scared" "I am not asking you to forgive me, I want you is to understand" "I did not choose to be this" "Intelligence is a gift, its a privilege" "Sometimes to do whats right and give up things we love the most, even our dreams" "I will not die a Monster" some of the magical quotes still stuck in your head for life!

  • Chroma's Corner
    Chroma's Corner Day ago

    GO! purple! Like if you agree!

  • Rubén Gamboa Ramírez

    I would add like two dozen More sins for the MJ

  • Mojjo M
    Mojjo M Day ago

    get ride off these idiotic directors and fake actors.. bring back Sam Reimi and Toby McG and Harry Combo and whole raft of characters in those first 3 movies.
    in this movie everything looked so fake, even Aunt May looked like a dumbo.. Spiderman except first 3 will never be the same if they create shitty kind of movies.

  • Zedist
    Zedist Day ago

    do u even marvel?

  • Araiya Brown
    Araiya Brown Day ago

    The Vulture threatens to kill everyone Peter loves. Peter should have responded with “guess you’ll have to kill your daughter.”

  • NotVeryEtherealTulips

    holy shit it's still trending

  • Echo Voice
    Echo Voice Day ago

    6:09 he roasted tony stark

  • Skidoosh Layman
    Skidoosh Layman Day ago

    I thought Vulture's gang used the tech to rob banks and more alien tech. It was the first Shocker guy to actually sell the tech, which Vulture killed him for, unintentionally.

  • Ultra Instinct Goku Mugabo

    The only thing I found that was “wrong” was that spider man didn’t use spidy sense.

  • Caleb Koczur
    Caleb Koczur Day ago

    Your language is very nasty!

  • TheRadientYamicorn

    This has been the most amount of removed sins in Cinema Sins history.

  • Tyler Liu
    Tyler Liu Day ago

    Small thing though, Karen was put to make a sensible reason why Peter talks to himself, which he does alot in the comics.

  • Novi Suketchi
    Novi Suketchi Day ago

    do Thor Ragnarok pls :D

  • Dan Emma
    Dan Emma Day ago

    I would have enjoyed this movie more if it wasn't blatant anti-white black lives matter propaganda.

  • Chris Pitts
    Chris Pitts Day ago

    Spiderman trackers are part of the original Spiderman storyline from the 60's, look it up.

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney Day ago

    "That girl has a date, a backup date, and 3 hot friendzoned dudes on standbye." true...

  • dude master
    dude master Day ago

    if you don't want swearing in your video then stop swearing!

  • Kiley Jayne
    Kiley Jayne Day ago

    Their is nothing wrong with spiderman homecoming



  • Anna Falcão
    Anna Falcão Day ago

    Do mother! next!

  • Chris Hiddins
    Chris Hiddins Day ago

    The biggest plot hole I see with this movie - in Civil War, Tony agreed with the Accords. Every super hero had to sign the Accords and they were no longer independent. Anyone who didn't sign and continued their superhero activities was considered a criminal.
    But now Tony is ok with coaching a kid who obviously hasn't signed and wouldn't be old enough? How is this in line with the Accords? Because now it feels like civil war didn't really have an impact at all if people can still be super heroes whenever they want.

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas Day ago

    1:23 Thank you, literally what I've been saying all along, Spider man is basically another one of Tony's projects and we already have enough of that

  • Moaz Ali
    Moaz Ali Day ago

    That isn't even the Iron spider suit. The iron spider suit is in the upcoming Avengers movie.

  • TxSonofLiberty
    TxSonofLiberty Day ago

    Spider-Tracers (originally homing beacons that pinged on the same frequency as Peter's Spider-Sense) are comic canon since April of 1964, so please take the sin off blaming Stark for Spider Homing Beacons.

  • kirsten vankirk
    kirsten vankirk Day ago

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  • IlBellissimo10
    IlBellissimo10 Day ago

    What about the way they f**k up Flash he’s not the white blonde jock and MJ isn’t the white ginger girl ?
    They got the ethnics wrong and it’s driving me crazy

  • AlienToppedPancakes

    2:30 why is no one pointing out the fact the aunt May walks in on her nephew being half naked with his best friend and not even batting an eye. Points for an accepting and supportive parental figure

  • big bull 9
    big bull 9 Day ago

    Roses are red vielots are blue worlds chaning boys time we change two gitembhshshdhdjdj

  • Seppuku Tattoo
    Seppuku Tattoo Day ago

    You guys went real easy on this movie.
    • Spidey gets a sidekick? Half of his appeal is his whole brooding loner thing. He’s not a fucking Teen Titan.
    • Everyone gets a diversity upgrade, which I’m all for, but,… then Aunt May has to be super hot and young? Doesn’t that seem ageist? Why not write a powerful confident senior character while you're trying to be so umbrella all inclusive?
    • Peter whines more than Luke Skywalker in the first movie.
    • Peter’s phone gets more screen time than most of the cast. I think a kid who could swing 50 stories overhead just MIGHT put the phone down a bit more often.
    • Peter’s phone sucks. The Japanese have standard software that blows his OS away. Isn’t this the kid that build his desktop system from garbage? And web shooters?!
    • Flash is shitty bully, he’s not charismatic, funny, or intimidating. Penis Parker? That’s the best you got? He sucks at being bad!
    • The comics Spidey would have told both Happy and Tony where to shove their suit after the whole kill mode thing. He’s from QUEENS! The scene after the ferry, he would have thrown all of Tony’s crap back in his face, taken off the suit himself, and dumped it in the river. I hate Brady Brunch adults are always right Peter.
    • How many time could Spidey have stopped unarmed defenseless Michael Keaton? That scene in the car before the dance was a joke. Spidey could have taken out ten dopes with automatics before half that monologue was over. That is what he does!! Crush the pistol to bits, snap his radius and ulna, and call in SHIELD. Or even regular cops, it's just MISTER MOM! C’mon! You took a sin off?
    • … and in the warehouse scene, he’s all alone with the Vulture armor, and runs right by it. He doesn’t destroy it, web up the jet fans, reprogram the controls for comic effect later, or do any of the resourceful things real Spidey should have done.
    • Ned fires and scores the very first time he ever picks up a web shooter? Against a trained professional killer with super tech? What? This felt like the second Raimi film, when even toddlers were more heroic than Spidey.
    • I never felt they were anywhere other than a movie set. Why set the scenes in NYC if you sanitize the living hell out of it, and it’s just like anywhere else? When done right, New York is a leading character.
    • Why are the webs so fragile? Normal people tear out of them like they were stale cotton candy.
    • I really hate how often his mask comes off in all these movies. The appeal of the character is that anyone in the audience can insert himself in the action because it could be anyone in the mask. Not to mention eight million New Yorkers to hide from!
    • There is no reason for Peter to not chew Happy a new asshole in the bathroom scene. He saved the day without Stark Co., and Happy endangered a shit ton of people with his piss poor attitude. IF Peter then went with him instead of splitting to go be FUCKING SPIDER MAN, it would only be so he could then also tell off Tony to his face.
    • So, how many people now know he’s Spider Man? And he’s not even sixteen yet? Christ!
    I really don’t get why people go so nuts for this cookie cutter Hollywood color by numbers crap when any issue of the old newsprint four color comics blow it out of the water, and they don’t cost a quarter billion to make. A couple of guys with pencils and paper own most movie makers asses, and it's embarrassing.

  • RanT TimmyJ
    RanT TimmyJ Day ago

    The problem with the previous Spider-Man movies is that Spiderman doesnt talk to himself all that much. In the comics he is constantly thinking and talking to himself and Marvel/Sony wanted a way to implement that into the MCU's Spiderman. Which is why they gave him Karen. SO he talks to himself and kind of stays true to the comics.

  • Mauricio Suarez
    Mauricio Suarez Day ago

    i just have fantasies with the aunt.

  • JKRowlingIsMyQueen

    Do everything wrong with Across the Universe. My boyfriend says it’s flawless

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore Day ago

    Biggest sin... Spider-Man is dead.
    So it makes no sense to try to keep bringing him back in movies if the comic killed him. Let him rest in peace and let's move onto other characters until SJWs kill them as well.

  • SuperDevolution
    SuperDevolution Day ago

    It's perfectly logical to assume that it took him years to figure out how to reverse engineer the tech, so it hasn't been on the street for eight years.

  • Atlanti Cat
    Atlanti Cat 2 days ago

    I kinda like the suit Tony made for Peter , sure its a little to much but Peter is a character who talkes very much and now Peter finally have Someone to talk to. In the comics they just used think bubbles but in movies you can’t. all the different web settings and the drone etc is weird, but using Karen ( ONLY as a person to talk to) is okay.

  • Andrea Lemus
    Andrea Lemus 2 days ago

    Does anyone start judging movies by how many sins they remove or is it just me?

  • Movies For Free
    Movies For Free 2 days ago

    Go to my channel for the full movie like sub and share

  • somandy333
    somandy333 2 days ago

    I was waiting for no spider sense when the shocker got him, but his spider sense doesn't work on hiw friends or family or basically the people he trusts, that's why it didn't work on ned or his aunt, so take that sin off and put it where it belongs!

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 2 days ago +5

    Everything wrong with youtube rewind

  • LordOfTheFries
    LordOfTheFries 2 days ago

    8:26 Spidey is more durable than the average human.

  • LordOfTheFries
    LordOfTheFries 2 days ago

    5:05 highschool kids who happen to be geniuses.

  • full throttle gamer
    full throttle gamer 2 days ago

    Tony probably wanted the suit to be hacked that’s what I think either way

  • Ahmad Jabr
    Ahmad Jabr 2 days ago

    The amount of of characters that would be good at cinema sins is a sin.

  • bigsteed007
    bigsteed007 2 days ago

    I forgot this guy has to say ex machina in every video like it’s something people say in real life everyday conversations.

  • theoriginalshew
    theoriginalshew 2 days ago

    Additional sin: No one puts together that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same person (or at least a high schooler on a field trip) since you know, he's only ever seen in NYC and not DC.
    Sin Off: Casting Childish Gambino as the uncle of Miles Morales (parking garage scene confirmes his character, and DonG lover is his voice and character model)

  • Sal Aronica
    Sal Aronica 2 days ago +1

    I fucking hated this movie lol