Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming


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  • Mystic Flame7
    Mystic Flame7 Hour ago


    Roll credits

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 7 hours ago

    SO If Into The Spider-Verse is (according to everyone who thinks they matter) The BEST Spider-man movie Ever...What's that make THIS MOVIE? ...what's that? Overrated? you don't say...

  • Natalia Marcha
    Natalia Marcha 9 hours ago

    I knew this was a good movie, at least 5 sins were taken off

  • Blue Turtle
    Blue Turtle 10 hours ago

    lol I burst out laughing at "The nil sued Sony for this line of dialogue"

  • GoSlumpy
    GoSlumpy 11 hours ago

    1:44 do your research Spiderman at that moment had them powers 6 months prior

  • Man 14
    Man 14 14 hours ago

    1:24 I’ve never agreed to something more my whole life

  • Dat Name
    Dat Name 18 hours ago

    You missed a HUGE sin at the very start. The guy said he had a _CONTRACT_ with the city to clean it up, and then the city terminated that contract. That means he's allowed to collect the full payment and damages in _COURT_. Why did he get so mad and start claiming losses if him and his staff were 100% covered when the CITY was liable for breach of contract?
    The entire premise for the main villain's motive here is completely flawed from that one moment!

  • Undeadartist
    Undeadartist 19 hours ago

    Online 85 not bad.

  • Ahmed S.
    Ahmed S. 23 hours ago

    10:02 hinting at infinity war

  • DragonWings
    DragonWings 23 hours ago

    It's funny cause Peter's 14-15 in this movie & in Civil War, but no problems such as puberty. No pimples, voice cracks, etc.
    Also, way too hot to be a 14 year old.
    (That hurt to type)

  • giselle carrasquilla

    "he should just be ash at this point" :'(

  • nate word
    nate word Day ago

    movie sucked

  • hyper sonic logan

    would volture kill his own daughter since spidey loves her

  • Cameron Simmonds

    hes right i dont like the stark suit but i love the suit without gagets

  • Rith Trelin
    Rith Trelin 2 days ago +1


    Where are my likes?

  • Tom Sharp
    Tom Sharp 2 days ago

    9:23 alien balls haaaaaaaaaa

  • Miki 'nEad
    Miki 'nEad 3 days ago

    My biggest gripe with this version of spidey is how they nerfed Peter.
    They got spidey right imo, his powers, his skill, his wit etc, but they seem to have replaced all of Peter Parkers contributions, such as the brains, wanting to be a friendly neighborhood spiderman, building his suits, learning moral lessons (the hard way), learning more about his powers, coming up with different uses for webbing etc, with Tony Stark.
    Now I DO get WHY they did it; it took too long to get the rights to spidey to fully build him up in time for infinity war.

  • Naveen Chander
    Naveen Chander 3 days ago

    Power source for the spidey suit !?.theoretically speaking..

  • Tyler McCune
    Tyler McCune 3 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos, but your posts sin count shorts are the best and they could stand alone

  • Ernie Mannebach
    Ernie Mannebach 4 days ago

    10:03 great foreshadowing

  • James Esterline
    James Esterline 4 days ago +2

    7:50 Also, Peter loves Liz. Does that mean he's gonna kill his own daughter?

    • NITE- OWL
      NITE- OWL 3 days ago +1

      Lol that was on HISHE

  • Halver Cool
    Halver Cool 4 days ago

    Captain america's final recording is a summary of what infinity war is gonna be like

  • Monkeybutt Jones
    Monkeybutt Jones 4 days ago


  • Paul Kerssenbrock
    Paul Kerssenbrock 4 days ago

    I'm sure that i could spend time doing some statistic proving that peter has in fact more chance to accidently date his nemesis' daughter than winning the lottery

  • Paul Kerssenbrock
    Paul Kerssenbrock 4 days ago

    You pointed out everything i love in this new spiderman: the character, and everything i hate about this new spiderman: the movie

  • DC Skeete
    DC Skeete 4 days ago

    Damn this movie must be good if it only has 86 sins

  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 5 days ago

    The tracking devices actually date back to 1964.

  • Alexis Quezadilla
    Alexis Quezadilla 5 days ago +3

    10:02 man that line hits hard in infinity war

  • sophie9 nymeria
    sophie9 nymeria 5 days ago

    I think you misses the fact the JROTC students shouldn't have their covers on inside ( I just noticed and now its going to bother me so much)

  • Campbell Fox
    Campbell Fox 5 days ago +3

    RIP stan lee

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 6 days ago

    This movie should have at least 100 sins for just (British guy whose name I don't remember) Peter Parker and Ned alone, take those guys out of the equation and it could've been a good movie. And whose this black daughter girl, where's Mary Jane or better yet Gwen Stacy? One last thing, why Michael Keaton?

    • El Chamaco Cabron
      El Chamaco Cabron 4 days ago

      Gaming Goof Trust me Peter gets a lot of girlfriends. Off the top of my head I can already name 7 of them (MJ, Gwen Stacy, Liz Allan, Felicia Hardy, Carlie Cooper, Betty Brant and Silk). Yeah I never got why they turned her black. Though the change never really bothered me. Though if you don’t know about the comics, you shouldn’t complain about them not following the source material for a comic book movie.

    • Gaming Goof
      Gaming Goof 4 days ago

      +El Chamaco Cabron I looked it up, she doesn't look black though. I'll assume Disney didn't want to racist. How many girls can one teenager go through

    • Gaming Goof
      Gaming Goof 4 days ago

      +bacon froyo I can't be the only one who became a fan through movies and games alone. I'm not even a millennial and my life has been pretty much nothing but technology

    • Icy Mark
      Icy Mark 5 days ago

      I can’t even tell if your trolling or you don’t know shit about comics like cinema sins

    • El Chamaco Cabron
      El Chamaco Cabron 5 days ago

      Liz was a thing in the comics, Gwen and MJ are not his only love interest. If you’re talking about Zendaya being MJ then I’d probably agree

  • Katelyn Seamonds
    Katelyn Seamonds 6 days ago +2

    “... He should just be ash at this point”
    Me: Hahahahaha ha ha... *SOBBS

  • Følløwer Øf Christ

    how dare you sin stan lee :,(

  • prince well
    prince well 6 days ago

    Pepper is so pretty with long hair.....

  • prince well
    prince well 6 days ago

    anyone peep the Ultron head easter egg in the bag that Vulture was trying to steal. His eyes were red so is Ultron really dead? Maybe he can be the new Vision since ya know Thanos kill.....

  • Anjali Iyer
    Anjali Iyer 6 days ago

    i love liz does that mean you are gonna kill liz

  • builder schmillder
    builder schmillder 7 days ago

    His spider sense only works when he is in danger

    • El Chamaco Cabron
      El Chamaco Cabron 5 days ago

      builder schmillder Unless they changed it for some reason, no it also give him awareness of his surroundings. He totally should’ve been able to see Ned and aunt May

  • Le Skuz
    Le Skuz 7 days ago

    If it’s hard to get guns in New York... explain the school shootings

  • Halle F0592
    Halle F0592 7 days ago

    oof the sin where u said that spidey does everything himself bugs me
    thats amazing spiderman
    a whole other mcu universe
    in that one spidey doesnt come in contact with the avengers but since this is a whole other universe he does come in contact with him and did u ever consider that spidey doesn't have access to tech like that? he lives with his aunt and barely affords to do leisure activities, let alone create a high tech suit! And no he wouldnt steal the supplies, hes too wholesome
    so im not counting that sin cuz ur talking about the wrong cinematic universe bucko

    • El Chamaco Cabron
      El Chamaco Cabron 3 days ago

      Halle F0592 He’s not sinning that they aren’t following the comics books exactly. There’s parts he liked that aren’t exactly like the comics. It’s the fact that Iron man making his suit and babysitting him is lame. Spider-man may have made his webshooters but Iron man obviously modified them and it sucks cause Peter making all his gadgets and his homemade suit is what made him interesting. The fact that a teenage boy can make stuff to help him be a hero. Not a billionaire inventor being able to create that stuff for him.

    • Halle F0592
      Halle F0592 3 days ago

      the only thing that tony made was the suit. Peter still made his webshooters. and this is CINEMA sins, not comic book sins. this is still a different cinematic universe even if you decide to bring in comic books

    • El Chamaco Cabron
      El Chamaco Cabron 5 days ago

      He’s not just talking about movies. The comics have him sew his own suit and build his own web shooters and that’s what makes that stuff awesome. How lame would it be if they had someone build Tony’s suits for him?

  • terrell scott
    terrell scott 8 days ago

    That one F Bomb to make that pg13 rating

  • Claudia
    Claudia 8 days ago

    Anyone else feel like the 'he should be ash by now' comment from CinemaSins guy invoked the ending of IW?

  • The Gaming Destroyer

    You son of a bitch said you don't want 2 iron men? Dude iron man is the best

  • The JRC
    The JRC 8 days ago

    He said "He might as well be ash at this point." 😂

  • Jayden Castaneda
    Jayden Castaneda 8 days ago

    Peter: please let me be an avenger please ( 12 hours later)
    Tony: fine kid your an avenger
    Peter: nah f you I’m gone

  • No U
    No U 9 days ago

    Mr. Stark
    I don't feel so good.

  • angelina lol
    angelina lol 9 days ago

    10:03 damnnnnn

  • Lad and Dad TV
    Lad and Dad TV 9 days ago +2

    The film is awful I hated the fact that he had a suit made by iron man. So basically his life was never in danger. There was no sense of danger to his life no angst about teenage life nothing. All these things that make Peter Parker as spiderman. Battling with emotional angst and just not know what his powers can do. He gets a suit that uses a parachute and drone what the hell. Spiderman is vulnerable which shows right at the end which is the best part of this film. He wears his own suit and literally there is a sense and he senses that he could die or is in danger. If they did his character all the way through the film like they did the end. Spiderman homecoming would have been a smasher. I hated the part when his friend gets to know who he is what the hell is all that about. Then instead of using spider senses he has a tracker and his friend talks to him through out. What is this movie doing absolute joke.

    FENRIR-ART 9 days ago

    7:48 Dude. You are so delusional. Spider-Man would fuck up that fake Vulture if he had the chance, but that is not Spider-Man. He is a worm who belongs in drag.

    FENRIR-ART 9 days ago

    Damian Wayne Robin would have Spider-Boy's balls blown up if he remote controlled his suit's heater.

    FENRIR-ART 9 days ago

    Venom, Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are better than this cheap safe Batman clone.

  • RushyG
    RushyG 9 days ago +1

    I like the Iron Man Spidey connection. Peter IS smart enough to make his own suit, BUT he isn't rich enough to have the materials to make it. He has to steal chemicals from his high school just to make his webbing. We really expect him to make his own super suit? That's why his original is just cloth and goggles.

  • Kirby
    Kirby 10 days ago

    when tom holland is your dad so u have to automatically dislike any video that slightly disrespects anythings he related in

  • Jhon Benedict Baltazar

    U should change thui to "things you didnt notice"

  • Alicja Jankowska
    Alicja Jankowska 10 days ago +1

    1:36 RIP Stan Lee :'(

  • Starcraft5477
    Starcraft5477 10 days ago

    @3:39 has to be a Batman reference right? With the silhouette on the moon referencing like the Bat-Plane?

  • Mimi
    Mimi 10 days ago

    spider men see this tech for the first time bc before 8 years he was 7 years old(in the film he say he is 15)and he get the powers before 6 months

  • kneeneighbor
    kneeneighbor 10 days ago

    Add another sin. The chitauri attack happened in 2012, and the time card said 8 years later. Making the year this took place. 2020

  • Retro sully
    Retro sully 10 days ago

    You only missed one sin

  • 516 Jude
    516 Jude 11 days ago

    7:47 you could of put that he loves liz though

  • Calli
    Calli 11 days ago

    The reason I love this so much is because this is how i watch movies. But to be fair... I do this to your videos as well.

  • Calli
    Calli 11 days ago

    This is the only thing that holds my interest the past few days. I have no weed so everything is just sort of dull and boring right now.

  • hugiism
    hugiism 12 days ago

    He turns to ash in infinity war

  • Fank_Dank
    Fank_Dank 12 days ago

    10:01 he soon will be

  • Simplelife Vlogs 'n stuff

    On this video, Jaiden Animations merch store is on here

  • Cody McLemore
    Cody McLemore 12 days ago

    "Everything Wrong With Iron Man 4: The Spider Kid"... There, fixed it for you.

  • GlitchData Code
    GlitchData Code 12 days ago

    I have to point out that spiderman DID have about a hundred things he could do with his web, and also had a flashlight with a spiderman logo, and trackers her could shoot at people, and even "web wings" like the wingsuits people have now to help him glide. Seriously the web shooters and stuff peter parker made were very ex machina. he had way too many things his web shooters could do with limited web. Oh yes he could also make a parachute, a raft..

  • Brian Mendoza
    Brian Mendoza 12 days ago

    10:02 Unintentional prediction? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card 13 days ago

    I’ll kill you and everyone you love
    I love Liz
    Oh shit

  • ezedking 88
    ezedking 88 13 days ago


  • Ian Barcelos
    Ian Barcelos 13 days ago

    Everything Wrong with Iron Teen: Homecoming

  • ravis pouresmaeil
    ravis pouresmaeil 13 days ago +1

    Aren’t Spidey’s webs supposed to come out of his actual fingers? Wtf are the damn webshooters?

    • ravis pouresmaeil
      ravis pouresmaeil 18 hours ago

      +bacon froyo No. I'm not a Marvel fan. This movie was actually the first one I've watched. So, what happens?

    • bacon froyo
      bacon froyo 5 days ago

      have u ever seen the first movie of spiderman?

  • S3xistPanda
    S3xistPanda 13 days ago

    Captain America would never stand a chance vs Spider-man, even at the beginning, Spider-Man is WAY faster and stronger then Cap, also, spidey sense.

  • Quincy
    Quincy 13 days ago

    Why did the NFL sue Sony for that line of dialogue?

  • Anewlevel
    Anewlevel 14 days ago

    I thought he becomes Spider-Man when he's sixteen.. and yeah the overt Avengers shit is distracting and contrived..

  • Techno Gizmo TGMO
    Techno Gizmo TGMO 14 days ago

    Wait he said I will kill everyone you love but he loves his daughter

  • Bad Bird Jacob
    Bad Bird Jacob 14 days ago

    10:04 he is now🤫

  • Bobby Bobinson
    Bobby Bobinson 14 days ago

    Ur a robloxian Minecraft mine shaft CUNT fort nut on em

  • issy is tired
    issy is tired 15 days ago +1

    is this video using........... narration?

  • Jayven Purpora
    Jayven Purpora 15 days ago

    How could you talk trash about Spider-Man he is the best

  • StormGaming532
    StormGaming532 15 days ago +1

    "I was looking up porn..."

  • Spidey boi 7792
    Spidey boi 7792 15 days ago

    The spidey sense only detects threats

  • Awesome Warrior
    Awesome Warrior 15 days ago

    You should if summed the fact that vulture said he would kill everyone he loves but he loves vultures daughter

  • L 76
    L 76 15 days ago +2

    I remember when everyone was waiting for the end of credits and saw captain America, and then a person screamed FOR FUCK SAKE at the cinema...

  • TofuGamer 208
    TofuGamer 208 16 days ago

    5:44 Did the NFL really sue Sony? Really?

  • Eric Mills
    Eric Mills 16 days ago

    Peter not getting knocked out. But knocking himself out before. It's a lot easier to be knocked out when your body isnt ready for it.

  • Isaac Martinez Lowlykarma

    We will miss you Stan lee Rest In Peace

  • Millie Barnett
    Millie Barnett 16 days ago

    Am I the only one that loved the girl who was doing ‘sit-ups’ by basically lifting her arms up and down while reading?

  • Alfonso Cruzso Bong
    Alfonso Cruzso Bong 16 days ago

    Activate : Instant Kill Mode

  • Najib -Pianist-
    Najib -Pianist- 17 days ago


  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 17 days ago

    Just a typical Homecoming with Spider Man hanging out of a plane .

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 17 days ago

    I like the fact that all Marvel Movies are interconnected and are highly enjoyable with a crowd - pleasing aesthetic .

    TAYLOR BELL 17 days ago

    1. Pretty sure He never went to a gifted school
    2. Skipping over Uncle Ben story , doesn't give us narrative on his motive for bring a superhero or actions of his consequences, just makes him look like an eager nerd boy who is way in over his head and arrogant enough to take risky challenges with no real reason WHY
    3.+100 sins Pretty sure Aunt May is not hot
    4. where's Harry Osborn , yanno his BEST FRIEND
    5. Just because you name her MJ ,DOESN'T make her MJ
    6. why is Tony stark creating his suits, Pretty sure he was never his mentor too
    7. Stan Lee said the uniqe quality of Spider man is he's has to be a superhero BY HIMSELF and Learn BY HIMSELF . No mentor, no help
    8. +150 sins Why did they give him Mies Morales life?? Pretty sure Miles was the one with (Going to private school, Somoan Best friend, mentored) why not just make a MILE MORALES movie???!??!?!??
    9. Peter able to turn the wing of a PLANE????HORSH*T!!!
    10. Peter is so uncapalle its sad, i don't mind him makingg mistakes to make him more relaticistic but he's useless in this
    11. Why does Tom Holland Look 12 and not 15!?!?

  • Charlie Fielding
    Charlie Fielding 18 days ago

    I will give you the fact that the twist was pretty convenient to the plot, but the twist itself isn't what makes it great.
    It's the execution. The pacing of the story, the perfect subtle ways that they hint at it. They mention Birdman has a family several times, they show a decent drawing from his daughter 8 years ago, putting her within Peter's age range. The acting in the scene post reveal was flawless. I literally way absolutely terrified during that scene. I have never before experienced such perfect empathy with a character before when they are in a situation I have never been in myself.

  • Lexy Cheek
    Lexy Cheek 18 days ago

    Spooder hoco

  • Drizzled Cake
    Drizzled Cake 19 days ago

    Does whatever a spider can
    Everything's going dark
    "I don't feel so good mr. stark"
    Oh noooo
    There goes spiderman

  • titiman IV
    titiman IV 19 days ago

    10:30 , sin 83... the reason Tony stark "promoted" spider man was so because he thought spider man would shut up about it... it's like let's say you are a cop and you figure out a powerful man is a criminal, the cops, in order to save your life, they would have to either fire you or promote you so you could just forget about it. Thats what Tony stark tried to do with Peter

  • Alfie's Gaming
    Alfie's Gaming 20 days ago

    R.I.P. Stan lee

  • Elliott Pettry
    Elliott Pettry 20 days ago

    86 not bad i still like thi moovie tho

  • 8 Mellow
    8 Mellow 20 days ago

    5:58 " he hould just be ash at this point" why would you say that it's still to soon 😭😭😭😭