Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Homecoming

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  • fartguy 9
    fartguy 9 2 hours ago

    He didn't mention that aunt may is like 30 years younger?

  • Sinéad E Osenie
    Sinéad E Osenie 2 hours ago

    what do you mean would say she to play the pronoun game?

  • JT Manuel
    JT Manuel 3 hours ago

    The whole movie is wrong!

  • Miyako Stavros
    Miyako Stavros 14 hours ago

    10:14 you should've removed 50 sins because his phone was cracked

    ZABBAS 15 hours ago +1


    ZABBAS 15 hours ago +1


    ZABBAS 15 hours ago +1


  • Tristan Johnson
    Tristan Johnson 18 hours ago

    Shocker is the Elephant

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker 21 hour ago

    Because that spiderman made the suit idiot he never got bite by the spider

  • SPDXelaM
    SPDXelaM 22 hours ago

    Wait that's Hannibal Buress wtf

  • SPDXelaM
    SPDXelaM 22 hours ago

    Wait that's Hannibal Buress wtf

  • Callum Byrne
    Callum Byrne 23 hours ago

    To the people who were cited to me this movie f*** you sideways

  • Noah Bailey
    Noah Bailey 23 hours ago

    When are you going to do black panther

  • Hakeem Lyon
    Hakeem Lyon Day ago

    Am I the only one who actually loves this suit?

  • CrazyLouisLover! lala

    FUCK YOU your fucking wrong the Movie is great dump Bitch

  • Stanley Toll
    Stanley Toll Day ago

    You know what they should do if they ever put Green Goblin in? Have it be that Norman Osborn steals one of Iron Man's suits and gives it a paintjob. The face plate is green (along with any other yellows), the red is changed to purple, and the bombs/missiles are orange; instead of the suit glowing with a blue light, it glows yellow; and instead of repulsor blasts, he shoots electricity.

  • Vincent Le
    Vincent Le Day ago

    The prototype of Cap's new sheild could that be foreshadowing Cap's new sheild in Infinity War

  • Captain Archer
    Captain Archer Day ago

    1:23 Well the question isn’t if he’s smart enough to build the suit himself. It’s if Peter is able to afford all of the equipment to put it together in the first place. It’s not like he has a steady paying job.

  • Clock_Wolf94
    Clock_Wolf94 Day ago

    Just waiting to see how Parker is gonna explain himself


    I can tell the major sin of this movie is that this has not a good ost like the sam raimi trilogy...


    The scene of the "spiderman is in the bank fighting the avengers" i think is a reference to a time spidey fought the avengers and defeated them, only that he was a robot, just to be defeated by the real spidey ;)

  • Firepopcorn 123
    Firepopcorn 123 Day ago

    I don't get half of these sins, it is like "Spider-Man's suit has tech in it" +1 sin

  • Heather Giovanola

    The guy said he would kill everyone Peter loves and Peter loves the guys dauter

  • Grace Carlson
    Grace Carlson 2 days ago

    When Peter said he was fighting his girlfriend’s dad even though all she did was go to homecoming with him and get ditched? Priceless

  • Splendid Gaming
    Splendid Gaming 2 days ago

    B-but the spider beacon has always been a thing...

  • Fxfrank TGA
    Fxfrank TGA 2 days ago

    There’s nothing wrong with the creation of a god

  • Timmy S
    Timmy S 2 days ago

    Ned: I'm looking at porn

  • Avery Graham
    Avery Graham 2 days ago

    I loved this movie, just saw so I'm catching up on honest trailers and this, but can I add a few sins?
    2:40 the decision to make may younger is weird, and it was creeping me out about how many people were hitting on her, since i grew up on older person aunt may
    2:50 look at MJ up on the right upper corner, where the hell did she get that book, why has no one said anything about it?
    3:26 Why cart all that shit around for one guy? isn't it better to travel light?
    3:43 bullshit water catch only works in video games
    4:35 radiation and lotion sets this plot device rock off, but not a goddamn hammer's impact!?
    7:26 re-dact sin: that's what gives it the impact it has, they set this up earlier in the movie's pre-amble scene, with him talking about how he has to provide for his family, then when shocker #1 threatens to tell his wife, so when he finally shows up, it allows you to look at things from his point of view now and see who he has to protect (Since most of us probably forgot he had a family). That randomness took everyone by surprise precisely because of how 1 in a million it was
    7:51 the movie's biggest problem: No one hiding a secret knows how to keep/hide a damn secret!
    from 9:33 to the coney island bit, Why the hell did they show him throwing away the helmet to the iron man armor? Considering how much shit tony puts in every piece of the armor, that alone is worth millions. For a guy who just gave a speech about how no one cares for the little guy, this douchebag doesn't try to help stop the plane or something!
    10:02 better question: HOW IS THE HOODIE COSTUME STILL IN TACT!?
    10:42 yes, but i'd redact a sin, this was funny as hell
    11:45 how did they figure out how to use this shit so fast?

  • derpnugget1121
    derpnugget1121 2 days ago +1

    Why would peter Parker need iron spider if he has this

  • NinjaTypeX
    NinjaTypeX 2 days ago

    10:14 He texted Happy at the start of the movie and now it shows unknown number?

  • The internet
    The internet 2 days ago +1

    7:14 bro I died at this part



  • Gothic Nomad
    Gothic Nomad 2 days ago

    Did the NFL really sue Sony? Because that sounds both completely absurd and totally plausible.

  • ApocalypseNext
    ApocalypseNext 2 days ago

    Okay... first you say Tony telling Peter to "call Harry" is bad advice because Harry won't pick up. Then it's "duh, Peter should've just called Harry! Iron Man takes care of the whole thing! Job done!" Especially when Harry (a) knows Peter's been fired and will probably just assume he's trying to get back in, and (b) is busy anyway (as Peter well knows). So what would calling him achieve? Little bit inconsistent there.
    Vulture doesn't just use his tech to rob banks because he doesn't see himself as a criminal. He sees himself as an honest, hard-working person whose activities are labelled as crimes by people like Tony, who he sees as the real criminals. Also, robbing banks would attract too much attention; they "stay under the radar," and only go for the Avengers stash out of desperation.
    To like 40% of this video... Tony did it. Tony doesn't know when to stop.

  • Exploding Minecart
    Exploding Minecart 2 days ago

    When peter losses his backpacks aunt May maybe thought bully’s took it or did something to it

  • Mad Dimke
    Mad Dimke 3 days ago

    Fuck you dude

  • William Hassertt
    William Hassertt 3 days ago

    Spidey trackers have been in the comics for so fucking long.

  • Tanmay Singh
    Tanmay Singh 3 days ago

    H jhu oy DWf

  • Mia Frederick
    Mia Frederick 3 days ago

    When the guy says, " Peter really needs to learn how to close and lock a door." In that scene he calls for may and gets no response. Since he is 15 he probably thinks he's good to keep the door open because he got no response from Aunt May when Peter called her name.

  • Fif0l
    Fif0l 3 days ago

    10:52 also, this post credits scene accidentally inspired the entire SW VIII. Disney was like "You heard about that post credits scene that was a huge disappointment in Spiderman: Homecoming? I bet you can't top that" And Rian Johnson was like "Hold my beer" and proceeded to make every single scene in this movie like this.

  • Wut2188
    Wut2188 3 days ago

    7:45 Wait Doesn't SpiderMan Love His Daughter?

  • magic jonh
    magic jonh 3 days ago

    nothing that the dad says i kill you and everybody you love even tho he loves her daughter so he's gonna kill his daughter?

  • Speedy Quick
    Speedy Quick 3 days ago

    It was a messy disappointment

    IKSRTFO MF 3 days ago +1

    Another lame ass spiderman film. Decade after decade. This movie is only barely watchable because of M. Keaton performance. So weak they had to bring it RDJ . Watched it with my 8yr old son and even he said it was meh! Come on Marvel, must do better.

  • Kira Leah Cooper
    Kira Leah Cooper 3 days ago

    This is the smallest sin count I've seen in any of cinemasins' videos. Yay!!!
    I love that they added a bunch of clips at the end too.

  • Jada Moman
    Jada Moman 3 days ago

    I LOVE IT! I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT ! Nothing wrong about this movie ! 😬

  • Craftgirl74
    Craftgirl74 3 days ago

    If he kills everyone Peter loves he would have to kill his own daughter. Missed that sin

    KOONGLE 3 days ago

    You know it’s a great movie when he takes off that many sins

  • Kyloren 1515
    Kyloren 1515 3 days ago

    This movie was OK. I really am not impressed with Marvel movies lately.

  • Emmicon
    Emmicon 4 days ago

    ok i felt bad for the villians in this movie. they kinda got screwed over at the start. i'm not saying they should HAVE the alien crystals but it would have been a lot nicer if they were compensated

  • James Ultron
    James Ultron 4 days ago

    some funny some just shitty sarcasm

  • Joe Gong
    Joe Gong 4 days ago

    At 8:12 does shocker look like Doomfist ( OverWatch)
    Like if you agree

  • Muneeb Hadi
    Muneeb Hadi 4 days ago

    Wats wrong with Stan Lee cameos

  • rynetoto
    rynetoto 4 days ago

    Great movie but I prefer The original and it's 1 sequel because it only got one and that's final.

  • Beast806
    Beast806 4 days ago

    2:30. Cinema sins.... Spider-Mans spider sense warns him of danger only. That’s how it works. So Ned being in his room is not dangerous to him, therefore he wouldn’t sense him. Therefore, he wouldn’t know he’s in the room. I love you guys but learn a bit more about the character before criticizing something they have right.

  • Brian Vincent
    Brian Vincent 4 days ago

    Cinema sins went from commenting on over used troupes, plot holes, and contradictions with a occasional funny opinionated sin. To tons opinionated sins. I still watch but ya know.

  • Alpha Cory
    Alpha Cory 4 days ago

    I just watched the movie befor watching this and I got one thing to say
    there cubes dumass
    and ned is the best

  • datguy895
    datguy895 4 days ago

    sorry it is not ironman spidey but it is ironspider

  • datguy895
    datguy895 4 days ago

    it is not iron spidey but it is ironspider

  • AFX
    AFX 5 days ago +1

    One thing I thought weird. If Tony Stark is a billionaire, couldn’t he buy peter and his aunt a new house? You know what I mean since they only live in a flat.

  • Florin Teo
    Florin Teo 5 days ago

    9:11 Have you ever tried to make a step while you lift something heavy like the max you can lift?

  • Florin Teo
    Florin Teo 5 days ago

    The spider sense warns Peter only when he is in danger. If the spider sense worn him every time time a person is near him.. well he will be a asocial person, let's put it like that.

  • Charles Reeser
    Charles Reeser 5 days ago

    Pretty low count. I agree lol

  • Queen of Bantz
    Queen of Bantz 5 days ago

    Not one single sin for race bending existing characters but sin after sin after sin for a few new pieces of suit tech? That's sin worthy, 100 sins to cinemasins.

  • benski
    benski 5 days ago

    Cinema sins did not remove 20 sins ding

  • stuti bhatnagar
    stuti bhatnagar 5 days ago

    1M dislikes for haters like you . FUCK YOU CinemaSins

  • vDorgengoa
    vDorgengoa 5 days ago

    5:24 Call of Duty: Spiders

  • Cloudy Pie
    Cloudy Pie 5 days ago

    People should hire you to perfect their movies. Then it would be perfect.

  • SwordHMX
    SwordHMX 5 days ago

    Yes! I was hoping you would do Any call for the water scene.

  • Marlon Olson
    Marlon Olson 5 days ago

    The spider sens doset work on some one not threning

  • Nigella Bayliss
    Nigella Bayliss 5 days ago


  • Sonia Garcia
    Sonia Garcia 5 days ago

    No sin for the Death Star drop who r u?

  • iiMisterLonely
    iiMisterLonely 5 days ago

    I guess you forget that Peter had already made his own suit (Hoodie outfit, thing) with webshooters. This is 6 MONTHS IN. Is it so bad that the person that asked a teen Peter to basically join a fight with other powerhouses wanted to give him a more suitable suit to fight in that bad?

  • Robert Cremin
    Robert Cremin 5 days ago

    I fucking loved this movie.


    I waited through the entire credits with a friend of mine. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Risodair
    Risodair 6 days ago

    This film was so bad.

  • DiamondGamerYT Gaming and blogs


  • Loo
    Loo 6 days ago

    iron spidey is sick man come on

  • ABQSentinel
    ABQSentinel 6 days ago +1

    Tobey McGuire Spider-Man is SO much better than this crap!

  • Nekita Clark
    Nekita Clark 6 days ago

    Stan Lee DOES NOT GET A SIN!!!! EVER!!!!

  • Randall Maynard
    Randall Maynard 6 days ago

    "8 Years Later" melted my brain

  • George Vivanco
    George Vivanco 7 days ago

    Jennifer Connelly, the voice of Karen is married to Paul Bethany, the voice of Jarvis/Vision

  • Spacewarp Photography

    Excellent video, but... technically... comic book Spider-Man did have trackers that weren't made by Tony Stark. They activated his Spidey Sense (tm). Which he doesn't have in this film. So, technically, he had them, but wouldn't be able to use them. Hm. Still a sin.

  • Brian Quincy Scott
    Brian Quincy Scott 7 days ago

    one sin removed...spidey does have trackers called spider tracers...

  • Theguyonthetv 27
    Theguyonthetv 27 7 days ago

    I understand where you’re coming from with the whole “iron spider man” argument but the entire 3rd act is centered on spidey using his old suit, lifting the debris off his shoulders and saving Vulture. It further cements how Spider-Man doesn’t need the fancy suit.

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 7 days ago

    Toby is better

  • Mateo Geringer
    Mateo Geringer 7 days ago

    Your such a buzz kill!!! Your so annoying why would anyone subscribe to you!! This movie was great and I don't care what you think so F you!!!

  • Smeary Comic09
    Smeary Comic09 7 days ago

    2:31 Aunt May didn't notice the spider suit on the floor right in front of her

  • Kareem Bey
    Kareem Bey 8 days ago

    his suit was way too much

  • Rolley llama
    Rolley llama 8 days ago

    ADD SIN: I don't get this, the girl's dad is saying " I'll kill you and everything you love " but if Peter brought that man's daughter to home coming he must like or love her. So is he going to kill her too? UGH OH MISTER BIRD, BACKFIRE.

  • VocalicCrayfish
    VocalicCrayfish 8 days ago +1

    Vulture Ill kill everyone you love
    Spider I love may
    Vulture Oh
    Spider so will you kill your own daughter

  • Abby Foxall
    Abby Foxall 8 days ago

    *L E A V E T O M A L O N E*

  • TwittyRaw
    TwittyRaw 8 days ago

    “That’s right. You can’t just swing from empty space, you’re not that good yet.”
    Real ones are gonna know where that quote is from.💯

  • I'm Batman27
    I'm Batman27 8 days ago

    When he was talking to the suit saying, "I kind of feel bad calling you suit lady" I totally thought he was going to edit in "My name is Jeff." Lol

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes 8 days ago

    12:03 - 12:07

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes 8 days ago

    There is 1 thing u missed:
    At Coney Island, when Spider-man stops Vulture, Spider-man webs up Keaton right? But where did it come from? Spider-man only had one web shooter and it ran out. So while one of the shooters is at the school parking lot and the other ran out, WHERE DID THE WEB COME FROM?! 💯 for you!!!!!

  • Vladimir Amador
    Vladimir Amador 8 days ago

    So he’s 15 ???? And they passed 8 yrs so hes not 15 anymore hes 23 and still in high school???

  • Andre Novacaine
    Andre Novacaine 8 days ago

    Best part of movie
    "If you cared, you'd actually be here."
    *steps out of suit*
    literally so great

  • Simon Kelly
    Simon Kelly 8 days ago

    Anathema way to get biblical

  • Daryl_Dixon729
    Daryl_Dixon729 9 days ago

    I stayed until the very end at the movie theater and I was so upset. I wasted a ton of time for Captain America to teach me about patients! augh