Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's Eve. Appearance - New Year's Eve. 1976-1977

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  • don lamont
    don lamont 16 days ago

    And to think, he did this without a hot tea.

  • mobrules29
    mobrules29 17 days ago +1

    Back when New Year's Eve was celebrated with class, elegance and decorum. What a contrast to the substitute unwatchable rubbish we have now.

  • Warren Hoffman
    Warren Hoffman 18 days ago

    Watched the Anderson Cooper/Andy Cohen show yesterday, the worst NYE ever! Interviewing people smoking pot on a bus, no music, ridiculous jokes. Will watch this next year.

  • raywhittenjr
    raywhittenjr 19 days ago +1


  • Jo Quinn
    Jo Quinn 19 days ago

    I was moving from Houston to Virginia before Christmas, 1976. I owned an antique parlor organ which meant the world to me. As the movers were packing and loading my belongings into their big truck, I must have told them too many times to be careful with my parlor organ. Finally the transport driver asked me to come into the back of the truck. He peeled back a corner of the padding, so I could see my parlor organ. Then he told me he wanted me to see the priceless item which my instrument would be riding on during the trip. He moved a bit of padding for me to see a beautiful lacquered finish. He recovered the item and told me it was Guy Lombardo's grand piano, which was being delivered to New York after my belongings were unloaded in Virginia. I no longer worried about my cheap little instrument, and it happened that Guy's last performance for New Years was the week after my things rode on top of his piano. It's a special memory as I never missed any of his New Years performances. I am so happy you have this performance preserved!

  • Hello, I'm E L M E R
    Hello, I'm E L M E R 20 days ago +2

    It was and shall always be! The very best of USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and around the world. Lucky enough to have lived the moment in time and history. Happy New Year's 2018. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡

  • PJ Riverdale
    PJ Riverdale 5 months ago

    The end of an era, although by this time the ABC Dick Clark NYE show had been on for 5 years at this point.
    Contrary to old comic routines that went " When Lombardo dies, he's taking New Years Eve with him", TV embraced a younger demographic and gave New Years over to Clark.
    What IS here is classic Lombardo hokum, a band that was hoplessly stuck firmly in the 1930s both in instrumentation and approach.
    While it is now nostalgic, at the time in the later 1970s, it was a laughable act that seemed to belong to quite another time.

  • Hmb MusicClass
    Hmb MusicClass 8 months ago +1

    Lawrence Welk had it all - and was the top money earner entertainer in his days... for not being liked, he sure did well! :-)

  • Richard B. Davis
    Richard B. Davis 8 months ago

    A bunch of freaking snobs there !!!!!! High Society my ass. No Jews or Blacks allowed :-(((((

  • ellenhawk
    ellenhawk 9 months ago +2

    This was my kind of New Years Eve music. Sorry gone now. I do not on put New Years eve shows on tv any more. Friends and I have a few drinks and watch old movies.

  • Mike Ford
    Mike Ford 10 months ago

    Guy Lombardo kinda looks like Rodney Dangerfield LOL

  • Mike Ford
    Mike Ford 11 months ago

    as a family we would go over to these people's house every New Year's Eve ever since I could remember and every time they would put on Guy Lombardo the Herman family was pure class and so it Guy Lombardo New Year's Eve what a lot of memories growing up as a kid that he'd put on some Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys little Hank Williams a lot of drinking

  • Dorothy Gale
    Dorothy Gale 11 months ago

    Ben Grauer died the same year as Guy Lombardo.
    Truly the end of an era.

  • M.D. Jonas
    M.D. Jonas Year ago

    ...and now we have talentless rappers with their pants hanging down to their fucking KNEES and the absolutely ANNOYING likes of Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce ringing in the new year. What a motherfucking JOKE.

  • Robert Grant
    Robert Grant Year ago +1

    Yes,it does not sound so mellow without that fourth sax,sure do miss him on New Years,I will never ever watch that Rockin Eve show,it"s Guy or nothing.

  • enchano
    enchano Year ago +1

    For those that want to experience this entire show including commercials, the Museum of Television Broadcasting on 52nd in NYC has the master copy of this , They probably got it from CBS since it was historic in that it was the last New Years Eve with Guy Lombardo. I am 55 and I can remember watching this every year from about 1969 and I though this was was one his best shows of that era. The band was tight and I liked how they took current hits and played it in their style. I thought one of the great traditions of this show was the salute to Broadway medley before they went live to the ball drop. It really built up the anticipation of the coming new year and if you see the actual ball drop of that year, they had it timed perfectly, starting from the tympani roll to the countdown. Sadly this was also Ben Grauer's final NYE .

  • John Pottle
    John Pottle Year ago +2

    40 years later, Happy New Year!!

  • William Gottlieb
    William Gottlieb Year ago +1

    This makes me want to have another glass of Cold Duck!

  • Scott Tidwell
    Scott Tidwell Year ago

    Who played that awesome King Recording Tuba.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      Happy New Year to you as well!!!

    • Scott Tidwell
      Scott Tidwell Year ago

      Thanks for letting me know. Happy New Year.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      Bill Troiano. He now lives in Texas. He joined the band after Jack Faye left in early 1976.

  • thomas ciluffo
    thomas ciluffo Year ago +3

    Guy and the Canadians were a class act not like the junk we have now!

  • Enrico Rubio
    Enrico Rubio Year ago +7

    I grew up in the 70's and looked foward to watching guy lombardo on new years eve with my parents and grand parents. New years eve was never the same after Guy Lombardo's death. Enrico Rubio

  • Darrel Jones
    Darrel Jones Year ago +1

    This was an interesting piece of history to watch, even if it wasn't historic for reasons Guy would've liked. I'm not a huge fan of big bands (I'm more into rock), but it was still noteworthy.
    I see a lot of fans were bothered by Guy's decision to include some 1970's standards in the show. Cut him some slack, and look at it from Guy's point of view. I know what he's doing here, and I think he was right to do it. He's trying to get younger viewers who might otherwise watch Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve (which has run on ABC since 1971-2). Yes, it's doubtful many who grew up on American Bandstand would want to see the Royal Canadians do 1940's-era standards, but some might prefer the kind of lounge music they do here. And Guy's also mindful of not offending the sensibilities of his mainstay of older viewers, many of whom NEVER liked rock 'n' roll. It's called a trade-off, and I think it's as good a choice as Guy could've made under the circumstances.

    • Darrel Jones
      Darrel Jones Year ago

      Fair enough. It fits nicely with the "remembering this past year" thing. I'm sure the more modern Rockin' New Year's Eve has done something similar, and continues to do so.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago +2

      Guy always included current hits in his shows and in his repertoire. Always. In 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, and so on. He was always staying on top of things. And in my opinion, his rendition was often better than the actual hit, if his version wasn't in fact the hit.

  • kraftpr
    kraftpr Year ago +2

    This is when it was worthwhile staying up and ringing in The New Year. Sadly, just a lot of garbage on TV today -- just my opinion folks.

  • Ed Gallagher
    Ed Gallagher Year ago +3

    This was THE ....New Eve Show when I was a little kid, I thought it was the only one..............

  • Jason Finn
    Jason Finn Year ago

    I write the songs. How could you kill a beautiful song by Barry Manilow.

  • frycook48
    frycook48 Year ago +4

    Guy Lombardo was awesome

  • Hello Again Guys It's Your Buddy Greg

    My favorite song by them is "TEA FOR TWO"

  • Hello Again Guys It's Your Buddy Greg

    I'm playing one of his records for my Christmas special.

  • Patricia Bertelsen
    Patricia Bertelsen Year ago +2


  • Ettoredipugnar
    Ettoredipugnar Year ago +5

    How things have changed !

    • Richard B. Davis
      Richard B. Davis 8 months ago

      Ettoredipugnar Now Jews and Blacks can get into some of theses events. We were not allowed in back in those days.

  • Larry DeWein
    Larry DeWein Year ago +11

    Guy Lombardo was one of the best of the era I grew up in, How unfortunate to go from that GREAT era to the rock and roll rap crap that came and destroyed real music forever. Fortunately with the preservation of recordings and You Tube, I can still enjoy the era of the greatest music of that time.

    • tom yosten
      tom yosten 18 days ago

      Goddamn you’re a crybaby!!!

    • tom yosten
      tom yosten 18 days ago

      Racist piece of shit. Bring your nazi bullshit out into the real world you coward like a real man. Can’t wait to beat the crap out of you, dumbass little pussy!

    • Hello Again Guys It's Your Buddy Greg
      Hello Again Guys It's Your Buddy Greg Year ago +1

      I think music pretty much died.

    • calihartley2010
      calihartley2010 Year ago +1

      Yes, we are degrading as the years go bye. The fact that the west is filling with turd worlders is not helping.

  • legasiguy
    legasiguy Year ago +4

    These people look like they were in their 70's. Thank God we had Dick Clark and now Ryan Seacrest to pump us up for the New Year.

    • B .C. A.
      B .C. A. 15 days ago

      LOL Ryan Seacrest is an ASSH++e! so fake and creepy looking and Dick Clark is dead and it shouldn't even be named after him..he just copied Guy's type of show!

    • calihartley2010
      calihartley2010 Year ago +2

      +legasiguy Good for you. Rap is crap.

    • legasiguy
      legasiguy Year ago

      +calihartley2010 Hahaha! I don't even like rap that much . If you like 1970's music done cheesy 1940's style then enjoy!

    • calihartley2010
      calihartley2010 Year ago

      +legasiguy better than ur shitty rap.

    • legasiguy
      legasiguy Year ago

      HAHAHA! Enjoy listening to cheesy music!

  • Alan Hill
    Alan Hill Year ago

    Wow! ;-)

  • Joe Brentar
    Joe Brentar 2 years ago +1

    "New York's Glamorous High Society"!!! What fun.

  • Joe Brentar
    Joe Brentar 2 years ago +2

    The good old days. Even back then we thought the people dressed up dancing and waiving was FUN to watch.

    • Jean O'Boyle
      Jean O'Boyle Year ago +2

      They didn't need rudeness & attitude & diva stuff to entertain people.

  • olflatop
    olflatop 2 years ago +3

    When I was a kid I thought this show was really square. My opinion hasn't changed, but I can appreciate now that they were a good band.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    By the way,you've must have noticed by now that I'm Guy,s greatest fan.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    It's also interesting that there wasn't any trio in this clip,as in the previous year when Peter Salvegio sang in the trio.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    Another observation regarding Welk.He didn't play the Blackstone hotel in Pittsburgh,it was the William Penn hotel.

  • Dorothy Gale
    Dorothy Gale 2 years ago

    Ben Grauer and Guy Lombardo died in the same year.

    • Jean O'Boyle
      Jean O'Boyle Year ago +2

      When your time's up, your time's up. Even Dick Clark couldn't live forever - even though I still miss him as much as Guy.

    • Earnest Bunbury
      Earnest Bunbury Year ago +1

      Too soon...

    • Melvin Plontz
      Melvin Plontz Year ago

      +Dorothy Gale Coincidence or...conspiracy?

  • J Gary Fox
    J Gary Fox 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing ... and I watched this video instead of the crap that is now featured as 2016 ended.

  • zibbyzubb
    zibbyzubb 2 years ago

    Were these Guy Lombardo concerts really live on New Years Eve or was the concert/dance pre taped like much of Dick Clarks NYRE was/is?

  • Win Lewis
    Win Lewis 2 years ago

    In the 40's the Waldorf Astoria had the NYC F.B.I. headquarters in it. My Uncle Earl was the Supervisory Agent in Command (SAC) for NYC after 20 years with The New York State Police.
    Happy New Year, Uncle Earl hope we've all lived close to your reputation and Law Enforcement record.πŸ˜‡

  • Adrienne Elliott
    Adrienne Elliott 2 years ago

    The days of yore

  • Earl Brown
    Earl Brown 2 years ago +5


  • bmack
    bmack 2 years ago +2

    What a great time! I moved from NYC to Hawaii and never looked back!

    • Vbg Vbg
      Vbg Vbg 2 years ago +3

      +bmack Dear me after 911 the whole crowd are penned in like chickens not what I call a real traditional Time Square party

  • Presto418
    Presto418 2 years ago +2

    The song "I Write The Songs" was written by Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys...the song is about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

  • Robert Rauschenbach
    Robert Rauschenbach 2 years ago

    I remember watching this and then the next year his brother led the band

  • defernomore
    defernomore 2 years ago +13

    Most of these songs aren't really my style but this is leagues better than what get played on New Years shows lately. In fact I'll most likely rewatch this later today instead of the usual dreck.

    • Vbg Vbg
      Vbg Vbg 2 years ago +1

      +defernomore for sure watching lip syncing pole dancers on TV for New years eve sickens me Lombardo era was all class

  • Mort Weiss
    Mort Weiss 2 years ago

    "You can't go home again." but it sure was nice living there at the time-Happy New year's ta ya a'l! Mort

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    Another mistake on my part.Their were three woodwinds,not three brass,sorry.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    I would just like to make something a little clearer regarding my most recent comment.During this show the two guest singers were Carol Lawrence and Billy Ekstein,both of whom do not appear during the clip shown here.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    It's interesting to me that Guy augmented his brass section with one extra trumpet and trombone but maintained the brass section at three saxophones.I'm sure it was too give a better back up to Lawrence and Ekstein,which I must admit they did very well.Guy did this in every show from 71 on.I always thought in was ridiculous that he just couldn't bring himself to add that fourth sax.

    • Will Collins
      Will Collins Year ago

      I edited my comment after you replied. I hope to see Hunter Fuerste in concert some day. :)

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      Yes. That's Hunter.

    • Will Collins
      Will Collins Year ago

      The trombonist on the far right looks very similar to Bill Watrous. That's Hunter? My Grandma used to be one of his patients actually! She would send me newspaper ads for his Big Band. Hopefully I'll get to check them out some day.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      +Carl Triangolo The third Trumpet was used from 1970 onward to give Lebert an opportunity to rest during the guest artist segments (if he wanted to do so - he didn't have to and often did not). With regard to the two Trombones. That's Don Cooper (who died a couple of years ago) and Hunter Fuerste (still alive and practicing medicine in Dubuque, Iowa - he also has a Big Band of his own). Hunter was on the road with them at the time and Guy thought he wasn't going to do the NYE show. So he asked Don Cooper to come back. When Guy realized Hunter was available for the show and really wanted to do it, he decided to use two Trombones. It made everybody happy. Hunter was 22 years old when this video was taken. Probably the youngest member to play with The Royal Canadians other than the original band members themselves, when they started out in London.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    Another observation,this somewhat critical of Guy, particularly of the loss of Victor playing baritone sax up to 71.He may have been able to replace it and he did not.I suspect that he was loosing his fan base at this time,and didn't want to decrease his personal income.Also some critics said the loss of Carmen,who was the true inspiration and guidance,had a profound affect on Guy.I also had an encounter with Guy,regarding my request for an autograph,he looked at me contemptuously,but relinquished his signature begrudgingly.Maybe it was his heart condition,or the fact that he had been giving out autographs for over 45 years.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      +Carl Triangolo Guy and Victor got into an argument on the band bus in early 1971 right after Carmen died. Victor wanted to become a partner in the band, Guy said no. Lebert broke them up and ended up getting his arm broken. Victor left the band at that time and did not look back. Rather than replace him, Guy had the strange notion that to show Victor he wasn't needed, they would just go without his chair. However, the real way you show someone they are not needed is to hire an even better musician than Victor (if that was even possible) and keep going as if Victor did not exist.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    Correction,Bill Lombardo played the Rainbow Room in 80,not 81.He was critiicized for playing New York with a disco beat.Deplorable!

  • mark stahle
    mark stahle 2 years ago +5

    Guy Lombardo was born on June 17th, 1902 in the south end of London, Ontario, Canada. His boyhood home has been designated a historical landmark there!

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    To me it's of interest to note that the last New Years Eve performance at the Waldorf was in 79,which wasn't broadcast.And their very last New Year's performance was in 80 at the Colonade Hotel in Boston which I attended,still under Bill's leadership.Bill then finished at New York's Rainbow Room.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago +3

    Arn't there any real Lombardo fans out there who can post some really interesting things about this great outfit?Guy would certainly be very appreciative if you could.

  • pranksterguy1
    pranksterguy1 2 years ago

    My fiance (got married 25 days later) and I were there that night-had a great time!

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    by the way,Mr.Clifford's response regarding Welk was eMailed to me directly,and is not included here.Well,Lawrence continues to be very popular,so perhaps I went a little overboard regarding his band's lack of appeal to me.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    In response to Richard Clifford regarding my comments about Lawrence Welk,I also enjoy watching his show every week.Sometimes he's not that bad,but I believe this is due to the type of music he plays,not the orchestra's quality.He simply never made it during the Big Band Era,and I think for good reason.

  • Christa Norman
    Christa Norman 2 years ago

    Guy is the second cousin to my grandmother, Helen. She told me stories about when she was barley a teen singing on the radio with guy and he offered her to tour with her but her parents said no, you are too young. Lol she would of been famous for her singing and dancing but she might of never had 7 kids and lots and lots of grand, great grand and great great grand children. Guy was an amazing man and so talented! We still enjoy him until this day.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    sorry again for my inability to spell correctly.Hunter Furst is an Ophthalmologoist.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    Sorry for the misspelling of Pittsburgh.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    by the way,I'll never understand how Lawrence Welk can be compared to Guy.Welk did't make a musical dent during the Big Band Era.He played exactly two weeks at the Roosevelt in the late forty's,primarily playing the Blackstone Hotel in Pittsburg.Wow!Another television miracle,with his mediocre band and lousy singers.

    • Richard Clifford
      Richard Clifford 2 years ago

      +Carl Triangolo I happen to live Mr. Welk and his band!

  • FireBreather16 AUTTP
    FireBreather16 AUTTP 2 years ago

    Well not anymore Ryan is the new Mr. New Year's Eve

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    another comment from Carl.You know,As a professional musician,I always resented some so called critics referring to this band as Mickey Mouse,like Sammy Kaye or Jan Garber.This was a very smart sophisticated group that played the Roosevelt Hotel for thirty two seasons and during the thirty's and forty's The Waldorf,at the Starlight Roof during the summers.Virtually the Toast of New York.

  • John Paradise
    John Paradise 2 years ago +16

    Since the passing of Guy Lombardo New Years Eve has never been the same!

    • MrCzechers
      MrCzechers Year ago +2

      You got that right!

    • John Paradise
      John Paradise Year ago +3

      +guy2008rules Dick Clark is no substitute for Guy Lombardo on New Years Eve!

    • guy2008rules
      guy2008rules Year ago

      +John Paradise Uh, Dick Clark?

  • George Maccarone
    George Maccarone 2 years ago +3

    What happy memories this video brings back. And what a schlockfest New Year's eve has become since Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians have left the stage. As a fellow Long Islander I remember Guy piloting his beautiful mahogany speedboat through the moat at the Jones Beach Theater each night before the summer stage shows proudly flying the American flag during the National Anthem. He and his wonderful band are very much missed even after all these years. No doubt "The Sweetest Music This Side Of Heaven" is now "The Sweetest Music In Heaven."

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago +1

    Ty Lemley's banjo playing on Charley My Boy is terrific!

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    It's interesting that the young man on second trombone,Hunter Furst,is now an optomalogist in Iowa.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

    I'm sorry,Guy felt somehow compelled to play these dumb songs refereed too,not didn't.By the way,I wish we could get the rest of this show,my guess is problems with the Lombardo estate.Best part of Feelings is the brass sections playing of Last Night I Got That Old Feeling,perfect Lombardo.

    • Carl Triangolo
      Carl Triangolo 2 years ago

      Sorry about the misspelling of infamously,could never type.

    • Carl Triangolo
      Carl Triangolo 2 years ago +1

      You're absolutely right in your comment that this band was highly polished,and that Ty Lemley was a pretty good vocalist,but the song My melody of Love is not my idea of a good song.The one thing about Victor was that he brought back the fourth sax and the second trombone.But he had trouble with his brother Lebert as he always wanted to to modernize ,so called, the band.A really bad idea,and was soon gone, and replaced by Lebert's son Bill.And of course he was gone after a year or so,probably after informasley playing Auld Lang Syne in that awful disco rhythm.The band was then franchised out by Guy's widow ,Lillibelle,where today it lives on under there leader Al Peason,who sometimes gets this unique sound,sometimes not.Nonetheless it's still around,and is not only billed as the Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven,but as the longest running act in American show business,since 1923 .

    • dancebandleader
      dancebandleader 2 years ago

      +Carl Triangolo As a former bandleader myself, I agree that many later songs
      were not up to standard, but some of us felt compelled to add what we thought
      were "bits of fluff" to the program to least answer some potential requests, and
      I myself played the two songs you mention, and didn't feel guilty because the
      balance of the program made up for them. I heard the band in person right
      after Guy's death a day or two before, and the SOP of Guy was still in place,
      with Kenny fronting the band for the first half and introducing brother Victor
      who acted as MC the balance of the program Ty Lemley turned in some good
      vocals, and the band played "My Melody of Love" instrumentally and a good
      arrangement it was too. I didn't see anybody give a downbeat. Smooth as a
      Rolls Royce.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 2 years ago +1

    The Lombardo shows from the Roosevelt Hotel were by far superior.Guy didn't somehow feel compelled to play such silly songs as Feelings and I Write The Songs.For this great orchestra,these were ridiculous! I guess Guy felt compelled to pander to a new generation.If you can find it,and it's not as uncomplicated as it once was,watch the 57 show.This was when they played great songs from the 30's through the 50's.This show was really Guy at his best.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 3 years ago

    although he was never a regular member of this band,Al Conti lead the so called relief trio at the Roosevelt Hotel for Guy during the 50's.By the way, if you have a chance to get to the Roosevelt,there are a number of pictures of Guy.My personal favorite is Guy leading the band placed at the door of the Roosevelt Grill.You'll have to search around for this as it's on the lowest level of the hotel where the Grill was located.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 3 years ago

    Sorry about the use of it's instead of it.I always had difficulty typing.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 3 years ago

    i enjoyed Al Conti's piano at a number of clubs in R.I. about 40 years ago.It's should be noted that he played at the Waldorf's Peacock Alley during the late 60's.He was discovered by Guy and Carmen at the Providence R.I. Biltmore Hotel in the late 40's.

  • Raymond Julien
    Raymond Julien 3 years ago

    5:46 on this video is Al Conti playing the piano. I had the great honor of shaking hands
    with this man when he played a grand piano at the Warwick Mall in RI. He passed on
    several years ago.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      +Raymond Julien The two pianists are AL Conte and Michael Carbone. Two great musicians!

  • Nansbbgrand
    Nansbbgrand 3 years ago +2

    Always loved Guy Lombardo's New Year's Eve show. . . Still miss it!

  • MooPotPie
    MooPotPie 3 years ago

    This is great . . . but that rendition of the song "Feelings" was just insufferable . . . as is any rendition of "Feelings".

  • sjtom57
    sjtom57 3 years ago +4

    With all the garbage in the world today I had to find some Guy Lombardo vids. Happy New Year.

  • hisroyalness2
    hisroyalness2 3 years ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE... HERE YA' GO.... I THINK NEW YORK HAS CHANGED A BIT... THERE'S A TON MORE OF THESE OLD GOODIES ON THE PAGE THE VID IS ON. Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians From Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's Eve. Appearance. The Band Performs: "Babyface," "I Write The Songs," "Charley, My Boy," "Feelings," "Silver Dollar," And "Give My Regards To Broadway." With Vocals By Ty Lemley And Kenny Gardner.

  • Don Holdaway
    Don Holdaway 3 years ago

    blind robbins or dried herring, herrings in wine sauce, egg nog and Auld Langs Syne by Guy Lombardo. A new Years tradition started in the 1920's by my grandfather! Haven't miss a year to the best of my knowledge. Here's to 64 years and many more!

  • Charlie IRVIN
    Charlie IRVIN 3 years ago +1

    My Biggest Gift My Daughter was born New Years 12:00am Happy birthday to my Lovely Daughter Tamara Nicole Irvin 1979 you are the biggest gift from god love mommy and daddy i love you little Girl.

  • Charlie IRVIN
    Charlie IRVIN 3 years ago

    Happy New years Royal Canadians Happy New to one and all 2015.

    • Caroline Rosenberg
      Caroline Rosenberg 3 years ago

      And Many Good Wishes to You and Your Family for the New year 2015!!

  • Edwin Harvey
    Edwin Harvey 3 years ago

    I was 13 years old then Dec 31st, 1976 and I probably watched this with my mom and dad then!! I kind of remember this!! I turned 14 years old on May 21, 1977. The next year Guy Lombardo's brother took over!

    • dancebandleader
      dancebandleader 2 years ago

      +Edwin Harvey Only briefly. Lebert did not consider himself a bandleader and
      it was fronted by Victor Lombardo for a while, and then turned over to Lebert's
      son Bill. They finally disbanded in 1980. Lebert retired, as Kenny Gardner did
      a year or two before. A Guy Lombardo "ghost" band was formed I think a couple
      of years later. No original members, but Ty Lemley popped up a couple of
      times in the performances

  • 79pretzel
    79pretzel 3 years ago

    True that the band did not have depth as in earlier years, but still such a memorable event!

    • Victor Russell
      Victor Russell Year ago


    • monteleone1010
      monteleone1010 Year ago

      To my knowledge, Bill Flanagan died in May or June 2006.

    • EricEbac22
      EricEbac22 Year ago

      +Joe Enroughty Interesting; another one I'm wondering about is Bill Flanagan. He and Kenny (Gardner, Guy's brother in law) did most of the lead vocals on the songs that Guy and his orchestra performed.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      +EricEbac22 Actually, Fred Higman lived into the 1980's. He was present when The Guy Lombardo Museum opened in London, Ontario around 1984. I forget what year he died, but will try to look it up and return here with a date. Cliff Grass left in 1975 due to Emphysema. He died in 1994, I believe. His daughter is often seen commenting on many of these Lombardo videos from time to time. The band had a series of leaders after Guy died. Bill Lombardo (Lebert's son) had the band for two or three years. Teddy Phillips led the band for a couple of years. Art Mooney had the band for a couple of years. And Dick Wickman led the band for almost two years until he died of cancer. I have been told that Dick brought the band as close to sounding like the original Royal Canadians as was possible under a new leader. It was probably Dick's many years of leading his own "sweet band" in the Midwest that helped him. Al Pierson came along in 1989 and has had it ever since.

    • EricEbac22
      EricEbac22 2 years ago

      +79pretzel Indeed; but the reason why there wasn't as much depth is because by 1971, Guy's brother Carmen died (cancer); Fred Higman was also dead; Cliff Grass departed during that time as well (around 1971-1972). After Guy's death, Kenny Gardner also departed, and soon after, the band disbanded. It wasn't until Al Pierson came along in 1989 that the old was made new again.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 3 years ago +1

    Do you recall when Kenny did not perform on New Years Eve? That was the 69-70 show.His replacement was a young man by the name of Tony Cointreau.He was also the principal vocalist on Guy's 1969 Tropicana hotel album.What happened to Kenny during this period?Did he retire?If anyone knows,please fill me in.Thanks.

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      Send me an e-mail. jenroughty at gmail dot com. I'll tell you all about it. Happy New Year!

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      Send me an e-mail. jenroughty at gmail dot com

    • monteleone1010
      monteleone1010 Year ago

      I'd sure like to know!

    • guylombardo1
      guylombardo1  3 years ago

      Yes. I know of Tony Cointreau. Send an e-mail to jenroughty at gmail dot com and I can fill you in.

  • Carl Triangolo
    Carl Triangolo 3 years ago +3

    What a great band! However,it's too bad that Guy was using only three saxophones during the 70's almost immediately after Carmen's death.Also , Kenny was no longer the wonderful singer he had been in the three previous decades. What do you think?

    • Jim Drake
      Jim Drake 9 months ago

      +Carl Triangolo: Tony Randall, an unabashed Lombardo fan, had a very funny line about Kenny Gardner, who had joined the band in 1940 and had replaced Carmen as the lead vocalist, but was still being introduced as "our new singer" in 1970!

    • Bill Smith
      Bill Smith 2 years ago +1

      No problem. I spotted Lebert on trumpet.

    • guylombardo1
      guylombardo1  3 years ago +3

      You're comments are spot on. The band was excellent in this video. But they did drop down to three saxes and one trombone. The one trombone business came in 1969. But the three saxophones was a result of Carmen passing away and Victor leaving the band. Kenny was good, but not as good as he had been in previous years. Though, what would a performance by The Royal Canadians be without Kenny??? Thanks for your comments.

  • Bill First
    Bill First 3 years ago

    US TV today is absolute garbage packed with mindless commercials. The old media is dying out and it deserves to.
    We have to go on the internet to get the greatest music and entertainment. The New York Times, Time Magazine,
    Chicago Tribune, ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC are YESTERDAY'S MEDIA. It is old and dying.....look at the junk on TV
    today...viewership is less than half of what it used to be. Young people have left the old media. This place, the internet, is where everyone is headed.

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 3 years ago

    Is it possible to see the whole show?

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago +1

      +Bryan Smith I don't have the whole show, but I do have more of it than what I posted here. Send me a private message and I'll talk with you about it.

  • begs54
    begs54 3 years ago +6

    Remembering my parents was watching this every New Years in the 50's & 60's on t.v..... Waiting for the ball to drop, holding up a glass of bubbly ,holding hands and dancing to Auld Lang Syne in our den. The crap that that is on today on New Year's Eve is all flash. There is no warmth to it, and reflection of the last year..... Something is just missing..

    • Ed Baker
      Ed Baker Year ago +1

      What is missing is the heart and honorability of the greatest generation.

  • gmmix
    gmmix 3 years ago +25

    New Year's Eve without Guy Lombardo is like having Laurel without Hardy!

    • SuperPat88
      SuperPat88 2 years ago +2

      +Verne Statts I'll drink to that.

    • Verne Statts
      Verne Statts 2 years ago +3

      +SuperPat88 Give us back the old days.

    • SuperPat88
      SuperPat88 2 years ago +6

      +gmmix Without Guy Lombardo, or without Dick Clark, New Year's isn't quite the same anymore.

  • Remo Williams
    Remo Williams 3 years ago +2

    I dont believe i've taken interest nor seen a New Years eve special since.

  • Bill Lytle
    Bill Lytle 3 years ago +2

    This is really great. There is a great pan showing my father in-law, trombonist, Donald "Coop" Cooper. Are there any more videos of from this era, showing Don?. Don played with the Royal Canadians from 1966 until Guy Lombardo's death.

    • Nancy Barrow
      Nancy Barrow Year ago

      The blond trombonist next to him is my father, Amos P. Bond.

    • Victor Russell
      Victor Russell Year ago

      Joe Enroughty

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago

      +Bill Lytle Hi Bill, I knew your father-in-law. We talked on the phone a few times before he passed on. I have two other videos of him. Send me a private message.

  • Micelli1947
    Micelli1947 3 years ago +2

    Remember seeing this on TV as a youngster.

  • Paul Schedler
    Paul Schedler 3 years ago +5

    Please post the full show :D

  • TAnglesmith
    TAnglesmith 3 years ago +4

    Great tuba playing!!!

    • Joe Enroughty
      Joe Enroughty Year ago +2

      +TAnglesmith Bill Troiano is the Tuba player and I will let him know you said so.

  • Erick Gaines Sanders
    Erick Gaines Sanders 3 years ago +2

    When the Flagship Holiday had class.