Every death I switch my MOUSE in Fortnite...

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • Every death I switch my MOUSE in Fortnite...
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    the grade thing was a joke btw :)
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  Month ago +282

    sorry if my voice sounds weird, ill rn 🤮

  • FYD Hookz
    FYD Hookz Day ago

    Who else loves Pinky?

  • Palm Tv
    Palm Tv 2 days ago

    You can hit the buttom behind the scroll when on the second mouse and it turns to clicki

  • MR. StealYoGirl
    MR. StealYoGirl 3 days ago

    Um pinky I think I saw a PINKY 🤔

  • Brittney Rowland
    Brittney Rowland 10 days ago

    was I the only one to see his hand off the mouse and the player was still moving

  • Brennan Caraway
    Brennan Caraway 15 days ago


  • tat Apple
    tat Apple 15 days ago

    6:24 Goku: What am I doing?
    Litterally everyone: Ultra Instinct

  • Zixd Playz
    Zixd Playz 17 days ago

    You stole young chips intro with the like in 5 seconds

  • Beasty Trikle
    Beasty Trikle 18 days ago

    His pinky isn’t gone

  • Tameem Islam Abdelhady Khasawneh

    0:31 i felt that

  • phantom_boy
    phantom_boy 18 days ago

    whos better duo?

    • phantom_boy
      phantom_boy 18 days ago

      mc creamy and radius or pinky and yung chip

  • Todor Kolchev
    Todor Kolchev 18 days ago

    Що нямаш котре

  • qwerty
    qwerty 18 days ago +1

    Pinky misses a shot
    Pinky:AHH MY MOUSE!

  • Tragiic Nacho
    Tragiic Nacho 19 days ago

    Thought this wad yung chip at first

  • Saima xø
    Saima xø 20 days ago

    how long has pinky not had a pinky finger?

  • Sledge_Zorn51
    Sledge_Zorn51 21 day ago

    i use a deathadder razer

  • Yo momma LODI CA
    Yo momma LODI CA 22 days ago

    Aight mate

  • KD-Roots Fortnite channel

    Did anyone else see the blue ak he did not pick up

  • Shane Parquet
    Shane Parquet 23 days ago

    Pinky: Gets Legendary tactical shotgun.
    Pinky again: Trades Legendary tactical for green pump.

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 24 days ago

    Your pinky stinks

  • ProGamerYT
    ProGamerYT 25 days ago


  • A-d mpc
    A-d mpc 26 days ago +1

    Can you guys watch my video so I can get 100 views and I will make another video and subscribe

  • A J
    A J 27 days ago

    My friend lost his pinky for not liking non of your videos and he regret it now he will start liking your videos and subscribing to it

  • Axel Barahona
    Axel Barahona 27 days ago

    You sock pinky

  • Rebecca Dawreka
    Rebecca Dawreka Month ago

    He missed a blue ak

  • Bekapod
    Bekapod Month ago

    Whats the mouse you use always?

  • Nigel Perez
    Nigel Perez Month ago

    Before karma hits u Pinky:RPG is a good Gun When Karma comes Pinky:shoots himself

  • MicroX
    MicroX Month ago

    He didn't switch his green heavy ak for a blue heavy ak

  • _ Haz _
    _ Haz _ Month ago


  • Beast Mixer
    Beast Mixer Month ago

    If you don’t like this comment you’ll smell like diarrhea for the rest of your life
    Like to undo.
    Don’t risk it

  • bS pRodUcTions
    bS pRodUcTions Month ago

    Aren't u pinkyless

  • Stalecheeto44
    Stalecheeto44 Month ago

    Every death u switch a bind

  • Creeper Aw man
    Creeper Aw man Month ago

    Why is your little nephews mouse sticky?

  • zia mohey
    zia mohey Month ago

    Pubity is coming!!!

  • Jindo Beast
    Jindo Beast Month ago

    Why did you steal a video idea without crediting Latence for actually doing it

  • Lazy Boi
    Lazy Boi Month ago

    RPG such a good weapon, nearly kills self

  • Shorty StackTv
    Shorty StackTv Month ago

    Pinky for the second mouse you made it infinite scroll wheel that's why you couldn't scroll reset

  • XD joshjohan Abdi
    XD joshjohan Abdi Month ago

    You need to press the middel butten on the g502

  • roberto
    roberto Month ago

    At 6:50 in the video he sounds like harry from sidemen

  • Noah Woldanski
    Noah Woldanski Month ago

    Stinky pinky and Yung Chip sound like there brothers

  • The Average Gamer
    The Average Gamer Month ago

    Every time I die I switch my undies

  • Dread_JB
    Dread_JB Month ago

    You did not die

  • Few Blox
    Few Blox Month ago

    U had to press the button to lock scroll wheel and get clicks.

  • Dewpz
    Dewpz Month ago

    what is the name of the first mouse pinky was using

  • DTD Lucid
    DTD Lucid Month ago +1

    leave a like if u think fortnites dead

  • Rellboogiee300 Kid
    Rellboogiee300 Kid Month ago

    Can I have a mouse

  • Rellboogiee300 Kid
    Rellboogiee300 Kid Month ago

    Can I have a mic

  • Venom Splasher
    Venom Splasher Month ago

    Who Is Playing On PC Other Then Pinky we know he plays on pc

  • Venom Splasher
    Venom Splasher Month ago

    I Have A Question Did You Right A Smile Face On Your Pinky Or No :)

  • Venom Splasher
    Venom Splasher Month ago

    Guys If You Don't Like And Subscribe Your Pinky Will Fall Of Just Like Mine! WHAT IS THAT! WHAT THE F___ IS THAT!

  • ThisIsSparkz
    ThisIsSparkz Month ago

    Oml, Joshy sounds like you.

  • David Olufemi
    David Olufemi Month ago +1

    Every death I put my view sensitivity up. Like so pinky can see

  • bossman 789
    bossman 789 Month ago

    This guy just copied jarvis

    HYPER Month ago

    Pinky that second mouse is so good the scroll whell u need to press the button under the scroll wheel it slows it down

  • jakanplayz
    jakanplayz Month ago

    You have to lock it

  • Dusty Games
    Dusty Games Month ago

    Every time I die, I die! Do that challenge plz.

  • Michelle McFarlane
    Michelle McFarlane Month ago

    This isn't your real idea you stole it latenci made it first

  • Gamer 3000
    Gamer 3000 Month ago


  • Gamer 3000
    Gamer 3000 Month ago

    Your terrible

  • Gamer 3000
    Gamer 3000 Month ago

    Stupid idiot