Wrong Numbers

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • new phone who dis?
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  • Libby Hollis
    Libby Hollis 4 minutes ago

    I had a samsung intensity 2 from 2014-2017

  • EmmaLe Awesome
    EmmaLe Awesome 2 hours ago +1

    ahh sorry im 9 I got a iPhone when I was 7 but then dropped it the water and then year later I saved up money and got an iPhone also click on the picture of me with a pig face and subscribe plz also I have tiktok at queen_of_cringe22 follow plz thx

  • TheCrusaderofYeet
    TheCrusaderofYeet 3 hours ago

    My mom: Well just get you a burner phone for emergencies
    Me: a drug phone?

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow 3 hours ago

    6:36 lol I died

  • Kalebplays Bridgeman
    Kalebplays Bridgeman 3 hours ago +1


  • Donut trump
    Donut trump 8 hours ago


  • FluffGlitterPaw
    FluffGlitterPaw 14 hours ago

    anyone watching this once sooubway 4 already came out?

  • Daniel Pasta
    Daniel Pasta 15 hours ago

    Who actually dialed the FAKE number

  • Andrew Endruschat
    Andrew Endruschat 16 hours ago

    instructions unclear, accidentally dialed jesus christ and he said i had the wrong number

  • Andrew Endruschat
    Andrew Endruschat 16 hours ago

    baby james should have said,


  • Drake Goebel
    Drake Goebel 16 hours ago

    5:38 Your Going to have to come Quickly because Timmy fell down the well lance

  • fruit loops
    fruit loops 16 hours ago

    I woke up at 11 am lol

  • Julian The Pro
    Julian The Pro 16 hours ago

    you will have to come quickly timmy fell down the well vance

  • Spiker
    Spiker 17 hours ago +1

    This is Talking to strangers part 2

  • Andrew Castillo
    Andrew Castillo 17 hours ago

    I am 9 and got a phone

  • Essential Gamer_YT_
    Essential Gamer_YT_ 17 hours ago


  • Samuel Arce
    Samuel Arce 18 hours ago


  • SungYinatra
    SungYinatra 18 hours ago +1

    he predicted sooubway part 4, 1 year before he made it

  • OrangeSphere
    OrangeSphere 18 hours ago

    siKe thATs THe wrONg NUMBER

  • TheGreyEevee *
    TheGreyEevee * 18 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye on the phone! It's so funny! Love this channel!

  • Jenniflower 65
    Jenniflower 65 18 hours ago

    James: SOOUBWAY 4!!!
    also James: **uploads SOOUBWAY 4**

  • gust5574 player
    gust5574 player 19 hours ago

    my friend has you book

  • im a very very very good bood 124

    School in videos.subway story part that says no the man says i just need gas is a fragment.

  • Mystic fox
    Mystic fox 19 hours ago

    0:49 D-did you just tell over 10 million people that you watch a lot of porn? Am I hearing this correctly?

  • • Kara The Fox •
    • Kara The Fox • 19 hours ago

    8:11 I heard him say the sh- word :(

  • Dara Hawkins
    Dara Hawkins 20 hours ago

    AndI am 9 I have an iPhone my parents got me five phones so you must’ve been so abused

  • Dara Hawkins
    Dara Hawkins 20 hours ago

    My Friend has your book I thought it was stupid and then I watch your channel 😂

  • Stephanie Horn
    Stephanie Horn 20 hours ago +1

    I heard "Come quickly Timmy fell down the well"

  • lilangke
    lilangke 20 hours ago


  • Lowden Kazumi
    Lowden Kazumi 21 hour ago

    Timmy Fell Off The Well Lance I’m not Lance Your not funny

  • Scarier ;p
    Scarier ;p 21 hour ago

    *looking at my phone that I got when i was 8*

  • Wølfy Gacha
    Wølfy Gacha 21 hour ago

    *is this the Krusty Crab?*

    No. *This is Patrick.*

  • Sherri Ribarich
    Sherri Ribarich 21 hour ago

    5:37 jacksectypie is here

  • Diamond Ring
    Diamond Ring 22 hours ago


  • dallas fath
    dallas fath 22 hours ago +1

    I know a fucker that had a phone with a keyboard in 2019

  • Krystalilize YT
    Krystalilize YT 22 hours ago

    Can we appreciate the fact that this video is so close to 1m likes?

  • nicky janssen
    nicky janssen 23 hours ago +1

    How did Timmy manage to yeet himself into the well?

  • YAS QUEEN its me

    my mom bought me a fone and she tried to block all the internet but heehee i to sart for yall

  • Semy Truck
    Semy Truck Day ago

    i hate you for placing the phone like that at the beggining

  • Brittany Flament

    8:05 Voltron paladin Lance

  • Dorkthatcan’tspell RyRy

    James:I didn’t get a cell phone till I was 16

    Me:I’m nine and have a IPhone 7

  • Chandan Dutta
    Chandan Dutta Day ago

    If you crash a Tesla I think u cud cawl the police on the screen

  • Coby Passmore
    Coby Passmore Day ago

    Hey “Vance” did you save Timmy ?!😂

  • Skye Elliott
    Skye Elliott Day ago

    Omg thats lance from voltron im dying

  • Gaverielleガブリエル

    Theory: Keith was the one on the other line telling Lance that he wasn't funny because he's had enough of his shi-

  • Fate_ Spec
    Fate_ Spec Day ago

    Wow he worked with jackspticeye

  • Allie. Montes
    Allie. Montes Day ago

    1:27 vibed

  • Blobfish12
    Blobfish12 Day ago

    I got an MLS phone but I'm 8 years old


    I didn’t get my first cell phone when I was 21

  • galaxy studios
    galaxy studios Day ago

    me:puts in 316293 lol

  • Kayleigh Hough
    Kayleigh Hough Day ago

    0-0 get a mom

  • Dominic Tran
    Dominic Tran Day ago


  • Dominic Tran
    Dominic Tran Day ago


  • Dominic Tran
    Dominic Tran Day ago


  • Cook Home
    Cook Home Day ago

    Girl: NOOO LANCE
    *Voltron hero's Lance pops up out of now where*
    Me:*goes insane bc only God knows*

  • 6 Train Productions

    This 4 is actually 3.5!

  • ツIvyDrims
    ツIvyDrims Day ago +1

    5:34 he sounds like jacksepticeye in a weird voice😭😂😂

  • Paige Timmons
    Paige Timmons Day ago +2

    Pasted James: Sooubway 4
    2019 James: Sooubway part 4
    Me: wouldn't it be part 5

  • Cacti watermelon

    Got a text from someone asking if i was joel. OOOOF!!