Wrong Numbers

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • new phone who dis?
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  • SortOf Not
    SortOf Not 17 hours ago


  • Oh No
    Oh No 17 hours ago

    Ok I don’t want to type this out but here we go
    So this one time my mom got a call from an unknown number she picked it up cus... she always picks it up, anyways, this woman is on the other line and she said something idk, I have a bad memory, so my mom says (like a normal person) “you have the wrong number : ) “ so the woman is like “OoOOoOoH I’m so sorry” and hangs up
    A couple minutes later my mom get another call from the same frickin lady and mom goes (ONCE AGAIN) “you. Have. The. Wrong. NUMBER”
    And the lady is like “MmmMmmMmM buT tHis iS mY HusBands NumBer” and hangs up
    LATER SHE CALLS AGAIN and then gets *triggered* and says “ARE YOU HAVING AN AFAIR WITH MY HUSBAND!!1!1!” And mom goes “... no”
    And so this happens a couple other times and my mom is.... very.. very mad.. and when she’s mad.. let’s just say it scary.. and so she goes “THIS IS 333-246-7879!!!” (Not her real number I like to keep privacy :3) and the lady goes “OOOOH my husbands number is 222-246-7879!!” And my mom just hangs up
    So it turns out that the lady saved her husbands number but... didn’t add the serial code... so when she moved to our home state it automatically switched to OUR serial code...
    I told my mom “you should’ve called her husband and told him how much his wife doesn’t trust him”
    She wished she had thought of that at the time 👏😅

  • Corina Buyante
    Corina Buyante 18 hours ago

    its jack

  • pie lover 8263
    pie lover 8263 18 hours ago

    Why did i hear a joke from james he say dont wary this will give u tone of gas he means farts

  • ms jae
    ms jae 19 hours ago

    Hi VANCE

  • Blue Dayson
    Blue Dayson 19 hours ago

    This is why I'm subscribed to you

  • Medhaansh Patel
    Medhaansh Patel 19 hours ago

    Maybe its Jacksepeye

  • That nameless Guy
    That nameless Guy 19 hours ago

    I remember when GingerPale coloured these videos

  • Junkook
    Junkook 20 hours ago


  • Single pringle Sarrah
    Single pringle Sarrah 20 hours ago

    Me: (Gets in a car crash and texts my mom: Heyy I got in a car crash can you call 911?)
    My mom: OMG why did you text me CALL THE POLICE!!
    Me: Oh right...

  • Meepy Gurl
    Meepy Gurl 20 hours ago

    I got like, 5 calls from this one number on the other side of the country this morning. I kinda wish I responded just to see what would happen

  • I LOVE GAGA LIFE ty gaga live YouTubers


  • WeepyHook Splash3r
    WeepyHook Splash3r 21 hour ago

    I don't know if anyone gets this but in 8:09 voltron

  • cat girl
    cat girl 21 hour ago

    U made my day

  • Anastasia McVicker
    Anastasia McVicker 22 hours ago

    James:hey it’s james who is this?
    Jordan:I’m Jordan so when do u close
    James:ummmm ten hours
    Jordan:ok I’m coming see u later soooubway

  • ernlrb
    ernlrb 22 hours ago

    like the chipflake referance

  • lewis Pope
    lewis Pope 22 hours ago

    I love the bit at 6:15 with Garfield in bed with him

  • Just an Icecream sandwich

    Did anyone see chipflake on 1:47??

  • gaming show
    gaming show 22 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye... I FRICKEN LOVE JACKSEPTICEYE!!!!!!!!

  • sweet cake wolfy ventoza
    sweet cake wolfy ventoza 23 hours ago +1

    Your videos are cool also your other video was nice I think the title was life is fun and when I hear it. It makes my day even more fun! Also I will subscribe to your channel bye!

  • gotta speak the truth 752

    I had the LG cosmos 2 2

  • 陈锦清
    陈锦清 23 hours ago

    People these days.

  • Yourmom Carr
    Yourmom Carr Day ago

    And he told me he doesn’t give phone numbers to rude pieces sht 8.10

  • Biljana Jeličić

    I haved one old samsung but today j5 is fine

  • Cate Raderer
    Cate Raderer Day ago

    Loss is drawn in a cave painting style

  • Awesome WolfPeyton
    Awesome WolfPeyton Day ago +1

    It sounds likes your have come cuz Timmy fell in the well! Lol

  • Kim Taehyungie
    Kim Taehyungie Day ago

    lmao, I just got a random number call.. While watching this😂😂

  • Will Gerber
    Will Gerber Day ago +1

    2:02 video starts

  • Heather Shelton
    Heather Shelton Day ago

    Your going to have to come quickly cause Timmy fell down the well Vance

  • Kylie Natural
    Kylie Natural Day ago

    5:38 Jackaboye!

  • Brianna Fox
    Brianna Fox Day ago

    I was the only one that had a phone with a keborad lol chippflake has a phone

  • green gamer
    green gamer Day ago

    timy fell down the well

  • Eduardo Barone
    Eduardo Barone Day ago +1

    1:47 who is that fox thingy remind me off..?

  • galaxy unicorn
    galaxy unicorn Day ago

    "is this James?"
    "No, this is SOOUBWAY"

  • Karlene Kerr
    Karlene Kerr Day ago

    2:07 that's where the action begins.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂🙂🙂🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Victor Cabas
    Victor Cabas Day ago

    I have a iPhone

  • Prince Jeng
    Prince Jeng Day ago

    Ur so hot pls workout so u can be hotter ily

  • Jill Teahan
    Jill Teahan Day ago


  • Petar Djurisic
    Petar Djurisic Day ago

    Anyone missing the ones with the buttons or a keyboard?

  • Gggpd Dude
    Gggpd Dude Day ago

    So your sister never got a cellphone either or were you the only one without a cellphone in your class

  • TacoTheGr8
    TacoTheGr8 Day ago

    How is no one talking about Timmy from happy wheels which is also called billy, and coincidentally jackseptickeye said screw you billy

  • Max Yuan
    Max Yuan Day ago

    #jacksepticeye plays with james

  • Max Yuan
    Max Yuan Day ago


  • Galex Grace
    Galex Grace Day ago

    Your going to have to come quickly cuz Timmy fell down the well lance


    I have a Algeria uncle and he is rich

  • AndroidFnaf 5000


    CASE NADO Day ago


  • Max Gonzales
    Max Gonzales Day ago

    0:04 Tell me James, what good is a phone call if you can't speak?

  • Galaxy girl 12345

    Omg a random number called me when I was watching

  • extreme luigi
    extreme luigi Day ago

    I think we know why he is getting wrong number.
    He is using a toy in the thumbnail.

  • GachaBlues 210
    GachaBlues 210 Day ago

    Is- is that lil Baby Bitch?
    Well thats what i call her

  • Purble Man
    Purble Man Day ago

    Omg I K N E W that was jack

  • Maribel Contreras

    Iike if you love Subway🌯🥗

  • Maria Fernandez
    Maria Fernandez Day ago


  • Melanie martinez Queen


  • Milly Espinoza
    Milly Espinoza Day ago

    My mom gave me a i phone when i was 7 she said its only for emergency and it 💕💘

  • Ciaran Mcbrearty


  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez Day ago


  • Francis Allison
    Francis Allison Day ago +1

    She said "your going to have to come quickly because timmy fell down the well lance" yep i heard it

  • Bazzy Jazzy
    Bazzy Jazzy Day ago

    Baby:“You got the wrong number”
    James: “well...HAVE FUN WITH PUBERTY!”
    ( please sub to me I’m a youtuber please subscribe! And if you do thx! )

  • Sophie Collins
    Sophie Collins Day ago

    Which drawing program do you use??

  • ガールエンダー

    When I was a little toddler, I would ask my mom for her LG Cosmos 2 phone or whatever that old brand was when she would fall asleep. I would press random numbers, symbols and letters and press call like a little stupido-self I was. And When ever it says something like "That Call doesn't exist" or "Sorry this phone call isn't used" or something like that, I would turn the LG Cosmos 2 or wut eva brand that was and see some Animated pixels in the back. The one I remembered most in that pixel animation was a Dolphin during the "Unknown error calls" and when its ringing. I would do it every night when It was time to go to bed, but my mom let me use her old phone when I'm energetic at night and when she sleeps :P

  • Evany Black
    Evany Black Day ago

    I got my first phone at the end of sophomore year too lmao

  • mylene moeai
    mylene moeai Day ago

    Lol was that person with the green hair a reference to Cosmo from the fairly odd parents? (Note: His hair was green his voice was weird no offence to the actor and he said “TIMMY fell down the well Vance!” And Timmy is his god child

  • dancing shark
    dancing shark Day ago +1

    Yyyyyyaaaaaàsssssss mmmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones Day ago


  • Leah Kosinski
    Leah Kosinski Day ago


  • Tim Beane
    Tim Beane Day ago

    5:37 Jack?

  • Plush vlogs:the plush bros

    Me in summer

  • Fallen love Ranger

    Don’t worry I wake up at 1 pm