The New Eberlestock Bandit Pack H31 - Preview

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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    Today we are looking at one of Eberlestock's newest packs, the H31Bandit! This is a preview with Trail Testing and the Review coming up soon.
    Eberlestock Bandit Pack (H31) - First Look
    Link :
    Price : $129
    Weight : Weight: 2 lbs 5 oz
    Colors : Lots of colors and camo patterns; black, coyote, military green and so on.
    Total Volume: 935 c.i. / 15L
    Dimensions main bag: 18"h x 9"w x 7"d
    The H31 Bandit is a great little every-day-carry pack. Its laser-cut MOLLE panel allows you to rack on accessories and provides a place to quickly lash one bulky items outside of the main bag. Open the front-loading zipper and you'll be surprised at just how much room there is in such a small pack. Insert either a 2L or 3L Source Hydration Bladder, and this becomes the perfect day pack. Open the top zipper compartment, and inside you will find a key hook, mesh storage pocket, and a third magazine type pocket.
    At just over 2 pounds, this is a minimalist's dream. Whether you’re an outdoorsman who is into biking, running, snowboarding, hiking, or want to be prepared with an SBR compatible, EDC pack, choose the Bandit.
    This is part 1 of a three part series with this pack. This is the preview, the next video will involves some actual testing with this pack and the 3rd will be the review once I’ve learned all there is to learn concerning it.
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Comments • 108

  • M Stern
    M Stern 3 months ago

    Luke I bought the Eberlestock Switchblade and I love it! Check it out! Love their packs!

  • Kristian Vuorio
    Kristian Vuorio 5 months ago

    Great video! What's that jacket you are wearing?

  • DIB 001
    DIB 001 5 months ago

    What jacket is that? Wish they'd make the mods you suggested in your later video.

  • NotConvinced Smith
    NotConvinced Smith 6 months ago

    I like the first impression. My first thoughts are that if you added some stick on velcro, it would make a great camera, accessory and basic daypack all in one.

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim 6 months ago

    Hi Luke, I own a bandit & I need to clarify that the Bandit does not come with a waist strap.. Not sure how come the Bandit u are using has one.

  • Miguel Valentin
    Miguel Valentin 7 months ago

    Hey Luke...check the packs these guys have:

  • Stephan Bee
    Stephan Bee 7 months ago

    Hi, I am very excited to be hearing about your experiences with this pack. Looking forward to the upcoming videos! Thanks for sharing. I subscribed! 💪🏻

  • Drew R
    Drew R 7 months ago

    I love their packs! And their larger phantom pack is my go to range bag. Can you do a review and evaluation of the little trick pack?

  • bziganti
    bziganti 7 months ago

    Could you try reviewing the Brandit M65 field jacket with liner?

  • dragonrider385
    dragonrider385 7 months ago

    Thanks for the video. Have you ever did a review on a Flytop or Geertop tent? I just started seeing your videos and I like them. So I would to know what you feel about them if you have. Thanks

  • Bob
    Bob 7 months ago

    Yo! This bag is dope! Might actually grab one just by seeing this preview!

  • Bob McElroy
    Bob McElroy 7 months ago

    So far so good but expensive.

  • SC EM
    SC EM 7 months ago

    Yeah,....but how many cup holders, and USB ports does it have? NM

  • Jeanette Keever
    Jeanette Keever 7 months ago

    Hi Luke my name is Landon and I am 12 how should I get started on backpacking

  • lyman135
    lyman135 7 months ago

    I realize this is slightly smaller, but what would your pick be between this and the Fjallraven Kaipak 28 you reviewed a couple of months ago for dayhikes?

  • Made In In
    Made In In 7 months ago

    Me atrae mucho tu Canal,enhorabuena...,puedes activar subtitulos para Spain/Castellano!!??Salu2!!

  • TAFF ward - davies
    TAFF ward - davies 7 months ago


    DANIEL B 7 months ago

    KUIU Venture 2300 best backpack ever!

  • Ronnie Justice
    Ronnie Justice 7 months ago

    Given the size and adjustability, what are the odds that this is aimed at young scouts/preadolescents who are ready for real gear, but still growing?

  • Kris Honeysett
    Kris Honeysett 7 months ago

    Wow! You talked me out of a pack I was looking at for a while, i know it’s a small detail but the short waist strap is lame, and is snug in a 32 inch waist is a bummer, glad I didn’t buy this and find out the hard way, hopefully in the future the remedy this, until then looks like you saved me some cash

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago

      I'm glad that I could help; I'm still shocked at how small the belt is; doesn't make any sense really.
      - Luke

  • aden kunz
    aden kunz 7 months ago

    Love the outtakes

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago

      I'll try to include more of them; I mess up ALL the time. haha
      - Luke

  • Richard Mollberg
    Richard Mollberg 7 months ago

    Jaws get stiff in the cold, cant pronounce right, know how it is :D Need some tries to warm it up!

  • Justin Fontan
    Justin Fontan 7 months ago

    I use it all the time for everyday work and when I’m away with the military. Perfect day bag. Guys in my unit even bought it just because it’s a great day bag. No need for a three day bag for one day at the range.
    Also, the waist straps can tuck into a little pocket right behind the padding.

  • Mark Colyar
    Mark Colyar 7 months ago +1

    video quality is ridiculous..... (what he meant was excellent)

  • joe bennett
    joe bennett 7 months ago

    Haven't used that pack but.... It looks like it will be a good day pack for some trail hiking or to put knick nacks in if your at your local state fair could also be good for a medical bag with the full open option can't wait to see the testing and review videos!

  • John Powell
    John Powell 7 months ago

    I know its cold out. Curious as to how much space is left inside the pack after a full water bladder is installed? Also how much weight can be carried from the bottom of the pack strapped to bottom like a sleeping pad.? I’m looking for a good 1 or 2 day pack.

  • C N
    C N 7 months ago

    Enjoy the earlier non military videos soooo much better

  • Drifus
    Drifus 7 months ago

    Thats a day pack? It's a lunch bag :-) Just kidding Very nice, love the features as well. I spy MOOSE!!!

  • Brian Samonas
    Brian Samonas 7 months ago

    I️ understand your agenda free stance and I️ respect that but I️ find Amazon links helpful. When I️ watch a gear review and like the item it’s just convenient to click the link to purchase it or read Amazon reviews. Thank you for the great videos.

  • Rodney Mruk
    Rodney Mruk 7 months ago

    Nice preview. But my favorite part may be the bloopers at the end. Thanks for the laughs. I needed that today.

  • Wood Woman
    Wood Woman 7 months ago

    I like their products

  • lindsay 87
    lindsay 87 7 months ago

    Look forward to the review Luke. Have you tested/reviewed any hill people gear packs, ie: aston house bc? Also the Kifaru 22 mag would be an interesting review 👍

  • Salival Pine
    Salival Pine 7 months ago

    Kifaru 22mag.... Comeone man!! Need a nice in depth review ;)

  • EagleRider ADV
    EagleRider ADV 7 months ago

    This pack is everything I have looked for to put on my Dual sport it has allot of pockets and access. Hopefully it's waterproof.I will buy one strap it on my bike. ""RIDE ON""

  • Coyote Spirit
    Coyote Spirit 7 months ago +1

    I'm interested in knowing what coat you are wearing from 5:11, I like it !!!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago +1

      I had on the Insulator and the Aurora shell brother, both are great!
      - Luke

  • Robert Joiner
    Robert Joiner 7 months ago

    I am shocled you dont have more subs. I love your videos. Good work.

  • Bill K
    Bill K 7 months ago

    In case you missed it, the lower back panel has the standard opening for the larger hip belt if needed. I rolled up the provided hip strap and tucked it away. I really like mine, well worth the extra cost.

  • Fly High
    Fly High 7 months ago

    Moose! I seant it lol. I saw the moose long time

  • Emilio
    Emilio 7 months ago +2

    Eberlestock packs are built like tanks, they're heavy... but they last forever.

  • Rody Outdoors
    Rody Outdoors 7 months ago

    Eberlestock; Pros: Very well made packs, meant to be durable and to take field abuse, Array of features and expandable to built or be part of a system as needed. Very Good Harness system, meant to be comfortable carrying heavy loads. Cons; Heavy, Expensive; I still have my Krane system brand new; never used and I got all the components; almost $1000! Every time I realize it, it hurts!

  • Roland Vohringer
    Roland Vohringer 7 months ago

    Thanks for the Video. In my opinion is the waist belt for stabilizing so the pack by aggressive moving no swings

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom 7 months ago +1

    I really like the full opening front.

  • 701 OVERLAND
    701 OVERLAND 7 months ago

    I own the Eberlestock Skycrane II which is so incredibly versatile. The GI Littlebrother that comes with the pack is fantastic as well. Although a smaller pack as such would be a nice addition. I am interested in the remaining analasys of this pack from you.

  • Camo Dude MTB&H
    Camo Dude MTB&H 7 months ago

    You could sew on a extension to the belt??

  • Msilverhammer
    Msilverhammer 7 months ago

    I have the Anti-Venom 24 hour pack, a similar sized tactical type of daypack from Death Dealer Tactical out of Utah, plus several other small footprint day packs, a large 42 liter Gregory Savant, and a mid sized Camelbak hydration pack.
    Lately, I have been thinking more practically about backpacks, especially the base weight of the pack, and mostly about the pack capacity to base weight ratio.
    Based upon my research, it is amazing to me that you can purchase a Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 liter, or a Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 liter backpack that weigh the same, or less as this "challenged" 15 liter Eberlestock backpack!
    Both are made from 100 and 200 Denier Robic Nylon which s ultra durable, and in the case of the Mariposa, loaded with seven (7) pockets, so super organizable!
    I have also looked at the Massdrop X Granite Gear Crown X60 liter backpack, an upgrade to the latest Granite Gear Crown X60 pack; which again is about the same weight as this small 15 liter Eberlestock pack, and available for right at $120.00.
    Also att the top of my list are the ULA Ohm and the ULA Circuit, or the ULA CDT!
    ULA also makes a small (30) liter EDC pack, which weighs about a pound and a half, so twice the capacity of the Eberlestock pack, and much less weight, with a small footprint.
    So, I have to ask myself, why do I need these small, heavy, and expensive tactical EDC packs, when I can purchase a much larger, better organized, more durable, and less expensive backpack that will do everything that the Eberlestock pack can do, and much more.
    The only reason that I can come up with is the size, or footprint of the pack, as again this small pack weighs the same, or more than the much larger packs that I referenced above.
    So if I just wanted a small pack, I could buy any number of really inexpensive packs like a Jansport pack from Walmart, or the cheap stow away type of packs that have been reviewed here in the past.
    It makes you think, well, at least it makes me think!
    I would say, IMHO, that the Gossamer Gear Gorilla is probably the best all around backpack that one could use for long hikes, day hikes, or EDC too, though on a really long hike, I would prefer the Mariposa.
    If you really just need to have a small backpack on your back, and want higher quality than Walmart, Gossamer Gear makes quite a few 15 to 30 liter packs that range from around 1 pound to a pound and a half, with some that are made to carry laptops, etc.
    Finally, it is kind of ridiculous to make a pack that has a maximum 32 inch waist belt.
    Many of us are between 6 end 6.6 feet in height, and 200 to 260 pounds in weight, so though not overweight, just large framed, and needing waist belts that can accommodate from 36 up to around 42 inches.
    By the way, I don't work for any of the companies that I mentioned, and I don't receive commissions, kickbacks, any compensation from anyone mentioned.
    I am agenda free just like Luke, but just wanted to share some information, and what I am thinking about lately.
    I hope that it helps someone, or stimulates some conversation.

    IIDASHII 7 months ago

    looks great, though I think anything smaller than 20L is just too narrowly focused to be worth my money.

  • Kevin Piggott
    Kevin Piggott 7 months ago +1

    Nice pack, I suppose you could get an extension for the waist band strap

  • Karl Kaiser
    Karl Kaiser 7 months ago

    I will stick with my 7 yr old Camelback I use it as my edc and get home very minimal.

  • Vagabond Querier
    Vagabond Querier 7 months ago

    Thanks Luke!

  • Thejimbodowntown
    Thejimbodowntown 7 months ago

    I like how it opens up

  • Element Bushcraft and Survival

    I've been eyeing this pack for a while now, I think it would make a great pack for mountain biking. Looks good in the video.

  • Noble LeGrand
    Noble LeGrand 7 months ago

    Small seeds look like a pain to get out of that bag straps and back

  • David Goodridge
    David Goodridge 7 months ago

    Nice looking pack. I would definitely need a bigger waist belt. Could a different one be used on it?

  • Richard Zolla
    Richard Zolla 7 months ago +1

    I own four Eberlestock packs. I have a 42 inch waist, so this one is not for me. I have the larger hip belt for all my other Eberlestock packs.

    • Justin Fontan
      Justin Fontan 7 months ago

      I have this pack just for a day bag for the range or some land navigation. Honestly I don’t ever use the waist straps since I’m usually carrying water, note books and some snacks.

  • The Prepared Wanderer
    The Prepared Wanderer 7 months ago +1

    Does it fit a canteen cup in the outside pockets.

    • R Stowe
      R Stowe 7 months ago

      A guy on the ESEE forum had posted measurements for the side pockets in a sale thread. I'll tag you.

    • Justin Fontan
      Justin Fontan 7 months ago

      I fit mine just snug

    • Timothy Mckee
      Timothy Mckee 7 months ago +2

      GI no...but round yes.

  • Smith M
    Smith M 7 months ago

    Lundhags Gneik, may be the best pack ever.

  • Adam Longhunters270
    Adam Longhunters270 7 months ago

    Great vid as always very funny bloopers.

  • Sebastian Mange Escobosa
    Sebastian Mange Escobosa 7 months ago +1

    it looks very awesome! I really like it and the fact that it opens completely I think its awesome. Love your videos man keep Rocking

  • 406 OUTDOOR
    406 OUTDOOR 7 months ago

    Not a bad day pack. Do you have a " Favorite winter clothing video" ?

  • Teemu Ronni
    Teemu Ronni 7 months ago

    Looks like Eberlestock has copied Arcteryx design what comes to opening the pack.