Mech Arms Can Lift 15,000LBS! (POWER LOADER: PART 3)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
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    The Aliens Power Loader build continues! We've finished the arm! Next up, the jaws of life. I wonder if Ripley and James Cameron would be proud...?
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Comments • 2 657

  • DaBigPig _YT
    DaBigPig _YT 13 days ago

    Hacksmith builds Mechs and does batarang giveaway
    Hacksmith does Mech giveaways and builds giant laser gun mechs with antimatter rocket luanchers

  • Lucdab1 Gaming
    Lucdab1 Gaming 16 days ago


  • Julian de Vries
    Julian de Vries 16 days ago

    this channel is the king of random but on steroids

  • Carl Schaefer
    Carl Schaefer 23 days ago

    And that's how you mix paint

    Life hacks with the hacksmith

  • Mat Helm
    Mat Helm 25 days ago

    Minus the weight of the arm and it's components.

  • Master Dooms Gaming
    Master Dooms Gaming 26 days ago +1

    14:45 am I the only one that noticed that there are to of them?

  • Guylaine Martel
    Guylaine Martel 28 days ago

    i love what you do

  • Sanathan Siriki
    Sanathan Siriki 29 days ago

    Are u really dyslexic?

  • Bonnie Eyre
    Bonnie Eyre Month ago

    Make a Godzilla suet after this

  • Gabriel Nielsen
    Gabriel Nielsen Month ago

    Who is the hot girl ?

  • aerohard
    aerohard Month ago

    If this thing comes together as well as i think it will, you need to challenge the guys at Megabots and beat them like a red-headed stepchild.

  • Le Phong Nguyen
    Le Phong Nguyen Month ago +1

    10:10 you watch on the paper under u

  • Teryl Tanner
    Teryl Tanner Month ago

    Iz ze chair ov deatification

  • Mikael Hillström
    Mikael Hillström Month ago

    How will you walk it without falling over?

  • Draco C
    Draco C 2 months ago

    How do I sign up? XD

  • Sammy Breen
    Sammy Breen 2 months ago

    Him : speaks about raid and how its for smartphones
    Me : what if i have a dumb phone

  • Liam Perich
    Liam Perich 2 months ago

    does it bother anyone else that the Hacksmith was controlling the arm on the ground while the Hacksmith rode on the arms chair? CAUSE IT ANNOYED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!

  • Aleksander Andresen
    Aleksander Andresen 2 months ago


  • Matthew McMahon
    Matthew McMahon 2 months ago

    I was having a great Saturday morning when bra cough cough brain wo achoo brain work sm *pukes brain work smart there done
    P.S I don’t actually pronounce it like that

  • Akos Kaldenecker
    Akos Kaldenecker 2 months ago

    Why ON/Off Hydraulic Central instead of Proportional? Would be much more versatile :)

  • Wyatt Aiden Gollogly
    Wyatt Aiden Gollogly 2 months ago


  • Robzy
    Robzy 2 months ago +1

    The hacksmith X colinFurze 😱😱😱😱

  • FOX GAMER 14
    FOX GAMER 14 2 months ago

    Whats the song name on 8:43?

  • bigolbear the jammy dodger

    I see the cloning project is coming along nicely. wonder how many people missed this.

  • luigios11 mario
    luigios11 mario 3 months ago

    when you called the cameraman i thought you were calling me XD

  • Nicolas Blazquez
    Nicolas Blazquez 3 months ago

    This was in March we are in July what the hell

  • TheOriginOfAC
    TheOriginOfAC 3 months ago

    Sorry hacksmith but you do realize that a single punch from sups and destroy any planet right 🤨

  • SirTubeALotMore
    SirTubeALotMore 3 months ago

    I would like to see some centre of mass calculations when holding these arms forward .... 😂

  • Rocore Ryan
    Rocore Ryan 3 months ago

    14:40 the arron martin of robots

  • weedfreer
    weedfreer 3 months ago

    seems like you're missing an axis of articulation in the wrist...shouldn't be lifting the object towards you...should be able to lift parallel to the plain from which it was lifted from....surely?
    Either that or the wrist articulation is in the incorrect plain

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  3 months ago +1

      yeah that would be the shoulder movement that comes with the next step

  • Quinn Zachary Maligaya
    Quinn Zachary Maligaya 3 months ago

    kent you do a gun made of iron man stayel

  • D S
    D S 3 months ago

    All the gear all the things he cudda made....... He built a walker....

  • Shane Liberty
    Shane Liberty 3 months ago

    Build Question:
    How do you plan to counter balance the machine? You can lift 7,000lbs (roughly) but the vehicle will be very front heavy and likely to fall face first.
    Are you adding a weighted backpack to the robot? It’s common in heavy equipment but this will affect the robots ability to walk.

  • Nif Tea
    Nif Tea 3 months ago

    the paint job hurts me

  • Tim Roland
    Tim Roland 3 months ago

    That's funny all that work then use a roller to paint it.

  • Markus Mohr
    Markus Mohr 3 months ago

    14:52 It can literally be a game: Can you stay on the arm? I know a much better game: How far can you make it, when thrown by the arm? ^^

  • slimmmerman
    slimmmerman 3 months ago

    It would have been so much easier to put it together if they only had a power loader... you know, like the one from Aliens!

  • Fernando Chavez
    Fernando Chavez 3 months ago

    Science+Art+Fun=Awesomeness! 👍

  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 3 months ago

    Why not powdercoat it? If you're making functional heavy machinery.

    • Tic Tac
      Tic Tac 3 months ago

      @the Hacksmith Fair, guess it would require a big ass oven 🙃

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  3 months ago

      cost, not many places do powder coating on one off complicated pieces

  • RedwoodTheElf
    RedwoodTheElf 3 months ago

    Once you finish the powerloader, I can't wait to see you build a full sized Veritech transforming mecha.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 3 months ago

    So FYI, in your calc, it should be pi*D^2/4. You show 2, but the conclusion is still correct. :-)

    • Paul Byrne
      Paul Byrne 2 months ago

      Hi Brandon, I show D^2/4, but thanks for the love

  • Paul Byrne
    Paul Byrne 3 months ago

    Your math is wrong. The area of a circle is Pi.R^2 as the radius (R) is D/2 then R^2 is (D/2)^2=D^2/4. You had D^2/2 which means that your force is only 50% of what you calculated...BIG error guys.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  3 months ago

      I just wrote it wrong, the calculation is correct

  • DEATH111183
    DEATH111183 3 months ago

    ten ton lifting capacity ehh?? not bad... can't wait to see this project done in full. thing will be a beast of a lifting machine.... and if you can speed up the hydro pump system.... got yourself a prototype hulk buster

  • Mark Putnam
    Mark Putnam 3 months ago

    Big builds require big tools. It definitely takes a giant tool to say something like that LMAO

  • MarxNutz y
    MarxNutz y 3 months ago

    What? No Primer? bahahaha

  • Pamle Pfirman
    Pamle Pfirman 3 months ago

    Make a mech that whatever you move it moves

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord 3 months ago

    Have they talked about its center of gravity yet? Just found the channel.

  • Mr. Yee haw
    Mr. Yee haw 3 months ago

    Big projects need big tools!
    Also hacksmith:
    *Uses screwdriver*

  • Zaiy Vlogz
    Zaiy Vlogz 4 months ago

    Can you make something that can make you glide

  • boys perfect
    boys perfect 4 months ago

    very cool

  • consciouscool
    consciouscool 4 months ago

    Next project hydrolic bull.

  • Steven Robertson
    Steven Robertson 4 months ago +1

    Where are your grease fittings? Might need them!

  • colin schabel
    colin schabel 4 months ago

    It would fall over. That is why no one ever built this

    • colin schabel
      colin schabel 4 months ago

      Hold up!... Unless you want to reprint new t-shirts after a powerloader redisign... Then it's already built. Sneaky. Send me a pic

    • colin schabel
      colin schabel 4 months ago

      Pretty smart

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  4 months ago

      Take a look at the t-shirt desigb

  • Keep Calm and Build Bots

    9:36 i was yelling at my screen because he didn't square the bottom

  • Bradley Weingartner
    Bradley Weingartner 4 months ago

    Okay, from here that looks more like 3/8" plate. That's insane. Going to need an super heavy base for this thing not to fall over when it's all put together! Haven't done the math, but my intuition tells me 1/8"-3/16" plate boxed like that and reinforced in a few key areas would be more than adequate for those forces.

  • Harry Marshall
    Harry Marshall 4 months ago

    Don't forget to join my clan "the hacksmiths". Members: 30/30...

  • Random by L
    Random by L 4 months ago

    15:30 does he have a twin?

  • The Surfing Charmander
    The Surfing Charmander 4 months ago

    Next thing you know you see the government at your house

  • SunnyBoo
    SunnyBoo 4 months ago

    Wait James is dyslexic? Interesting

  • D.G.B
    D.G.B 4 months ago

    15:00 I see two hack smith