Boss get robbed!!: Undercover Boss US S07E03 HD


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  • Martin Holde
    Martin Holde Day ago

    Thumbnail = "Everybody --- yeah --- rock your body --- yeah --- "

  • Nerdy Hank Smile
    Nerdy Hank Smile 2 days ago +1

    Literally Boss gets robbed from his bankruptcy after giving out those Cheques!

  • lady boywonder
    lady boywonder 6 days ago

    Leslie, in other countries in the world
    We’re hypercapitalism doesn’t suck the suck the entire soul out of workers , really this kind of thing with the CEO giving money “generously“ to employees is a slap in the face to Society because
    Not everybody is rewarded and that’s wrong and you whoever you are reading this knows it’s wrong
    Vote differently people

  • lady boywonder
    lady boywonder 6 days ago

    Just look at Miss Carol
    When you think about the fact that in one year (let’s just estimate she makes 20,000)
    If she works there for several years and uses this crappy outdated system that cost hundreds of her work hours
    Overtime that’s more than one years worth of work that the company lost
    She deserves something more like 50,000 honestly

  • lady boywonder
    lady boywonder 6 days ago

    I used to work for Marshals, it’s the same and they are all awful
    Then you have self-centered self-righteous middle-aged uptight women condescending
    And insulting you for not doing your fucking job all day long
    Like you get paid for insults from rude customers
    Top of no health insurance on top of exhaustive hours(Night shift then morning shift etc.)

  • Miri miri
    Miri miri 6 days ago

    11:36 well sed your parents bring you to this world so you should do what it takes to look after them

  • ZedOrFed Zone
    ZedOrFed Zone 7 days ago

    Oh shateria you talk too much your dead at the end

  • ZedOrFed Zone
    ZedOrFed Zone 7 days ago

    IM confuse is the camera man invinsible?

  • foggy autumn
    foggy autumn 8 days ago

    One dissatisfying aspect of this Undercover Boss series is it does not show what the CEO says to his heads of department about what he discovered and what needs to be fixed. Nearly all CEOs in a business depends on his heads of department to make sure company policies and procedures are followed through and adhered to. It will be more interesting to see what the CEO says to each department head individually after his coverup tour. For this reason, I have much interests in watch the series.

  • Joakim Gunnulfsen
    Joakim Gunnulfsen 8 days ago

    I dont know why they interview ppl if he is undercover, and follow him around with a camera xD is it all made up, or what do they tell the workers? :P

  • Rebecca Muir
    Rebecca Muir 9 days ago

    Well, this is boring... It's obviously scripted as the formula is EXCACTLY the same as every other episode, also. If they stealing was real, why the hell did they have a live camera staring at the alarm gate the whole time? This is the fakest thing I've ever seen, didn't even try...

  • Gamersworld /overseas
    Gamersworld /overseas 10 days ago

    If you want to understand the power of the CEO go to 18.19

  • Joy P
    Joy P 12 days ago

    This dude is really lucky to have such great employees

  • Dol David Bol
    Dol David Bol 12 days ago +1

    God bless this boss if this is true
    U can feel the blessings from grandma’s joy👍🏿

  • Duane Moscou
    Duane Moscou 13 days ago

    You know what i don't understand about this episode, how does he give $20 000 for them to have a wedding but only gives $10 000 for the lady having a baby?

  • sunshine201063
    sunshine201063 13 days ago

    great episode....really touched...

  • rienziemarina Ousman
    rienziemarina Ousman 14 days ago

    I am 100% sure this owner and his family will for sure be blessed. He is a genuine person to be remembered. Also not forgetting those employees are all hard working and they are trying to cope up with the stress they are going through on a day to day routine. This is just great I am so happy for them all.

  • Mark Camara
    Mark Camara 15 days ago

    Good bless .

  • Carlos D Leon
    Carlos D Leon 15 days ago

    😎😎😎I Will Work there !!Come to Mexico City!!I'm in ..

    MR SPERM 15 days ago

    The best undercover boss....ever!

  • Tyrone Jones
    Tyrone Jones 16 days ago

    He looks no different!
    Also notice the way he diminishes his farther achievements, his statement that his farther only achieved for survival and his achievements are for success, yet how is he successful? This is the sort of person that is only ability is to make himself feel big by diminishing other..
    Asking for tissue for a little dust..
    let’s be honest his employees are just numbers..
    Should be a reality check but in truth it’s someone else’s issue..
    Let’s remember he’s a penthouse boss with staff on minimal wage, people trying to live dedicated to the company they work for yet he takes and gives nothing back, listen to the end monologue how he violated his farther and grand farther values and ethics yet go back today you will see more of the same..

  • Parvez
    Parvez 17 days ago

    He is Amazing. God will give him good place to live.

  • michel emond
    michel emond 17 days ago

    This is the best show I’ve seen so far. I really like the way they film the people, capture the moments. And that boss was a humble and generous guy.

  • Tj Goldstein
    Tj Goldstein 18 days ago

    The idea of scanning a whole section of a store in order to see what has been marked down is crazy. They should do what my job does, send an email listing all mark downs each week. Simple.

  • Waseem Malik
    Waseem Malik 19 days ago

    Best episode so far

  • Barburrito E.
    Barburrito E. 19 days ago

    I'm not crying... You're crying

  • Declan C
    Declan C 19 days ago

    Always a shitty sob story in these shows, so scripted lmao

  • aussiechickusa
    aussiechickusa 20 days ago

    Such an amazing man n cares so much for his employees

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  • Taruz
    Taruz 21 day ago

    Not even appreciative that shoe department woman. The black lady was given only $10 000 while the rest were given $20 000+

  • Nenad Popovic
    Nenad Popovic 21 day ago

    This girl is so nice, but has so iritating voice...

  • Cristie A
    Cristie A 21 day ago

    Just dye and tan, no major change
    Beard and moustache always does the difference

  • Cristie A
    Cristie A 21 day ago

    Once or twice everyday? Fix your security! On the other shop you need a more cashiers

  • Joan Habel
    Joan Habel 21 day ago

    This Boss is the BEST👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Ignatius Rocky
    Ignatius Rocky 21 day ago

    36:16 click dis...

  • Richie Felix
    Richie Felix 22 days ago

    I love this boos

  • L Paozamang Haokip
    L Paozamang Haokip 22 days ago

    This boss is a great guy. great respect

  • Franklin Pradeepraj
    Franklin Pradeepraj 22 days ago

    Woow... Hope my boss comes this way someday.

  • Nasiem Ashruf
    Nasiem Ashruf 22 days ago

    Fire ur district manager all he does is say yes sir😂 you need someone to fix these mistakes before you know whats going on

  • Nasiem Ashruf
    Nasiem Ashruf 22 days ago

    Oh my god the employees are so nice ❤️ where i live the employees are looking to kill you if you ask them where something is

  • MBWeed Extream4x4
    MBWeed Extream4x4 23 days ago


  • Simon Benevolence
    Simon Benevolence 24 days ago

    Tanisha is amazing

  • sjnfaueefaefaef jdnsuiodsgsd

    I can tell by the intro that this guy cant shut boss mode off lol

  • Rudy
    Rudy 24 days ago +1

    Isnt everybody aware when a guy comes in the store with a camera-team and filming every day with 'whatever reason/excuse'....that it "mide be" Undercover boss? I mean come on.. they watch TV or have internet and have seen these kinda programs... ;-p so… great acting everybody!

  • Kamal Mohamed
    Kamal Mohamed 25 days ago

    I am crying

  • Libano CM
    Libano CM 25 days ago

    Best boss ever

  • Matliano Sicario
    Matliano Sicario 25 days ago

    Yeah i knew it. Greedy jewish!!

  • Fönix Kaspersen
    Fönix Kaspersen 25 days ago

    Reality show, trying to win money to open my own store...
    Season after season. Like these people do not know. I have only watched 1-3 episodes from 5-6 seasons. They are all the same. The one awesome one. The one loser. The one who gives her life to the store while fighting so much. The one who "fires" the boss.
    Scripted out of the a**!!!!
    And its to funny how the Jewish "loved ones" treat each other. They never hug and kiss goodbye. While most of the time other owners are very close to each other. Kiss, hug their wives. Hug the children. The Jews dont even touch each other. Dont know if its a loveless marrage or if it is tradition to not sho affection in front of others.

  • Robdrums Studios
    Robdrums Studios 25 days ago

    Glad they are smiling

  • robotron26
    robotron26 26 days ago

    man, i bet you the store employees knew he was coming, so theye made up the dumbest fucking thing for him to do - "sort the shoes" for shits and giggles

  • The Lavian
    The Lavian 26 days ago

    "Next guest", "have a blessed day" - can it get any more corny than that? Where I live, we talk to to people like normal human beings.

  • Elcee Guite
    Elcee Guite 27 days ago

    The best boss among all this undercover boss in terms of generousity. He is the real boss unlike MGM Grand CEO/president who offers his hardworking staff with only $5k shit

  • KLASS podcast
    KLASS podcast 27 days ago

    the sheckeling intensifies,

  • Ishan Mavani
    Ishan Mavani 28 days ago

    Can't the staff see the cameras

    • Ishan Mavani
      Ishan Mavani 27 days ago

      +sixfootbear thx for letting me know

    • sixfootbear
      sixfootbear 27 days ago

      Didn't you hear explanation? The boss is pretending to be in a reality tv show competing with other contestants .Hence the tv cameras.

  • jimmy van Baars
    jimmy van Baars 28 days ago

    how can this be undercover with a camera crew following you arround

  • RandomProject
    RandomProject 29 days ago +2

    When you get schooled in wifi by a grandma as a boss of a decently big company. Thats really sad.

  • Cakeatrain
    Cakeatrain 29 days ago

    I got my fiance here, at shoe price taging.. 'That's exciting!'..

  • step horse
    step horse Month ago

    sam douche?

  • Bus Haq ki baat
    Bus Haq ki baat Month ago

    give me a chance and just sit in your office and watch how i will make your bussines 1000% double i got just stupid and unexperienced mangement give me a chance

  • Bus Haq ki baat
    Bus Haq ki baat Month ago

    most stupid mangement in the world it,s insane how anyone can run any bussiness

  • Poarad Gaming
    Poarad Gaming Month ago

    Those reactions were so fucking fake and cringe holy shit, the guy couldn't stop looking at the camera.

  • Sugar Rush
    Sugar Rush Month ago

    "things like these don't happen to people like me"

  • preben ølkær
    preben ølkær Month ago

    TONGA9691 TONGA Month ago

    Sharteria is a rather unfortunate name...

    TONGA9691 TONGA Month ago

    Lovely guy...

  • Cecilia Nekaro
    Cecilia Nekaro Month ago

    100K this guy is an Angel!!!

  • Cameron Arnott
    Cameron Arnott Month ago

    yo what happens if i work at another store he did not visit, like wtf

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T Month ago

    $100,000 is a lot of dough.

  • Hayden Chuda
    Hayden Chuda Month ago +2

    That girl at 15:00 needs to learn to talk and laugh properly

  • Amalito funny kittens vlogs

    He most generous undercover boss 😍😍

  • Akein Rowe
    Akein Rowe Month ago

    I really hope that one day ill be able to help people like this. If its God's will for me let it be.

  • Duke Neale
    Duke Neale Month ago +1

    very good BOSS good luck in youre business adventure GOD BLESS YOU

  • Diane Jennifer
    Diane Jennifer Month ago

    The biggest issue is he wants the lowest prices. Good pay, good operations, etc. cost a lot of money. When you want lowest prices, you have to squeeze a lot of things.

  • Taryn Whittington
    Taryn Whittington Month ago

    This was one of the nicest and most sincere episodes I've watched!

  • Kyro Raj
    Kyro Raj Month ago

    At 39:37 miss Carol almost had a heart attack

  • Saber's Friend
    Saber's Friend Month ago

    39:38 I nearly died

  • Saber's Friend
    Saber's Friend Month ago

    Shar is so sweet 😃😃😃 so sorry her boyfriend cheated on her she deserves better than that

  • Veronica2yu
    Veronica2yu Month ago

    Phhhhfff LAAMEEE ... That shoe thing is a waste of time, bcz I think majority of people have the Basic sense to put at least shoes back to where they find them, rather than put them here and there ... The worst thing so far in this clip though when he entered the first store is that he is soooo fkng whiny, like some Dumb shitty brat, who says like *waaahh waaahhh* ''its so dusty'' ... Like ... Get a fkng grip and handle shit. Its just some dust dude. I doubt he has an allergy, its just whining, smh whatever!!!!!!!

  • Veronica2yu
    Veronica2yu Month ago

    *That guy has a Cheap mentality, he may very well be a cheater to his wife as well (My personal impression based on how he seems and how he behaved at the tanning salon) so, anyway ... That ''change of look'' wasnt really much of a change ... LAMEEEE!!!!!* *Next video!!!!*

  • Veronica2yu
    Veronica2yu Month ago

    *Dude, seriously, think about what the fk you doing ... Those UGLY TRASHY names for his kids ... Thats not even Islamic names like wtf ... I guess he is not muslim, but even as far as Christian names go, its not only christian names those are... So dude!!!! Idk but I just feel like there is no hope for him now bcz he fell into the American TRAP rather than the mythical ''American Dream'' and its all your dad's or grandad's fault. This could have been done in Syria too, dont think it couldnt, bcz if you have the will ... Well ... Then you get what you must do I guess. So if you have the will then you must find the way to do it.*

  • Veronica2yu
    Veronica2yu Month ago

    *Congratulations, he succeeded in the MYTH thats the ''American Dream'' by being Greedy idiot, plus seemingly Arrogant, thinking he has it ''under control'' ... Which is another MYTH if you dont have the Senses inside your brain working ... So!!!*
    *Congratulations, idiot boss, by becoming a White Trash guy who hires Whites not arabs ... Another flunked out thing which shouldnt exist ... Like, seriously, just bcz you are in a White country that doesnt mean you have to hire the whites!!!!*

  • Kerry-ann  Stewart
    Kerry-ann Stewart Month ago

    Some ppl get naturally chatty when the meet somebody new that they pull a good vybe from

  • Jonsel
    Jonsel Month ago +2

    Imagine giving 10thousand dollars to a singlemother with a job that pays minimum wage and at the same time giving 35 thousand dollars to an engaged woman so she can spend it all on a big wedding. wow...

    • Kelly Green
      Kelly Green 15 days ago

      Jonsel yeah but the mom will be out of work for about a year, and may not even return to work...

  • Vladdimar Cruz
    Vladdimar Cruz Month ago

    Best Boss...

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago

    Charming girl at the first store. Can't imagine going back to work after this for her though

  • vincent D
    vincent D Month ago

    really,really sad..apparently he never gave most of the money he promised
    such a deception.he looked like a great guy

  • Saxambir Singh
    Saxambir Singh Month ago

    Such a beautiful CEO he is..huge respect buddy

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith Month ago

    So many boarded up windows on that lovely architecture " you should get local artist to create something on each board,, bring the building to life , it would be more attractive to passing trade . ( free marketing for you , regards , uk

  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboy Month ago

    As soon as they hear the words undercover boss, they’re already thinking about what they’ll spend the money on. I’ve never worked with anyone who I would divulge to them if I had money problems or not, all these people know what’s going on.

  • goldman sy
    goldman sy Month ago

    Can I have a 100k also I'll work hard also nah just kidding ok i'll submit my resume tommorow at your store.

  • Viktoria Queen
    Viktoria Queen Month ago

    Those workers really just made me more grateful of what I have

  • Yahya Akbar
    Yahya Akbar Month ago

    who else cried

  • Mark Rodrigues
    Mark Rodrigues Month ago

    100K $ wow Arabs are very generous thumbs up Boss

  • next gen
    next gen Month ago

    If they were undercover how were they able to take the close
    Ups and record all those activities and sounds so clearly.
    Don't think that there were any undercover cameras.

    • KronkLicious
      KronkLicious Month ago

      Did you not watch the episode? They explain quite clearly at the start that he will be posing as a participant of another made up reality show. So no need for hidden cameras.

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas Month ago

    I have crushed on the black lady, she giggles so sweet, all smiles, she looks joyful, like a bundle of joy. She so sweet.

  • marjun duran
    marjun duran Month ago

    God Bless you sir thank you for helping your them God Bless you and more power

  • Raad Barq
    Raad Barq Month ago +1

    This guy is like “ why everyone doesn’t believe that am gonna give them this money “??

  • NFS DieHard
    NFS DieHard 2 months ago

    Half million dollars for 500 routers and cables seriously

  • Adelia Goncalves
    Adelia Goncalves 2 months ago

    How amazing to feel responsible and actually do something to change the lives and the business to everyones win win. Awesome beautiful non greedy boss. I love you boss. Can I work for you. God blesses those who bless others. .

  • Tiago da Pieve
    Tiago da Pieve 2 months ago

    I do like the idea of the show, but it looks so fake to me. Every episode has people in pitiful situations, as if they knew the guy was the boss and they started talking about their lives. Americans are known to be reserved, so that doesn't make much sense to me. I basically just keep watching cuz I support the idea of really understanding what your business is all about.