Boss get robbed!!: Undercover Boss US S07E03 HD

  • Published on Jan 27, 2017

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  • Kern Morris
    Kern Morris 16 hours ago +1

    this make me feel good

  • Michael Mahadeo
    Michael Mahadeo Day ago

    mr. boss man you need to Fire your office staff & employ new workers to seek shoppers world Intrest.

  • ashley kep
    ashley kep Day ago

    My exboss is an asshole i get sick and he fired me i got diabetic so i hope he never get sick

  • humZaad the Band official

    How can it be undercover boss when there is a camera crew following you?

    • Draw with Abdul
      Draw with Abdul Day ago

      The camera crew are pretending to be a different show, to ask peopl if he deserves the money or not to open his own shop

  • BGD-Canman
    BGD-Canman Day ago

    Pay them more silly ... The great employees will pay you back. Most retailers suck. I purchase most of my stuff on the net. I couldn't care less.

  • prasenjit mondal
    prasenjit mondal 2 days ago

    Great man job

  • Good ol' Joe
    Good ol' Joe 2 days ago

    11:46 She totally figured out who he is XD

  • Sierra Bee
    Sierra Bee 3 days ago

    So many of these business owners are from New York or New Jersey... it’s interesting

  • Dishan Rajendram
    Dishan Rajendram 3 days ago

    His name is Sam duche this must be set up.

  • anthony marimo
    anthony marimo 3 days ago +1

    May this boss be blessed

  • anthony marimo
    anthony marimo 3 days ago

    This boss thumbs up for what he did for his workers especially the girl pregnant.

  • Haylie Brown
    Haylie Brown 3 days ago

    9 years later and still at 40 stores, it's not 500 but atleast its stable.

  • The friendly Alien
    The friendly Alien 5 days ago

    I wish miss carrol was my grandma

  • Umm AbdulRahmaan
    Umm AbdulRahmaan 5 days ago +1

    I hope he keeps his faith Islam forward and pray to thank Allah for all his blessing.

  • Phill Dwyer
    Phill Dwyer 6 days ago

    Does anyone out there in u tube land actually believe this shit?
    What’s set up as per usual

  • Rashalee Davis
    Rashalee Davis 8 days ago

    Inlove with this episode.. Very heart touching.

  • galaxydustgirl 00
    galaxydustgirl 00 8 days ago

    do they see the cameras and like...

  • paul bag
    paul bag 8 days ago +6

    I'll fly out and do security for you. Not those fuckwits

  • paul bag
    paul bag 8 days ago +1

    This show seems to be based on fucking sympathy

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 8 days ago

    didn't give as much away as other bosses

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 8 days ago

    alot of this just seems so fake . given these detailed sob stories to a random guy you just met and also in front of a camera crew people wouldn't just do that

  • Galaxy Bane
    Galaxy Bane 8 days ago

    Get outta here x infinity

  • syedmahathir zain
    syedmahathir zain 9 days ago

    He is cute

  • Devil Gargosha
    Devil Gargosha 10 days ago

    the theeeft happened somewheeere in heere

  • Sébastien Fraggl
    Sébastien Fraggl 10 days ago

    At the end of every undercover boss i always picture a handicapped employee who has worked all his life in the same company, saved two customers from a fire, gives his salary to pay for his wife cancer and watch the show about the company he work for... Too bad it's not the store he work in ! Maybe in another life ?

  • Sébastien Fraggl
    Sébastien Fraggl 10 days ago

    22:45 you are going to tell me that he doesn't know that there are no security guards on his own shop ???

  • Lukas Ljungcrantz
    Lukas Ljungcrantz 10 days ago

    20 grand towards a wedding and only 10 grand towards raising a baby by herself...

  • TripleA7
    TripleA7 12 days ago +2

    41:58 exactly always nice to people and people will be nice to you.
    That's the lesson here

  • CornArmy
    CornArmy 12 days ago

    At this point all the employees should expect that the Undercover Boss is happening to them lol.

  • random craft
    random craft 13 days ago

    It's like she knew he was the boss, she told him everything it must have been so obvious with the cameraman

  • Megan richards
    Megan richards 13 days ago

    that wasr very nice thing that there boss did

  • James Cole
    James Cole 15 days ago

    I hope she not gonna put the 10 k in the botox lollllll

  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams 15 days ago

    But that guy woke up going under cover

  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams 15 days ago

    People don't open up like that

  • Gamma Uzi
    Gamma Uzi 16 days ago

    I got scared about 20000 on miss carol i thought she would have a heart attack

  • Gamma Uzi
    Gamma Uzi 16 days ago

    This boss is good as he keeps correcting each problem asap...

  • Solomon Kane
    Solomon Kane 16 days ago

    12:18 you can't just leave the job? are you illiterate? apply for jobs while you working, do some homework to get a new job, don't sit one place like liberty of statue. this is the problem with people who born in states

  • Alfie Gore
    Alfie Gore 18 days ago

    H h

  • Mölker Stalin
    Mölker Stalin 18 days ago +12

    yo is it just me or have everyone he meets a bad story about family??

    just feels kinda suspicios

    • Hallowjin
      Hallowjin 16 days ago +1

      everyone does in each and every episode

  • Devin
    Devin 18 days ago

    Funny how they have nothing to do, so they do bullshit stuff during their hours to fill the hours

  • Jame Gumb
    Jame Gumb 18 days ago +1

    Wife named Honey, looks like a stripper, thick Soprano's accent, bunch of plastic surgery. Quite a catch there.

  • Babee Bee
    Babee Bee 20 days ago

    The people they hire as directors and managers dont carr for no one. I am happy these people learn to be better.

  • Lawfy D. Ace
    Lawfy D. Ace 20 days ago +1

    how about you pay your staff accordingly

  • Romulo III Tan
    Romulo III Tan 20 days ago +1

    He kinda looks like sheamus form wwe raw

  • Ricardo Monteiro
    Ricardo Monteiro 21 day ago

    The way everyone has a relative with healh issues that they NEED to take care of ALONE. Bruh, for real man, smh...

  • Ricardo Monteiro
    Ricardo Monteiro 21 day ago

    I believe a lot of this stuff is real and lot is fake. Someone probably stole something and they recreated the event. I bet they were thinking of promoting the girl at the beginning so they made it look like they realized then and there that she was need that promotion. Still, the idea stands.

  • Ricardo Monteiro
    Ricardo Monteiro 21 day ago

    It's a hard world out there. You either expand like crazy or you properly men your store and manage it properly while paying decent wages.

  • askerman3
    askerman3 21 day ago

    41:21 try not to cry

  • CheeToX IRL
    CheeToX IRL 22 days ago

    18:12 that girl is not pregnant. this whole underciver boss thing is justa waste of time and a buunch of actors

  • Matthew Banks
    Matthew Banks 23 days ago

    All this shows is what happens when the camera is on. How long have these problems been happening...and now it's an issue? To not know a employee was assaulted in one of your stores...sorry, but your not fooling anyone. You don't care.

  • Mamunur Rahman
    Mamunur Rahman 23 days ago

    The white girl kept saying get out of here to the boss but if he gets out of there, she won't get his money

  • I tought we lived INSIDE THE EARTH

    Omg carol cutie!😍

  • boogle dirtson
    boogle dirtson 23 days ago +4

    She said there is only a certain amount of time they have to do everything in the store but she was just standing there watching him. 😂😂

  • Maeva Hatton
    Maeva Hatton 23 days ago +3

    Grand Ma teach me how to wifi 😂

  • Olivia Sporna Fox
    Olivia Sporna Fox 24 days ago

    Dose the money they get ,get Taxed ? And if it dose how much ?

  • 1000 subscribers without any video challange

    only 100k?!?!?

  • Ben Barker
    Ben Barker 25 days ago +8

    This boss is a perfect example of how a big boss should be he recognises that the problems are stemming from the top down and acknowledges he is part to blame , full respect to this man 👏🏻👏🏻

  • DaniSh
    DaniSh 25 days ago

    How is that "Undercover"?? The cameraman literally follows him everywhere, and employees are like "it's okay, happens everyday" lol

  • Zahid Muhammad
    Zahid Muhammad 25 days ago

    God give you more success inshallah

  • Kai Farkas
    Kai Farkas 26 days ago

    As someone who has worked in retail, all those 'terrible' issues that are in his stores are all a part of every day life tbh. No security, thefts, ancient dinosaur technology instead of machines, stuff wont scan etc. The show is trying to make all those thing as super horrible and important, well guess what, anyone working in retail has to deal with that, except we aren't lucky enough to have to boss come down, we whine to him about how terrible our lives are and he throws money at 3 employees.

  • Arnibal's Bleach Brave Souls

    besides the woman he gave the 100 k, i wouldve given the old lady 200k

  • pain killer
    pain killer 28 days ago

    Telling ur CEO to get out ?

  • apple mango
    apple mango 29 days ago

    Get out of here.

  • Fidel Albarina
    Fidel Albarina Month ago

    In the whole episode im teary for this people and the generosity and kindness of Mr. Sam. Its an inspiration to value your people in business and not deny them the benefits, security of tenure, rewards and protection. These, I would do in putting up a business. Great episode. Shoppers World, congratulations

  • Collin Zaffke
    Collin Zaffke Month ago

    You plan to have kids and children?
    Yes. Both. 😉

  • Work Phone
    Work Phone Month ago

    Giving them back the very samr money he took from them for the last several years cutting thir salaries to minimum wage... He must be laughing so hard inside, him who's used to spend 20grands on wine tasting in NY, or 100k in holidays, giving his employees peanuts while he is banking CBS royalties... Using the show as a free marketing platform... Fucked up, people cry because they like it, it gives them these endorphins they need to feel better, but it is not real, it is induced emotions not inner emotions. 24/7 and 365 days a year, their jobs suck, they all deserve so much more than just crumbles thrown at their faces just for the show..

  • Work Phone
    Work Phone Month ago

    Miss Carol hacked the NSA with her hand device, rebooting the whole system while scanning things in between.

  • Work Phone
    Work Phone Month ago

    The boss was born with his ass in the silk and a gold spoon up his rectum, vultured his way up using the crisis to take over failing lease agreements and he is all about himself vs. his humble yet really powerful father who brought everything to him on a silver platter yet he's got the audacity to tell him to his face "i took the business there" all he did was bringing overheads and more liabilities to the business, forced to play the volume game, undercutting quality by outsourcing most products from China, killing american jobs, and all he offers to America in return is DC staff jobs and sales jobs paid at cheapest hourly rate... Fucked up business model to support his fake life in the trump tower with his ugly imported wife coz no American female would tolerate such ignorant spoiled twat... God bless... Keep the hairstyle, it fits you perfectly..

  • Meaw'Meaw Cat
    Meaw'Meaw Cat Month ago

    Shoppers World CEO Sam Dushey never paid

  • Ro x
    Ro x Month ago

    Where’s the managers at and why they getting paid if they do fuck all

  • strayz on Twitter
    strayz on Twitter Month ago

    This store needs caught red handed

  • Forgiven Because Of Grace

    Wa so set up . Who adheres thirst person dsl story on a first day in shoes

  • leo mendoza
    leo mendoza Month ago

    Big bucks... That's the boss...

  • kriss b
    kriss b Month ago

    He looks the same they over did it on the hair....

  • I Am Timo
    I Am Timo Month ago

    How can u not know that one of your stores doesnt have security?

  • Ryan Kisnics
    Ryan Kisnics Month ago

    Listen to your DAD....Your Getting GREEDY...

  • Keith Morey
    Keith Morey Month ago

    All these sad story's seem the same on all the shows, I smell fake shit all over this show...

  • Sohaib Skallli
    Sohaib Skallli Month ago

    Gods plan

  • Moto Sport
    Moto Sport Month ago

    Sorry bit this owner is surrounded by stupid people...

  • Farhan Pasha
    Farhan Pasha Month ago +1


  • Ralphy
    Ralphy Month ago

    Did anyone else full in love with miss carol

  • Ulbre De Folie
    Ulbre De Folie Month ago

    100K........, this boss is hoping for some booty on the side

  • Puzzledrev
    Puzzledrev Month ago +1

    Instead of playing the Big Hero to a handful of people, why doesn't he have policies across the board that all employees get regular raises across the board, and a guarantee of so many hours a week? that's right--you don't have to give all those part-time employees benefits. He doesn't even know what's going on in his stores. I'm not impressed.

  • Mansur Abdallah
    Mansur Abdallah Month ago +1

    i felt like i was cutting onions, that dude is Awesome i swear.

  • BroodjeEend
    BroodjeEend Month ago +122

    So tell me about your family! "My father had multiple strokes. He cannot swallow. His lungs collapsed." Yes, very natural conversation.

    • Republic Of Casuals
      Republic Of Casuals 2 days ago +1

      When you have no idea how pre production works....... They don't just walk into a store and start filming lol. Everyone there has been sat down and talked to about how to ignore the camera and be as open as possible about their lives. It's like casting for a movie. There was probably 20 or so people interviewed and then 4 or 5 picked for their stories. Like i said, pre production! It's all real but 100% dramatised or who would honestly watch it!

    • ThaiMaiSju
      ThaiMaiSju 4 days ago

      What was mentioned above, they could have been encouraged to open up because of reasons already stated above.

    • Blank
      Blank 16 days ago

      @Björn Hallström they dont feel unnatural, though?

    • Björn Hallström
      Björn Hallström 16 days ago +2

      @Blank People behave differently on camera, especially if they know it's going to be televised. It's not surprising the conversations feel a bit unnatural.

    • Blank
      Blank 16 days ago

      @Björn Hallström and?..

  • Thomas Danielsen
    Thomas Danielsen Month ago

    Wauw, this is america? No unions? Why? After watching many episodes of Undercover Boss paint a picture of a system not working, leaving to many behind on tbeir own. Its a system, not a country.

  • flatsch100
    flatsch100 Month ago

    The pregnant lady - I didn't understand a word.

  • MartaRC
    MartaRC Month ago

    I think that a lot of the retailers - if not all - that appeared on this show are no longer around... swallowed them all... They were worried about Kohls, Walmart - these are gone as clothes and stuff retailers... Everything is online now -- just by looking at their inventory in the stores, we can see why...

  • john lalduhsaka
    john lalduhsaka Month ago

    I am not sure whether these shows are scripted or not, but yes, this boss did definitely good comparatively, addressing real problems like training, security and giving long due credits to people who deserve.
    I think, rather than giving out money it would be wise for these bosses to actually invest money in the said above fields like training etc....and at the same time, upgrading the incentives and pay cheques with other employee facilities which of course will enable and enhnace the workers efficiency and improve working environment.
    My reason being that,giving money to set of people is not fair because there are other people who work just as hard as these people does. So try to do justice if at all you wanted to by accomodating all employee / workers which will benefit both the company and the workers.
    The Branch Manager and the District Manager should be fired immediately which will send a strong message on to the next in line that the company is serious about not only making profits but also about the safety and policy of the company with the workers.

    • john lalduhsaka
      john lalduhsaka Month ago

      @MartaRC if that is the case then, why give money? I understand the need and requirements of TRPs for the show and also for the bosses who actually undergo some makeup changes to understand the work situation.
      About the taxes, they can avoid those tax payment by not having to pay these selected few rather have these shows where the network does it for a said amount and the bosses pay and the returns they get is the drama and the insight into the understanding of their company work forces and business....
      That way both party draw benefits. And regarding the workers like I said before depending on need and requirements basis upgrade whatever you can.
      That way even for viewers we will have a show and a bit of geniunity can be absorbed.
      Just saying...😁😀

    • MartaRC
      MartaRC Month ago +1

      Well, although the show seems to be real in the dialogs, I believe they select people in those companies that are known for being either excellent workers and-or having a hard life and being with the company for a while. They probably do a screening of possible candidates to be on the show for the drama effect. I also believe that the money is partially provided by the show and other part by the company. What worries me is that only one boss actually said he would be paying the taxes -- otherwise, if they get 100K, IRS will keep 50K in taxes (depending on the state), so I hope that the bosses or the show pay the taxes for those people...

  • protercool
    protercool Month ago +1

    I actually love that Sharteria girl, super bubbly and always smiling. Why she only get 10k when the blonde girl got 20k?

  • basti 13
    basti 13 Month ago

    holycow i like this guy so much...god bless you man

  • A Greene
    A Greene Month ago

    Amazing it takes the boss to get action - how pathetic for the boss of Shoppers World. as it is this boss deserves everything he gets

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris Month ago

    What a great man bless

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris Month ago +1

    Get with the programme Alex😅

  • cenderamata net
    cenderamata net Month ago

    Amazing Boss...GBU

  • Spia Domesta
    Spia Domesta Month ago +2

    Id love to work for a boss like him who recognizes efforts of his workers...

  • Celeste Tibbetts
    Celeste Tibbetts Month ago

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the world but that shit is stupid and the things they say and they’re so nonchalant about everything I’m a Canadian kind of makes me sick to my stomach this is an American company that would never fly where I come from

  • Okisai
    Okisai Month ago

    Aimy is cute

  • emily lufty
    emily lufty Month ago

    this guy GIVES and is truly grateful to his staff God bless him !!!

  • Stilo Warka
    Stilo Warka Month ago

    Is nice to make ppl lifes happy at thier work & not feel worthless.