Nail Artists Share Their Horror Stories

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • "She kept coming to me as her toenails just disintegrated."
    Amberlee Loera:
    Xuan Bui:
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    injured toe
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    61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Inside
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    Французский маникюр.
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    Close up process of nail design.
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    Xuan Bui
    Amberlee Loera

Comments • 1 103

  • Samadon
    Samadon 16 hours ago

    The lady with the essential oil story should know that Apple cider vinegar is the only natural solution

  • Lilly Hurt
    Lilly Hurt Day ago +1

    is no one gonna talk about that girls tattoos? i love them😍 they’re so pretty

  • Nikki's World
    Nikki's World Day ago

    I can’t use essential oils

  • Graciela Del Hoyo
    Graciela Del Hoyo Day ago +3

    ( 💅💅)

  • Aryana Raya
    Aryana Raya 2 days ago

    My fav one was when that girl was like *dang that is a bad nail 😂

  • mexy Joey
    mexy Joey 2 days ago

    First girl her mouth ?

  • Jasmyn Wagoner
    Jasmyn Wagoner 3 days ago

    ok but i get dip nails on my natural nails, and they end up pretty long by the time i go and get them done again. i remember the last time i got my nails done at my old nail salon. the girl nicked my cuticle with the dremmel tool when she was taking the dip powder off. it felt like it was burning when she was on my natural nail with the tool. i had asked her to go coffin shape like i normally get, but this lady ended up cutting my nail too short to where i couldn’t do the coffin. then i just asked her to cut all my nails like that cause i wasn’t about to put a tip on my nails, i refuse to do that. and then this girl puts the wrong color on my nails. and the worst part is she used a gel nail topcoat on dip powder nails. i ended up having to find a new nail salon the next week and get them done again because they were falling apart.

  • Cenlin Bell
    Cenlin Bell 4 days ago

    “You have a toenail in there”😂😭😂😂

  • Kits Critters
    Kits Critters 4 days ago


  • Lorevic Mulig
    Lorevic Mulig 8 days ago +3

    Cristine has left the world.

  • Wolfie Da Best
    Wolfie Da Best 9 days ago

    I try to tip 5-7 dollars since I’m a broke college student ;-;

  • goldfish1871
    goldfish1871 9 days ago

    this was devastatingly hilarious

    MA NAME IS JEFF 10 days ago

    I thinks it’s called a Nail Technician my mom is one.

  • Haubers 4
    Haubers 4 17 days ago

    Cristine has entered the chat...

  • Romilly Stevens
    Romilly Stevens 17 days ago

    I’m not trying to be mean or rude, but with the first girl, what happened to her lip? It looks painful and I’m not trying to stick my nose in or be hateful, just wanting to know what happened?

  • My World The Channel
    My World The Channel 18 days ago +3

    Why are they so pretty❤️❤️
    They have beutifull skin😊

  • Lexi !
    Lexi ! 18 days ago

    What’s on her face

  • Aimee Xochitl
    Aimee Xochitl 19 days ago

    You can’t talk about a clients foot
    Thing you you have a creature growing on the side of your mouth

  • Kaylene Lind
    Kaylene Lind 19 days ago

    I can see so many hate comments about this one girls lip

  • Critical Posts
    Critical Posts 19 days ago

    this is a no degeneracy area

  • Anna Baker
    Anna Baker 19 days ago +1

    Ok what’s wrong with her lip no offence just curious

  • Remy Mossman
    Remy Mossman 19 days ago +1

    Some reason Amberlee (First Lady) is giving me major Drew Barrymore vibes

  • nastasha nastasha
    nastasha nastasha 20 days ago

    What’s that on the side of your mouth

  • chicken
    chicken 20 days ago +1

    that second girl i love her outfit

  • Sophia Alexandra
    Sophia Alexandra 20 days ago

    *I smudged my nails clicking on this*

  • lamebbyb
    lamebbyb 21 day ago

    Those essential oils don’t seem to be working, Karen.

  • Kaliyah Marballie
    Kaliyah Marballie 21 day ago

    Idk why I watched this while eating

  • Megan Haley
    Megan Haley 22 days ago +1

    I want her shirt I am looking for a shirt like that with a low cut in the front and I cant find one anywhere

  • Crazy Princess Mero
    Crazy Princess Mero 23 days ago

    I fell so sorry for the first girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂she got crazy stories

  • #MissKingdomVII
    #MissKingdomVII 23 days ago

    What is that on the side of that first girls mouth?

  • i think moto moto likes you

    Nasty smelling feet

    Modern problems require modern solution

  • Kanker Aap
    Kanker Aap 29 days ago

    I have respect for the womans because i’m scared of feets there are discusting

  • Jaslene Miera
    Jaslene Miera 29 days ago

    Ewww that a bad lip thing girl

  • Winter Hernandez
    Winter Hernandez 29 days ago


  • Serena Pitts
    Serena Pitts Month ago

    Her kids are probably anti vax

  • Masson Tuggle
    Masson Tuggle Month ago

    Amberlee needs Dr pimple popper

  • mishyprizes
    mishyprizes Month ago

    1:50 Great example of not being assertive and firing your client!

  • Caitlyn Todd
    Caitlyn Todd Month ago

    Pretty gnarly

  • 3mily D
    3mily D Month ago +1

    Everyone saying the second girl is pretty but honestly I think the first girl is beautiful..she just seems for real and natural. Not saying the second girl isn’t pretty tho

  • Lilom
    Lilom Month ago

    What happened to the side of her mouth?

  • Shanti Johnson
    Shanti Johnson Month ago +1

    The first girl is beautiful 💕💕

  • Maria Solano
    Maria Solano Month ago

    This is why I stop being a nail tech.

  • Chloe The Flapjack Face

    Bru they need to get the Nail Sunny manicurist in on this

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    You have a toenail in your Eye!!

  • Mark Michael
    Mark Michael Month ago +1

    Is that Cardi Bs Nail Artist?!

  • EwSalad GT
    EwSalad GT Month ago +16

    Does anybody else hate these type of comments (below)
    Someone: blah blah

  • h j
    h j Month ago

    What is next to Amberlee mouth ?

  • Baggy Gaby
    Baggy Gaby Month ago +229

    No one:
    Woman: Why aren’t the essential oils working?

  • stephanie panamarczuk
    stephanie panamarczuk Month ago +1


  • Karen Hurley Murphy

    I love Amberley glasses!!!!

  • Nati The Goat
    Nati The Goat Month ago

    How far did this mans testicle drop like dang

  • JacintaSeabrook
    JacintaSeabrook Month ago

    I can top that. I clipped a woman’s toenail when I was in school and it straight up disintegrated off. My school made me finish the pedicure. I cried. (Not where the client could see).

  • Lourisse Tan Tantantan

    Dis seems scripted

  • Spill the Tea sis
    Spill the Tea sis Month ago

    “She also has terrible terrible terrible foot fungus.”
    *puts down bowl of spaghettios*
    O h...

  • Kiara Roland
    Kiara Roland Month ago +5

    The second girl has perfect lips I don’t mean that in a creepy way im Just jealous

  • Franziska N
    Franziska N Month ago

    What does the first girl have on the side of her mouth ? Is it a piercing or an illness ? Could someone tell me '? It does look not good at all.

    • Franziska N
      Franziska N Month ago +1

      @J J OMG, thank you I did wait almost a week for an answer.

    • J J
      J J Month ago +1

      Franziska N probably a birth mark

  • Grinch_ 360
    Grinch_ 360 Month ago +2

    A very effective way to get rid of that foot fungus is to soak your feet in vinegar mixed with some hot water for about an hour. I found with a lot of people that it works better than those pills xx

  • Momma Val1111
    Momma Val1111 Month ago

    I feel some type of way now but hey

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose Month ago

    Ummm a fungus should be a contraindication and she should've been denied service.

  • Mya Gonzalez
    Mya Gonzalez Month ago

    What’s the girl on the 1st girls mouth?

  • Ellie Jackson
    Ellie Jackson Month ago

    Omg what is on that girls mouth

  • Christian Branch
    Christian Branch Month ago +1


  • Emily Solo
    Emily Solo Month ago +362

    I am I the only one who is wondering what the first women has in the corner of her mouth

    • Olivia Conroy
      Olivia Conroy 23 days ago +8

      Mary Beth Vernau having a disgusting foot fungus infection that you could easily treat with medicine but that you instead just let get worse and worse while also forcing someone to touch it to give you a pedicure on a regular basis is not anywhere near the same thing as having a spot on your mouth that you were born with that is neither a result of an infection or disease that you’re not forcing anyone to touch

    • Kaytlynn Jones
      Kaytlynn Jones 25 days ago

      I was wandering to

    • Koda Park
      Koda Park 28 days ago +1

      I thought it was a very unique piercing

  • Hollie Cracker
    Hollie Cracker Month ago

    Just throw sum oilz on it

  • sa rah
    sa rah Month ago +7

    amberlee is a ray of sunshine oh my gosh! 😍
    these poor girls though, I hope that these stories are as bad as it gets for them.. too sweet to deal with old man ball sacks and rotting fingernails! 😂

  • DosagePosage
    DosagePosage Month ago +1

    First girl is pretty. Would be prettier if she got that mole burned off

  • ninja turtle
    ninja turtle Month ago +42

    I need to be friends with these girls asap

  • Thatgirlskyhh _
    Thatgirlskyhh _ Month ago +41

    Tell my why I thought she was going to say his “testicle” fell off/dropped😂💀

  • Ashlee Slavey
    Ashlee Slavey Month ago +11

    Omfg they are so pretty I just look like a potato in the back

  • Jovana Nikolic
    Jovana Nikolic Month ago +7

    To be clear both of them are pretty, but that second girl tho she is so radiant I was so mesmerized by her 😍

  • Andrée-Anne Lalonde
    Andrée-Anne Lalonde Month ago +1

    That poor ol nail

  • Shay to start
    Shay to start Month ago

    When I get my toes done I always feel so bad because my feet are so ticklish so I twitch and I feel so bad for the artist

  • Lovey Gonzalez
    Lovey Gonzalez Month ago

    Why do I think the girl with the nail infection is malu

  • Amanda Pyun
    Amanda Pyun Month ago +6

    Wait what's that thing on the woman's mouth? The one with the glasses? Skin tag?

    • blergh srsly duhh
      blergh srsly duhh Month ago

      @kittycake itsokay... its just her mole..

    • kittycake
      kittycake Month ago

      @blergh srsly duhh i'm sorry but I thot it was a bad growth bc it is so big

    • Caitlin Bee
      Caitlin Bee Month ago

      I was curious too so don't feel bad for asking.

    • blergh srsly duhh
      blergh srsly duhh Month ago +1

      it was her mole.. its obvious and you are kinda rude

  • Ada F
    Ada F Month ago +1

    The second nail tech reminds me of Chriselle Lim !

  • sophia cantore
    sophia cantore Month ago

    ItS NOt A prOblEm aNYmoRe

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang Month ago

    Should NOT have watched this while eating

  • Kadenstu Hanako
    Kadenstu Hanako Month ago +1


  • Paloma Zamudio
    Paloma Zamudio Month ago

    The first girl is beautiful ❤️

  • Andrea Cooper
    Andrea Cooper Month ago +5

    So we are going to not COMMENT on what is on the first girls lip??? I can't figure if it's a birth Mark or a gnarly piercing

    • yarib
      yarib Month ago

      It's a birthmark.

  • Melissa Quinonez
    Melissa Quinonez Month ago


  • Eden Rainstone
    Eden Rainstone Month ago +2

    5:08 oh noOoOoOo

  • Jennifer Hamblin
    Jennifer Hamblin Month ago

    What's on her lip comment if you know

  • Serena Rios
    Serena Rios Month ago +3

    Is that a mole, herpe, or an infected piercing???

  • Abrianna Sams
    Abrianna Sams Month ago +1

    I wonder if she is related to Jenny bui

  • ClaraMP // 羊 Subliminals

    I once had a woman who wanted me to do her nails and throughout the appointment she tried to investigate all of my products and tools.
    And then when I tried to push her cuticles back she frightened me to help because she suddenly took her hand out of mine.
    I started freaking out and asked her if I hurt her and she was like 'no but gimme that thingy I wanna look at it and I wanna do that too" and took the pusher out of my hand!
    I said "look I cant do your nails like this, i dont want to hurt you and i also have a client who has an appointment after yours."
    And she starting yelling st me about how rude I was and that I was just a scam and she took her stuff and left but before leaving she wanted me to give her stuff from my own resources because I was so rude to her and she could do her own nails by herself and she would come back and show me that she was so much better than me.
    Okay wow so I had to take my stuff out of her hand and threatened her to call the police and she finally left xD
    She went to a salon afterwards and I know the girl who had to 'do' her nails
    Same thing happened from the beginning with taking the tools from her to her wanting to get free product and tools so that she could show them how to do that and eventually they actually had to call the police 😅

  • Jaay Gagne
    Jaay Gagne Month ago +3

    That second girl had me WHEEZING. 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • 罗瑞安Rae-Anne
    罗瑞安Rae-Anne Month ago

    That's why I never take people seriously when they insist that it's not proper to take your shoes off at work etc. I just discretely slip them off and rest them on top of the shoe when no one is watching. Fungus is the worst and my doctor won't even treat me when I get them anymore as I got them so often working extra hours with little to no breaks. They insist I see a specialist and all of them only work regular work hours at clinics and are in high demand. It is better to just not get sick in the first place than try to please people who actually don't care that much about you at all. I also make sure to take an extra minute out of my break to clean under my arms and other sweaty areas at every break even if my deodorant says 48 hours. It might smell nice but the bacteria is there.

  • chloe ashton
    chloe ashton Month ago +3

    The first girl needs to learn to say no to people ;-;

  • Isha Djab
    Isha Djab Month ago

    How about we ask people who have survived war or smth about their horro storys, no hate but yeah

  • koreabae
    koreabae Month ago

    Is that.... is that a keloid on her lip? Owwie.

  • Keya Neya
    Keya Neya Month ago +1

    Second girl 😍😍😍

  • Kaylee Justice3
    Kaylee Justice3 Month ago +690

    Everyone’s commenting ab how beautiful the second woman is.. I myself think the first is just as beautiful. 😪💕

    • ExplodingRainbows
      ExplodingRainbows 24 days ago +2

      Honestly, yes! Like do you see those tattoos? And what about those glasses! I would never look that good.

    • Lanah Versace
      Lanah Versace Month ago +2

      Kaylee Justice3 woooow does that make u feel better about yourself? U want a cookie for that?

    • MechHead
      MechHead Month ago +5

      @PoeticHigh bro chill, I literally didn't say she wasn't beautiful, I was just saying the first girl has a more natural beauty and the second need to learn to blend foundation, no harm, just constructive criticism. Not everything is an attack my dude. No need to get outraged for her.

  • maya101 gauci
    maya101 gauci Month ago

    omg her thing on her mouth is disgstingggg

  • Kay J
    Kay J Month ago


    • Nicole Lollipops
      Nicole Lollipops Month ago

      Kay J I thought it was a head set microphone: it must be a skin tag

  • Dani Abby
    Dani Abby Month ago

    0:45 what she has on her side of her mouth

  • Joeliz and Ava Your girls

    The 2nd girl is so pretty😂🤪

  • Isabelle Smith
    Isabelle Smith Month ago

    I used to love getting acrylics but now I can’t cause I play guitar :(

  • Ty
    Ty Month ago +1

    First girl is sooo cute

  • Why do I Even try
    Why do I Even try Month ago

    Your talking about foot fungus and she has like a mole thingy on her face