Who's the Better Wrestler: Sting or Bret Hart?

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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Comments • 468

  • njldst2007
    njldst2007 11 days ago

    Going by Bret Hart's own criteria of ranking a pro wrestler on LOOKS/MIC SKILLS/IN RING ABILITY - I'd go
    Sting - 9/7/6
    Bret - 7/7/10
    BUT, and this is one thing Bret didn't add which was important I feel, Charisma goes Sting's way 10/8.
    I put charisma as separate because it isn't just about how you look or how good you are on the mic, some people just have that IT factor, something that connects with the people and motivates them to watch them irrespective of how good they are technically. Sting had that in spades, and though Bret is underrated in this, Sting was someone who could carry a company whereas Bret was limited.
    So overall that comes up to a tie at 32/40 for each

  • Keranu
    Keranu Month ago

    It would be laughable to compare them on any technical level but I'd say Sting's character no question has more depth, developmental and plays a more integral role to a storyline than Bret Hart ever has. If Sting never evolved his personality, then he wouldn't even have that much on Bret.

  • SupremeMystique
    SupremeMystique Month ago

    Not even close. If we're talking in-ring, Bret is the best of all time. Only Kurt Angle would really rival him.

  • SSJ Speaks
    SSJ Speaks Month ago

    Hitman v Sting is more like Joker v Scarecrow or say, Jimmy Page v David Gilmour.

  • youseff Mohamed
    youseff Mohamed 2 months ago +1

    Bret Hart is better

  • TheLayman
    TheLayman 2 months ago

    Bret hart did not steal the sharpshooter. Granted it was the move but Bret hart was taught it from Haku becuae Monsoon to him he needed a finnisher.

  • Chicago killa
    Chicago killa 2 months ago

    Now when we're saying better wrestler obviously it's Bret hart now when we say who had more Charisma who was more of the Entertainer of course it be the Stinger. In a straight-up wrestling match Bret Hart would whoop up on sting on a side note I'm pretty offended by that girl shirt Batman is not Mexican I'd to burn a shirt.

  • Nasir Aameen
    Nasir Aameen 2 months ago

    In ring? Yes Bret. Overall? Sting. Sting reinvented himself multiple times and was more entertaining.

  • Tim Mullins
    Tim Mullins 2 months ago

    It's not even close. Even everyone in the business will tell you that Sting was lacking in carrying/calling a match.

  • Tariqqo Omari
    Tariqqo Omari 2 months ago

    Sting way better

  • Mark Chavez
    Mark Chavez 3 months ago

    In ring Bret no question. Now gimmick and look that's another question. Neither we're great on the mic.

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    Sting was a more dramatic performer and could pull a crowd in better. He was a better actor.

  • chad lavoie
    chad lavoie 4 months ago

    ridiculous sting drew money hart never drew a dime!!!!

  • John Cherwaty
    John Cherwaty 4 months ago

    Bret Hart. Not even close! Just look what Bret did for Steve Austin alone. Better wrestler better story teller. Just better all around. Nothing against sting but ur putting him in a un winnable situation

  • Kelly Remple
    Kelly Remple 4 months ago

    Bret may be the best wrestler EVER, never mind Sting... Search all you want, but you won't find a better Sting match than many of Bret's matches against Shawn (WM 96), Austin (SS 96, WM 67), Bulldog (SSLAM 92, IYH 95), Hennig (KOTR 93)...

    On and on...

  • ClassicJM85
    ClassicJM85 4 months ago

    Its Bret and not close.

  • 1 Man Dynasty
    1 Man Dynasty 4 months ago

    Bret Hart

  • mike prince
    mike prince 4 months ago

    Outside the box owen hart if he was alive wouldve been better than bret.bret said it himself owen was the most gifted hart out of all his brothers.

  • The Emerald Warrior
    The Emerald Warrior 4 months ago

    Technical: Bret.
    Showman: Sting.

  • Dardani Illyria
    Dardani Illyria 4 months ago +1

    Sting is not even a top 2 wrestler, Bret is top 5. Now argument. Ridiculous.

  • joked87isback
    joked87isback 4 months ago

    Sting was very over the top hype typical big guy Babyface and didn't exactly even need to be great in the ring because he was going to get over anyway with his character and how he performs. Bret is definitely a better overall wrestler it's in his blood he was raised on it and probably the best pure pro wrestler but was not a good on the mic. It really depends on preference for me sting is more entertaining but Bret Hart is a better wrestler
    Answer: Bret Hart being what the question is who is the better wrestler

  • RedLightning17
    RedLightning17 4 months ago

    There's different criteria in regards to a wrestler debate on greatness. Are we talking full package? Cuz Sting was a bigger start than Bret ever was and more prestigious. But in terms of pure in-ring ability, no one's even putting Sting in that category. Bret is on everyone's Top 10 list. Period

  • RedLightning17
    RedLightning17 4 months ago

    Bret, why is this a question?

  • ParmarMania
    ParmarMania 4 months ago

    Press F to pay respects to Bret Hart as the best there is, the best there was, and the best that there ever will be.

  • Gregory Tipton
    Gregory Tipton 4 months ago

    Sting and Bret Hart both got their finisher from Riki Choshu.

  • Roger Givens
    Roger Givens 4 months ago

    I would say Curt Henning would be a better question but Bret makes them both tap.. sting was better on the mic though

  • John Bryan Marqueses
    John Bryan Marqueses 4 months ago +1

    Bret is better than Sting...but I haven't seen anyone better than a prime Kurt Angle in wrestling, who can go against any sizes of opponents.

  • Clifford M. Adams Jr.
    Clifford M. Adams Jr. 4 months ago

    The fact this ass tried to make an argument is asinine. I’m a huge sting fan but Bret is that guy. Bret drew more money. More tv shows. More Ppv headliners. Better technically sound. Oh and stayed true to himself and his character and changed what made a champion to carry a computer.

  • g que
    g que 4 months ago

    Bret duh

  • nimrod geronimo
    nimrod geronimo 4 months ago

    I have a better question .who carried and was a flag bearer for a wrestling company after he defeated ric flair for the world heavyweight title?well thats easy it was the phenom who was sting.just like harlem heat was the best tag team in the wcw during the 90s the stinger was the man in wcw even when the nwo showed up with hollywood hulk hogan and company .even when gold berg was so dominant for a few years .bret hart is a better technical wrestler but sting was by far the better athlete and the more accomplished wrestler .who was meber of the main event mafia ?in a best of 7 series sting beats the hitman 3 out of 4 matches wth a stinger splash and sharpshooter while screaming at the same time .

  • Ed Durr III
    Ed Durr III 4 months ago

    Dude said Bret stole the sharpshooter from Sting...wrong Pat Patterson suggested it n Konan showed him how to execute it

    WRESTLE WITH ANDY 4 months ago +4

    Now time for the REAL Question ... Who's the better wrestler, Goldberg or Ric Flair ???

    • Nasir Aameen
      Nasir Aameen 2 months ago

      WRESTLE WITH ANDY 🤔🤔🤔 good one!!

  • Tru Kombat
    Tru Kombat 4 months ago

    Sting isn’t no where in hit man level

  • whatsinanameuask ???
    whatsinanameuask ??? 4 months ago

    Whoo, tough question
    On mic: Sting
    look: maybe sting (but me personally I like 92 bret)
    In ring mat skills/telling a story in ring: Bret
    Epic matches/rivalries: both had great ones Sting w Hogan many times and also w Flair but Bret had his classic steel cage w owen, his wrestlemania w owen, shawn wrestlemania 12, can't forget Austin wrestlemania 13, how bout bulldog at Wembley. So I'll just say Bret.
    Ima close this off but I personally hate when this question is asked. There is no greatest wrestler. A great wrestler is one that invokes emotion from fans Heck some people consider Goldberg and Warrior as goats, more power to em. The greatest wrestler of all time is the one you personally as a fan love. Period.

  • _Curvgotti
    _Curvgotti 4 months ago

    Bret Hart. There is literally no way sting is better than Bret. Sting crow is amazing BUT 96/97 Bret Hart is god. How do you have an entire country hate you and the rest of the world LOVE you?!?!? I’m American and I wanted to be Canadian so damn bad because of Bret

  • _Curvgotti
    _Curvgotti 4 months ago

    Bret Hart. There is literally no way sting is better than Bret. Sting crow is amazing BUT 96/97 Bret Hart is god. How do you have an entire country hate you and the rest of the world LOVE you?!?!? I’m American and I wanted to be Canadian so damn bad because of Bret

  • Rj Boss
    Rj Boss 4 months ago

    Both hall of famers ...but ima go with the hitman on this one...but not shade on sting

  • Zach Boblitt
    Zach Boblitt 4 months ago +3

    Internationally (Canada and Europe) Bret Hart was more over, but in the US Sting was more over. Being a WCW fan I prefer Sting, but I love Bret too. Both are top 10 worthy in my opinion.

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis 4 months ago

    Hit man

  • ChaosUndead
    ChaosUndead 4 months ago +3

    better character: Sting. had better promo skill too.

    better wrestler: Bret Hart. promo was eh acceptable only when he was heel.

  • jwill5587
    jwill5587 4 months ago

    How is this even a debate? Bret is arguably the best worker of all time along with Flair, HBK, Dynamite, Angle etc. Sting had some good matches but he usually had to be carried by Flair or someone of that level. His matches with Muta and Vader were very good too.

  • K C
    K C 4 months ago

    Crow Sting outside of 97’ was boring.

  • K C
    K C 4 months ago

    Surfer Sting > Crow Sting

  • Rett Copple
    Rett Copple 4 months ago +1

    Bret clearly the better wrestler. Sting had more of an "entertainer" style in the ring. Didn't do a lot of spots but what he did he was able, through his charisma, to generate a response from the audience. I'd say Sting was the better entertainer, had more energy and charisma, but as far as in-ring technician, Bret is only rivaled by guys with technical backgrounds like Angle. Even Sting would probably tell you Bret was the better "wrestler."

  • K C
    K C 4 months ago +6

    Easily Bret Hart. I don’t think there was anyone better than Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels wasn’t even close and I’ll tell you why. Michaels selling was always over the top and goofy. Something Bret never did. Bret could make you, even though you knew better, believe it was real. He could do that unlike anyone else.

    • Al
      Al 4 months ago +1

      Besides Bret has legit amateur wrestling credentials unlike gay boy Shawn. Ken shamrock himself said that Bret was a dangerous shooter who knew a ton of submissions.

    • K C
      K C 4 months ago +1

      RedLightning17 unmatched? It was overrated based on the WWE being down, the roster being trash and the fans desperate for something to remind them of the past. He botched a lot of moves. He also look like shit. He looked like he was 185lbs, no muscle tone, thinning greasy hair, weathered face and a lazy eye. Not to mention the stupid straw hat and retarded dx wrist bands. I mean if that is what’s over in wrestling, I’m glad I quit watching around 04’.

    • RedLightning17
      RedLightning17 4 months ago

      In his prime? Sure his selling was a bit much. But his 8 year run when he returned is still unmatched in WWE's history

  • Jeff Duarte
    Jeff Duarte 4 months ago

    I love Sting but the correct answer is Bret.

  • Fabian Sanchez
    Fabian Sanchez 4 months ago +1

    Chris Benoit

  • Jay Jay aries
    Jay Jay aries 4 months ago

    When it boils down to just wrestling bret hart is better ,
    But if you boil it down to character
    Then sting , sting had better promos , charisma and was entertaining, bret hart was kind of boring on the mic.

  • Nick P.
    Nick P. 4 months ago +1

    Bret Hart is easily top-5 wrestlers of all-time. Sting might crack the top-10 depending who you ask. The fact Bret carried so many jabronis to at least decent matches is truly an art form. I've never heard about anyone desperately trying to get their hands on a bootleg tape of a match Sting had against an unknown...

  • Christhian Borrero
    Christhian Borrero 4 months ago +1

    Character sting is the best but Bret Hart in wrestling is the best.

  • Tashrif Alam
    Tashrif Alam 4 months ago

    In terms of character work, Sting is a better character, but in ring I would have to say Kurt Angle and Ric Flair rival Bret Hart in the ring.

  • TheMiguel
    TheMiguel 4 months ago

    Sting wasn't a better wrestler than Bret but I think sting had more charisma.

  • John Caudill
    John Caudill 4 months ago

    Sting was great as well

  • John Caudill
    John Caudill 4 months ago


  • Cognitive Chaos
    Cognitive Chaos 4 months ago

    Real Wrestling - Bret Hart
    Heel Attitude - Bret Hart
    POP! - Sting
    Popularity - Sting
    Perma-Pissy-Face - Bret Hart
    Overall Charisma - Sting
    Butt-Hurtedness - Bret Hart
    Better at Repelling - Sting
    Worst at Repelling - NOT a Hart family member

  • AustinFan4Life
    AustinFan4Life 4 months ago +6

    Bret Hart, far more technical than Sting ever was.

  • roberto gomez
    roberto gomez 4 months ago

    If you guys was asking who was better on the Mic thats a better debate

  • roberto gomez
    roberto gomez 4 months ago +1

    Brett is better, but I love Sting .

  • ChrisReeceRocks
    ChrisReeceRocks 4 months ago

    This is debatable because it’s a matter of opinion. What flavor of wrestling do you like? Sting was a more athletic worker who did aerial moves and power moves. Brett’s the technician. Psychology wise, they had different means to an end, so once again, it’s a matter of which flavor you liked. I would give Sting the edge on his look and mic skills, but I feel Brett was the better artist with a match. Apples and Oranges. A better debate would be Brett vs another big time technical wrestler.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman 4 months ago

    Not close the excellence of exacution with ezz sting was the better gimick n character thsts why ppl think so high of sting bret sold really well for others to