Tee Grizzley Brings Another $100,000 In Cash!

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Detroit rapper, Tee Grizzley is back at Icebox with another $100,000 cash! This time he is picking up his custom Icebox jewelry case, cleaning his half Tee, half Beast diamond pendant and shopping for diamond watches. Check Tee out while he talks about his iconic pendant while looking at Audemars Piguet & Rolex watches.

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  • Icebox
    Icebox  Month ago +149

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    • Jermaine P
      Jermaine P 8 days ago

      Nope save y'all money people

    • LilQuez1
      LilQuez1 26 days ago

      Little Rupert nigga that not even a Jewelry company name

    • Little Rupert
      Little Rupert 26 days ago

      @LilQuez1 The only chain you can afford is one made from rotting wood and tarnished silver plating. And maybe a few beads with a plastic clasp.

    • LilQuez1
      LilQuez1 26 days ago

      Icebox I’m fuck with IceBox I need A chain💯💯

  • 612 Films
    612 Films 14 minutes ago +1

    T is one ugly nigga.......

  • A.unlock Key Coolness
    A.unlock Key Coolness 7 hours ago

    ทุกคนชอบมาไอซ์บ็อก เจ้าของร้านก็เข้ากับทุกคน เอาใจ บริการ ทำธุรกิจรุ่งแน่ฉลาดแบบนี้

  • Its Ya Boy
    Its Ya Boy 11 hours ago +1

    I used to live near one of tee Grizzleys houses, not going to say which one or where out of respect for another man's privacy and due to the fact that I'm not sure if he still owns it, but I remember him rolling past my crib while I was cutting grass. I nodded my head and he nodded back, pretty cool moment even though it was nothing major.

  • Drip God
    Drip God 19 hours ago

    No one-

    will- YEAH YEA YEAH

  • Don Buchanan
    Don Buchanan Day ago

    goofy ass niggaz stupid af

  • Frozen Hot v2
    Frozen Hot v2 Day ago

    I live in Alabama 😂😂😂


    I'd never spend 100k on jewelry..... It loses value so fast....

  • Travel Guy
    Travel Guy Day ago +1

    Why buy some apartment.....dam trying to impress another man 🤣🤣❤️

  • Travel Guy
    Travel Guy Day ago

    Why they kissing his ass🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CCDetailing
    CCDetailing 2 days ago

    I enjoy the longer videos the best, keep them coming! And also would like to see some videos of the customs being made

  • G Breezy
    G Breezy 2 days ago

    I just want everybody to peep how the jewelers never wear the jewelry lol they be finessin these rap niggas lowkey

  • Ozla Tube
    Ozla Tube 2 days ago

    Icebox you sound so fake lol

  • passtheBuck Canuck
    passtheBuck Canuck 2 days ago

    These morons keep gettin fucked over....Tri color gold is GARBAGE....And that cut of diamond aint shit....Enjoy your paved diamond trash, baller🤣🤣🤣😂😂....lol

  • gary22898
    gary22898 2 days ago




  • Bootz Money
    Bootz Money 2 days ago


  • ExisTedZ gaming
    ExisTedZ gaming 3 days ago

    Fucking NIGGA bitch

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 3 days ago

    Dat jesus piece looks awful

  • Christian
    Christian 4 days ago

    Who else seen that Donald trump ad?

  • Radbiker33357
    Radbiker33357 5 days ago

    Don’t even know who this guy is but he’s bringing in 100k like nothing... damn that’s nice

  • Nicky Zaidi
    Nicky Zaidi 5 days ago

    So sad to see these dudes get fuck for shitty diamonds. They r paying for the name. Street dudes getting played by a person acting like they people. Every person that comes in. He be like this is the biggest this the chain. Coulture voltures

  • Brett Horton
    Brett Horton 5 days ago

    Tee grizzly need to get like a bears head but in the mouth have a salmon and actually make it look really good and different colors

  • nicon53204
    nicon53204 5 days ago

    why he look like a fat ass version of camron for real

  • Scotty Bivens
    Scotty Bivens 6 days ago +1

    Tee Really need a body guard? He a big dude.

  • FAMOUS Eyess JA
    FAMOUS Eyess JA 6 days ago +1

    Really inspire me you're the man

  • FAMOUS Eyess JA
    FAMOUS Eyess JA 6 days ago

    You're the man

  • Nelson Antonio
    Nelson Antonio 6 days ago

    Shout out to my state Alabama

  • Eric Cambrey
    Eric Cambrey 6 days ago

    Julio cool af. They should let him handle the customers instead of Will.

  • Timmy Lee
    Timmy Lee 6 days ago

    Where is the black owned Jewelers all I keep seeing is the Chinese Filipino Asian Jewelers where is the black Jewelers at come

  • apotebill
    apotebill 7 days ago

    How long a dollar circulates in these following communities:
    Asians: 32 days
    Jews: 20 days
    Whites 17 days
    Blacks: 6 hours
    How can we be taken seriously in this country when we have no financial power?

  • clarence Smith
    clarence Smith 7 days ago +1

    We got to do better! Congratulations on the success, but make better purchases people!🤦🏾‍♂️

  • James Dean
    James Dean 7 days ago

    That nigga gone to the background he be selling them soon news just in he broke 😂😂😂

  • Jeff Pitts
    Jeff Pitts 7 days ago

    Stupid niggas😂......spend all that money on some metal....then after they buy it...it ain't worth shit.....what a dumbass

  • pedro sanchez
    pedro sanchez 8 days ago


  • HclewTheCrew
    HclewTheCrew 8 days ago

    They funny asl for finessing my boy Tee like that 🤝😩 “I traveled all the way to Africa head ass”

  • Joseph Knight
    Joseph Knight 8 days ago +2

    It's all a front to make sales

    • Jacobo Ojeda
      Jacobo Ojeda 6 days ago

      All fake love n it's just to make sales dawg. That's why they seem so weird when talking.

  • Ryan mcqueen
    Ryan mcqueen 8 days ago

    I wish you all this success brother instead of spending a 100,000 Everytime just buy a fucking jewelry store and name it grizzley gang jewelry store

  • Negido
    Negido 8 days ago

    8 ads in 13 min. 🧐

  • Terrell Tide
    Terrell Tide 8 days ago

    Con game is a mother fucker

  • Dblock90 Dblock90
    Dblock90 Dblock90 9 days ago


  • nahur
    nahur 9 days ago

    This should be on xvideos cuz I'm pretty sure I just watched Tee Grizzley get his d*** sucked for 13 minutes

  • You know why I'm here

    I need to be a jeweler

  • 357 Films
    357 Films 9 days ago +2

    4:36 tee ain't say "big bro" 😂💀 he said remember

  • malik kingz
    malik kingz 9 days ago

    Johnny dang better

  • 4blkricky
    4blkricky 10 days ago

    These niggas professional dickeaters 😂😂

  • Rasteen Jackson
    Rasteen Jackson 10 days ago

    Black people make dumb ass investments!!! His locks are sure growing fast too!!!😙😙😙😙😙😙

  • Nellixdashh
    Nellixdashh 10 days ago

    Detroit To Alanta

  • JAW 41
    JAW 41 10 days ago +2

    Nobody aint paying no damn $5 to see that piece 😂😂

  • Al Murphy
    Al Murphy 10 days ago

    Gold, gold...Diamonds arent worth shit lol

  • demarchio wrice
    demarchio wrice 10 days ago

    He made up like Madea lol

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith 10 days ago +1

    He seem like a cool dude

  • Leer Jet
    Leer Jet 10 days ago +2

    I don’t think they have a clue about his history and with jewelry stores

  • Jay B
    Jay B 10 days ago

    Anyone know the instrumental in the background?

  • kimchastain
    kimchastain 10 days ago

    man this guy is making a KILLING off the rappers. They don't know shit about what they are buying at first when. they first come into the game and are ready to spend some money.. I'm sure the ones who stay afloat financially actually learn about what they are buying and feel realize how much they are getting played. jewelry is such a waist of money, If I was borderline famous, I'de have me a nice watch and maybe a Cuban link chain. Ibe invest and wear some high quality replica shit.

  • Lionel Gilliam
    Lionel Gilliam 10 days ago

    Z 21-0367190517$31680@1&:45

  • 910 Addo
    910 Addo 10 days ago

    'wassup Tee, how you doing papa"

  • Lil Guerri!!a
    Lil Guerri!!a 11 days ago +11

    Icebox: "finesseing rappers since 1989"

  • adams eve
    adams eve 11 days ago

    Lmao. Ppl are stupid. That 100g after it walks out the door is now 20gz if he lucky same with a new car. But a chain of food stores will bring you money back. His career is over in a year or 2 then what. What he gut after that? A few wack ass chains and no income

  • Blake Star
    Blake Star 11 days ago

    A fool and his money are easily parted.

  • Hidden Realm 9
    Hidden Realm 9 11 days ago

    If these ignorant negros didn't have money. These Arabs wouldn't even look at these dudes they can't stand black people but they will talk like you and pretend to be yo best friend to get that money from these young ignorant black rappers.

  • Jason Mcgill
    Jason Mcgill 12 days ago

    Saw dat money , and got activated

  • Jason Mcgill
    Jason Mcgill 12 days ago

    Big shout out to grizzly

  • Joe Phon
    Joe Phon 12 days ago +2

    Will you you trying to hard bro! Stop pumping everything up

  • Joe Phon
    Joe Phon 12 days ago

    The will guy doesn’t know any other words than yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.... 🤣 relax Will he gonna spend that money you ain’t gotta pump him up!

  • Joe Jiang
    Joe Jiang 12 days ago

    Rappers are smarter than you think, they're businessmen. They don't give a fuck if they aren't getting value for their money, that's what poor people worry about. Rappers realize that branding is more important in the long run because they aren't paying $100k just for some diamonds, its exposure too as well as boosting their personal brand of being a rich rapper. So annoying when people think they understand what's going on when they don't know jack about business. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. Look $100k to you guys might be a house, but to them that's what they make in a month. It's like you guys spending money and buying dumb shit on the internet that you realize you don't need but brings pleasure. Plus he gets treated like a god every time he walks in the store as well as getting recognition from other rappers for the piece.

  • Mr.N
    Mr.N 13 days ago

    When will these black rappers understand that they are just making the white people rich .... SMH

  • Daniel Pratscher
    Daniel Pratscher 13 days ago

    Capitalism doing wonders for the human race

  • Ase Jarrod
    Ase Jarrod 13 days ago

    T Pain's "Big ass chain" is the world record ice box y'all not topping that

  • Len Len
    Len Len 13 days ago +5

    T grizzly built like someone grandma

    • byron brady
      byron brady 9 days ago

      I swear , I thought the same shit

  • Lu F
    Lu F 13 days ago

    Slick talking to make my brothers spend money message

  • Rap music Posts
    Rap music Posts 13 days ago

    Look like a mom

  • Khy
    Khy 14 days ago +32

    He spend damn near a million on overpriced stones and they give him a jewelry box

    • PS3Goat94
      PS3Goat94 5 days ago +1

      You dumb if you think this is true. Its all fake. Fake money, for publicity.

  • Khy
    Khy 14 days ago

    Show off T and show me how many properties you own

  • TurfBaby FRBFAMILY
    TurfBaby FRBFAMILY 14 days ago +11

    They all sound nervous because they know it’s fake and they think there gonna get exposes every time! I never heard so much stuttering in my life😭 I don’t trust nobody that don’t look like me!💯

  • Kingsley Bell
    Kingsley Bell 15 days ago

    Better get them diamonds checked and certified.

  • Rob Ferrell
    Rob Ferrell 17 days ago

    Man as big as this fool is, he should have been a line backer!!! Lol. Never heard his music so I figured he was an athlete.

  • Omega742000
    Omega742000 17 days ago

    To all Idiots" Diamonds are not Rare....Waste of Money

  • Calvin Duke
    Calvin Duke 18 days ago

    Roll tide!

  • Erik Dela Cruz
    Erik Dela Cruz 18 days ago +8

    They get these rappers blinded by the bling but dont mention actual quality of the diamonds. Not once did they describe in detail the diamond quality... cost of his jewelry are probably $30-$40k with labor included

    • Erik Dela Cruz
      Erik Dela Cruz 3 days ago

      landon larocque landon larocque you dont know shit about the valur of high end jewelery , your expertise is on Fossil and Seico watches

    • landon larocque
      landon larocque 3 days ago

      Erik Dela Cruz you’re capping bout 30-40k all together dummy that’s one watch

    • Jay Uno
      Jay Uno 17 days ago

      Erik Dela Cruz thats why he threw in the so called box 📦

  • AstronomerZ-
    AstronomerZ- 18 days ago


    Guy in the suit: yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Baris K.
    Baris K. 19 days ago


  • Harambe Jr
    Harambe Jr 19 days ago

    Imma rob this nigga

  • E.M.R.G.
    E.M.R.G. 19 days ago +2

    Everytime I see tee grizzly now all i can think about is when people were roasting him for lying about his charges

  • llClassifiedll
    llClassifiedll 20 days ago +15

    You know they had eyes on Tee😂 after his line and record.
    “banned me from every jewelry store”

  • Shrimp Zoo
    Shrimp Zoo 21 day ago +1

    Bad investment , this hip hop jewelry is worthless. Huge financial mistake

  • Joshua Duarte
    Joshua Duarte 21 day ago

    man shout out icebox for robbing these rappers for those fugazi ass diamonds and fake ass watches lmaooo

  • King of New York
    King of New York 22 days ago

    That’s a down payment on a small shopping center. Rappers make good money and give it to Arabs and Jews. They spend a 100k on a necklace and when they need money, they sell it for 10k. And 10k is what it costs the jeweler to make it.

  • any name
    any name 22 days ago +1

    and this is why i pirate music ( - :

  • Haks 1
    Haks 1 22 days ago

    The actual owner the one making the bread for real

  • Andrew Rice
    Andrew Rice 23 days ago

    This Mexican dude is pretty annoying. His voice is high as fuck and he just says some dumb shit. Thinks these rappers are his "bros"

  • Jay Uno
    Jay Uno 23 days ago

    At icebox chain comes with the company suck up

  • SC CraCkeD
    SC CraCkeD 23 days ago

    Nigga Bigger Then His Security Guard 😂

  • Jpeg2000
    Jpeg2000 23 days ago

    New Slaves

  • Corey j
    Corey j 23 days ago

    All this money for jewelry....put your money into charity or helping the hungry in third world countries. Be different, dont be your typical thug who spends all his money on cars and jewelry

  • Sureno Lord
    Sureno Lord 24 days ago

    This shits a waste man

  • Cobb Douglas
    Cobb Douglas 24 days ago

    Lmaoooooo... the boys at IceBox are a bunch of kiss-ass sellouts, shit is actually hilarious.

  • aidan mccormick
    aidan mccormick 24 days ago

    Tee lowkey look like he is so down to earth

  • Fast Diy Junkie
    Fast Diy Junkie 24 days ago

    This is why ur favorite rapper is broke.

  • Andrew Delgado
    Andrew Delgado 24 days ago

    Stupid ass box fr