How to Buy a Parts Car to Fix Your Daily Driver

  • Published on Nov 29, 2016
  • Learn when you should buy a "parts car", how to buy a parts car, and how to make money off the parts you remove from the car. In this episode I fix my Jaguar using parts from a another Jaguar, but first I show you the process of getting a parts car and how profitable it can be if you do it right!
    Tools Used in the Next Video:
    Ramps I use:
    Battery Impact Gun (awesome):
    Trim Removal Tool:
    How to Inspect a Used Car for Purchase:
    Final Episode (ep.2):
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  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel 7 hours ago +1

    ths is the best channel i want a car

  • Eu
    Eu Day ago

    I can't believe the new Jag can have that great condition exterior having that terrible interior.I

  • Karol Kowalski
    Karol Kowalski 4 days ago

    Sir, the videos on how to buy a car are great! Wish seen them earlier....
    Thank You for your time and good job!
    Karol ftom Poland-Europe

  • You are breathing
    You are breathing 11 days ago

    I know this comment is late, but I hoped ChrisFix did a prank with the parts car to fool his Dad (like say have someone write graffiti on the parts car, or have it seem like someone took the car wheels and tires, or smash the windshield with a brick).

  • Skull Fucker
    Skull Fucker 13 days ago +2

    my dude saab cars have dedicated shops just for saab parts that are still made here in sweden not sure if they sell outside

  • Gabriel S.
    Gabriel S. 17 days ago

    Not sure where this car is now, but would you be willing to trade this for a 2000 BMW 3 Series?

  • Johnathan Leonardo
    Johnathan Leonardo Month ago

    Didnt know you knew SaabKyle

  • XzanityGames
    XzanityGames Month ago

    Wait what lmao you got it from your father?

  • furtif massacre
    furtif massacre Month ago

    I had a parts car for my 06 Tiburon

  • Kealan Frost
    Kealan Frost Month ago

    You ever had to do a radiator change on this car? How did it go? Was it easy?

    SUPER CAR CRUSHER Month ago +1

    The suzuki is a RWD car manual transmisson silver exterior black interior 1.3L size engine 4 cylinder engine part 1 of it is located under the driver seat the part 2 is located under the passenger seat part 3 of it is under the hood. is it interesting?


    My 2010 suzuki Apv has one part thats indented the sideskrit the dent was from a cemetery my dad hit a rock from someone thats already dead thats buried i dont know who that was th reason why he is in the cemetery he was visiting his mom dad and his brother thats dead

  • Kalid De Dude
    Kalid De Dude Month ago

    Chris I want to buy wheels for my 2006 jaguar xtype
    the wheels I’m using right now the tire size is 255/45/R17 factory tires
    But I’m trying to get 215/45/R17
    I want to know if it will affect the car
    Please reply I need your advice

    • Xzaratherg
      Xzaratherg Month ago

      if 215/255 is the width then 215 gives you less grip, if it's the height your speedometer accuracy gets thrown off, your top speed is a bit lower, but your acceleration is a bit better

  • Anton Coban
    Anton Coban Month ago

    Du är best

  • Anton Coban
    Anton Coban Month ago


  • onraj9mm
    onraj9mm Month ago +1

    Count up the word "parts"

  • Peter Berchowitz
    Peter Berchowitz Month ago +1

    why does the forsale sign say 04
    but the title says 03?

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith Month ago

    In Britain there called doner cars

  • Garen Basmadjian
    Garen Basmadjian Month ago

    W here is the link of dashub????

    • Ernesto Garcia
      Ernesto Garcia Month ago

      Garen Basmadjian dashub disappeared and took peoples money. It’s a shady ass company

  • Fan de chavalones
    Fan de chavalones 2 months ago +1

    3:05 50 dollars and those cars are really defective and the parts are expensive , its better to get an American car.

  • Spencers Unboxing
    Spencers Unboxing 2 months ago

    Pick up that paint less dent repair kit from harbor freight to fix that dent in the fender

  • Fabian Arreola
    Fabian Arreola 2 months ago

    What auction site did you use?

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous 2 months ago

    >60 bucks for a shitty speaker that could cost 0.20 cents from china
    it's pretty obvious some "luxury" car brans rip people off with junk.
    I guess there is cheap, there is good, and there is rip off.

  • Eric Kamov
    Eric Kamov 2 months ago

    Chris: Your videos are _pure entertainment_ for *real* car guys!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Avery Boyer
    Avery Boyer 2 months ago

    dashub not working????

  • Jm Salvador
    Jm Salvador 2 months ago

    We need an alternative because I think that site doesn’t work anymore

  • Adam epic videos
    Adam epic videos 2 months ago

    7:30 when your going so fast and you change it into another gear on a 1960 or a 1970

  • Adam epic videos
    Adam epic videos 2 months ago

    picture from 6:17 i know now why the parts car was bided by chris up to 900$

  • Hunter Dollar
    Hunter Dollar 2 months ago

    Does dashub not work anymore?

  • Carl Carlson
    Carl Carlson 2 months ago

    When your parts car is better than your car

  • Nowel Aquir
    Nowel Aquir 2 months ago

    Hi, Chris are you related to my friend Marvin, Yes my friend Marving owns a parts car for each operating car he owns. I can see the neighborhood going downhill since Chris moved in. Goodbye, home equity.

  • Alpha male82
    Alpha male82 3 months ago

    In the front we're using ramps because I don't like jack stands.
    *2 seconds later*
    in the back we're gonna use jack stands

  • Johnny Vex
    Johnny Vex 3 months ago

    What auction site did you use?

  • Rizwan Ahmed
    Rizwan Ahmed 3 months ago

    do a chrisfix meetup at uae dubai

  • Chiuda Yu
    Chiuda Yu 3 months ago

    I think 209$

  • Maan Majd
    Maan Majd 3 months ago

    Whaťs a parts car ?

  • Bucko 9614
    Bucko 9614 3 months ago

    Chris why not fix the fender?

  • Moti Rai
    Moti Rai 3 months ago

    Awesome video how to get parts thank you

  • DGM
    DGM 3 months ago

    $60 for a magnet and some E- Copper???? That is just retarded. Jaguar what the actual f?

  • naoyuki sasanami
    naoyuki sasanami 3 months ago

    Japanese Slang, Nikoichi ( combining two to one restoration)

  • Husam Haddad
    Husam Haddad 3 months ago

    $900 biding but how much you put for the shipping?

    • Yuan TIAN
      Yuan TIAN Month ago +1

      He said in the video he paid in tatol for 1400 USD

  • Ryan Morrison
    Ryan Morrison 4 months ago

    Did anyone notice he said it was a 03 but the for sale sign in the window said 04

  • Brenden Poor
    Brenden Poor 4 months ago

    what kind of Mic do you use? Wearing headphones made me turn my head to check behind me lol

  • Alastair Lyon
    Alastair Lyon 4 months ago +2

    BACK! BACK! BACK! Her Into The Driveway!

  • RetroX
    RetroX 4 months ago +1

    a bought an 02 bmw from copart that was hit in the front and then an 01 bmw that had a blown motor and transmission. Looking foward to fixing the wrecked one.

  • 14725800369
    14725800369 4 months ago

    Wow! 8:55 I'll become a broker. Look at that fee. 299$ for basically doing nothing and that multiple times a day.

  • Infamousnicone
    Infamousnicone 4 months ago

    Now I have two parts car

  • Flamin' Fetus
    Flamin' Fetus 4 months ago

    Frank has joined the chat

  • Zen4real fight man
    Zen4real fight man 5 months ago

    It's not damaged it's just the wrong color

  • Orbit.
    Orbit. 5 months ago

    ok idk what to say about this...

  • Fahad ALKOOR
    Fahad ALKOOR 5 months ago +1

    Do a video on car flipping

  • RJSoftware2000
    RJSoftware2000 5 months ago

    One big big advantage is you can do a complete engine rebuild and take your time. Then swap engines and rebuild the other. Disadvantages are parts tend to wear out simular, so unless you can see car first not always good deal. Especially sun damaged plastic parts.

  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 5 months ago

    In the UK cars are so cheap there's no reason not to get a parts car especially for older cars. You can buy an X-Type for instance with a blown head gasket in mint condition for £300 if that

  • eric
    eric 5 months ago


  • Bill Christian Cedeño
    Bill Christian Cedeño 5 months ago +1

    OOOOOF, the interior's a mess

  • Kainoa q
    Kainoa q 5 months ago

    Take a shot every time he says "parts"

    EPIC PUPPY TECH 5 months ago

    If you're having problems with the paint then why the hell not just wrap it?

  • Siddhant Misra
    Siddhant Misra 5 months ago

    3 years ago you had 10 million subscribers? What happened?

  • KeidNaytee
    KeidNaytee 5 months ago


  • Webchez
    Webchez 6 months ago

    Yes, financially, it may be good, but who is going to have a rusting junk car in their driveway or back yard... Actually, maybe your first car should be the parts car and fix the auction car.. It looked pretty good...