$1 Street Food Around The World


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  • Razon FX
    Razon FX 2 minutes ago +1

    In Indonesia You Can Get SotoMi With Price 1$

  • Boba Teax
    Boba Teax 11 minutes ago

    This looks so good. I’m starving now!

  • Avakin Anime
    Avakin Anime 42 minutes ago

    Korean street food next

  • Rick W
    Rick W 44 minutes ago

    1) Mmmm....that stuff from India looked good, and it was hand made. : )
    2) 180 yen is well over a dollar.
    3) you won't get a good hotdog in NYC for a dollar.

  • TripleL Mumba
    TripleL Mumba Hour ago

    and in china six for 88 cents thats worth it

  • TripleL Mumba
    TripleL Mumba Hour ago

    this is not street food she went in a restraunt in japan!

  • Dianne Sprinkles
    Dianne Sprinkles Hour ago

    One dollar in Philippines can buy you more foods

  • High Queen
    High Queen Hour ago

    Don’t forget in nyc there is halal food and other stuff.

  • RazRBLX
    RazRBLX Hour ago

    Uh, Russia?

  • Delle The Boss
    Delle The Boss Hour ago

    Pizza fritta n’euro

  • Bernardo Riper
    Bernardo Riper Hour ago

    US hot dogs are so boring

  • ilmarshmallowdiXiuminèchen fight me

    In Sicily with 1 euro I can buy the world

  • Afifah Hana
    Afifah Hana Hour ago

    di indo, 1 dollar bisa makan di warung padang.

  • Gogetaspirit
    Gogetaspirit Hour ago

    $1 cant get you a hotdog in nyc

  • hilal omer
    hilal omer Hour ago

    Try Denmark ! haha

  • Madeline Gonzalez Navas

    korea please!!

  • inside yourmum
    inside yourmum Hour ago

    The last one 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • Ruby Spencer
    Ruby Spencer Hour ago

    This is so cool! I want to eat everything tho😛

  • Life Of Me
    Life Of Me Hour ago

    Do England

  • Saiqa Noreen
    Saiqa Noreen 2 hours ago

    How come no one even does england bradford

  • Jean Moroski
    Jean Moroski 2 hours ago


  • Gurgen Stepanyan
    Gurgen Stepanyan 2 hours ago

    Of course it's curry for India

  • יניב כהן
    יניב כהן 2 hours ago

    sticky junk):

  • Ident man
    Ident man 2 hours ago

    I love seeing the interactions😅

  • Nico Grassi
    Nico Grassi 2 hours ago

    Do one in Italy

  • Gryo
    Gryo 2 hours ago

    London 1 pound street food is the best

  • Jelly Puff
    Jelly Puff 2 hours ago

    In France the cheapest streat food is an ice cream for 2 € 50 ct

  • Ariana Macaran
    Ariana Macaran 2 hours ago

    Me: Wow life is so good, no one can get in the way! :D
    God: Bet
    Me: 4:06

  • Noexie
    Noexie 2 hours ago

    In my country you can’t even buy water for one dollar omg that’s crazy 😂😂

  • Redmadfighter
    Redmadfighter 2 hours ago

    Today in Switzerland
    I want a chocolate bar
    Ok That would be 15 dollars
    *takes all what eh have and goes to the nearest country*

  • Leila RELAYSON
    Leila RELAYSON 2 hours ago

    In the Philippines they also use pesos and 1 American Dollar is equivalent to about 50 pesos

  • Jaikhiyah Johnson
    Jaikhiyah Johnson 3 hours ago

    Mexican corn

  • Elle Elle
    Elle Elle 3 hours ago +1

    i want the fish cake so bad

  • Svrmnjm
    Svrmnjm 3 hours ago

    I like hot dog

    BTS BISHES 3 hours ago

    Can you do korea and Venezuela?

  • momokokochuchuchu
    momokokochuchuchu 3 hours ago

    is a hot dog rly considered a sausage? i barely consider it meat

  • C0lby R
    C0lby R 3 hours ago

    4:50 Would you like bread in your butter

  • Clara Surian
    Clara Surian 3 hours ago

    In brazil with 1 real you can buy a lolipop or 1 milion of small candies but its just that ;-;

  • BunnyDogGymnast Lover
    BunnyDogGymnast Lover 3 hours ago

    *1 dollar for a hotdog?* More like 3 dollars

  • king 2
    king 2 3 hours ago

    Please eat the greek version of souvlaki. Its so tasty

  • Samurai
    Samurai 3 hours ago


  • peanut butter chocolate time

    No one has gloves on

  • Martina Martínez
    Martina Martínez 3 hours ago

    The Mexico food looked so good also the Spain food because I talk in Spanish and English I knew wat they said

  • Mochibearfoams
    Mochibearfoams 3 hours ago

    12 pesos isn't a dollor lol

  • Dylan Clayton
    Dylan Clayton 3 hours ago

    Where's Australia

  • Siggie's Gasha
    Siggie's Gasha 4 hours ago

    In sweden you can buy a soft vanilla icecream for abour 15 kr (1$ and 7 cent)

  • Manuel Valera
    Manuel Valera 4 hours ago

    i came looking for churros and was dissapointed!

  • Ana Cabral
    Ana Cabral 4 hours ago

    Meanwhile in Brazil

    yo, you wanna pastel
    sure how much
    3 reis
    wow a dollar

  • Zara Nasir
    Zara Nasir 4 hours ago


  • yellow blue
    yellow blue 4 hours ago

    Porra! Not porro. Porro means joint.

  • samuel bauffour codina

    oh jesus, delicious

  • maxpro yang
    maxpro yang 4 hours ago

    🇪🇸 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • Mumtaz Ahmed
    Mumtaz Ahmed 4 hours ago


  • CD rom
    CD rom 4 hours ago

    Come to serbia to try srpski burek sa sirom. Copy this to google translate because i dont know how to say srpski burek sa sirom on english

  • G Ledam
    G Ledam 4 hours ago

    plastic plastic plastic

  • GetYour Fix
    GetYour Fix 4 hours ago

    I love Chinese Street food. For real, it's so delicious and savory...

  • RandomPosts 5422
    RandomPosts 5422 4 hours ago

    Where da fuq is Vietnam? You can get a bowl of pho for $1

  • tariq Islam
    tariq Islam 4 hours ago

    Can u go to bangladesh and united arab emirates and do 1$ street food.

  • David Men
    David Men 4 hours ago

    Peru and Honduras!!! Please!

  • Thearvid thearvid
    Thearvid thearvid 5 hours ago

    Dam, pack your bags People! We goin to india!

  • Lornce Stiger III
    Lornce Stiger III 5 hours ago

    Like how there was no black food featured like KFC,watermelon, cornbread, or koolaid

  • Abhi Tyagi
    Abhi Tyagi 5 hours ago

    As the indian asked for pav baji, i was eating pav baji wtf!?

  • BIGB
    BIGB 5 hours ago


  • Toniogamer123
    Toniogamer123 5 hours ago

    Coxinha, from Brazil!!!

  • Bina Siddiqui
    Bina Siddiqui 5 hours ago

    Eat biryani in pakistan

  • Denis
    Denis 5 hours ago +1

    Missing Thailand here

  • Bridget I am
    Bridget I am 5 hours ago


  • Kiz Supreme
    Kiz Supreme 5 hours ago

    Surprised they didn't say "were out, bye."

  • Alele Agrisette
    Alele Agrisette 5 hours ago +1

    Puertorican street food 😁please

  • Stefan 25YT
    Stefan 25YT 5 hours ago

    Like dacă ești roman!!!

  • Jimmy lol
    Jimmy lol 5 hours ago

    In Vietnam you can buy hundreds of street food

  • Jimmy lol
    Jimmy lol 5 hours ago

    That india thing was weird

  • aamna khan
    aamna khan 5 hours ago


  • Leos Novak
    Leos Novak 5 hours ago

    Czech pls

  • İbrahim Dağkaya
    İbrahim Dağkaya 5 hours ago

    it can be a turkish döner

  • Killa Fead
    Killa Fead 5 hours ago

    To think a few more dollars you could have gotten a pack of hot dogs.

  • x x
    x x 5 hours ago

    Well.. I'm hungry now

  • 임유진
    임유진 5 hours ago

    Actually that fish warm cake is korean street food.

  • Itz AttAkz
    Itz AttAkz 5 hours ago

    Argentinan food please (empanada) there amazing!

  • Sam de Vries
    Sam de Vries 5 hours ago

    The netherlands

  • Mas outro Youtuber
    Mas outro Youtuber 5 hours ago

    2:99 "One porra"
    Brasileiro é foda

  • Kitty Cornheart
    Kitty Cornheart 5 hours ago

    in spain 1 euro?isnt that from the netherlands

  • officialrudyx
    officialrudyx 5 hours ago

    here in Czech Republic you can buy a beer for 25 CZK = 1€

  • Soulkey sbr
    Soulkey sbr 6 hours ago

    *A man who never eats pork buns is never a whole man!*

  • Poke Gaming
    Poke Gaming 6 hours ago

    Dont click read more..
    *Read More*

  • Hamza Islam
    Hamza Islam 6 hours ago

    Go to bangladesh plz

  • ღDashyChuღ
    ღDashyChuღ 6 hours ago

    Everytime they go to take a bite of the food I think they are about to aggressively throw the food

  • rabie piece
    rabie piece 6 hours ago

    Sweden street food

  • Felicita Gāga
    Felicita Gāga 6 hours ago


  • Reinalto
    Reinalto 6 hours ago

    3:02 "porra" in Brazil means cum.. LOL

  • Batinovia #1
    Batinovia #1 6 hours ago

    In Mexico tacos too

  • DaB_AsP
    DaB_AsP 6 hours ago

    With 1 dollar, there's mostly nothing to buy in Switzerland..

  • Én vagyok!
    Én vagyok! 6 hours ago

    Hungary please

  • Yerrox YT
    Yerrox YT 6 hours ago


  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 6 hours ago


  • annchan The great
    annchan The great 6 hours ago

    I wanna see Vietnam.

  • ld gun lady
    ld gun lady 6 hours ago

    Do English food

  • NikkiPlay
    NikkiPlay 6 hours ago

    in serbia for 1 dollar u can buy 3 meals and snacks

  • hello hey
    hello hey 6 hours ago

    I mean, the one in India looks delicious but he uses his hands to touch the food and to wipe the table? Thanks but nah

  • The Rice Goddess
    The Rice Goddess 6 hours ago

    what about tax?