10 Things NOBODY Tells You About High School!

  • Published on Jun 30, 2017
  • Here are 10 things NOBODY tells you about high school! I am giving you guys some advice, tips, and telling you all things I wish I knew before I was a freshman in high school and even through all my years at high school!
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Comments • 901

  • BryninMakesVideos
    BryninMakesVideos Month ago

    Class of 23 wya?!💯💗✨

  • joseph K.B
    joseph K.B Month ago

    High school's shit ngl.

  • The BFFs
    The BFFs 2 months ago

    Im about to start High School

  • The Pixelation World
    The Pixelation World 2 months ago +1

    Why is this "Class of 2022" so important

  • bittersweet_ _meg
    bittersweet_ _meg 2 months ago

    Well, l live in Italy so people really care about how you look. And that's depressing because I'm broke and I don't have enough money to buy cool stuff

  • Julia Wudzke
    Julia Wudzke 3 months ago

    I would take fun classes but there’s a little something called the a-g’s 🙄

  • Bear and Polar Bear
    Bear and Polar Bear 3 months ago

    Freshman year fml I’m gonna die

  • Mya Fussell
    Mya Fussell 3 months ago

    Future class of 2022 yo

  • Supergirl#TWINS Nonofyourbusiness

    In Australia we have primary school kindergarten to year 6 ages 5-12 high school year 7-12 ages 12-18

  • Nourcine garbie
    Nourcine garbie 3 months ago

    No its yanny not laurel

  • Chubby Bean
    Chubby Bean 3 months ago

    I'm going into 9th grade in 3 weeks and I'm taking AP classes

  • Alexis J
    Alexis J 3 months ago

    Class of 2021. My high school is “NO! YOU HAVE TO DO THIS CLASS! YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!”

  • Chubby Bean
    Chubby Bean 3 months ago

    I took geometry in middle school

  • Johanna Bascom
    Johanna Bascom 3 months ago

    I’m in the class of 2020, I’m already almost done high school

  • Karlatrejo Trejo
    Karlatrejo Trejo 3 months ago

    im going to be a freshman this year!!

  • Saadia Morli
    Saadia Morli 3 months ago

    going into eighth grader :3 (before someone says i don’t need to watch this video; where I live eighth graders are freshmen in high school)

  • ScorpionNest
    ScorpionNest 3 months ago

    Ummm 6 is kinda ehhhhh...
    I get comments on how I look all the time... bad ones.
    People these days are so prideful of how they look... and anyone who isn’t at their “standard” of what a girl should look like... is ugly in their view.
    I’ve gotten comments upon comments... times have changed.
    Girls now a days are less insecure and they think they look like a goddess.

  • andre priv
    andre priv 3 months ago

    class of 2022 wya

  • Esperanza Casares
    Esperanza Casares 4 months ago

    Thank you Sooooo much I'm so nervous for high school!😯☺

  • Jessika Meeker
    Jessika Meeker 4 months ago

    Class of 2019?

  • Caitlin Garry
    Caitlin Garry 4 months ago

    We don't have study hall at my school

    • Caitlin Garry
      Caitlin Garry 4 months ago

      We never had one in middle school either

  • Carly DuBois
    Carly DuBois 4 months ago

    I’m taking AP in 9th I’m scared I’m going to burn out :(

  • Husky 4 life
    Husky 4 life 4 months ago

    For me it’s 6 years of high school

  • Roselis Mejia
    Roselis Mejia 4 months ago

    My schools allows us to start taking ap classes as soon as we’re sophomores with ap English! I’m definitely taking it this year ahah

  • Soraya Banda
    Soraya Banda 4 months ago +1

    Class of 2020!?

  • Olivia Bowman
    Olivia Bowman 4 months ago

    Class of 2022!😆

  • Olivia Bowman
    Olivia Bowman 4 months ago

    Class of 2022!😆

  • Olivia Bowman
    Olivia Bowman 4 months ago

    Class of 2022!😆

  • Kim Fonda
    Kim Fonda 4 months ago +1

    I'm actually starting high school and my friend Taryn goes there so yea but I'm going when the summer end.👍

  • vanitee wtf
    vanitee wtf 4 months ago


  • Slime Maker
    Slime Maker 4 months ago

    Two years till high school for meh ⭐️

  • Hector Solis
    Hector Solis 4 months ago +1

    that angle makes your head look huge maybe try a different angle 💖

  • Alison Merritt
    Alison Merritt 5 months ago +2

    Class of 2024 where u at???? 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • _.Mintii._
    _.Mintii._ 5 months ago +1

    For the classes one I can't relate. In middle school you always get to choose your elective and classes, but in freshman year rit's really hard, the older you are the more electives you have

  • Myia Duke
    Myia Duke 5 months ago +3

    Class of 2022 where you at🙂??

  • MyLifeAsLily
    MyLifeAsLily 5 months ago

    Class if '24

  • Lia
    Lia 5 months ago +4

    Im going to high school when summer is over and I am so excited but so overwhelmed and nervous. Anybody else?

    • LxgitKatie
      LxgitKatie 4 months ago

      Lia yes me omg.2 more months

  • M E
    M E 5 months ago +2

    I’m entering 9th grade next year (freshman!) and I have some questions/worries
    •getting lost
    •I didn’t have enough credits to pick a study hall
    •what to bring on the first day
    •appearance, I’m not allowed to wear makeup?!

  • Mary Webb
    Mary Webb 5 months ago +2

    "Get work experience" I'm barely 13 and Imma be a freshman

  • Hey Itzme
    Hey Itzme 5 months ago +2

    Class of 2022!!😁😁

  • Chocolate Milk Hacker Hunter

    I'm gonna be going into Year 7 this year and I really want to do art, but I'm really bad. Any advice?

  • Mariah
    Mariah 6 months ago

    Class 23?

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz 6 months ago +1

    And i girlfriend said yes to you i love you lots real live it's real

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz 6 months ago +1

    girlfriend and girlfriend to together to high school real live it's real girlfriend and girlfriend can not be together you will dead real live it's real im going to end real live it's real i fuck hate high school it's real i fuck hate eastside high school it's real i fuck hate black people it's real i fuck hate black girlfriend its real girlfriend and girlfriend are move together house real live girlfriend and girlfriend can not be together you will dead real live it's real im going to end real live it's real i girlfriend to come to my house is two storey in my room my girlfriend never listen to me real live it's real im going to end real live it's real i fuck hate 13th reasons why all the episode it's real i fuck hate new 13th reasons why all the episode it's real girlfriend and girlfriend are together fortnite girlfriend and girlfriend can not be together you will dead real live it's real i fuck hate fortnite lots its real i girlfriend to be straight im straight it's real girlfriend and girlfriend are together at movie today girlfriend and girlfriend can not be together you will dead real live it's real i fuck hate movie im not come back anymore never again real live it's real im not gay i fuck hate gay people it's real i fuck hate dad lots its real i fuck hate mom lots its real i fuck hate real friend it's real i fuck hate real cousin real live it's real i fuck hate brother real friend it's real i fuck hate brother soft penguins fuck hate lots its real girlfriend and girlfriend are together real cars real live girlfriend and girlfriend can not be together you will dead real live it's real i fuck hate real cars real live it's real i fuck hate god is gay it's real i fuck hate devil is gay it's real i fuck hate sister real friend it's real yes would is going to end everywhere bad thing are happen in California in Lancaster everywhere real live it's real

  • Annalis Molina-Aced
    Annalis Molina-Aced 7 months ago

    "so much more better"

  • Flare
    Flare 7 months ago +1

    I'm grade 6 and omg, praise the lord people do this.

  • The Angkor Watt
    The Angkor Watt 7 months ago +2

    #11 Highschool is actually shit. Focus on those grades unless ur a model. 100.

  • DragonLordLeda
    DragonLordLeda 7 months ago

    Next time you make one of these 10 things video, could you add text about what you’re talking each time the number comes up?
    Just a suggestion. You do you

  • magda dobosz
    magda dobosz 8 months ago

    I'm goin to year 7 I'm soo terrifiedterrified

  • Keanna Karylle A Nolasco

    Im going to 7th grade next school yr ✨

  • Emma
    Emma 8 months ago +1

    Class of 2022 💁

  • BbV SsV Mia
    BbV SsV Mia 8 months ago

    My school go up to 9 so I have to go to a different school so I’ll be in high school for 3 year lol 😂 not long lmao

  • OddLilPotatoe
    OddLilPotatoe 8 months ago

    man im like the popular girl if i say so myself but i mean like the good type i talk to everyone so many friends i do have besties so grateful for em ^-^

  • thot begone
    thot begone 8 months ago

    She a thot

  • Jyot Adhvaryu
    Jyot Adhvaryu 9 months ago +1


      PRA1SED PR0D1GY 2 months ago

      Sheranden same

    • Sheranden
      Sheranden 8 months ago +1

      Jyot Adhvaryu I've been doing researching the High school I am going to next year, and I'm just ughhh, so excited and so nervous

    • Jyot Adhvaryu
      Jyot Adhvaryu 9 months ago

      SHE loves DIY same and I’m so nervous and exited :))

    • Sheranden
      Sheranden 9 months ago +1

      Jyot Adhvaryu I'm gonna be a freshman for the 2018-19 school year

  • Leena A.
    Leena A. 9 months ago

    Omg agreed! Geometry kills me😭😂

  • Daniela Vazquez
    Daniela Vazquez 9 months ago

    omg nice!

  • Carrie Oquinn
    Carrie Oquinn 9 months ago

    Does High School ever get hard?

  • Emmy Henriquez
    Emmy Henriquez 9 months ago

    What High School did you go to?

  • mathew idicula
    mathew idicula 9 months ago

    I was a bad student, actually the worst student in the world all the history of the world and definitely more dumber then the genius of the Aurora Colorado theater shooting, remember that joker. In the mish mash of my head I wanted to be a doctor/ lawyer/ other superlative. So you get the picture I was an idiot, but as much as I hated it, as much as it stunted me it taught me community, and that is not a bad thing. It taught me my place in the world, and if I can understand it, learn something to carve out my corner I could grow to anything I wanted from one mustard seed. School, church, and very advice I got, I hated it all. But in the end I learned where they all seek in their higher nexus which they wished to achieve, the line ends here terminus to a community, a relationship of all. And so in the end they burn themselves to consuming, they end so that what is true could flourish until it's end.

  • The The
    The The 9 months ago

    Going to high school soon. Any advice for me. VERY NERVOUS

  • the sphere of archimedes

    I am starting high school tomorrow wish me luck

  • Crazy Beans
    Crazy Beans 9 months ago

    In australia we have 6 years of primary school (yrs 1-6), then 6 years of high school (yrs 7-12).

  • someone who car3s
    someone who car3s 9 months ago +1

    Class of 2020 ??? 😃

  • williams 54
    williams 54 9 months ago

    I'm in 8th grade right now it is 2018 so I'm going to be a freshmen next year will my graduating class be 2021, 0r 2022

  • Jeremy Diesel
    Jeremy Diesel 9 months ago

    I graduated but I like hearing great advice and she seems like a great person too.

  • Glentakespix
    Glentakespix 10 months ago

    Hallo Lauren, you sure look beautiful here. Would love to text or chat sometime, Glen.

  • MartoTheTomato
    MartoTheTomato 10 months ago

    What the fuck is this bullshit

  • Artz Craftz853
    Artz Craftz853 10 months ago

    I'm in class of 2022.

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 10 months ago

    Anyways, class of 2022 ? Anyone?

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 10 months ago +2

    Gonna be in highschool in 2018--later, after summer -- dam it.

  • Tunrayo Ade
    Tunrayo Ade 10 months ago

    Class of 2021

  • CJ And Her Life
    CJ And Her Life 10 months ago

    In Australia high school is 6 Year’s of ur life (grade 7-12)

  • Bryan Moss
    Bryan Moss 10 months ago


  • Da weird Potato
    Da weird Potato 10 months ago

    Rip I'm gonna be entering high school in 2018. Shit.

  • Camila Keller
    Camila Keller 10 months ago

    Everyone is like “Class 2022, clas 2019, ayeee” and I am like starting high school in 2 months .-.

  • molly mcneal
    molly mcneal 10 months ago

    Bagahhh class of 24

  • sheldon 445
    sheldon 445 11 months ago

    We here at the 2021 delegation

  • kathy albert
    kathy albert 11 months ago

    class of 2022??

  • Tamia Haider
    Tamia Haider 11 months ago

    Class of 2018 looooolllll

  • May Pop
    May Pop 11 months ago +1

    Class of 2020 anyone~?

  • Gacha Iri
    Gacha Iri 11 months ago

    Im going to high school and im kinda scared but exited
    Wish me help
    I go to high school in february

  • Meow Gurl
    Meow Gurl 11 months ago

    I'm in elementary school...

  • Tubular Taeyong
    Tubular Taeyong 11 months ago

    But I took honor and AP classes in 9th grade..

  • Charlotte Dowling

    Class of 2023

  • tsu • na • mi
    tsu • na • mi Year ago +475

    class of '22?

  • kaka vicky
    kaka vicky Year ago

    I'm from Germany ans i go to the 7th class

  • Priyal Badala
    Priyal Badala Year ago

    We are number 1 2021

  • a little bit trashy

    class of 2019 - my favorite number 👀

  • a little bit trashy

    i hate pre cal but i need my calculus to get a good job no matter how much ill struggle and suffer lmao

  • Kelly K
    Kelly K Year ago

    1:13 when the actual part of the video starts

  • Sarenity Potter
    Sarenity Potter Year ago +24

    Everyones like "class of 2021!" wellllll thats cool im totally not 2022

  • kiera smith
    kiera smith Year ago

    i start grade 11 in 1 day

    help me

  • AgainstTheCurrent

    How bout not speaking english in general .. How bout that.. Thats me and my school is tomorrow.

  • Ruth Romih
    Ruth Romih Year ago

    Tomorow 1st day😢💥💤

    • Amal Xx
      Amal Xx Year ago

      pika pook good luck

  • Harpertun XD
    Harpertun XD Year ago

    You want a martyr I'll be one.

  • clubpenguin roblox3
    clubpenguin roblox3 Year ago +2

    Creepy to think the people who are the class of 2030 are alive and like 4 years old.... 🤔🤔

  • Paris
    Paris Year ago

    I'm going in to high school on Tuesday 💕😫

  • Orange Username
    Orange Username Year ago

    i made a 50 on some stupid project that doesn't require any knowledge, and it was a english class, it was tracing a black and white photo of you then fill it back in with words that describe you, you need 50 words and i when i was trying to think of words (im slow at work) but smart, then we had a fucking test 1 day after the project. so i still didn't have 50 words, didn't get to trace my fucking photo. and im slow at work but still smart so it takes me 2 days to do this test, then bam i have 1 fucking day to finish 50 character traits and something you have to do during the day or if you got a clear clipboard, you need light and a hard surface. to trace ur fucking face and replace it with 50 fucking words and not just that i have to do geometry, math, theatre, and all this other fucking shit... ENGLISH ISNT ART CLASS FOR FUCK SAKES WHY IS IT A FUCKING GRADE IM NOT GOOD AT THIS SHIT ART ART ART ALL WE DO IN A FUCKING ENGLISH CLASS FOR THE FIRST 3 DAYS FUCK I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!!!!

  • Gymnastics2814
    Gymnastics2814 Year ago

    I'm starting high school into year 7