Trying Instagram Black Ice Cream

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • We went to Little Damage in Downtown LA and got the instafamous "Black Ice Cream"!
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    MUSIC: Bossa Boogie
    Mon Chéri
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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  2 years ago +2155

    Hey guys!!! Happy Tuesday 🤓 what did u think of the ice cream? Would u try it? Can't wait to go back and get some more!

    • Savannahs Life
      Savannahs Life Month ago

      Yeah yum

    • Aaron Slack
      Aaron Slack Month ago

      I agree I’m gonna start drooling like a dog 🤤🤤🤤

    • Aaron Slack
      Aaron Slack Month ago

      I would definitely try it because I doLive in Richmond Virginia. I have always wanted to see what black ice cream really tasted like

    • Savannahs Life
      Savannahs Life 2 months ago


    • Julia Dalton
      Julia Dalton 3 months ago

      Now you have a dethlyhallow above your butt

  • Carly Parker
    Carly Parker 2 hours ago

    Saf said, "do I have any boogers in their?" 😂Lol😂

  • Akidachi
    Akidachi Day ago

    Every part of my body is telling me that should be licorice flavored why is it cinnamon

  • alex,s random things

    hey tyler i just realized how tall saf is

  • Tiana Jaan
    Tiana Jaan 2 days ago +1

    6:29 man in pink has the same ice cream

  • Tiffany Lavalle
    Tiffany Lavalle 3 days ago

    Saf has this face she makes when she's trying something, where for 3 seconds she doesn't seem to taste anything and then the flavor all hits her at once and she just immediately goes @O@ or >~< and you can instantly tell if she liked it or not.

  • Grace Villarosa
    Grace Villarosa 4 days ago

    Tyler has perfect teeth 🦷

  • Alishahere x
    Alishahere x 4 days ago

    Is Saf taller than Ty?

  • y'all mad annoying but rip x

    LMFAO we not gonna talk about what saf said at the end??

  • spaghetti man
    spaghetti man 6 days ago

    They are genuinely couple goals though.

  • GamingWith Cally
    GamingWith Cally 7 days ago

    When I saw the title of this vid, I went to the kitchen and got ice cream😂

  • GamingWith Cally
    GamingWith Cally 7 days ago

    When I saw the title of this vid, I went to the kitchen and got ice cream😂

  • SabrinaMBowen
    SabrinaMBowen 8 days ago

    Seriously? Parking in LA is hard? Try parking in Pittsburgh. At least LA is built on a square, miss your turn, miss your garage, need to find a new one... in LA you just make 3 rights and you're back where you were... NOT in Pittsburgh! It's insane.

  • the 3 nuts taggyboy
    the 3 nuts taggyboy 11 days ago

    Idenety is not a joke jim

  • lucita lou
    lucita lou 13 days ago +1

    7:34 #harrypotter #lol #oof

  • Ashley Vessella
    Ashley Vessella 14 days ago

    wait but when something absorbs all light, that means there’s no color because to get the color, that light has to reflect off of the object. so black is the absence of color.

  • keira olsen
    keira olsen 19 days ago

    this video stoped involving ice cream a while ago😂😂

  • :D :D
    :D :D 19 days ago

    oh hey i got one too! they're really good but also really friggin huge. i couldn't finish mine by myself

  • Juancarlos Hernandez
    Juancarlos Hernandez 19 days ago

    Song at 3:57??

  • Rebecca Cheah
    Rebecca Cheah 23 days ago

    dO i SeNsE pOtTeRhEaDs?
    I, nickname Dobby, is a ravenclaw.
    Let’s all free house elves 🧦🧦

  • Chanel Thomas
    Chanel Thomas 24 days ago

    I love them together

  • Chanel Thomas
    Chanel Thomas 24 days ago

    I love them together

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple 28 days ago

    Would like to know what's up with Crustie's lip? :0

  • xRebecckahx
    xRebecckahx 29 days ago

    Can we just appreciate Ty's lower back dimples

  • Lexi Nelson
    Lexi Nelson Month ago

    Saf,I might be in heat
    Me,well it is true bc my dog is attracted to other dogs when she's in heat

  • Ellie Brown
    Ellie Brown Month ago

    I just realized that safiya is taller than Tyler

  • Helen the Great
    Helen the Great Month ago +4

    That’s a gray ice cream!
    The thing is that I’ve eaten black ice cream with spray glitter!!
    Got it in Saudi Arabia.

  • Izzy SciFi
    Izzy SciFi Month ago

    You two are so perfect for each other!!! 😊

  • / / f a t a l / /
    / / f a t a l / / Month ago +1

    Alternate title: *Tyler acting like a dad for 11 minutes straight*

  • E Fried
    E Fried Month ago


  • Penguin26 K
    Penguin26 K Month ago

    11:10. Anyone else hear the weird laugh possibly from Saf?

  • Fatima Lechuga
    Fatima Lechuga Month ago

    Actually all the colors mixed together makes brown😂😁

  • Morgan Elaine
    Morgan Elaine Month ago

    "Any boogers in there?"
    Safiya 2019

  • Kitties ForLife
    Kitties ForLife Month ago +1

    I forgot about the old Unicorn Frappe, sadly I still never got one :’(

  • blackmarya
    blackmarya Month ago

    Cinnamon? Weird I thought it would be black sesame

  • Zarrin begum
    Zarrin begum Month ago

    Not all things safiya likes black is clothes.....

  • Remshjgh22
    Remshjgh22 Month ago +1

    looooks yummm

  • Athena Arce
    Athena Arce Month ago


  • Lola Squad
    Lola Squad Month ago

    Down town Seattle

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    Speaking from the future, SO MANY people missed the Unicorn frappa Lou Lou (SwampFam)

  • Emma Dudley
    Emma Dudley Month ago

    Who’s here after the proposal??

  • leahj127
    leahj127 Month ago

    i thought black ice cream was just chocolate ice cream

  • Copper Crown
    Copper Crown Month ago

    turns out he's just american and white interesting

  • Copper Crown
    Copper Crown Month ago

    I'm always just curious what nationality Tyler is because he looks maybe Asian but has a full on american accent and speaks English, so I don't know but I'd love to know

  • Ciara Walsh
    Ciara Walsh Month ago

    shes in heat

  • Ciara Walsh
    Ciara Walsh Month ago

    saf is so much taller jesus

  • Catelin Pugh
    Catelin Pugh Month ago

    Rose's are red
    My dad's name is ben
    They try the ice cream
    At 6:10

  • Inkles
    Inkles 2 months ago

    Safiya but she's a food

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen 2 months ago

    WRONG black is the absence of color, but it absorbs light. White is all the colors so it can’t absorb any more light

  • Llamacorn33579 45
    Llamacorn33579 45 2 months ago +2

    Safiya TOTALLY had a thing for that mannequin

  • Manila Synchrony
    Manila Synchrony 2 months ago

    2:41 Omy your listening to Philippine Rock (in english) ITS AEGIS (the name of the group

    LEMONS RULE THE WORLD 2 months ago

    Uh,M=making out with a dementor isn't a nice feeling,Safiya,in fact it was dreaded in the movie

  • mondaz3
    mondaz3 2 months ago +6

    Tyler and Saf are such a great couple. I love how they run all their errands and do their videos together for each other's channel. Saf has such a naturally quirky and cute personality and Tyler is the cherry on top. Love you guys and your videos! Congrats on your engagement!

  • Autumn Dee
    Autumn Dee 2 months ago

    Tyler. Start making videos for this channel again!!

  • Sew Cat
    Sew Cat 2 months ago

    You are the best you referenced my favorite book

  • Art by April
    Art by April 2 months ago +1

    You what I didn’t like being taught in elementary school purple was a color but in high school purple is not a color ya got indigo and violet

  • Emily Swanton
    Emily Swanton 2 months ago

    5:21 I Stan the John Mayer in the background

  • Mia Gold
    Mia Gold 2 months ago

    Sofia got 1 more tattoo on her shoulder????

  • kalahlovesquad Smith
    kalahlovesquad Smith 2 months ago

    Is that racist

  • Pennybear The dog
    Pennybear The dog 2 months ago +2

    0:49 "bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica" your welcome

  • tisha1728
    tisha1728 3 months ago

    I would probably really like that ice cream, I love cinnamon! Have you ever tried the black licorice ice cream? It is dark black, of course it is only good if you like black licorice, I love it!!! Unfortunately the only ice cream shop that sold it near me went closed their store I'm still searching for another place that sells it.

  • Sunna Rut
    Sunna Rut 3 months ago

    Tyler will be a great dad one day!

    • Sunna Rut
      Sunna Rut 3 months ago

      And Safiya will also be a great mom! Random comments, I know. Just needed to get it out there, they're adorable.

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 3 months ago

    It's cinnamon!?!

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 3 months ago

    Do they go into that ice cream store all the time?

  • Jessica Fernandez
    Jessica Fernandez 3 months ago


    the guy outside also has black ice cream

  • Giada Cookie
    Giada Cookie 3 months ago +5

    That book series called bunnicula (idk how it’s spelled)...

    I used to think it was pronounced “bunny cyoola”

  • erica bergan
    erica bergan 3 months ago

    Saf is so tall even taller than you lmao.

  • Abby Burke
    Abby Burke 3 months ago +5

    4:41 my parents collect coca cola stuff and have that exact platter type sign hanging up

  • Isha Rajput
    Isha Rajput 3 months ago

    love runs out playing in the ice cream shop makes me wanna go there

  • Kailey 7432
    Kailey 7432 3 months ago

    White Absorbs all the colors, black is absence of color