Trying Instagram Black Ice Cream

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • We went to Little Damage in Downtown LA and got the instafamous "Black Ice Cream"!
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    Mon Chéri
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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  2 years ago +2264

    Hey guys!!! Happy Tuesday 🤓 what did u think of the ice cream? Would u try it? Can't wait to go back and get some more!

    • caroline
      caroline 21 day ago

      Happy Ghai so? why does it matter

    • Savannahs Life
      Savannahs Life 4 months ago

      Yeah yum

    • Aaron Slack
      Aaron Slack 4 months ago

      I agree I’m gonna start drooling like a dog 🤤🤤🤤

    • Aaron Slack
      Aaron Slack 4 months ago

      I would definitely try it because I doLive in Richmond Virginia. I have always wanted to see what black ice cream really tasted like

    • Savannahs Life
      Savannahs Life 5 months ago


  • Bruno
    Bruno 7 hours ago

    Actually WHITE is all the colour mixed together, while black is the absence of color

  • That Guy
    That Guy Day ago

    White is all the colours black is the absense of colour

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 2 days ago

    Omg that harry potter tramp stamp!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pebble_ Adventures
    Pebble_ Adventures 2 days ago +1

    Black is a tone ...........
    Sorry just saying

  • Forever Jess
    Forever Jess 3 days ago

    I need someone to look at me the way saf looks at Tyler

  • Emma van Velzen
    Emma van Velzen 5 days ago

    In my country I have tried black ice cream and it was called black diamond. It kinda tasted like coconut but with something more, it tasted great

  • Anna Lynch
    Anna Lynch 7 days ago +1

    Brown is all the colours mixed

  • Glitterbutt
    Glitterbutt 9 days ago

    I'm sad that Pusheen the cat isn't Japanese but it's still in the Japanese stores

  • Mr. Death
    Mr. Death 10 days ago

    lol, can saf respect him in his vid like he does in hers? how he's much quieter?

  • Melonstrong V1.0
    Melonstrong V1.0 10 days ago

    Where did Saf get her bag pack? It is amazing, i want that, too!

  • Jaslene Petersen
    Jaslene Petersen 16 days ago

    Saf is actually tall

  • yo mamma
    yo mamma 17 days ago

    should try black water

  • All Canadian Cowgirl
    All Canadian Cowgirl 19 days ago

    Bears.Beets.Battlestar Galactica.
    If you don't understand this joke, I can't trust you.

  • Rowan Smith
    Rowan Smith 21 day ago

    what's the song at 2:42?

  • kawaii kit-cat
    kawaii kit-cat Month ago +2

    U made us hungry but not with the salad

  • sämmm *
    sämmm * Month ago

    Were is that vintage store you guys went to??

  • hpdftba
    hpdftba Month ago

    You can get a ceramic pug at Target actually

  • Pedro Santiago
    Pedro Santiago Month ago

    Saf is taller than Tyler

  • Audrina M.
    Audrina M. Month ago

    Crusty at 10:54 tho😂😂😂

  • Avakin_Mentimade
    Avakin_Mentimade Month ago

    Or u can just eat the Oreo ice cream cone from McDonald’s

  • Olivia Martino
    Olivia Martino Month ago

    I can't have icecream😫

  • Miss Shaneice
    Miss Shaneice Month ago

    crusty is so adorbs

  • Maariyah Lali
    Maariyah Lali Month ago

    The end tho😹😹♥♥❗💿

  • Mary Coelho
    Mary Coelho Month ago

    white is the combination of all colors, black is the absence of color

  • Gabby
    Gabby Month ago

    saf being taller than tyler is cute, i need more content where you can tell the height difference drastically

  • KittyKake 44
    KittyKake 44 Month ago +1

    You guys got it wrong. WHITE is every color, and Black is the ABSENCE of color.

  • soruku 1
    soruku 1 2 months ago

    I'm new to ur channel, and Im really rocking with your content. Very wholesome 👌

  • Kaitlin Hart
    Kaitlin Hart 2 months ago

    can we talk about 5sos playing in the background at 9:02 I'm-

  • Pebble_ Adventures
    Pebble_ Adventures 2 months ago

    Black is actually a tone

  • Oreo Potter
    Oreo Potter 2 months ago +1

    When you were in the Tokyo store I heard Jet Black Heard in the background. Where is the 5SOSfam ?

  • Maddison Winks
    Maddison Winks 2 months ago +1

    “Where can I get a porcelain pug”
    *shows stature of French bulldog*
    French bulldog owner (me): *REEEEE*

  • Angel Of Death
    Angel Of Death 2 months ago

    All colors are brown not black. Just needed to get that off my chest

  • Crimson Alex
    Crimson Alex 2 months ago

    Actually it depends if your talking about light or pigment. All the colors in light mix to be white. But with pigment they mix together to be black.

  • Moon Witch
    Moon Witch 2 months ago

    I did once try black ice cream in Prague. It was really tasty but I could feel the charcoal in my mouth and it was like chewing sand

  • Cats Alley
    Cats Alley 2 months ago

    I just noticed that saf is taller by like 2 inches.

  • Cameron Graves
    Cameron Graves 2 months ago

    I love magnets

  • Amithist Rock
    Amithist Rock 2 months ago

    Maby he wanted some ice cream too cats love milky things just no chocolate for animal's. 🐱🐈

  • Amithist Rock
    Amithist Rock 2 months ago

    Why does krusty look so mad 🐱

  • Mercedes Roth
    Mercedes Roth 2 months ago +12

    Art: white is lack of color & black is all the colors mixed together
    Science: white is all the colors together (white light & why prisms create rainbows) & black is a lack of color (why space is black)

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire 2 months ago +1

    Love the wolf puns I might be in heat it’s mating season for sofe be ware

  • Alltrss
    Alltrss 2 months ago

    Honestly saf is me in the mall if I see something even remotely shiney... I freak my mom out too much with this

  • The Albino Broccoli
    The Albino Broccoli 2 months ago

    4:31 lol my school has the exact same sign.

  • Storm Leal
    Storm Leal 2 months ago

    I saw a pair of boots from Doll's Kill that are P E R F E C T for Safiya. They are basic black combat-style boots with bat wings. I saw them a little while back, & I couldn't recall why they caught my eye... then I watched this post and realized it was Safiya that they brought to mind. They also have platform boots, heels, and "creepers" with bat wings. Check it out! Love both of you guys' vids. Say, "Hi" to Crusty for me!

  • Mari Säisä
    Mari Säisä 2 months ago

    In Finland our black ice cream is made of salty licorice

  • Kristinne Negron
    Kristinne Negron 2 months ago

    Actually, all the colors are white... cause it reflects all light... so technically black is a lack of all colors...

  • beyza yaman
    beyza yaman 2 months ago

    6:10 is when she tries it

    Thank Me Later ❤️

  • Molly Brackley
    Molly Brackley 2 months ago +1

    Safiya in the background... "Shamash it!"

  • Taylor Green
    Taylor Green 2 months ago +1

    I don't understand why people are so excited about this. The black licorice ice cream you can get at the square ice cream store in Swan Valley is way blacker. And square.

  • and i say to that
    and i say to that 2 months ago +2

    2:06 he’s destined to be a dad

  • texaschick74
    texaschick74 2 months ago +1

    100k're now at a million! For good reason, I'm late to the party but I love this channel!

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 3 months ago

    OMG saf looks so much taller LOL

  • Carly Parker
    Carly Parker 3 months ago +3

    Saf said, "do I have any boogers in their?" 😂Lol😂

  • Akidachi
    Akidachi 3 months ago +4

    Every part of my body is telling me that should be licorice flavored why is it cinnamon

  • alex,s random things
    alex,s random things 3 months ago

    hey tyler i just realized how tall saf is

  • Vkook Army
    Vkook Army 3 months ago +1

    6:29 man in pink has the same ice cream

  • Tiffany Lavalle
    Tiffany Lavalle 3 months ago

    Saf has this face she makes when she's trying something, where for 3 seconds she doesn't seem to taste anything and then the flavor all hits her at once and she just immediately goes @O@ or >~< and you can instantly tell if she liked it or not.

  • Grace Villarosa
    Grace Villarosa 3 months ago

    Tyler has perfect teeth 🦷

  • Alisha Bowes
    Alisha Bowes 3 months ago

    Is Saf taller than Ty?

  • y'all mad annoying but rip x

    LMFAO we not gonna talk about what saf said at the end??