Blade Runner Squirt Gun Repaint - HOW TO - Tutorial

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • Thanks to an incredibly generous fan, Bill got his hands on one of the amazing Blade Runner Squirt gun toys! Of course he had to repaint it to like a screen worthy replica.
    Fullcock Takagi Type M2019 WaterBlaster Clear Black
    Sold Out as of October 2017
    Yes, the company is called "Fullcock"
    Squirt Gun Reference Photos
    Adam Savage's Blade Runner Gun Collection - Tested
    The Original Blade Runner Blaster Prop - Tested
    Tools & Materials.-------------------
    Masking Fluid - Amazon
    Needle Files - Amazon
    Scotch Brite Pad - Amazon
    Fine Steel Wool - Amazon
    Painters Tape - Amazon
    Tamiya Tape - Amazon
    Testors Lacquer Primer
    6001 Respirator Filter - Amazon
    Quick Latch Respirator - Amazon
    Tamiya Paints
    Gloss Clear Lacquer - Amazon
    Airbrush/Compressor Kit - Amazon
    Badger 200 Airbrush - Amazon
    Plastic Wrap - Amazon
    Testors Metalizer Sealer
    Pigment Powders - Amazon
    Run ’n Buff Silver Leaf - Amazon
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Comments • 316

  • Johnny Shabazz
    Johnny Shabazz 2 months ago

    For the LEDs (and other details on various props using clear Tamiya red...or green, blue, etc.), you can pre-paint a base coat with bright silver. That will bring out the transparent red better.

  • Randy
    Randy 2 months ago

    Theyvare anywhere from $80 to $200 on eBay.

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 2 months ago

    great video I just subbed.One thing if you sand the primer it gives a smoother flatter finish and eliminates (well nearly)the chance of paint lifting when you take off any masking tape.....I'm a retired airbrusher/spray painter and I like your attention to detail and glad to see you showing wearing a only got 1 set of

  • Balaclava Bob
    Balaclava Bob 2 months ago

    Just a sugestion but you can use a tooth pick to apply masking fluid. It works better than a brush for small things and it's disposable.

  • GL Customs
    GL Customs 3 months ago

    What size jar of Tamiya clear red is that? The 10ml or the 3/4oz? Im trying to find it for a project, Thanks

    • GL Customs
      GL Customs 3 months ago

      +Punished Props Academy Thanks!

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  3 months ago

      Check our video description or blog post for this video. We always link our tools and materials :)

  • Zephyrian
    Zephyrian 3 months ago

    my friend and i made a silicon mole and then did a epoxy of the gun to add weight and longevity to the gun, the brittle plastic broke very fast and wast really good to bbring to a con :( but ya just ossing that out there, did i say epoxy i ment resin

  • cannoneer155mm
    cannoneer155mm 4 months ago

    I found that the sanding devices used in beauty salons make smoothing sanded areas a breeze.

  • Kevin  Deleon
    Kevin Deleon 6 months ago

    great job!

  • driver shoobe
    driver shoobe 7 months ago

    Everyone showing off there water guns

  • Not Raym0nd
    Not Raym0nd 8 months ago

    10/10 would bang

  • THE_GAMER 7331
    THE_GAMER 7331 8 months ago

    This pistols in atomic heart

  • Jmike Francis
    Jmike Francis 8 months ago

    Good general idea few mistakes with the painting, plastic prep is a good basic clean up with a lower flash that digs into the plastic and you should always sand the primer before painting primer is more a filler step to hide small imperfections you can transition from sealer to paint without sanding within a window of time otherwise you should then sand sealer to get a good bond with paint 😉

  • M34T
    M34T 8 months ago

    Tamiya paint? This man builds Gunpla lol

  • xtraderpysquid
    xtraderpysquid 9 months ago

    The bolt and little bits should be silver and the main slide should be gun metal

  • glitchTF
    glitchTF 9 months ago

    To warm colour for my taste. Also 1,5x speed works well for this video.

  • Lin Hwa
    Lin Hwa 9 months ago

    The coffee!! The paint!!!!!!

    ....just kidding

  • Yannick Morand
    Yannick Morand 10 months ago

    my airbrush is always clogging :( ...any advices?

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  10 months ago

      Usually that means the paint is too thick. You can thin the paint with an appropriate thinner, depending on what type of paint you're using. Most acrylic paints can be thinned with water.

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name 10 months ago

    your compressor sounds a little like that photo scanner in Blade Runner

  • John Stenson
    John Stenson 10 months ago

  • Alastair
    Alastair 10 months ago

    Seems like Fullcock (the manufacturer of this toy) listened to Bill's (and probably a lot of other people's too) issues with the grips not coming off easily since the Trigun water pistol they're releasing later this year has detachable grips. (I actually got here looking for information about their Trigun Resin kit.)

  • stxufohunter
    stxufohunter 10 months ago

    Drill a hole where the muzzle should be and fill it with beach sand then add some water for weight, 😎😎😎

  • 82 Pythons
    82 Pythons 11 months ago

    Has a kit, but paints a child's squirt gun instead...

  • karokrot 99
    karokrot 99 11 months ago

    Should've used shoe polish to make the prop more better by applying it on the silver parts and wait awhile then drench a sponge to wipe the excess.

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  11 months ago

      Shoe polish is a great way to weather a prop. For this particular project I wanted to do something a little more subtle.

  • Number 69
    Number 69 11 months ago

    If anyone here played Fallout New Vegas, then "That Gun" looks exactly like this one.

  • Tbone j
    Tbone j Year ago

    SUCH a good base for a wall hanger. id of got some lead shot into the handle for some real heft and got all the leds working. and got the bolt really 3d popping with the air brush...nice go but ill have to give u an 8 . I wonder if we have a link in the description ??? nice one guys. GREAT DAY SPENT !!

  • Terry Carrillo
    Terry Carrillo Year ago

    EBay has an awesome lights and sound version that's around $8-9. Great video and love the final work.

  • space man reviews

    Just got one today in the mail and im watching this video step by step i cant get over how amazing this blaster is great video i will send photos when completed

  • Ben Wormald
    Ben Wormald Year ago

    The silver sections are too bright

  • Walcom S7
    Walcom S7 Year ago

    12:25 That awkward moment when you have the NERF Dart Tag Electronic Flag on your desk and recognize it as the test piece you painted.

  • space man reviews

    Wow definitely getting one of these! Ok well maybe two!

  • 2160the hunt 1720
    2160the hunt 1720 Year ago +1

    My brother watch's you all the time and he got me hooked. Him and I are going to build a costume together because of you and Jakespear.

  • Kolby Pierce
    Kolby Pierce Year ago

    The mismatch gloves pissed me off

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Year ago

    Why wouldn't you start with a glossy black for the base coat on something like this? Seems like it would lead to a lot less masking and help give a bit more shine to the metal finish.

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    Someone should buy one and make molds of it. That way they could sell new ones and even maybe in solid colors as a base.


    £68 on ebay!...too rich for my blood.

  • Odd Ryan
    Odd Ryan Year ago

    I recently started blinding robot sculptures and im working on some guns, trying to make look like some steam punk art , im new to this tipe of art but it's alot of fun, i use found objects in this bad as store near me called C&H surplus in Duarte Ca.
    How would i go about finding others in my area that are into this art style or prop making, i would love to collaborate with someone

    • Odd Ryan
      Odd Ryan Year ago

      thanx guys, do you guys ever work with metal or old found objects?

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago +1

      Maybe look around for any local maker spaces or artist collectives.

  • William Smith
    William Smith Year ago

    Truthfully I would fill the gun up with something to make it heavier and add the leds inside of it than leave it a functioning squirt gun

  • Dagger Ville
    Dagger Ville Year ago

    Wow, those things are going for far too much on ebay.

  • James Raymond
    James Raymond Year ago

    Nice tutorial! I bought the blue grip blaster and a set of amber grips. I have 000(fine) steel wool, but no Scotch Brite pads. Can I do the roughing/ buffing without the pads and just hit the whole gun with the steel wool? Don't they basically serve the same purpose?

  • Paint Thinner
    Paint Thinner Year ago

    Do you by any chance build scale models?

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago +1

      +Zekta the wolf We do not. Sometimes we’ll paint model kits though. That’s fun!

  • goonhead
    goonhead Year ago

    I wonder how much Michael paid...

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott Year ago

    make a mold of the gun to make more of them...ha ha...just kidding

  • Stettafire
    Stettafire Year ago +1

    0:57 In the UK it is illegal to have a toy gun that does not have an orange cap. The orange cap tells police officers that the gun is fake since gun laws in the UK are highly restrictive. However, in the UK the orange cap would be fixed to the gun, it wouldn't be able to just come off like that

    • Centrevez
      Centrevez Year ago

      and they carry out inspections on any prop weapons upon arrival at convention events I had mine checked twice to ensure both the security and dolph lundgren it is plastic and they okay it so I was safe as long it was folded up and carried in an bag. frankie croft smales

    • Stettafire
      Stettafire Year ago


    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago +1

      That's very good to know!

  • David Shippee
    David Shippee Year ago

    Are you going to be at RI comic con?

  • Rainy Day Forge
    Rainy Day Forge Year ago

    I need a respirator that releases like that! I do a lot of metal grinding and I'd like to drink coffee too! :)

  • Evan Russell
    Evan Russell Year ago

    Do you have the 3d model you used to print that cap? Id love to get that for mine.

  • Xeno Zaferi
    Xeno Zaferi Year ago

    have you ever consider making a warhammer 40k Bolter ?

  • phuong tran
    phuong tran Year ago

    would you recommend this respirator for casting resin as well?

  • CallMeAnimal69
    CallMeAnimal69 Year ago

    Mine just came in the mail and it’s cracked!! 😥 I’m hoping I can do a decent enough paint job to hide it! But also the grips on mine are blue and not orange like in the photo online. Pretty upset. Any recommendations for the right orange paint for the grips and also some method for sanding enough for the paint to stick but not to lose the texture of the grips? 😬

    • CallMeAnimal69
      CallMeAnimal69 Year ago

      Punished Props that’s what I was afraid of! There’s a guy that sells pretty cool castings of the that I might buy but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations I could do myself before investing in new ones. Thanks for the response tho!

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago +1

      Oh no! =(
      Any orange paint will work to cover the blue, but you will lose the transparency. I can't think of any method to fix that.

  • Wucifer slayer
    Wucifer slayer Year ago

    friend Richard has a similar hobby but he's gone so far as to build a forge and cast replica movie weapons out of aluminum and zink he has gotten many years of enjoyment from this as I hope you do to

  • Project Pete
    Project Pete Year ago

    haha I loved the dramatic shooting scene at the end. Cheers!

  • Zonbi's Workshop
    Zonbi's Workshop Year ago

    WOAH! Awesome repaint! Also I laughed when your airbrush fell off your table because my entire compressor fell off my table while it was on last week and somehow still works.

  • Beat Fed
    Beat Fed Year ago

    I'm going to be inTokyo soon... where can I find one???

  • Milsim Jedi
    Milsim Jedi Year ago

    I have one the blue grip water pistols and would like to paint them amber. What paint would you recommend using to keep the translucent look?

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago +1

      +Milsim Jedi Sadly that will not work. Blue and orange are contrasting colors and there’s no way to mix color so you get orange. Only way is to paint them solid or completely replace the grips.

  • Geronimous
    Geronimous Year ago

    And thanks to the internet these hings now go for 75-100 dollars.... probably what I hate most about open market on internet. Cool stuff that gets attention surges to prices I am unwilling to pay for...

    • Geronimous
      Geronimous Year ago

      I know! It's.... excruciating :)

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago

      +Jeroen Hendrix But if it weren’t for the internet, we probably would have never even heard of it! Oh the irony.

  • J Norberg
    J Norberg Year ago

    Could you fill it with sand, to make the weight more accurate?

  • Ventious
    Ventious Year ago

    I definitely want to order one!

  • TheGeronimojack
    TheGeronimojack Year ago

    Thank you for including the link for the gun!

  • Sean McCann
    Sean McCann Year ago

    Not sure if this would work for latex on you brush, but it works for latex paint.

  • Ryan Fraser
    Ryan Fraser Year ago

    Where are the pads for the respirator???

  • Panda Props & Costumes

    Nice paintjob! I just wanted to say, thanks for showing that your wear a proper respirator. I enjoy the Tested videos but Adam really needs to speak to safety more in terms of fumes, particles, chemicals etc. Lots of newbies and kids watching! Stay safe!

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Year ago

    For the price these things are going for, it's cheaper to buy an actual model kit. Or buy one of the similar looking children's toy guns and do a little converting and painting.

  • DJ Kento
    DJ Kento Year ago

    Personally I would have made a casting of it that I could then alter and shape a bit more.

  • the Baphomet
    the Baphomet Year ago

    You should make a plague doctors mask

  • Forge
    Forge Year ago

    I hate you know you were wearing different coloured gloves

  • NaiRemlap1
    NaiRemlap1 Year ago

    Any ideas on what to fill this with to give it some weight?

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago

      I'm not adding weight to mine, but I think some people on have been doing so. Head over there to see what options are available.

  • TheRambler
    TheRambler Year ago

    That toy scrap that got tested on looks like a piece of the Nerf light-thing that got used for the lightsaber challenge if I'm not mistaken?

  • Urocyon
    Urocyon Year ago

    Unfortunate how expensive these are now.

  • MrGlickClick
    MrGlickClick Year ago

    Put the pin in the tip and nudge it to straighten the stream.

  • Michele Possanza
    Michele Possanza Year ago +2

    Hi, the steyr it is made in Austria, not germany! Great Painting Job!

  • Bruno Wiebelt
    Bruno Wiebelt Year ago

    it should be " made in Austria"

  • hurdygurdyguy1
    hurdygurdyguy1 Year ago

    Ever since Adam Savage called the squirt guns to us Blade Runner Blaster addicts attention eBay $eller$ have jacked the price by at least 100% .. can't get it for $15 or less anymore ...

  • gordontarpley
    gordontarpley Year ago

    I'm supposed to be doing work right now but I'm hypnotized by sanding... which I should be doing myself... stop distracting me!

  • morisato54
    morisato54 Year ago

    The nozzle is made of very soft plastic. You can coax the water stream to be more centered by simply pushing on it with a hard object like your fingernail. Push on the left side of the nozzle to make the stream move to the right.

  • Gs Adventure
    Gs Adventure Year ago

    Wow nice job. Now for the million dollar? Will u sell it. 😊

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Made in China by FullCock inc.

  • Ryan Moulder
    Ryan Moulder Year ago +1

    Well good thing they're sold out and the only remaining ones go for $70.
    Real talk though, is there ANYWHERE, A N Y W H E R E I can get the amber grips without paying $50????
    Edit: I don't care if they're hot pink, I'll mold and cast them if I have to, can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Greg Lauderdale
    Greg Lauderdale Year ago +2

    You should start your own coffee brand, Overspray Coffee

    TRIPLESEVENSIX Year ago +2

    That might shoot to the left because you stuck the pin in the barrel? Should have just put a blob of latex on it instead. Still cool as hell though. ;)

  • akraftw3rkorange
    akraftw3rkorange Year ago

    I think painting these awesome things are a sin, the gag is that it's a water blaster, this isn't a mass produced toy, it was a run of collectibles. my humble opinion.

  • Steve Greenway
    Steve Greenway Year ago +2

    Only problem is the pics of the original make the top receiver look too silver. Checkp Adam Savages vid where he compares his with the real thing.
    But still yours looks awesome!

  • Ceri Tsujimura
    Ceri Tsujimura Year ago

    Why do I get the odd idea of daring Punished Props to make a recreation of Jim Raynor's massive Sniper Rifle XD
    (This is from Starcraft 2)
    Or even better yet, the arm guard of Zeratul, which is supposed to be where the blade comes out of.
    Eh, no hope he'll notice my comment :c

  • sa-maker
    sa-maker Year ago +2

    Great build Bill. Thanks

  • Blaine Murphy
    Blaine Murphy Year ago

    liquid latex is ammonia-based so you could have probably saved your brush cleaning it with ammonia.

  • Blaine Murphy
    Blaine Murphy Year ago

    black primer would have better for metallics

  • anothergol
    anothergol Year ago

    I admire all the work that went on this. That being said, IMHO you made the metal way too bright. While I own one of the Tomenosuke replicas and the metal is very dark, it's because it's one of the special versions that's nearly in gun metal. But even the original one isn't bright, it's dark silver, the gun still looks like 1 lump and only the handle stands out. Especially in the movie where it's seen in the dark, it all looks nearly black.

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago

      I had considered using my Alclad lacquers for the metal bits and the more I look at it the more I agree with you. I might have to touch it up again in the future.

  • scannaunderscore1

    Mine veers to the left aswell, since i was born

  • René Snoek
    René Snoek Year ago

    That is wat i wanna do with mine. Only problem is, i have one with the blue handguards. So I have to find a way to make them appear clear orange. To make it weight a bit more ( and not seem like a plastic toy) pour some plaster in it.

  • Writer B.L. Alley

    I'm sure all the guys know what it's like to shoot a bit to the left on occasion.

  • Writer B.L. Alley

    For plastic, particularly in this case where you can't scuff the recesses, use Krylon Fusion primer, and apply it in thinner coats. Also, use a sweeping motion staring away from the piece and ending past the piece to avoid start and stop splatter landing on the piece.

  • franco goss
    franco goss Year ago

    Nice Video Bill.

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson Year ago

    What would you use if you wanted to weigh it like a real prop piece.

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago

      Lots of options, I would look on and see what other folks are trying.

    • Neo Getz
      Neo Getz Year ago

      Daniel Nelson my friend filled his with resin

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider Year ago

    “Veers a little to the left.” Sounds like a personal problem.

  • James Wright
    James Wright Year ago

    Hah. Nice KoR ref. Need some sunglasses.
    Great job! I love the Tamiya masking tape. I think they have a version where it’s attached to plastic wrap already.

  • Slagon Drayer
    Slagon Drayer Year ago

    I have that same respirator, it its so front heavy it smooshes my nose as it slides down my face. :-(

  • rwiersema
    rwiersema Year ago +4

    you might be able to use the pin to adjust the angle a tiny bit.

  • MakerMaddox
    MakerMaddox Year ago

    Ha!! I've got one of these waiting for paint in my little shop! :)

  • T Cy
    T Cy Year ago +5

    The handle is not glued in. It takes little strength but I managed to take it off without breaking it. However one side was significantly harder to take it off. Btw too bad it is so expensive now. I got one in Japan for about 10$.

    • Ronan B
      Ronan B Month ago

      I looked up they go for $100-$150

    • Punished Props Academy
      Punished Props Academy  Year ago +1

      You're more brave than I am! I was terrified it would break. =(

  • John Matthias
    John Matthias Year ago

    If you don’t want to sacrifice a paintbrush each time you use latex, I’ve heard infusing the brush with dish soap first works.

  • Evan Cotter
    Evan Cotter Year ago

    This would be ideal for putting on tape
    Or any type of eye forcep
    You will get them cheap on ebay