Check Out This Mind Blowing Orgone Pyramid!!

  • Published on Feb 25, 2017
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  • Sheree Thomson
    Sheree Thomson Month ago

    👍 i am trying a wish pyramid with a diamond ring inside, in the centre of a crystal grid . Wish pyramid made by keops international opens at one side , you can place something inside. Also if you love pyramids, try tensor rings. They are available in sacred measurements like the pyramids. On my wishlist is lost cubit ring by light life technologies. My crystal grid is inside a tensor ring 😀

  • Lori Boyters
    Lori Boyters Month ago

    I heard about orgon producing scalar energy from these from Ken Rohla . I purchased several of them on amazon and put them in my back yard. My understanding is that the scalar energy they produce creates an invsibible spiral field that rises up into the atmosphere all the way to space. Whenever there is a chemtrail sprayed over my house, when I look straight up, there is a hole just above my house where the chemtrail has been pushed away so you can see blue sky. Pretty amazing to see. Everyone should get a few of these to protect you from chemtrail particulates and EMF radiation. check it out!

  • TipTop Frequencies
    TipTop Frequencies Month ago

    That's a badass pyramid.... He also makes some really cool ones with a rodin coil in them

  • M D
    M D 2 months ago

    Hey....use a real orgone giza 200mile range, cost effective and it works much cheaper than all the fake ones

  • Mind Tripper
    Mind Tripper 2 months ago

    3, 6, and 9.
    6 and 9 are considered the perfect numbers.
    9 is believed to be the key...

  • John Yazzie
    John Yazzie 2 months ago

    Does anyone have experience with making one, and also anyone have experienced a healing from depression using these pyramids?

  • Have Lender Will Travel.

    want pyramid

  • carolina estrada
    carolina estrada 3 months ago

    How do u line it " magnetic north"

  • francis agusta
    francis agusta 3 months ago

    way to expensive $450 dollars and you got your one free if i got one free i two would make a video on them

  • Solid Rock
    Solid Rock 3 months ago

    I like it but its to expensive, $450... No thank you sir, I will pass.

  • Herly Sarmiento
    Herly Sarmiento 3 months ago

    Kind of too long of an “ad”!

  • jmmanuel seale
    jmmanuel seale 3 months ago

    i want one..where can i buy it

  • Virginia Bradley
    Virginia Bradley 3 months ago

    I'm suddenly interested in these orgone generators lately. I've been looking into how to make them. We have a couple here, not very pretty but functional. I love your new one.

  • Domyon
    Domyon 3 months ago

    i have an orgone pyramid and many crystals and either im crazy or they really REALLY work!

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin 3 months ago

    You manifest reality when dreaming just like you manifest reality after you die.

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin 3 months ago

    It was the Illuminati reptilians calling you.

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin 3 months ago

    Does it have a hulda Clark zapper in it.

  • Carmina Martinez
    Carmina Martinez 4 months ago

    Has anyone made love with a pyramid under there bed?? That just pop in my head when he said he put it under he's pillow and had crazy dreams! Wonder what happens with all that love energy! Plus the orgone!

  • Lick Toad
    Lick Toad 4 months ago +1

    Wheres the proof this works

    • Stacey Kersting
      Stacey Kersting 3 months ago

      Get some chopsticks, or popsicle sticks, dowels......glue into pyramid shape. Find out what it can do. Sprout a bean.....get a small amethyst.....small piece of copper, maybe...check it out. U can taste a big dif' in water, even!

    • Faith Fournier
      Faith Fournier 3 months ago +1

      This is what’s wrong with people where’s the proof? Quit being a lazy ass and get one instead trying to have someone prove to you

    • carolina estrada
      carolina estrada 3 months ago

      Buy one online and see for yourself!

    • SeekerofTruth29
      SeekerofTruth29 3 months ago

      Lick Toad ikr

  • Monte Taylor
    Monte Taylor 5 months ago

    I'm going to make some with brass sand and iron oxide sand, along with some quartz and a magnet at the bottom, still inside the actual piece. I can only imagine how greatly that would amplify the energy. Have you experimented with magnets and iron oxide?

  • Blood Hound
    Blood Hound 5 months ago

    You failed to mention the costs. I find akaida really overcharges their stuff. Another thing is these people glorify and idolize Vladimir Putin.What's up with that huh?

  • Charlie Jeans
    Charlie Jeans 5 months ago

    The mystery of the pyramid ?
    Who buildt the pyramids? Where did they go ?
    I.velkovsky stated the Egyptians left Egypt after a great cataclysic event and the plagues.
    The exodus, Jews are pharonic through king Solomon. Never slaves.
    Velokovsky also stated t the Jews added 500years to bible story"
    Pharoh has been hidden from history. They are still here today and riuling from Switzerland.
    The SS were swiSS. SwiSS guard the pope SwiSS run the world banking. The 12 heads of the beast are in Switzerland.
    Good ol neutral swiSS provided the munitions in both sides of the WWs.
    The Pharohs symbols are everywhere. The red house is upper Egypt and the white house the lower house Egypt.
    The red and white templars cross is a flattened out 8 sided pyramid from the top.
    Triangle, square, octagon, 3, 4 7 G.
    3 is Isis horus and Seth, 4 is we the people, 3+4=7, 7th letter of the alphabet is G, freemasons,
    Pharoh people, we are under pharonic rule since 1100ad, the old world order is the aristocracy, 1st born inherited the title and wealth. NEW world order is the siblings are equal. To stop each other murdering families to inherent the title and wealth.
    The pharonic blood lines rule for a time through elections.
    Freemason, Jesuits, illuminati templars are all branches of the same tree.
    The ubiquitous "THEY" are pharoh.
    They left Egypt in 15th dynasty, 1500bc circa. traveled to Jordan, not jeruselm or isreal. Pharohs settled in the swiss alps where they are today.

  • B12B1 Forever
    B12B1 Forever 5 months ago

    I tried the link for the orgone and its saying that it could be corrupted. Has anyone else tried it and had similar problems ??

  • Pamela Brown
    Pamela Brown 5 months ago +1

    I was on Sherry Shrivers site reading 'An Interview with Lilith'. I had a question about Orgone pyramids and ended up here. Thank you.

    SAXON 5 months ago

    I am okay with the natural elements in this production, what I do not understand is the horrible man made chemical being used to encapsulate the natural elements and destroy any positive release of those elements. Please explain the use of the un-natural chemical resin to contain the energy and block its power.

  • Taunya Millet
    Taunya Millet 5 months ago

    Thanks for the information. I have an Organite piece that is shaped like a solid cone. I place it on top of a large jar where I keep my razors and never need to replace them..
    I found that Organite when I was hiking out in the desert and don't know where it came from. I would like to try making an Organite pyramid.

  • Carl Textor
    Carl Textor 5 months ago +1

    look up Sean swindell on youtube as well. he has an orgonite business and makes some of the best quality I've ever seen. btw that pulsed crystal in the pyramid is called a succor punch, it's a piece of quartz pulsed with the schuman resonant frequency of earth at 15hz. This is also the type of energy tesla was trying to harness as free unlimited wireless power. this just scratches the surface hahaha

  • Kathleen Harris
    Kathleen Harris 6 months ago

    I make orgone pyramids, jewelry and energy plates. I love them!

  • Fitivalevale,Jeddy,JR Maile

    Yes like platonic shapes. These shapes all have an energy of its own.

  • Harideva Luu
    Harideva Luu 6 months ago

    Namaskar, Thank You! BNK

  • TheWilson565
    TheWilson565 6 months ago +9

    I would like to see a big group of people get together to make an very large organite pyramid (15' to 20') in Washington D.C. Just to see if it helps the country run better. If not, it would be a really neat tourist attraction. This would be a great project to promote organite to the public. I have mine, and I love it. Best thing since I met my wife.

  • Olli Garch
    Olli Garch 7 months ago

    I’ve got tower busters on my cell phone and around the house.

  • Eric Bland
    Eric Bland 7 months ago

    It doesnt matter what they look like. Its got to have the right ingredients. Orgone can only be MADE by living beings, orgonite or what you are calling orgone generators just accumulate/harness orgone energy. Look into Wilhelm Riech's research.

  • Michelle Stone
    Michelle Stone 7 months ago

    I ordered from Masaki also:) nice guy!

  • Nolberto Cales
    Nolberto Cales 8 months ago +21

    Dude, the best Orgone Pyramids are made of Amethyst Crystals, you can feel the energy in you're hands when holding them!

    • Pagan pablo
      Pagan pablo Month ago

      +Abhishek Maini make your own it'll have ur energy aligned with the device. Look on YT for step by step tutorials. Good luck

    • Honda Havoc
      Honda Havoc 3 months ago +2

      Where is the best place to buy one?

    • Melih k
      Melih k 3 months ago +2

      Looking 4 one too

    • Abhishek Maini
      Abhishek Maini 3 months ago +3

      i am looking to buy an authentic one. could you please recommend me any one.

  • Ellis D
    Ellis D 8 months ago

    I want a plastic pyramid that gives mind blowers.


    Voltage in orgonite is boring!

  • khirice bowman
    khirice bowman 9 months ago

    Hey I have a star wars family guy drawing it has dark Vader in it check it out on insta @kbrece1

  • RaeCrow 9
    RaeCrow 9 9 months ago

    I Wonder how the new 9 V pyramid affects EMF?

  • Arron Wynn
    Arron Wynn 9 months ago

    What is the best pyramid to buy

  • ijo e puta
    ijo e puta 10 months ago

    Dude just shave your head already

  • Robert Ellsworth
    Robert Ellsworth 10 months ago

    I read Pyramid Power in the late 70's. Built simple pyramid with 1X2 wood over my air mattress, as an experiment. I started to have such intense dreams about Egypt, that I took it down!

  • CrystalDragon0311 *
    CrystalDragon0311 * 10 months ago +3

    I know this is an older video now, but I just did an experiment I want to share. I recently bought a lapis lazuli orgone pyramid for only 11 bucks and its it beautiful. I put it under a large container of water in the freezer. It took almost a day to freeze but the results were amazing! Clear and obvious, peoples reactions to seeing it have been pretty neat since so few people know about/believe in this.

  • Javier Trevino
    Javier Trevino Year ago

    Is there a way to m,easure orgone? I bought an orgone device with a counter clockwise copper wire, is this bad?

  • Devilyn Sydame
    Devilyn Sydame Year ago

    Ah... Strolling through the fields of Woo...

  • 1A-Awesome Bail Bonds Inc.

    and like another commentor stated, the obvious masonic symbol hidden within the lettering on the tshirt says a lot. so does the OP's comment about it! his comment may even say more!

  • LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-

    can you explain that chip please. i have no idea. thank you great topic!

  • joe 5D
    joe 5D Year ago

    Dope dude

  • H D
    H D Year ago


  • Ray Newell
    Ray Newell Year ago


  • Nawaz Waseem
    Nawaz Waseem Year ago

    Does this work with marajuana?

  • Rocker Chick
    Rocker Chick Year ago

    We had Pyramid Hat's In 1989. They were made out of brass. They didn't work 😎

  • Kurt Standiford
    Kurt Standiford Year ago +2

    Crystals themselves will make plants grow like crazy!
    FYI aesthetics have nothing to do with function. Pretty is nice but the power is from the crystals and pyramid shape.
    Over all though, well done.

  • golondriz3
    golondriz3 Year ago

    I have to buy one because my right hand is hurting from my phone. It is literally feels like it is burning from the inside.

  • A F
    A F Year ago

    Can you give us any recent updates on the pyramid from Thank you!

  • RideAlong-VirtualDrive

    Question...does the electricity led effect the orgone?????


    Made a large wire pyramid from a clothes hanger then wrapped it in copper wire with a crystal inside. It was hung over my bed. Results felt. Comforting like the hum of a fan.

  • Drumvain
    Drumvain Year ago

    The chip is a zapper using a 15 hz square wave to excite the quartz.

  • Ea is my name
    Ea is my name Year ago +2

    orgone you cannot generate, you only can canalize it, to concentrate it was the purpose of william reich. you can experiment a step next with the orgone pearl. Orgone it is the ongoing flow from heart to heart Reich describes, a constant flow you are allowed to call ocean of compassion and that ocean has seven pillars which are seven geometries, with a pearl cut in two, in four and eight you draw all the basic sacred geometries and the orgone KICKS really as syis old Lab's rat on youtube, you should listen to his vids on orgonea and orgonites. cheers

  • Ria Timmermans
    Ria Timmermans Year ago +9

    Maybe that's why dad built 6×6×6 foot pyramids, from rocks of land , around 15 acres. Trees and plants thrived🤗💖💞❣

  • sean hall
    sean hall Year ago

    Dramatic chemtrail busting outside my house on Christmas morning photos on my steemit page

  • 305_Orgone
    305_Orgone Year ago

    I've sharpened razor blades using a a combination of a tower buster and a pyramid.

  • Disabler
    Disabler Year ago

    You know you need Jesus when you find yourself building an all seeing pyramid..

    WARPHEAD Year ago +9

    I went through my Pyramid Power phase back in the seventies. I saw all the TV shows showing how Pyramids would sharpen razor blades, charge batteries, etc, etc. It always seemed to work much better on TV than it did in real life.
    There is a Pyramid Crypt in a cemetery near my home. Though they have been in that Pyramid crypt for nearly a hundred years none of the occupants have said that they feel even a tiny bit better. Back in the day, every now and then you'd see some super nerd with a pyramid hat on. It was supposed to sharpen his mind. It didn't work. What it did do though was change their chances from nearly non-existent to an absolute, cannot get any lower, zero possibility of ever getting laid.

  • peacauve
    peacauve Year ago

    The akida pyramid is junk.
    It's not true layers like Wilhelm Reich's studies.
    It's just a fancy eye toy.

  • peacauve
    peacauve Year ago

    I see your G compass on that shirt.
    What's going on there?

  • Zemdirbyste ltu
    Zemdirbyste ltu Year ago

    Delete this video

  • EMJ2456
    EMJ2456 Year ago

    Leak project got any for sale

  • Cynthia Ennis
    Cynthia Ennis Year ago

    Hey Rex! This was great! Thanks! Your place must be FILLED w/E!
    Where did you get the one for your bed??

  • RockyTop VFL
    RockyTop VFL Year ago

    How can I get this ? Please my fellow lightkeepers I need help

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Year ago

    Am I the only who remember this video had 212,000 views TVclip is really decreasing the views on this subject.

  • Mercury M-7
    Mercury M-7 Year ago

    Ideology is demonic.. it opened doors to demons entering my life... I finally figured out how to shut the door 🚪... you have been warned peace ✌️

    • What Man
      What Man Year ago

      Mercury Messenger7 elaborate pls

  • Carlos Von Stein
    Carlos Von Stein Year ago

    RE20 mic! Nice!

  • france bat
    france bat Year ago


  • Kaos3ce
    Kaos3ce Year ago

    Is that a blacklight Enterprise poster in the background ?

  • D Mars
    D Mars Year ago

    Love Patrick...I haven't heard of him for a while. He is amazing!

  • Beer Nation
    Beer Nation Year ago

    Any thoughts on how dream catchers work?

  • Robby D
    Robby D Year ago

    You're a Treasure!

    OVERT REPORT Year ago

    My Organite makes my plants grow, it also rescued my mothers Orchid. It has many qualities and yes the Pyramid is very powerful. You can close your eyes and move your hand across the point and feel a cool jet of air and Organite can't be weaponised, so good all round really!

  • Believe-in-you 12134
    Believe-in-you 12134 2 years ago

    hey.. I make those. with Tesla coils ans different cryatals.. sweet

  • Chillness
    Chillness 2 years ago +4

    Hey Rex, no wonder you have so much energy with all those pyramids around.

  • Davy
    Davy 2 years ago

    ooo its a lil steve greer

    HOLOTECH R&D 2 years ago

    Nice u should see mines ❤👌

  • #TheOther 420Guy
    #TheOther 420Guy 2 years ago

    dont u think the lights n extra takes away from its full energy change. their made of layers of organic n non-organic. it takes all energy changing it into positive energy.

  • Harley Softail
    Harley Softail 2 years ago

    you should talk about the person who discovered it, Hienz I believe was his name, he worked with Freud for years. There are stories of him bringing his orgone machine back in the 40s and 50s when there was drought and actually caused it to rain. He also cured cancer and other diseases but as always, the government caught up with him, burned all his work and locked him up for years, sad really, like Tesla in a sense, but yes orgone works, it can get dissipate chemtrails, purify water, break up ELF/ULF frequencies, I highly recommend them.

    • 1A-Awesome Bail Bonds Inc.
      1A-Awesome Bail Bonds Inc. Year ago

      And for anyone who may be Christian, or just wary of the NWO in general, and don't like the pyramid shape; a cone shape has the exact same energy dynamics as a pyramid. I am a devout Christian, and i make all my big orgonite pieces in the shape of a cone.

    • 1A-Awesome Bail Bonds Inc.
      1A-Awesome Bail Bonds Inc. Year ago

      Willhelm Reich is who you mean, but yes, they imprisoned him, burned all his work, and murdered him with a "heart attack" shortly before he was to be released. same way many activists are murdered in an untraceable manner.

  • Linka Crosby
    Linka Crosby 2 years ago +1

    hi Rex Bear that first Pyramid with different colour lights that plugs in do you know where i could purchase one of these? thankyou ☮

    • Petar Vitanovich
      Petar Vitanovich Year ago

      Linka Crosby he literally says it while showing you. Jesus fucking Christ the level of stupidity everyday life presents examples of is amazing.

    • Chillness
      Chillness 2 years ago

      Great! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I also love the show you did with Rex, thanks for the wisdom you're sharing! Much love, much light!

    • akaidatv
      akaidatv 2 years ago

      For you I would recommend my Shungite Pyramid or Gold Giza Pyramid, I do ship international. My shop is at feel free to send any questions through the contact form on the site.

    • Chillness
      Chillness 2 years ago

      Haha yeah indeed, I have looked around here and there and I see pyramids for very different goals. Since I am new to this and since I could use some better sleep, which one do you recommend? And I didn't see the info or missed it, do you ship international? If not, do you recommend a seller? I don't want to buy something that does't do the job, you know.

    • akaidatv
      akaidatv 2 years ago

      Best use is a few hours during meditation or brainstorming or overnight for dream session. Unless you're Rex Bear then you go to the Moon with the Powered Pyramid LOL

  • mysticgem
    mysticgem 2 years ago

    Pyramids on their own are truly amazing,. They are a part of the sacred geometry of creation and combined with the energy that is orgone you have the animating part of creation.. Crystals added to an orgone energy pyramid can enhance & influence the positive energy output by adding the crystal's inherent characteristic energies. But a true and properly working positive orgone energy pyramid device must have fine shaved metals and resin in a 50/50 ratio (along with the copper wrapped DT quartz crystal, 4 quartz crystal points facing 4 directions outward and SBB coil at the base. The 50/50 ratio or very close to it is very important and you only need a small amount of crushed crystal to get your desired effects. You should not have transparent areas in your pyramid. If you do, you have not packed in the metals. Metal/resin= 50/50. I have been doing this for years.

  • Spiraling69
    Spiraling69 2 years ago

    how is it used? Do you stick it under your bed, or squat down on it?

  • Becky Gulla
    Becky Gulla 2 years ago +2

    Please do more videos on this subject! I really like to hear YOU talk about the things you've researched because you seem to make everything easily comprehensible.
    YOU'RE AWESOME MAN! Much love.

  • fourcakers
    fourcakers 2 years ago

    Pyramids are an illuminati symbol...Stay away! The only orgone energy that is postive POS is from Sherry Shriner. This is all new age junk.

  • my starling
    my starling 2 years ago +1

    is that guy selling the pyramids with the light? I want one!

    • Devilyn Sydame
      Devilyn Sydame Year ago

      Yeah... nothing says power like epoxy and LEDs... Amiright?

    • Kurt Standiford
      Kurt Standiford Year ago

      my starling Making your own can be a lot of fun!!
      But take care who you buy supplies from. Steer clear of Esty!!

  • Anon Flux
    Anon Flux 2 years ago

    Its beautiful!

  • Tayshima DABs
    Tayshima DABs 2 years ago +1

    I'm I made a vlog about how I tested out my orgone trinity shape pyramid form out of mirrors to do a energy ice test it's failing because it broke 2 glass containers that were holding water while freezing and the orgone was in the fridge below it. Each ice test the ice was intact but the glass broke in two. The unknown ice test when I took my orgone outside to charge in the sun still the glass water was freezing without a orgone item underneath in the fridge like before because I took them out for a walk.
    1 more ice test of orgone energy was happening even when I was away with the orgone outside away from the freezer. I come to find it still had energy left in my freezer it froze the glass without breaking, it melting and tasted like Ice, but once I placed the glass of new tap water in the freezer it broke like it imploded and exploited outside it's form without any hesitation and there was no Oregon in the fridge or raider testing for the third trial that was unknown to me at that time I've logged on my channel about it if you want to go view my latest vlog.
    I challenge any orgone creator to explain why I had explosive orgone energy to break the glass ice test when it was just suppose to charge the water, show energy formation, and safety I should be able to use this glass to drink out of again until it broke this morning. So I put the challenge out there watch my vlog to explain my orgone failed or is it a success identifying the energy is there.
    The trouble I'm having is making sure orgone energy is dissipating so I can put whatever I want in my freezer again is my concern🤔✌🏿

  • 2coryman
    2coryman 2 years ago

    Thanks, nice to hear about the pyramid power, there is something to that geometry , maybe related to gravity

  • 2coryman
    2coryman 2 years ago

    Free Email Subscription Here > … … …

  • akaidatv
    akaidatv 2 years ago

    Note to 'Devon Collins' - you didn't put your correct return email so I couldn't reply. Send another message @ AKAIDA.COM

  • wojo
    wojo 2 years ago

    you can put a menthol cigarette under a pyramid and the menthol flavor will be gone.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 years ago

    lmao are you serious? Do you know how an orgone pyramid is supposed to be made?

    • Trumble Research
      Trumble Research 8 months ago

      John Doe like a capacitor

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 years ago

      Organic material (quartz) on the tip of the pyramid, (1st layer) Inorganic material (metal) 2nd layer, and again organic, then inorganic and so on. It acts as a filter; ones mixed up (not layered) are not as effective as layered pyramids. Also, the second ones you showed in the video made of the pyramid stone would not be effective at all considering they are not made of the right materials...

    • Leak Project
      Leak Project  2 years ago

      why dont you tell me?

  • Elizabeth Lightmore
    Elizabeth Lightmore 2 years ago

    People want more vivid dreams and if they only knew they should be careful what they wish for. My dreams are so vivid that I literally feel like I live another life at night and all the time it entails. They are way too vivid. Even if they aren't unpleasant, you still wake up feeling disturbed by it. I have to take Stramonium homeopathy before bed to prevent them from being so vivid. I can dream about passed loved ones and even my own past, as a kid with my parents young... and it's just the weird, melancholy, almost depressed feeling about it. I used to interpret dreams for people, every day online. I am very good at it so I was very into remembering mine. I used a Zen Timepiece that helps you remember dreams but now I wish I had never done it. I try not to think about my dreams and interpret them because that makes it worse. I learned a long time ago interpreting so many dreams that it really isn't that important for spiritual growth or healing to remember dreams. Time and again, they just confirm in symbols things you already know.

    • Elizabeth Lightmore
      Elizabeth Lightmore 2 years ago

      I'm sorry you have that issue too. What helps me a lot is Stramonium 100c Homeopathy every night. I know some don't believe in it but the proof to me is that it really works. I've been using Homeopathy for 30 years. Even when my kids were little, I'd give it to them for nausea and it would simply make it go away. So I know it's not a placebo effect.

  • HippieWithA Gun
    HippieWithA Gun 2 years ago

    I broke my New World Order pyramid. I dropped it and it got damaged :-(. How did you have the battery added? How does that work? Like I mean how do you attach it when you are making the pyramid?