Caro Emerald - I Belong To You (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 28, 2013
  • From the album "The Shocking Miss Emerald"
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    This production was made possible by the Dutch Creative Industry promotion fund (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie).
    Directed by: Michael Sauer Christensen / Gaucho Film /
    Written by Carl Sigman, Bert Kaempfert, Herbert Rehbein, David Schreurs, Vincent Degiorgio.
    Produced by David Schreurs, Jan van Wieringen.
    (c) + (p) Grandmono Records 2013
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Comments • 653

  • antonella palacios
    antonella palacios 17 hours ago

    Me encanta!!!!,con esta canción empecé a seguirla,algún día tendre la oportunidad de ir a verla en un concierto ❤

  • Maciej Krauze
    Maciej Krauze 9 days ago

    Wspaniały głos,wspaniałą kobieta.Kocham ją słuchać

  • Rayssa Anjos
    Rayssa Anjos 27 days ago

    O my god😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Ben Brooker
    Ben Brooker 28 days ago


  • Maria Konopacka
    Maria Konopacka Month ago

    Caro jesteś super twój śpiew to wzruszenie i łzy w oczach

  • Elditya Richard
    Elditya Richard Month ago

    I wonder what kind of genre this song belongs to

  • Aus der Asche
    Aus der Asche Month ago

    She's the best, love her sooo much

  • The Green Mage
    The Green Mage 2 months ago +1

    Lovely slight rasp on 'are gone', in the second line of the chorus, chilling, every time, so deep, so true.

  • The Green Mage
    The Green Mage 2 months ago +2

    You’re all saying it should be a bond theme because it’s reminiscent of, “The World is not Enough”, by Garbage.
    It would be awesome though.

  • Jeff Redmon
    Jeff Redmon 3 months ago

    I like it alot

  • Nightcore Princess
    Nightcore Princess 3 months ago

    She is amazing! :o

  • 최지수
    최지수 3 months ago +1

    Can't decide which one is better as a bond theme

    Hooverphonic - Mad About You
    Caro Emerald - I Belong To You

  • tom kent
    tom kent 3 months ago

    Hook remiscent of "My Way of Life".

  • Виталий Каргаполов

    Нет слов! Божественная певица!

  • dmntwentyfive
    dmntwentyfive 3 months ago

    That boy needs therapy.

  • Inessa A.
    Inessa A. 3 months ago +1

    I could never love the other 💋

  • Милена сен
    Милена сен 4 months ago +1


  • Kenny Prescott
    Kenny Prescott 4 months ago

    This song sounds exactly like Garbage's Bond theme for The World is Not Enough. It's even the same key.

  • Davy Inkster
    Davy Inkster 5 months ago

    Yes, Miss Emerald would be a potential no 1 as far as a Bond them go's absolutely ace it.

  • Kristy Mayorga
    Kristy Mayorga 5 months ago

    My new favorite artist #2019

  • Daniel Bisplinghoff
    Daniel Bisplinghoff 5 months ago

    Make this the next BOND THEME

  • Анатолий Бирюков

    Все просто шикарно!
    Чудная женщина!

  • SilverAspen1
    SilverAspen1 6 months ago

    My favorite song .... Caro, you are the best!!!

  • Hans Braam
    Hans Braam 6 months ago

    Wat een geweldige klasse heeft deze zangeres

  • MrLabrador91
    MrLabrador91 7 months ago

    I sorry scratching disqualifies any song from Bondishness.

  • silver lake
    silver lake 7 months ago

    A dame to kill for.

  • Armenius X
    Armenius X 7 months ago

    Skye is BLACK, is sexiest black pronunciation I ever heard.

  • Lancelot Noel
    Lancelot Noel 7 months ago

    She act better than the man who she belongs 😝
    Beautiful song btw, I join everybody who says it's sound like James Bond music!

  • Crow
    Crow 7 months ago

    Damn her voice is beautiful

  • Jim M.
    Jim M. 7 months ago

    Wow, this girl was born to sing...beautiful voice and her face looks a bit like Gal Gadot.

  • Paul Dumphy
    Paul Dumphy 7 months ago

    Come on please! This is Bert Kaempfert's "My Way of Life". He's the composer. Forget any other cover version. He penned it. It's a good sample and pleased she obviously appreciates a good tune but it's Bert through and through. 😳

  • Лидия Васильевна

    Бл тут хоть один русский есть ?

  • Peter Klein
    Peter Klein 8 months ago

    Listen it with 1.25 !

  • Jake Knight
    Jake Knight 8 months ago

    Yeah this definitely needs to be a bond theme, or maybe something like a Man from Uncle Sequel

  • MrLifediary
    MrLifediary 8 months ago

    niiiice.... i beeelong to youuu...

  • Knathan Knathan
    Knathan Knathan 8 months ago

    Damn it does have the James Bond feel to it. This could be the best James Bond theme ever if this be made into one

  • chrobapso
    chrobapso 9 months ago +1

    this is unlibevible.... great!!!!....... yes....!!!

  • justiceforall1985
    justiceforall1985 9 months ago

    Mrs emerald need to work with better directors, the quality of her video clips are low, they are not as profound as her songs, weak cinematography, no main theme, no story, for instance madonna‘s Frozen video, that‘s what i call a video which reflects the song perfectly

  • Inessa A.
    Inessa A. 9 months ago

    ❤, 🎄🎄🎄

  • Василий Ветров

    Yeah..Bond theme. This is it.

  • Sebastian Cerritos
    Sebastian Cerritos 9 months ago

    wowwwww ♡♡♡♡

  • ŅØŞiFęŘ ĘvvƏ
    ŅØŞiFęŘ ĘvvƏ 9 months ago

    😍I feel tha truth🔥

  • Ak Ghouri
    Ak Ghouri 9 months ago

    Caro is dramatically playing the wires...its heart touching creating systematically emotions...caro🎋🎈♥️

  • Ivana Vrselja
    Ivana Vrselja 9 months ago


  • Elgoog
    Elgoog 9 months ago

    It took me until today to discover her. And at least half a dozen of her songs gave me goosebumps.

  • Анатолий Харин

    I love Caro Emerald

  • lieschen MILLER
    lieschen MILLER 10 months ago

    Great music, singer and interpretation. I would like to dance tango to this song. Feels great!

  • Igor Lamed
    Igor Lamed 10 months ago

    Incrível!! scratch culture,djlife!!

  • Ruth Stephens
    Ruth Stephens 10 months ago

    Bond Film Title music 👍

  • Anton Sklyarov
    Anton Sklyarov 11 months ago


  • Ewa Forycka-Krepicz
    Ewa Forycka-Krepicz 11 months ago

    Love it and her voice❤️❤️

  • Emeterio Emeterozo
    Emeterio Emeterozo 11 months ago

    Amo a esta mujer

  • Lujdmilka Razdabarina
    Lujdmilka Razdabarina 11 months ago +4

    Чудо!!! Голос,темперамент, внешность - просто совершенство! НРАВИТЬСЯ ВСЕ И СТИЛЬ ОДЕЖДЫ, И ВЫБОР песен, талант от бога, душа улетает когда слушаю, Нет слов, БРАВО!

  • Stanislaw Kuczera

    an eye pleasing, alternative video version of the

  • Chandler Kerr
    Chandler Kerr Year ago

    That trumpet in the background...... oh my god. This is the closest to a masterpiece I think I will ever hear.

  • Joelle Mercier
    Joelle Mercier Year ago

    Sacre Chanteuse Très Belle Musique et Chanson Magnifique

  • The Guroo
    The Guroo Year ago

    She is class!!

  • Mia B.
    Mia B. Year ago

    Sounds like there is sampling from "My Way of Life" by Enoch Light Singers during the choruses. Wish it was credited...

  • Georgia Goldie Ray

    "And then Mr. Bond, felt the real pain, of a woman who came and left after he taste the bitter-sweet taste of her lips. Then it is where he became a cold-blood killer undoubtedly.."

  • Jens Vercammen losemymind91

    This is love