Finding Out I'M PREGNANT & Telling my Husband... EMOTIONAL!!!

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • I’m Pregnant!!! Here’s our pregnancy journey and me finding out I’m pregnant and then telling my husband I’m pregnant!
    We decided the beginning of last summer to start trying to get pregnant. We both have always wanted to be parents and it felt like the right time. We tried and tried and have decided to share this emotional journey with you.
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  • Ashley Klaty
    Ashley Klaty  3 months ago +2134

    Hey guys, here's my journey to getting pregnant. I wanted to be open and share it with you all. I know our journey wasn't nearly as long as some and if that's you my heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers!! 💗

    • JayZeeJones
      JayZeeJones 26 days ago

      Is it a girl or a boy

    • blue bear Wolf
      blue bear Wolf 27 days ago

      I’m crying now

    • Yuan Sui
      Yuan Sui Month ago +1

      So happy for you!❤️

    • The 2 Sisters
      The 2 Sisters Month ago

      Congrats! So excited for you both!!!

    • Kristen Pierce
      Kristen Pierce Month ago

      Ashley Klaty, my husband and I are currently on the same road of trying to get pregnant been this way four 4 years. Same situation for me except I still haven’t had a positive test yet. I’m not gonna get disappointed because I know God is in control! I’m super happy for y’all!!! I hope y’all’s journey is full of blessings!

  • Kayla Flory
    Kayla Flory 2 days ago +1

    U have to give the sperm some time to create and egg u have to take it a few weeks after

  • Tayla Sossen
    Tayla Sossen 3 days ago

    A little desperate don’t u think

  • RJ xxx
    RJ xxx 3 days ago

    So happy for you xxx 🤗

  • aubrey noelle
    aubrey noelle 5 days ago

    when u cried in the car :( tbh i almost cried

  • HorseLuv 4
    HorseLuv 4 6 days ago

    You guys are the cutest couple!!

  • HorseLuv 4
    HorseLuv 4 6 days ago

    I think the dog came in at the perfect time!!!

  • squishies funny
    squishies funny 6 days ago +1


  • Pepper Hurst
    Pepper Hurst 7 days ago

    So cute 👍🤗

  • Autumn Strid
    Autumn Strid 7 days ago

    It's just so sad cause at the beginning you and your husband are trying so hard and you want to have a baby so bad but it just keeps coming up negative and I literally feel sooo bad...BUT THEN YOU GETTING PREGNANT!! YAYAY!!!

  • Mercedes Moulton
    Mercedes Moulton 7 days ago

    I completely understand. I gave up and then I found out I was pregnant. Sometimes it's better to stop trying and just have fun with it it took us almost a year.

  • Ke’Asia Nicole
    Ke’Asia Nicole 9 days ago

    The beginning broke my heart 😔

  • Whitney Rasmussen
    Whitney Rasmussen 9 days ago

    You have beautiful eyes!!! Can we trade eyes, maybe you would like brown eyes??

  • Nahkiylah Mays
    Nahkiylah Mays 9 days ago

    Also you can get pregnant in three minutes when your chances are high but it won't show on a test until a week later

  • Nahkiylah Mays
    Nahkiylah Mays 9 days ago

    Try the app Ella it'll tell you when your best chances are

  • goodpricehomes
    goodpricehomes 10 days ago

    This made me cryy

  • Dori Vazquez
    Dori Vazquez 13 days ago

    I just rewatched this video because I'm kinda losing hope. I've been ttc for over a year now and I've had no luck and it's really breaking my heart. This video keeps me motivated seeing that it can happen eventually. Love you ashley.

  • •Dashawnna Squad•
    •Dashawnna Squad• 15 days ago

    That’s so cute how the dog came in when she was crying like she knew she was crying 😕💛😚.

  • Aubrie Likk
    Aubrie Likk 16 days ago

    What r u going to name the baby I was thanking of if it is a boy I'd name it Noah if it is a girl I'd name it mia

  • April Davis
    April Davis 17 days ago

    I started my period 😭

  • A Sprouse
    A Sprouse 17 days ago

    Her eyes are so beautiful 😍

  • Gabriella Griffin
    Gabriella Griffin 17 days ago

    Congratulations!! You deserve this! Gonna be fantastic parents!

  • Evanguline Creel
    Evanguline Creel 17 days ago

    I can definitely relate. I took pregnancy tests every month for a whole year and nothing. Than when I gave up and least expected (wasn't even late) found out I was. My man somehow knew before me lol I asked him to pick me up some cravings I had on his way home, he surprises me with a pregnancy test. I was sure it was negative. And he just begged me to take it. It was midday but I still took it for him and what do you know, positive! Hahaha. I was so shocked and both emotional. Congratulations!! Watching this was amazing. You're both going to be amazing parents❤❤❤ Happy for your blessing💕💕

  • Dallas Currence
    Dallas Currence 18 days ago

    I love the dog being there for you!!

  • Kyleigh Tolbert
    Kyleigh Tolbert 18 days ago


  • Kyleigh Tolbert
    Kyleigh Tolbert 18 days ago

    Dont worry u will be one day my mom didnt think it wouldn't happen but it did eventually

  • Jena Davis
    Jena Davis 19 days ago +1

    I’m so happy for you!!!

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones 21 day ago

    So happy for you

  • Princess Caia
    Princess Caia 21 day ago


  • I love You
    I love You 21 day ago

    Your doggo knew the whole time😊

  • Maegan Hanneman
    Maegan Hanneman 22 days ago

    I hope it goes well

  • Tara Salazar
    Tara Salazar 22 days ago

    Hey girl I been trying for months now and it's so hard for me too!! It's so disappointing when u see the one line and I cry all the time! I'm not sure how to get help with it bc it hurts me too!!

  • Isla Gwilliam
    Isla Gwilliam 23 days ago +1

    To tell her dog before her husband,that would be me! 😂😂❤️

  • Stephanie Boggs
    Stephanie Boggs 23 days ago

    I sobbed when she found out that she was finally pregnant

  • Mickaela Gordon
    Mickaela Gordon 23 days ago

    This video totally teaches us to never give up

  • Amelia Marshmallow
    Amelia Marshmallow 24 days ago

    oh my gosh i was sobbing when she started crying in the car. i was like HONEY LET ME COMFORT YOU. but her face when it came out positive was the sweetest thing i've ever seen.

  • Rhiannon Kelleher
    Rhiannon Kelleher 25 days ago

    Ashley’s eyes are beautiful

  • Mecca Sabir
    Mecca Sabir 25 days ago

    Congratulations I’m so happy for you two . I’m glad you finally got your baby good luck 🤪

  • gatcha girl unicorns
    gatcha girl unicorns 25 days ago

    People like you that want a baby will get 1

  • Domy Dominiak
    Domy Dominiak 25 days ago

    i felt so sorry for you

  • Aneliz Escobar
    Aneliz Escobar 25 days ago

    I love how you don’t give up and keep trying💘

  • Ashlynn Zimmerman
    Ashlynn Zimmerman 25 days ago

    3:47 is when she finds out

  • Aubrey Marcum
    Aubrey Marcum 25 days ago

    i know its a lil late but congrats i have a 2 month old sister

  • Blanky Guio
    Blanky Guio 26 days ago

    Congratulations, I found this video by accident, even though I have been following you... Anyway, I'm going through the same journey too and I'm so happy that you got your own miracle of life. God willing I'll get my own too. You'll be in my prayers and hopefully I'll be in yours too. May God bless your pregnancy and may everything go uneventfully. Love.

  • Deb Ronca
    Deb Ronca 26 days ago

    Omg so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🤱👼

  • Kylie B
    Kylie B 26 days ago

    And you have been for 156 days ❤️

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat 26 days ago

    Also it’s so sad to see you crying. Your chi,d will love you and you will love them! Hope you feel a lot better!

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat 26 days ago

    I question why ur taking so many pregnancy test.

    • McKenna Smith.
      McKenna Smith. 26 days ago

      Banana Cat maybe to... see if she’s pregnant ??????

  • Sara Parr
    Sara Parr 27 days ago

    Girl I feel you on those negative pregnancy tests. I’m still not pregnant but holding out hope.

  • Fiona Wilson
    Fiona Wilson 27 days ago

    I had nearly 4 years of a no every month, seeing you cry brought back soo many memories and feelings. I now have my miracle baby through IVF. So pleased you got your yes! Hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy 🤰

  • ray Ray
    ray Ray 27 days ago

    Omg!!!!! My moms going to have a baby around the same time has you!!

  • blue bear Wolf
    blue bear Wolf 27 days ago +1

    The camera shaking

  • blue bear Wolf
    blue bear Wolf 27 days ago +1

    Can you make me want to cry

  • Piper Martin
    Piper Martin 27 days ago

    I’m so happy for u

  • Kayla Zulik
    Kayla Zulik 28 days ago

    After seeing you so sad, and then so excited made me so happy

  • Ryan Herold
    Ryan Herold 28 days ago

    You can adopt?😑😏❤

  • ɷceciɷ djgfsjfsjjsdfsj

    this is something that happens to many women around the world it’s one of the saddest and most painful things to have happen personally I am very fertile and I am so thankful for that but I do have women in my family who struggle to get pregnant and seeing them so upset because they think that there is something is wrong with them and that it’s their fault or their partners fault is very upsetting. #mamainthemaking

  • Angie Garza
    Angie Garza 28 days ago

    Your video literally broke my heart! But I'm so happy for you 💕

  • Jamie Lourenco
    Jamie Lourenco 29 days ago

    Yayyy I'm so happy for youu❤🌙

  • Judy Petrovich
    Judy Petrovich 29 days ago