Yeah, I'm In The Industry.

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • You guys, I'm an important filmmaker.
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    Yeah, I'm in the industry. I'm really important.
    I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 817

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  9 months ago +1560

    if you think i'm an important filmmaker on youtube, just wait til you see me on twitter - @Gusbuckets

    • Josiah Bowman
      Josiah Bowman 6 months ago

      Gus, what is the song that plays at the end of this video? Thanks

    • hot meat
      hot meat 7 months ago

      Gus Johnson don’t le your own comment you piece of shit duck

    • tgi_95
      tgi_95 9 months ago

      Gus Johnson just saw you on sp7. It didn't look like you made it

    • Bacon Forsaken
      Bacon Forsaken 9 months ago +1

      Intro music is perfect

    • Ben
      Ben 9 months ago

      Every aspect of you is BRILLIANT, Gus! Your timing is so dead on I can die laughing at your comments. Kudos, friend...Kudos..

  • Requiem100500
    Requiem100500 8 days ago

    Is that Linus Torvalds?

  • J Haze
    J Haze 12 days ago


  • Wheresmy240
    Wheresmy240 13 days ago

    I legit have the same reaction to the Transformers movies.

  • Wheresmy240
    Wheresmy240 13 days ago

    Did she become the perfect Sabrina or were her parents clairvoyant and know that their child would look like a Sabrina when she got older?

  • Ariel Tenney
    Ariel Tenney 16 days ago


  • mynameisliana
    mynameisliana 16 days ago

    I was looking at your Instagram name wondering what “johns on gus” would mean, and when I realized how stupid I am I honestly just wanted to share it somewhere so I did it here.

  • Devin Burris
    Devin Burris 19 days ago

    Outro song at the beginning? Madlad

    CELEXA 24 days ago

    I have an uncle who looks exactly like gus, and he drinks a LOT of la croix

  • Lindsay Heath
    Lindsay Heath 26 days ago

    I’m worried because if not liking Micheal Bay means I’m this guy I might in fact be this guy 😳

  • Bob Smithers
    Bob Smithers 27 days ago +1


  • Ronan O'Reilly
    Ronan O'Reilly 28 days ago

    Not funny

  • Anon E. Mousse
    Anon E. Mousse 29 days ago

    Is this the CityWalk?

  • FelixEA
    FelixEA 29 days ago +1

    0:42 Fucking roasted

  • Grace Ricci
    Grace Ricci Month ago

    i was stuck behind someone like this on a plane once, for five hours

  • Sgorbackor McGlurg
    Sgorbackor McGlurg Month ago

    Sabrina is too cute

  • Romo Domo
    Romo Domo Month ago

    Getting such a Chris Flemming vibe off of this.

  • Dexter
    Dexter Month ago

    1:33 the asian girl running LMAO

  • Joshua Dinan
    Joshua Dinan Month ago

    Best Nicolas Cage impersonation I’ve ever seen

  • Spicy
    Spicy Month ago

    I really need to know who the girl is she a full cutie

  • Marek Zavřel
    Marek Zavřel Month ago

    More like Bore Ragnarok

  • Kartik Dobhal
    Kartik Dobhal Month ago

    Basic bitch

  • AntonioKowatsch
    AntonioKowatsch Month ago +1

    "A quiet place" sucked. Seriously

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D Month ago

    I'm curious how someone in the industry would pronounce La Croix. I suppose I'll never know.

  • Mustafa Fasil
    Mustafa Fasil Month ago

    I'm sorry for giving you a view....

  • alx xox
    alx xox Month ago

    The voice sounds like Mike Myers as doctor evil

  • Jerry Seaton
    Jerry Seaton Month ago

    Sounds like Nicholas Cage.

  • starman69
    starman69 Month ago

    He sounds like a young Dr. Evil.

  • Oedius Rex
    Oedius Rex Month ago +1

    Nice to be sponsored by La Croix.

  • Michael Garland
    Michael Garland Month ago

    Good job, Gus.

  • Lubaba Hassan
    Lubaba Hassan Month ago

    *Michael Bay more like Michael Bye*

  • Patrick Benga
    Patrick Benga Month ago

    her running away is fucking *gold*

  • UsmevavyPanacek
    UsmevavyPanacek Month ago

    Damn mister Gus, you sure are master of so dumb you just have to laugh. What a lovable rascal you are:)

  • Navraj Gill
    Navraj Gill Month ago

    So dank i subbed twice.

  • UnSoberish
    UnSoberish Month ago

    this is your brain on la croix

  • blue onyx
    blue onyx Month ago

    for some reason i'm feeling a little drunk after watching this

  • Young Doogie
    Young Doogie Month ago +1

    Bro ur like the new Brandon Rodgers

  • OwenOrange
    OwenOrange Month ago

    You had a perfect opportunity to say Michael No Way

  • Turlough Mac Gowan
    Turlough Mac Gowan Month ago

    Spider man homecoming? More like Bore: ragnarok

  • First to see
    First to see 2 months ago


  • mastershake42019
    mastershake42019 2 months ago

    Gonna need those TPS reports by Monday.....yeeeeaaa....... that be great.....

  • David Shirvanyan
    David Shirvanyan 2 months ago


  • Gray Ham
    Gray Ham 2 months ago

    >PA on Fuller House

  • Jared Flint
    Jared Flint 2 months ago

    The choking at the end😂😂this is a great sketch

  • Mat Turner
    Mat Turner 2 months ago

    Why do we only see La Croix in the hands of douchebags (who mispronounce it anyway?)
    "C'n I getta Luh-croy?"

  • Ben Rops
    Ben Rops 2 months ago

    Me after appearing a film as an extra...

  • Captain Ford
    Captain Ford 2 months ago

    You look like Pete Campbell from Mad Men

  • Courtney Ohnstad
    Courtney Ohnstad 2 months ago

    Btw it’s Costume not “wardrobe”
    Costume designers (usually) hate the term “wardrobe” as it’s not really indicative of what we do as creators.
    Wardrobe is a term in Film/TV we try really hard to make people forget.
    And yes, I’m in the industry (an actual lie, sorry)

  • Christina Peterson
    Christina Peterson 2 months ago

    so many 'basically's"

  • I have Swote before, have you?

    Fucking fantastic.

  • Alpaca Juice
    Alpaca Juice 3 months ago

    I hate you

    jk fam, I love you :)

  • Brian
    Brian 3 months ago

    As someone who does work in this industry, this is totally what people in the industry are like.

  • ejaybugboy3
    ejaybugboy3 3 months ago

    Well thankfully my movie only has a budget of 599,999 dollars. Don't want to upset the industry.

  • Beccsz
    Beccsz 3 months ago

    Found eeeeytt

  • Beccsz
    Beccsz 3 months ago

    What's the music in the beginning and end???

  • Caboose XD
    Caboose XD 3 months ago

    What’s the intro song?

  • Michael Syphax
    Michael Syphax 3 months ago

    1:20 Best Part

  • Jaden Soler
    Jaden Soler 3 months ago

    Been watching since 6k subs

  • WhiteBoyWithAnIpod
    WhiteBoyWithAnIpod 3 months ago

    1:24 😂😂😂😂

  • Night Man
    Night Man 3 months ago

    Your outro music soothes my soul. And also my penis

  • Daniel Owens
    Daniel Owens 3 months ago

    Whats the outro music?

    TABBY 3 months ago +2

    *_Michael Bay? More like “not gonna go see that”._*

  • izzomctorro
    izzomctorro 3 months ago

    This sounds like Jared Dines 😂

  • Hersharon
    Hersharon 3 months ago

    Thor ragnorak more like bore ragnorak haha amirite

  • Zakkary Rush
    Zakkary Rush 4 months ago

    every one of your videos gets more retarded. I love it.

  • Repeter HD
    Repeter HD 4 months ago

    How about spider man NOT coming

  • Cam Skye, Movie Guy
    Cam Skye, Movie Guy 4 months ago

    Finally Gus made a video about me

  • I Am Connor
    I Am Connor 4 months ago

    That was lit
    *AF!* 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥

  • BucketCapacity
    BucketCapacity 4 months ago

    God I wish I had someone to talk to.

  • Jack Denners
    Jack Denners 4 months ago

    Why does your outro make me addicted to your videos and deppressed at the same time

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely 4 months ago

    LMAO!!--- that's all that's needed

  • Liam Glennon
    Liam Glennon 4 months ago

    Why does he sound like nick cage

  • Xenithil
    Xenithil 4 months ago

    Your impressions are hilarious!

  • Scott
    Scott 5 months ago

    Now *this* guy is going places.

  • tjdiddy
    tjdiddy 5 months ago

    These videos make me feel good.

  • God of Grass
    God of Grass 5 months ago +2

    I fear becoming this persom

  • Nuno Dias
    Nuno Dias 5 months ago


  • Dat1Dude 311
    Dat1Dude 311 5 months ago

    Wasn't she in The Dark Crystal...?

  • 2starproductions
    2starproductions 5 months ago

    Vincent Cyr wouldve been great in this role

  • _M_U_D_A_
    _M_U_D_A_ 5 months ago

    It's like I'm watching "an aspiring film maker" at my community college

  • Hunter Stokes
    Hunter Stokes 5 months ago

    Is that nick cage?

  • Evil Froog
    Evil Froog 5 months ago


  • Hobo Joe
    Hobo Joe 5 months ago

    Michael Bay? More like Michael Gaaayy

  • Nabegh
    Nabegh 5 months ago

    Fucking Barbara

  • Always LuvedToBeLuved
    Always LuvedToBeLuved 6 months ago

    Ok, now I can summon the Dark Lord of the Abyss

  • Always LuvedToBeLuved
    Always LuvedToBeLuved 6 months ago

    Almost there...

  • Always LuvedToBeLuved
    Always LuvedToBeLuved 6 months ago

    The comment section is almost at the sign of the Beast, I'm so excited

  • Ivan the Vegan
    Ivan the Vegan 6 months ago

    La croix haaa

  • 5Detective
    5Detective 6 months ago

    Nice to see the voice actor for Comic Book Guy still does stuff.

  • Laser Mayonnaiser
    Laser Mayonnaiser 6 months ago

    La Croix is disgusting

  • Apoorv Gupta
    Apoorv Gupta 6 months ago

    Is this about grad students? Fits too well 😂😂😂

  • landen Melancholy hawley

    I hear your use of avenged sevenfold

  • Zulu
    Zulu 6 months ago

    yes grapefruit flavor

  • exceptionalfilms
    exceptionalfilms 6 months ago +2

    He's like a mix of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and Lumberg from Office Space.

  • Kei .S
    Kei .S 6 months ago

    His mom is a good agent

  • elijahpepe
    elijahpepe 6 months ago

    Thank you, Gus. You got a job.

  • Trusteen James
    Trusteen James 6 months ago

    today is the last day of summer, it's 8 pm, and i have a whole book report to do on "To Kill a Mockingbird ". But im watching this

  • DitzyBitz
    DitzyBitz 6 months ago

    What are you in?

  • DitzyBitz
    DitzyBitz 6 months ago

    Thor Ragnarok.
    More like

    Bore Ragnarok.

  • Shea Troxell
    Shea Troxell 6 months ago

    you look like nick cage