THE most undeniable proof of the Flat Earth SUN! Mindblowing Clip!

  • Published on Nov 11, 2015
    Remember how they taught us that the sun RISE and FALL on the "curved" horizon?
    Well I just managed to illustrate what we see on our sky when we look at a "sunset" and "sunrise"
    by moving a coin and a ledlamp BACK and FORTH on a plane surface, our kitchen table.
    Awesome song:
    Beautiful videos I borrowed for this video:

    Once again this prooves the earth is flat and the sun circle towards and away from us. and once again on a much much much larger scale this is even easier to proove!
    You need to take into the equation that you as an observer seem to be WAY under the horizon, even on a perfectly flat plan and can NEVER look above the horizon no matter how high up you are.
    How ever if you do go higher up you will see more of the objects that you wouldnt be able to see on ground level. So if the sun would "set" or "rise" you would still see MORE of it beyond the horizon if YOU were higher up.
    On a small scale I have to be below the table just slightly in order to catch the illusion we see out in the real world that the horizon ALWAYS SEEM to be higher up than YOU are.
    Todays cameras are way better than our eyes are and the lense is so much bigger than our eyes so it takes in MORE of the view. This is why I cant have the camera on 75.1cm as the table's edge because the camera see way above that mark and with OUR OWN EYES out in the nature this is NOT POSSIBLE. We don't EVER see ABOVE the horizon (table edge) as the camera does when standing on the same height. Therefore you CANT use your pseudo-science explainations because it doesnt add up with reality of what WE SEE.
    In other words: On a HUGE scale like outdoors we get the ILLUSION of being way below the horizon so in order to create this illusion in this test one actually HAS to be below the horizon otherwise it wouldn't be like in the real world because on a small scale we don't get this illusion. simple as that.
    Open your eyes. Open your mind!
    I am done!

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  • Seem a
    Seem a 9 minutes ago

    One word - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seem a
    Seem a 9 minutes ago

    One word - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Magna Ludus
    Magna Ludus 19 hours ago

    Nice, I like how you set the camera lower than the table. That is an exact representation of how we would view it while on top of the earth's surface. Nice try.

  • James Rea
    James Rea Day ago

    Beyond the horizon. Over the curve. Jackass you just proved the earth is round.

  • Brayane Fury
    Brayane Fury Day ago +1

    hhhh look u band of idiots how do you explain that it's day in China and night in USA if earth is flat

  • LEE H
    LEE H 2 days ago +1

    When it's night time or when the sun is to far away to reach us with light why can I never pick it up with a telescope at night ever!! We should if it's always up in the sky.

  • LEE H
    LEE H 2 days ago

    If the sun is not setting and is always above us, Why can't we pick up the sun once it's out of our field of view? Just like when the boats go over the horizon and binoculars bring them back,
    Answer that please

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi 3 days ago

    Thia shows the earth to be round. I dont understand why would post a video that proves your "theory" wrong. Mind-numbingly stupid.

  • ForcefighterX2
    ForcefighterX2 3 days ago

    "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
    -- Arthur Schopenhauer

  • 80sMeavyHetal
    80sMeavyHetal 3 days ago

    True but really bad video...
    Watch other sunset/rise timelapses, what we see (not been told) is a sun that moves away and towards us. It looks exactly like in the flat earth model, not like a sun 93 mio. miles away. Just trust your own eyes.

  • Mark Page
    Mark Page 3 days ago

    Your camera was below the level of the table. Try it again and do it correctly, with the camera on the same plane as the table.

  • fk kirk
    fk kirk 3 days ago

    So leaving the 'table-horizon' and camera angle for another day! You have a coin sliding along the surface if the table, ie always in CONTACT with table... do you get what you have done here?... you think that in the FE model.. the sun is sliding along the surface of the earth, ie always in CONTACT with the earth? Isn't suppose to be 3000miles up? This explanation of sunrise/sunset, is a very new level of a spectacular, epic show of pure idiocy, that is simply beyond comprehension. I never normally respond to these FE videos.... unfortunately the same sort of stupidity that accepts FE, seems to think that because of disinterest in rebuttal videos, that they, the FE's are 'winning'... The reality however, is that the truth just cannot be dumbed down enough for FEr's, not even slightly!

  • Shwubble Wubble
    Shwubble Wubble 4 days ago

    Solar system

    ( ) sun
    o mercury
    O venus
    __ earth
    O Mars
    . . . . . . . . . .
    ( ) Jupiter
    -(--)- Saturn
    ( l ) Uranus
    ( ) Neptune


  • Trevor Martin
    Trevor Martin 4 days ago

    Simple Jack called and wants his brain back

  • Adam Cade
    Adam Cade 4 days ago

    You are the biggest dumbfuck on this subject I have seen yet. You can’t even set the camera up correctly. It’s below the table you fucktard.

  • blaqoD
    blaqoD 5 days ago

    You know all those flat earth theories seem plausibile. Just one thing doesn't add up. A source of light, be it in the sky, will always lighten as much surface area as it can if not obstructed by an opaque object. Now, on a flath dome earth, how is it possible that the sun can vanish below the horizon? Your experiment actually proves thar ir can't, unless it is at ground level. In which case, due to it's magnitude and size, it would still lighten everything around unless obstructed by mountains. To me this is a strong evidence because you can't revolve an object around a flat surface and expect it to lighten only a part of it. Unless it is curved!

  • thebentley71
    thebentley71 5 days ago

    all you have to do is buy a nikon p900 & zoom in on the sun right when it is setting & you will find space under it again. the sun moves in a right to left. circular motion. during your summer where ever it may be on the horizontal circular plane we call earth/world. the sun is close or right above you at noon. As the sun continues on its circular path it is going away & to the left. It seems like it sets, but with a nikon p900 you can zoom in, eventually it gets so far that not even the camera can zoom in on it.

  • LMAO at FE
    LMAO at FE 5 days ago

    The MOON doesn't get smaller when setting or bigger when rising .....Why do you always concentrate on the sun ? Its the glare that reduces and gives the impression of getting smaller.....but it doesn't if a sun filter is used on the camera.
    This is a blatant lie that can be so easily debunked.

  • Viktoras Ikasala
    Viktoras Ikasala 7 days ago

    the amount of distance the sun has to travel like a coins is enormous. The sun/moon does not behave like that. It also remains the same size, that proves it is very far away and large object.

  • peter smith
    peter smith 7 days ago

    Just a couple of things.......Camera BELOW table level, even tho you show footage from way above clouds. Then that coin never leaves the table but sun CLEARLY goes up. Your suggesting the sun is way lower than we are told. But a plane at 30,000 feet can see a sunrise and sunset a high altitude plane at around 70,000 feet can see a sunrise and sunset.

  • Darryl Brass
    Darryl Brass 8 days ago +1

    For one thing your camera is lower than the table not level. And if the sun was going away you would be able to zoom in on it once it disappeared from sight and see it again. Which you can't?. And the moon and stars are up side down in Australia vs Russia. So that alone proves earth is a ball. End if story.

  • Petko Gyulchev
    Petko Gyulchev 9 days ago

    Mate, remove this music!

  • jake jebson
    jake jebson 10 days ago

    I hate balltards

  • SpottedSharks
    SpottedSharks 10 days ago +1

    The sun's apparent size should greatly vary during the course of a day if it is circling above us at about 3000 miles on a flat earth. In fact, the sun's apparent size does not change at all during the day. Ditto for the moon. Both should appear much larger at zenith than at rise or set. In the real world we see no such thing. Flat earth fails again.

  • jeremiah the prophet
    jeremiah the prophet 10 days ago

    You need a tuning fork for the music!

  • jeremiah the prophet
    jeremiah the prophet 10 days ago

    Hailed by asses everywhere!

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 10 days ago

    Soz but this is hilarious

  • Ahmad Walii
    Ahmad Walii 10 days ago +1

    Whats wrong with you like seriously

  • Insayde
    Insayde 10 days ago

    Thanks, good video.

  • PlaynonymTV
    PlaynonymTV 11 days ago

    This experiment is ridiculous
    1. Our sun circle above us and not in front of us on a table
    2. can someone explain to me why we see the sunset above the sky (over mount Everest) like a normal sunset. I don't get how the sun should circle above us when we see the sunset above the highest point on earth.

  • Pit Ambara
    Pit Ambara 11 days ago

    experiment... if the sun is just going away from us and appears to set.. it can be brought back above the horizon by a telescope.. by a boat.... where is the experiment.. not on youtube...

  • Kyla Kares
    Kyla Kares 11 days ago

    here's a suggestion. go outside find the end of the flat earth and please jump off, thanks

  • Robert Slater
    Robert Slater 11 days ago

    Dipshit. Even by flat earth accounts the sun is 5000 miles above the ‘plane’. It would never even near the horizon and it would slow and shrink considerably smaller near either horizon. Man this shit is bad by flat earth.

  • Liz Huelfenhaus
    Liz Huelfenhaus 11 days ago

    It's very interesting to me that people genuinely believe the earth is flat.. A human being is like a molecule compared to the size of a planet. If the human eye can only see 30 miles, and the circumference of the earth is almost 25,000 miles, there is no possible way a human being standing on the earth would EVER see the curve. Arguing that if you keep walking, you should eventually see the curve doesn't make sense because gravity keeps your feet on the ground. If you keep walking, you will continue to see the same perspective.. This test is arguing that the sun eventually has the appearance of going behind the curve but it is "actually only appearing to look that way because of perspective". But the sun is not aligned with the horizon, so how is this test even relevant? Since you think that the sun moves away from us while we stay still, you must think that the sun is somehow orbiting a flat earth, because where the fuck else would the sun go on a flat earth? If the sun were indeed orbiting a flat earth, we would continue to see it at all times, the same way we see stars in the sky that are incredibly far away. Also, a flat earth would have the same light exposure from the sun in the center at all times, because it would always be at an equal distance.

  • klaus ahau
    klaus ahau 11 days ago

    .. what a stupid show. No flat earth proof. the video shows clearly the Globe form. The full hoax ist the table to try to proof flat earth.

  • Greg S
    Greg S 11 days ago

    Hey moron, how about leveling the camera with the table, not below it, flat earth bullshit again

  • RaDDx1993
    RaDDx1993 12 days ago

    So this dumb flattard thinks he's proving the Earth is flat by dragging a quarter across the surface of a flat table until it goes out of sight.. Not realizing that the quarter is on THE SURFACE OF THE TABLE... so this means for the same effect in reality with the sun, the sun would have to be dragging along the surface of the Earth moving away from us which means it would be getting smaller.. But for some strange reason, when I watch the sunset, the sun Remains the exact same size as it disappears below the horizon.. then when I send my drone above my head, when it reaches about 500 feet, I can see the sun again, and it is still the exact same man these flat-earthers need to be educated.. LOL

  • Tony Blas
    Tony Blas 12 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Brian Rodgers
    Brian Rodgers 12 days ago +1

    This man "understands" the perception of the horizon as the perception of "standing under" the horizon, but the perception of the horizon is NOT obstructed by any arbitrary tangential plane, as his table represents! Also, were the Sun to "circle" us, as he says, the perception of the Sun would be perpetual - NEVER any night! The Sun's declination (relative to ecliptic or equator) changes continually: What 'flat-earth" physics explains this?

  • RockedThe/CrapOut
    RockedThe/CrapOut 13 days ago

    These only make's me believe that the earth is super round now, thanks!

  • chiko9100
    chiko9100 13 days ago +1

    This is a lie! Everyone knows the earth is a pyramid!

  • Ras Sale I
    Ras Sale I 13 days ago

    All space stuff is fiction. Enclosed system-Earth.

  • Ras Sale I
    Ras Sale I 13 days ago

    Can not ignore reality. FLAT AND STATIONARY PLANE.

  • john underwood
    john underwood 13 days ago

    Use cloud effects for sun distortion. You can still see the sun slowly rise above the horizon and sink below. Some of the best globe earth proof.

  • BizMark Key
    BizMark Key 14 days ago

    The sun is eye level in the morning, over our head in the middle of the day, and eye level again at dusk. That’s called an arc, proving that it circles.

  • Samuel Heil
    Samuel Heil 14 days ago

    This guy's a dumbass.

  • Ben Drake
    Ben Drake 14 days ago

    The most DENIABLE proof of the Flat Earth SUN! Mind blowing Clip!
    Attention! Attention! Attention! Step right up see the most unbelievable act of stupidity you will ever witness. CAUTION! If you are driving care should be used to not drive off the edge of the earth.

  • Emmanuel Sikuku
    Emmanuel Sikuku 15 days ago

    Yasssss, this made me smile...It's flat, people!

  • Furebel
    Furebel 15 days ago

    Why the sun sizeing stopps so suddenly? Shouldn't it come closer to us, and increase it's size? Sorry, but as some sitting in flat earth from almost a year now - I think this is bullshit, this is not how perspective works.

  • David Swenson
    David Swenson 15 days ago

    That's mind blowing how the coin disappeared as it retreated over the flat table top... That was seen from a camera positioned below the surface of the table!!! What did that prove again?

  • Kiwiwarrior420
    Kiwiwarrior420 15 days ago

    globe believers are going to stay comfortable in the lies I don't think you can convince them even if the flat earth smacked them in the face,globe believers are right where they want them to be brainless slaves that can't think or research for day,one day you will see.

    • techel
      techel 11 days ago

      Right. Think for yourself and find the earth cannot be flat.

  • MicahMane
    MicahMane 15 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that despite anything this video showed (which wasn’t much...) still saw a rising and setting sun? I mean despite its trajectory it didn’t appear to get any bigger or smaller as things usually do when they are getting closer and farther away.

  • blood mapedit
    blood mapedit 16 days ago

    @1:06 and before "this point" only the top half is still in front of the "vanishing point" and the bottom already passed it?
    How fantastic....

  • Noicaferar One
    Noicaferar One 16 days ago

    Thanks for the video! I have a pancake to be used as moon. Will send you the link on how to make a pancake.

  • Autocus
    Autocus 16 days ago

    Yes yes my mind is blown..... by your stupidity.

  • G Whip
    G Whip 16 days ago

    Your videos side by side proved that the earth is round. Did you even notice how you saw the sun first from the “above clouds camera” and a couple seconds later from your “ground level camera” that in itself is evidence the earth isn’t flat because you would see the sun at the same time on a flat surface, not seconds or mins later 😉

  • Devin Klinkowsky
    Devin Klinkowsky 16 days ago

    how foolish. first, the footage you use of sunrise at ground level ( by which im assuming you mean sea level, otherwise youre conducting a false experiment with widely variable and highly speculative results in the first place) and above cloud level, did you notice that the sun is THE SAME SIZE IN BOTH? this is because the sun is so far away that being a few thousand yards closer doesnt change how close it is at all. if the sun were rotating within our atmosphere like you flatworlders claim, it would look a lot bigger when you got up close like that. of course, flatworld thinking doesnt allow for that kind of sane, rational thought. secondly, your "fixed" model sun seems to wobble a lot. that doesnt look fixed at all to me.

  • Vin Commons
    Vin Commons 16 days ago


  • Scott Parker
    Scott Parker 16 days ago

    I hope you didn't breed.

  • Requiem Moon
    Requiem Moon 16 days ago

    What shape does a fluid make in zero gravity?

  • JamBone30
    JamBone30 17 days ago

    The king James version of the Bible is garbage and holds not a damn bit of merit. You flat earth believers are stupid too...

  • eugenemr
    eugenemr 18 days ago

    Before I call you an idiot film the same senario with a filter to cut the glare and you will see the Sun has the same angular view from Sunrise to Sunset. And the same goes for the Moon. These flat earthers are something else.

  • Erinn Earth Life
    Erinn Earth Life 18 days ago

    Loose the music dude

  • Rob T
    Rob T 18 days ago

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, put your hat on & go and stand in the corner..

  • arthur lewis
    arthur lewis 18 days ago

    Your mum will be really angry if you scratch her table with that coin. Remember when she locked you in that cupboard for three weeks the last time you made her angry? A lot of us thought you never really got over that.....

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 18 days ago

    Sorry that all these people are blasting you but based on facts that have already been gathered and footage of the round earth, you will just have to except that you are wrong.

  • jodzon
    jodzon 18 days ago

    Table and as a scientific instrument... wow.
    Anyway, science based on round earth (normal), can predict exact time and position for moon in relation to earth. They will tell you, where exactly moon will be in (for example) a year from now, at given time. For example, they can calculate moonrise for your location with less then second precision i guess, and you can check it. Can any of you, flatlanders, do the same, using your reality..? And math?

  • Rvbubu Bubu
    Rvbubu Bubu 20 days ago

    Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈!!

  • Micah Leith
    Micah Leith 20 days ago

    Im going to ignore the obvious experimental errors and ask you(or any flat earther for that matter) a simple question: how do seasons exist on a flat earth with a sun circling above?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago

    Camera is below the table and the coin gets smaller as it sets which doesn't happen in reality. Video debunked. Thank you.

  • SandyRocks
    SandyRocks 21 day ago

    Earth is flat and asteroid hit it and toppled the dinosaurs in outer space !!!! Idiot! Only Asguard is flat dumbo!

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith 21 day ago

    Not only is the camera too low. You honestly expect us to believe the sun lands somewhere when it sets? I'm new to the flat earth belief but I thought the sun was supposed to stay at a constant some odd thousand miles up. If it's not dunking itself in the ocean every night then someplace on earth is sorched

  • MV Gamer
    MV Gamer 22 days ago +1

    you cant be serious

  • John Potter
    John Potter 22 days ago

    I love that people believe this ! Hahahaha

  • Tobias Grünenfelder
    Tobias Grünenfelder 23 days ago +2

    Do you realize that you put the camera lower than the surface of the table? Of courde the coin disappears! Put the camera just a Little bit higher and the coin will never ever disappear like this. But the sun still rises and sets even if you are on an verry high altitude. And I think you are aware of that fact but keep lying to your weak minded Followers.

  • B L
    B L 23 days ago +1

    place camera focal point level with table like reality and then try your 'trick'

  • Bill Page
    Bill Page 23 days ago

    Christian scool friend tommy story in 1980s new about the star wars clone wars way before it was in the movies theaters and he has over 90 books on the subject of star wars plus movies

  • skerr661
    skerr661 24 days ago +1

    Camera lens is below the table top. If it was level the coin or torch would never go out of view. Also the sun is above the earth not level like your experiment is suggesting.

  • Andy Wright
    Andy Wright 24 days ago +1

    But surely we are at the same height as the rest of the earth, not beneath it as your table thing would suggest

  • Hamid IRN
    Hamid IRN 24 days ago

    The sun should get smaller but it doesn't . Same size but it gets brighter cause after few hours earth has rotated more .

  • Nehemiah Scudder
    Nehemiah Scudder 24 days ago

    In the footage of sunsets over the sea, the surface of the sea is clearly visible because the camera is *above* the surface of the sea, looking *down* Likewise with the "Above the clouds"footage, the clouds and the geography below is clearly visible because the camera is *above* the clouds, looking *down* In the table shots *NONE* of the surface of the table is visible because the camera is *below* the "horizon" and is looking *up*
    Try getting some video footage tracking the sun at the North Pole during the summer solstice and compare the path of the sun with summer solstice video taken at stonehenge in England.

  • Rene Best
    Rene Best 24 days ago

    question to flat earthers: is the sun flat? is the moon flat?

  • The Big Bopper
    The Big Bopper 24 days ago

    The sun is definitely coming towards us at sunrise and away from us at sunset

  • Joe Imhof
    Joe Imhof 24 days ago +1

    Have another beer smoke another joint too much peyote or something

  • shubham kalan
    shubham kalan 25 days ago

    Then the sun should be flat...

  • Ben Drake
    Ben Drake 26 days ago

    Minds will NOT be blown because you have no minds.

  • Zero the Faceless
    Zero the Faceless 26 days ago

    There is one huge problem with your demonstration. In order for this to work like you simulated the horizon would have to be ABOVE eye level. Any explanation on WTF is horizon doing up there? Or why do you Flat Earthers keep telling that ir RISES TO eye level?

  • bobinmaine1
    bobinmaine1 28 days ago

    Lmao you flat Earthers are so incredibly stupid. The coin stays on the flat table. The sun lifts above the "flat" Earth. Your vid only proves that you're all morons.

  • Shiloh
    Shiloh 28 days ago

    have you seen a globe in a toy store lately? Lol globe is replaced with sharia flat earth UN fag. typo intended

  • Shiloh
    Shiloh 28 days ago

    UN sharia map is flat earth flag. Proof of your story line.

  • Shiloh
    Shiloh 28 days ago

    this is like the gravity house mystery in the Irish hills (spoiler alert, the floor is on an angle)

  • Toby Riddle
    Toby Riddle 28 days ago

    Your understanding of perspective is wrong, you'd have yo put your camera on the table to get the correct effect. Then you would see you'd always be able to see the sun on a flat earth.

  • Eric Larue
    Eric Larue 29 days ago

    Stop talking ignorance and use your brain. You stupid imbacil.

  • Eric Larue
    Eric Larue 29 days ago

    No. Stupid. Get a brain you willfully stupid moron.

  • Diet S
    Diet S 29 days ago

    All in all. It just seems that rick and morty back fired on its viewers😕

  • Diet S
    Diet S 29 days ago

    My dogs believe that the earth is flat🙂

  • tintman831
    tintman831 29 days ago

    People still won't listen. Their so damn dumb it's not even funny

  • 자니 janeebaggiya

    저건 땅에서 기어갈때고 태양이 땅에 있냐?

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins Month ago

    OK so the sun just orbits beyond our capability to see it with our eyes....
    Fair enough... That's what the ships on the ocean do, right? They just travel beyond our ability to see them with our eyes. I'm sure you probably agree then, that since the earth is flat, no matter how far away those ships are away from us, using a camera or telescope, we can just zoom right back in on them no problem....
    Again, fair enough...
    Now I'm going to give you an experiment that will prove once and for all that the earth is flat, and it's very simple.... Go online and look up what part of the earth the sun will be passing over, when it is midnight in your time zone, three says ahead of time to give you time to set up. Then on the day, or night rather, with a telescope, at a spot that is above any obstructions, at midnight... Point the telescope in the direction the sun will be orbiting over the flat earth, and just like when you zoom in on those ships. Make a video of you zooming in on the sun off in the distance, when it is midnight wherever you are...
    If the sun is orbiting 3 thousand miles above earth, then not even the Himalayan mountains will be even close to obstructing the view of the sun...
    If you can do that, you will be the first person to actually have legitimate proof that the earth is flat... You will also be the first person of MANY to even acknowledge my experiment suggestion