DIY Phone Cases - EASY CRAFTS With Resin


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  • Dwight Gordon
    Dwight Gordon 20 hours ago

    That's not a DIY phone case. That's decorating an existing phone case.

  • edu 593
    edu 593 7 days ago

    Lindo video pero falto de ver con que sacaba y como pegaba al estuche del telefono

  • aarish tinwala
    aarish tinwala 9 days ago

    Where did you get the phone cover from

    JR BORIQUA7 15 days ago

    Half of the video is mix and the other is cutting foil! We barely see the end product! Still, I gave you a like. BTW where can I Find this same kit so can do it to the back of my cell phone because the glass broke.

  • Gaming Empire
    Gaming Empire 22 days ago

    suckyour ass

  • James Ahern
    James Ahern Month ago

    What is the brand name of diy phone case

  • Gettn Crafty
    Gettn Crafty Month ago

    Could do WITHOUT music. Had to watch video with volume down

  • broski
    broski Month ago

    this could have been a two minute video

  • zane spang
    zane spang Month ago

    I can't believe I just watched you cut up the foil for that long. I was waiting for Arlo Guthrie to start singing as well.

  • Austin Glazier
    Austin Glazier Month ago

    Hey, how is it going? My Name is Austin. What type of resin did you use?

  • The Pen & The Sword

    NEVER use a scale to determine mix ratio as you did here. Your resin and hardener each have different weights so you are not getting 1:1 and instead it's more like 1:1.5 or 1:0.5 and that can cause various unwanted issues... Use a measuring stick or cup instead.

  • Tiên Ngô
    Tiên Ngô 2 months ago

    ở VN có chỗ nào bán ốp như vậy không bạn ơi?

  • Angie’sartstudio 2018

    Beautiful case

  • Sambhrama Sammu
    Sambhrama Sammu 2 months ago +1


  • Frank Chang
    Frank Chang 2 months ago

    Do you mind share the recipe?

  • Nilima Rodekar
    Nilima Rodekar 2 months ago

    How purchase that solutation

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  • Scarlet Resident
    Scarlet Resident 2 months ago +1

    Can i use UV resin for this?

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  2 months ago

      Scarlet Resident Of course, you can use uv resin

  • jedrek29t
    jedrek29t 2 months ago +1

    someone stole your movie.

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  2 months ago

      I got it. Thank you so much.

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  2 months ago

      OMG, Thank you! ♥️
      I will report their

  • Mardyansah Yansen Screen Printing

    Are you use a elastic resin or usual resin ( hard finish ) ??

  • Elijah Guerrero
    Elijah Guerrero 3 months ago

    I like the video but try to time lapse especially for that cutting the foil paper it was quite annoying

  • Paweł Filipowski
    Paweł Filipowski 3 months ago +47

    Whyyyyyyyyyy the half of this video is about cutting foil?

    • agus ifer
      agus ifer 2 months ago +1

      the foking lmao! you know of life

  • Megan Harrell
    Megan Harrell 3 months ago +33

    Pro Tips:
    1. Always prepare your materials BEFORE mixing your resin. If you waste too much time trying to cut up that “unicorn skin,” your resin is going to start smoking and harden in the cup. Pot time is always shorter in larger cups.
    2. Resin should always be mixed by VOLUME, NOT WEIGHT. So NEVER use a scale to measure your two parts. There are measuring cups on and at Home Depot that are graduated to show exactly how much is 2 or 3 ounces and so on.
    3. You will never get the air bubbles out of the case if you follow this tutorial. You need to hit the resin with SOME kind of heat, preferably from a heat gun, seeing as a butane torch might melt the plastic case. This with not only pop the air bubble but also help the resin run to the edge better.
    4. Finally! If you’re reading this and you want to learn REAL RESIN ART,

  • Jevencio Diko
    Jevencio Diko 3 months ago +1

    Good job bro 😎

  • gie gie
    gie gie 4 months ago

    Subscribe to my new channel!
    Thank u :)

  • Carlos Gabriel Vlogs
    Carlos Gabriel Vlogs 4 months ago +1


  • VRSI 89
    VRSI 89 4 months ago +1

    Good tutorial in this channel.. like

  • PokeASMR
    PokeASMR 4 months ago +2

    Hi, could you name the crystalize paper that you cut out ? And where to buy those? Thanks! :)

    • Natalie Padierna
      Natalie Padierna 3 months ago +2

      The film is called cellophane. I have bought some from dollar tree and 99 cents store in the gift wrap section. Also crafts store have it in the gift wrap section. You can buy the iridescent confetti which is cellophane cut up like this. They have a lot of colors.

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  4 months ago

      You are welcome! I hope you'll have a nice day

    • PokeASMR
      PokeASMR 4 months ago +1

      Oh, thanks so much for the reply!! :) love the video

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  4 months ago +1

      That paper is called Colored Iridescent or Iridescent Film
      I got it form Other Iridescent Film can be found on Amazon and at local craft stores/hardware stores. :)
      Hope that helped.

  • Art and craft diva
    Art and craft diva 4 months ago +3

    You just earned 1 subscriber here!! Your channel is worth subscribing! Thank you for the great ideas!

  • Art and craft diva
    Art and craft diva 4 months ago +1

    Woahhh! So cool!! 👌👏 definetly gonna try this out!!😍😍💚💚

  • Kim Huff
    Kim Huff 4 months ago +1

    @Thao Vy I've been searching for a similar case that had a lip around the edge allowing you to pour resin without the resin falling over the sides but I can't find one. Can you post a link to the one you purchased?

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  4 months ago

      Hi Kim Huff. I get my case from Amazon. LINK:
      Hope that helped.

  • Szabadi Szilvi
    Szabadi Szilvi 5 months ago +3

    What kind of frame? Is there a special name for it? The phone case

  • Andrea Morin
    Andrea Morin 5 months ago +1

    This is a great tutorial video! Where do you get your little cups with the spouts, and dichroic film? Thanks, Andrea.

  • Christine Minter
    Christine Minter 5 months ago

    where do you get the cases?

    • James Ahern
      James Ahern Month ago

      What is the name of the case?

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  5 months ago

      I bought it on amazon

  • Mubassir Khan
    Mubassir Khan 7 months ago

    Plzz tallk me tha kemikal name

      QUEEN FAXXXADEMiKS 4 months ago

      It’s sold at craft stores everywhere. Or - without fail - you can always try online - even Amazon. Or shop prices like Joannfabrics, hobby lobby, or you will find various types, brands, sizes, quality and especially prices on! Or if you are up for a challenge - but a fun at the same time challenge! - make it at home !!! Search DIY Epoxy (or resin) on youtube. And also - search Pinterest for endless number of amazing diy projects/crafts (just like this one shown in the video above!) 🙂
      But There are many many many different brands to choose from. I just bought my first set at Joann’s Fabrics and unfortunately - only had a couple to choose from. I finally decided on the brand Envirotex Lite (32 oz; two-part mixing (2x bottles); one 32oz bottle of resin and one 32oz bottle of hardener) - and I’m actually very pleased with it !
      Prior to visiting my local craft store (Joann’s) I did a tiny bit of research on TVclip - and there’s a woman who did a self-test on I think 10(?) or so different types and brands of resin. She showed each of the processes and most importantly (ib my opinion of course!) the final outcome of each one tested. And it was so great to see that because some were more foggy... or yellow.... or, a huge deal breaker for me, the bubbles! (Which could easily be taken care of with a lighter or breathing on it. A lot of tutorials and videos on resin I cams across would always talk about HEAT being the answer to getting rid of bubbles. Which I agree with to a certain extent.... as the bottle of resin should always be somewhat warm versus cold... as it will react a lot better than when it is cold... but what I learned that it’s not the heat of the lighter that rises and pops the bubbles .... but I thought it was very interesting to learn that it’s actually the CARBON MONOXIDE that does the trick.....hence using a lighter and also exhaling on to your project to pop bubbles..... very interesting actually.
      Ok this was a long rambling that is far too long and unnecessary! I’m sorry! But I hope you get at least one thing out of this that you learned.... but yeah! Make sure to youtube that woman who does a comparison amongst all those various brands ! Oh yeah! She did a couple that are available at your local hardware store (ie. Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.)
      And in the description she does a awesome job by listing each brand and a link that sends you directly to purchase that very product!

      But make sure you get it! It’s so awesome! My only regret is not finding out about this sooner! I Love it!!!!! Endless possibilities When it comes to crafts and projects!!!!!!!! Let us know, not If.... but WHEN you get yours and which one and how you like it so far!!!!!
      And good luck !!!!!!!!!
      Xoxo 💜

    • tushar redekar
      tushar redekar 5 months ago


  • Mc Reyes
    Mc Reyes 8 months ago +2

    This is my first time here. Good job.. :) can you make a galaxy phone case with resin?

  • Anna Godfrey
    Anna Godfrey 8 months ago +1

    Love this!!! Just subscribed 😬. Can you give suggestions on where to get the cell phone cases from?

    • Thao Vy
      Thao Vy  4 months ago

      Hi. I get my case from Amazon. LINK:
      Hope that helped.

    • SuperPinkSox
      SuperPinkSox 5 months ago

      Anna Godfrey .99-$2 on eBay, free shipping

  • Vampirych
    Vampirych 8 months ago

    Still no comments? I will be first. You are doing good looking things with you own style)