How to say in Russian "Somebody should do something"?


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    It will help you to drill these grammar structures and to train such language skills as speaking, listening, translating, reading, pronunciation, and as a bonus to learn some new vocabulary.
    📌30 minutes watching the video explanations
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    📌300 minutes translating the patterns by your own and working on your listening and pronunciation
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    The course was worked out by Nika Minchenko, Founder of Ru-Land Club, a youtuber, professional Russian language teacher with Master's Degree in Russian linguistics.

    • Dey Badis
      Dey Badis 6 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB I dream to learn with you 😔

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    drmalamas malamas 15 days ago

    Мне следует перестать думать о тебе. (Спасибо болшьое)

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    david maceda 2 months ago

    Thank you for your videos 👍🏻

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    Shafi Azam 5 months ago

    Мне следует смотреть грамматику видео

  • Dey Badis
    Dey Badis 6 months ago

    Best teacher in the world so easy and soft and clever

  • Neil
    Neil 8 months ago

    следует и должны, какая разница в значении?

  • Arda jе deux
    Arda jе deux Year ago

    omg you are so beautiful cant stop watching you 😍

  • Aztec Warrior
    Aztec Warrior Year ago

    I would like ti hear the words spoken more slowly ,or even syllable by syllable to ensure proper pronunciation

  • Yuri Shevchenko
    Yuri Shevchenko Year ago

    Мне следует иммигрировать в Россию.

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear Year ago

    "You shouldn't walk so lately?" or what are you saying in the last sentence? :D

  • سعدون سعدون

    You are very beautiful woman

  • Rahib Yuzbashov
    Rahib Yuzbashov Year ago

    Thanks so much

  • Guntur putra Pamungkas

    Красивая 😉

  • Isik Pamir
    Isik Pamir Year ago

    very bad should position camera...we have hard time to see board, and also speak please slowly and you pronounce it ???

  • Sunil .Mankad
    Sunil .Mankad Year ago

    Отлично урок - спасибо

  • Russki Malayu
    Russki Malayu Year ago

    Мне следует изучать русский язык постоянно.
    Ваше видео мне нравится как всегда. Большое спасибо.

  • Müşfiq Mahmudlu

    Great job, thanks so much
    Could you make a video about prepositions (приставки)?

  • Russian with Anastasia

    Мне точно не следует пить столько кофе :D

  • Leo Qiu
    Leo Qiu Year ago

    hi , i like this all series this video, this really helpful for me, i just start to learning Russian language , hope one day i will speaking great 😊,thank you Nika

  • Иван Ляньковский

    Мне следует есть бургер а не овощей.

  • Morgow
    Morgow Year ago


  • cientifiko
    cientifiko Year ago

    are you mixing cursive and printed form caracteres on the board?

    • cientifiko
      cientifiko Year ago


      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +2

      cursive T in Russian looks like English cursive M
      And cursive Д in Russian looks like cursive G in English))

    • cientifiko
      cientifiko Year ago

      RU-LAND CLUB i feel confused with т cursive and д. I tought i learnt wrongly.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      hm, may be sometimes, when you need to write it fast it happens

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey Year ago

    You should not walk so lately is a meaningless expression in English. I have no idea what it is intended to convey. It appears to be an English sentence but in fact it reads like a piece of nonsense in the manner of the red queen in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Did you fall down a rabbit hole?

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey Year ago

    The correct translation in English is "you should not smoke". Why not assemble a panel of native English speakers to eliminate elementary mistakes, which currently undermine the credibility of the presentations. Such basic errors of the translation give an impression of amateurism. This is a pity because generally the videos offer good quality content and are well presented. Best wishes.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Look, I was filming 10 lessons during one day, and just exidently said lately instead late, I am very sorry about it, but I do believe that you still could understand it. TVclip is not my main work, I have a LOT of work but it. "I'm just a Human, I make mistakes " perfect song of Rag’n’Bone Man :)
      If my English is too awful for you, I do not make you to watch my lessons. I could explain everything just in Russian
      but I am trying to do it in foreign language still.

      Regarding my Spanish, I stopped learning it, because I do not have time for it at all. Hope to resume in future))

    • Stephen Robey
      Stephen Robey Year ago

      Qué tal su español? Octubre 2015 nos dijo que vayas empecer con esta idioma, Nika. Me digan que es fácil pero no es verdad perquè il subjentivo es bastante difícil, no te parece? Yo estudié castellano y catalán también. Yo prefiero catalán perquè es muy parecido al Occitan o Provençal. Me gusta mucho el periodo de les trobadors y la reina Elionor d'Aquitaine. Besos d'Inghlaterra.

    • Stephen Robey
      Stephen Robey Year ago

      Thanks for your correction. However you have not replied to my second comment about "You should not walk so lately". What on earth is going on there. It's nonsense in English, I must insist you refer to a competent authority in English usage. What about my suggestion of empaneling suitably qualified reviewers. If they fail to respond to your deadline then tant pis. Publish and be damned. Unfortunately you are repeatedly undermining your own credibility with solecisms and howlers that make one cringe. Having said that I still think your videos have much merit and help drag me from the depth of my ignorance of the wonderful Russian language, which I wanted to learn from the days of the Sputnik when no human had escaped earth's bonds. A poor dog was the sacrifice. Love from Sheffield.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      I am afraid that "you should not smoke" is not correct translation for this sentence. Перестать - literally means "to STOP", so even if sounds weird in English it doesn't mean that it is wrong. Russian and English have different sentense structure and different linguistic picture of the word, so if I offer this translation, it is always because of some certain reason.
      You should not smoke in Russian will sound like: тебе не следует курить.

  • petra shaden
    petra shaden Year ago

    what about (Они должны вызвать полицию)

  • petra shaden
    petra shaden Year ago

    the writing is not clear please use the previous style

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Sorry, I was filming 10 videos during one day, was in a little rush(((

  • MR. Clans
    MR. Clans Year ago +1

    yuo lesson perfect

  • Hany Michael
    Hany Michael Year ago +3

    мне следует благодарить тебя за видео

    • Hany Michael
      Hany Michael Year ago

      Огромное спасибо 😃😃

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Есть учебник: Хавронина - Русский язык в упражнениях, там очень хорошо раскрыта эта тема. Упражнения оттуда будут очень полезны))

    • Hany Michael
      Hany Michael Year ago

      это будет замечательно, я учусь на факультете , и составте СПП вопрос очень сложный для меня

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Думаю да. Я постараюсь сделать такие уроки в будущем.

    • Hany Michael
      Hany Michael Year ago

      RU-LAND CLUB у меня есть вопрос , если можно ты создала видео о синтаксие и СПП

  • Emily Tellefsen
    Emily Tellefsen Year ago +1

    мне следует писать мой сочинение

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      моё* сочинение (Neuter)
      Good example)

  • Rahul sisodia
    Rahul sisodia Year ago +1

    Thats easy Thank you!

  • malayu polyglot
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    Ваше видео мне нравится. Большое спасибо. Браво.

  • malayu polyglot
    malayu polyglot Year ago +1

    Например :
    Мне следует изучать русский язык постоянно.
    ( 2 ) Ему следует помнить меня.

  • Franko Villamil.
    Franko Villamil. Year ago +1

    +RU-LAND CLUB , Nika спасибо Большое, этот урок важен для меня, Awesome this lesson is very important for me, thank you very much.

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    спасибо за урок

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    ¡Замечательно как обычно! ¡Так держать! ¡И огромное спасибо за такие видео!
    А вам следует сделать уроки с прошедшим временем. А!, и с будущим.

    • José E.
      José E. Year ago


      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Спасибо Эдильсон))) Да-да, мне следует... как только будет больше времени..))))))))))))

  • nbrau7
    nbrau7 Year ago +2

    Мне следует пойти в спортзал.
    Ему не следует поговорить так много.
    Ей не следует ездить машину так быстро.
    Вам следует подписаться на этот канал.

    • Эдуард Ланшин
      Эдуард Ланшин Year ago

      Мне следут пойти в спортзал - i should get stated to visit a gym , Мне надо сходить в спортзал ( once only ) ? мне надо( следует ) ходить в спортзал ( habitually )

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Hi friends! I am happy to see that you help each other (very effeciently, btw) :) Thank you for the support!
      Ryan has added perfect corrections :) You both rised my mood a lot!! My friendly Rulanders :)))))))

    • Ryan Wilson
      Ryan Wilson Year ago +1

      My pleasure! Btw I meant to say: you said "поговорить" (to have a talk, once off), when you should say "говорить" (to talk in general, to speak).

    • nbrau7
      nbrau7 Year ago +2

      Thank u for feedback and keep it up!

    • Ryan Wilson
      Ryan Wilson Year ago

      Not entirely sure what Nika will have to say, but here's my 2 cents:
      Мне следует пойти в спортзал. This means: I should go the the gym (once only). Мне следует ходить в спортзал. This means: I should go to the gym (habitually).
      Ему не следует так много говорить. Here you should say "поговорить" which means to talk a bit, to have a talk, one time. I changed the word order a little to sound more natural.
      Ей не следует так быстро ездить на машине. - She shouldn't drive so fast. Notice that Russians say "ездить НА машине", not just "ездить машину". I also changed the word order here a bit.
      Вам следует подписаться на этот канал. All good here.
      Good job! :)

  • Abdujabbor Olimov
    Abdujabbor Olimov Year ago +1

    нам следует посмотреть ваша уроки

  • Giovanni Colombo
    Giovanni Colombo Year ago +5

    so good and so beautiful ! the best russian teacher. Everything clear and well exposed.

  • The007Rocky
    The007Rocky Year ago +4

    it would have been better if the board was faced more directly to the camera

    • Arda jе deux
      Arda jе deux Year ago

      RU-LAND CLUB please dont 😃

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      It's very hard to put it another way((( I will see what I can do next time

  • Waka Webrhan
    Waka Webrhan Year ago +1

    Good Job! Thank you so much, Please some more of suck kind.
    Thanks Ysho Razzzzzzz

  • My Storm
    My Storm Year ago +4

    у вас должно быть больше подписчиков!)
    спасибо за урок!)

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Спасибо)) Приглашайте своих друзей, мы будем очень рады видеть больше подписчиков! :)

  • Asaad Audy
    Asaad Audy Year ago +2

    Awesome channel

  • Maston_Artin
    Maston_Artin Year ago +1

    Was written in the accusative case in your example?

  • javiertw89
    javiertw89 Year ago +16

    Мне следует работать, а не смотреть на видео.

    • Эдуард Ланшин
      Эдуард Ланшин Year ago

      it is better to say -надо , следует работать is kind of official way to express the same , надо is more colloquial

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +4

      Нам всем иногда следует работать :)))))
      В любом случае, спасибо за Ваше время на просмотр наших видео :)

    • Franko Villamil.
      Franko Villamil. Year ago +3

      javiertw89 ..... trata de ser amable con la profesora Nika, try to be polite please, статрайся быть вежливым...

  • Anas Chrifi
    Anas Chrifi Year ago +1

    Amazing job Nikka !!! Please keep doing lessons about PATTERNS it's so helpful when dealing with speaking issues thank you very much again, this lesson and the previous one were amazing !!!

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Огромное спасибо! I do appreciate it! :) I will keep making such videos)

  • bielka mua
    bielka mua Year ago +1

    Hi! Thanks for yr videos.They're great. One question pls: какая ратниша между следует и долшно ? When speaking in russian I always use долшно though incorrectly. Thanks again for yr explanation, they're very useful. Poka, poka

    • Sandy Beach
      Sandy Beach 5 months ago

      I have a Russian language app that like to use должен for "should" a lot. Are there contexts where this would happen, and if so, does it matter which aspect the verb following it is?

    • ask Etc r Efsc
      ask Etc r Efsc Year ago

      должен= have to
      следует= should