• Published on Jan 12, 2019
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  • Zahra Ngwenya
    Zahra Ngwenya Day ago

    Ben - do I have a girlfriend
    Alan - yes me
    Me - 😂😂

  • Zahra Ngwenya
    Zahra Ngwenya Day ago +1

    Ben - ‘what are my favourite features on a girl’
    Alan - ‘ booty’
    Me - 😂😂😂

  • Tammy Jenkins
    Tammy Jenkins 3 days ago

    You two twins are the best

  • Just a Random Nobody
    Just a Random Nobody 3 days ago +1


  • Ashley Shine
    Ashley Shine 5 days ago

    Shut up alin

  • Hailey lemaire
    Hailey lemaire 5 days ago

    this is ben

  • Acelynn Elmore
    Acelynn Elmore 6 days ago +1

    Sorry Allen

  • Julio Miranda
    Julio Miranda 8 days ago

    Poor alan

  • Rhay Abdullah
    Rhay Abdullah 8 days ago


  • gisELLE a.s
    gisELLE a.s 10 days ago +1

    Ben: Do I have a girlfriend?
    Alex: NO
    Alan: Yes (me)
    Ben: (oh shoot help mee)
    Me: 😂😂😂

  • Nadine
    Nadine 11 days ago

    What's Alex middle name?

  • Caitlyn - Chill I'm just a unicorn

    I just love bens pink pine apple shirt

  • JustR -
    JustR - 15 days ago

    It’s hype

  • JustR -
    JustR - 15 days ago

    It’s not shoot

  • Julie-anne Baker
    Julie-anne Baker 15 days ago

    Yes you do have a girlfriend her name is Lexi

  • Svea Modrow
    Svea Modrow 18 days ago

    We actually made a tinder account for our cat, its hilarious XD

  • Nate's Thingies
    Nate's Thingies 18 days ago

    my friend never pees with the toilet seat up and him standing he is not handicap or anything else he just does that nothing making him do it he will wait in the bathroom till he can sit

  • Sidratul Choudhury
    Sidratul Choudhury 22 days ago

    Alex: It's whats on the inside not the outside
    Alan: Stop advertising your single self
    Ben: Okkaaayyyy next question..... :)))))

  • I love Jhope
    I love Jhope 22 days ago +1

    So his middle name is jimim😂😂😂

  • Avril Casas
    Avril Casas 22 days ago

    I love your shirt ben it's cool

  • Simon Hanley
    Simon Hanley 23 days ago

    I speak french and English too!

  • Phoebe Schmidt
    Phoebe Schmidt 26 days ago

    #bexi broke up

  • Enchanted Kookie
    Enchanted Kookie Month ago

    5:40 whAt?!

  • king X world
    king X world Month ago +1

    5:42 whos that girl

  • Kierah Stevens
    Kierah Stevens Month ago

    Ben: what's my favorite move Twins:shoot Me: it's called the hype not the shoot

  • Farrah44
    Farrah44 Month ago

    Watching their videos, I get a feel that they are gay or bisexual. Anyone else?

  • Faadilah Shaik
    Faadilah Shaik Month ago



    The shoot is the hype

  • eunice opoku mensah

    Brent Initals is B.A.R
    ben intials os B.R.A

  • morgan melancon
    morgan melancon Month ago

    I LOVE that pineapple shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sacpatil100
    sacpatil100 Month ago

    Alex is the Better FRIEND and Alan is the Better TWIN😏😏😏😋😋

  • Strawberries 360
    Strawberries 360 Month ago

    6:15 there's a heart on Lexi's name but seconds ltr it's just a dot 😱

  • Mercedez Driquert
    Mercedez Driquert Month ago +1

    I knew the last person he facetimed was his mom

  • Emaan Shabir
    Emaan Shabir Month ago

    How do they not know about lexi in one of her vids she said that she has Been dating Ben for 3 years

  • Ella Kolakowski
    Ella Kolakowski Month ago


  • Avocado Gurl
    Avocado Gurl Month ago

    Lmao Alan's face when he didn't get a hug😂😂😂😂

  • Millie F
    Millie F Month ago

    My grandad is called Roger like Roger that

  • Sarah Platas
    Sarah Platas Month ago

    I love both of your videos stoke twins and ben i love your videos😀😀😀😀

  • JJ_panda54 Aj
    JJ_panda54 Aj Month ago

    Oh je Parle Français amd English too I go to a French school and I live in canada 🇨🇦

  • B.LE.P. Beaton
    B.LE.P. Beaton Month ago


  • Wei Sheng Chen
    Wei Sheng Chen Month ago

    If i talk french to you would you understand (pare ce que je peut parler français mais je suis pas française je suis chinoise)

  • Sabrina Craig
    Sabrina Craig Month ago

    Who else immediately clicked🤣🤣🤣

  • Baby Boomber
    Baby Boomber Month ago

    Why you don’t accept Lexi she is an amazing girl😍 and you are insinuating that you are not together😤

  • Theshininggirl
    Theshininggirl Month ago

    ur soooo funny i love ur videoes

  • Shak Khan
    Shak Khan Month ago

    I love u guys

  • Mr Jefferson 095
    Mr Jefferson 095 Month ago

    You are cheating on lexi

  • Fri di
    Fri di 2 months ago +1

    6:34 poor Alan XD

  • Jenniffer Morales
    Jenniffer Morales 2 months ago

    You so are so aswer 😍😘❤️❣😻💝💕💚💖🤗😉💗💘😂💑💜💜💛💓🤗💑💑💞💖💞💖🤔💖💖💖💚😂😂💘💘💘💚💖💖💚😂😂💗💗❣😻💝😘😘😘😍😍😎

  • Khloe Alvarado
    Khloe Alvarado 2 months ago

    6:30 Alan's face!! I will give him a hug through the screen!!

  • Sylvia Fisher
    Sylvia Fisher 2 months ago

    I got 2 questions correct

  • sangeeta pillai
    sangeeta pillai 2 months ago

    Ben,Alex and Alan wearing pink and red are everything 😍😍

  • scarshy
    scarshy 2 months ago

    My brother names Rodger( Rodger Adams)😮

  • RZR clan
    RZR clan 2 months ago

    The shoot is actually called the hype

  • cool kids
    cool kids 2 months ago

    It's not called the shoe it's called the hype

    • cool kids
      cool kids 2 months ago

      It's not called the shoot it's called the hype

  • Nevstar
    Nevstar 2 months ago

    Anyone 2019

  • Cate Mayes
    Cate Mayes 2 months ago

    It looks like Alex has makeup on

  • Epic Alan
    Epic Alan 2 months ago

    I’m 🐳 Alllan

  • Epic Alan
    Epic Alan 2 months ago

    Hey Alan

    DIOR JETISHI 2 months ago +1

    Fuck you

    BRANDON VIVAR MOROCHO 2 months ago

    215k likes not even close