Jason Momoa Shows Off His Aquaman Quindent | The Graham Norton Show

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  • Gezquester
    Gezquester 16 hours ago

    Ahhh Ronan you've come a long way buddy!

  • DaniH
    DaniH 8 days ago

    If you like Jason Momoa you have to see him in Frontier. It's on Netflix and it's amazing, he's amazing. I'm impatiently waiting for Netflix to show the second season!! Argh!

  • Killer Kiwi 449
    Killer Kiwi 449 14 days ago

    Jason would make a good Lobo

  • GoNadz69
    GoNadz69 14 days ago

    Lisa Bonet is one lucky woman!!!!

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 16 days ago

    Aquaman once said that he doesn't talk to fish because fish are too dumb to keep a conversation going. He sais he talks to dolphins though.

  • Erikon -EF
    Erikon -EF 16 days ago

    Anyone else realize that Graham doesnt pronounce Aquamans name correctly?

  • Kenneth Mathew
    Kenneth Mathew 17 days ago

    I swear I love his beard

  • Ogun Balogun
    Ogun Balogun 19 days ago

    "Good reaction to a fork".

  • Ogun Balogun
    Ogun Balogun 19 days ago

    Although I heard the movie wasn't to good.

  • Ogun Balogun
    Ogun Balogun 19 days ago

    Aquaman apparently stole the movie.

  • Swag Daddy
    Swag Daddy 19 days ago

    He's so much fun

  • Annalian Gabriella McNamara

    This woman 😂😂😂 make sushi quicker 😂😂😂 ok lady i got you

  • Jerome Jenkins
    Jerome Jenkins 19 days ago

    'aukwa man"

  • Motorhead44
    Motorhead44 21 day ago

    Who's the lady? She's actually really funny

  • Maja Batorczyk
    Maja Batorczyk 22 days ago

    Jason has very interesting face structure. He's definitely from some exotic place.

  • MojoRisin
    MojoRisin 22 days ago

    he's so amiable!

  • Shadow of the Past
    Shadow of the Past 25 days ago

    Invite Jason to play For Honor again as a Gladiator this time

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba 26 days ago


  • Kaasuti Sinclair
    Kaasuti Sinclair 28 days ago

    Oh my heart! 😍

  • Captain Jesse
    Captain Jesse 28 days ago

    "Ackwa Man"😂

  • G FFA
    G FFA Month ago

    Ronon Dex forever!!!!!

  • thebest wwe
    thebest wwe Month ago

    He knows it’s going to fail

  • Aamenaa Tanveer
    Aamenaa Tanveer Month ago

    Omg he is so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • Christopher Magno
    Christopher Magno Month ago

    he is handsome and cool

  • Grammatical Erorr
    Grammatical Erorr Month ago

    He should play as Batman not Aquaman.

  • mateo valdes
    mateo valdes Month ago

    That guy is the stereotypical viking, no doubt about that

  • colchicum autumnale

    When you watch the movie and realise "can you talk to fish" is a running joke in which he never answers

  • 112romasa
    112romasa Month ago

    amazing guy!

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson Month ago

    This guy couldn't command a lemonade stand

  • wickywoowoo
    wickywoowoo Month ago

    I love how he got a big break in the US as Ronan in Stargate "Atlantis" and now he is Aquaman - from Atlantis.

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 21 day ago

      wickywoowoo wrong....Drogo made him. Even if it was short, it was unforgettable

  • Matt Lacdao
    Matt Lacdao Month ago

    I was looking for the word for his weapon in the comics since it was more than one point
    Also i don't get why some people think Aquaman is a stupid character. He's awesome Aquaman is the king of 80% of the world ,has a huge and advanced army technologically and magically, as invulnerable as superman,almost as strong too, his weapon can also HURT superman and he commands all Aquatic life so he can summon an army monsters as big as mountains. He could basically conquer the world IF he wanted to😂

  • Caitlin Lackey
    Caitlin Lackey Month ago

    Honestly Aquaman is super powerful.

  • Clement Clement
    Clement Clement Month ago

    telescope together drama concentrate European wildlife sink suppose her deadline award

  • Richard Knight
    Richard Knight Month ago

    Bring back Ronan!! SGA

  • Taylor McPherson
    Taylor McPherson Month ago

    He is so damn sexy.

  • Francis
    Francis Month ago

    He's super cute xD

  • John McDonald
    John McDonald Month ago

    Poseidon scares me more then Aries

  • TheGodKingOfMusic
    TheGodKingOfMusic Month ago

    Whatever flaws you think Justice League has, at least it got the heroes right and made me (and many others) want to see them in their own solo movies. I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait for the Aquaman movie.
    Steppenwolf was expendable, they could afford to mess him up, it’s not like comic book villains nowadays are groundbreaking.

  • lesley brown
    lesley brown Month ago

    why are you laughing because a homosexual pratt laughs it is going to end

  • Phoebe Walsh
    Phoebe Walsh Month ago

    I'm wet for aquaman.

  • Lalduhzuala Saivate

    awesome Aqua man

  • The Akasaurus
    The Akasaurus Month ago

    I honestly feel like the Aquaman movie has a lot of potential. Just from the mythological aspect similar to WW, they could do lots of col stuff with colour and Sea themed stuff. Maybe if they get the director from the WW movie to do it.

  • Roman Alexander
    Roman Alexander Month ago


  • Irish Vegan
    Irish Vegan Month ago

    Why would you to talk to fish and then kill them:(

  • Sammy Derrick
    Sammy Derrick Month ago +1

    Aquaman also makes panties wet...

  • senorgato70
    senorgato70 Month ago

    Who needs The Rock when we have Momoa. So sexy. So funny. Very talented actor.

  • my2cents2u
    my2cents2u Month ago

    Beauty, Brawn and Brains. Lethal combination. Jason's not so bad either. ;-)

  • dinda
    dinda Month ago

    0:40 what a big cuddly teddy bear

  • Turned Around
    Turned Around Month ago

    Jason...you can just tell he would be A1 in the sheets! :)

  • JiffyOwl
    JiffyOwl Month ago

    Oh man, Jason really looks uncomfortable being there... lmfao... poor guy looks like he wants to be anywhere but there.

  • silent555 aka ArmchairWarrior


  • Derptato
    Derptato Month ago

    Just image getting beat up with a fish tho.

  • Dan Wood
    Dan Wood Month ago

    Him and Spongebob has the same power one absorbs water and the other controls the water but they both talk to fish

  • Olivia Griffin
    Olivia Griffin Month ago

    justice league was the bomb, yo and it was a hilarious movie

  • Olivia Griffin
    Olivia Griffin Month ago


  • Bob Veinne
    Bob Veinne Month ago

    Nice, you should join colour guard in marching band.

  • smrttgrl
    smrttgrl Month ago

    My goodness....he oozes sex....

  • Eva Wang
    Eva Wang Month ago

    Aqaman is actually more powerful than sperma n

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 2 months ago

    Honestly don't think it's possible to be more Alpha than him. Momoa looks like he came out of a factory

  • ali aman
    ali aman 2 months ago

    Momoa needs to be a God of destruction if they make a dragon ball super movie

  • AntiSocial
    AntiSocial 2 months ago

    He needs to do more interviews. Even the GoT Creators also say he's amazing and such a good guy to hang out with.

  • Normal Dog
    Normal Dog 2 months ago

    Hello I’m a normal human

  • Normal Dog
    Normal Dog 2 months ago


  • Nazou
    Nazou 2 months ago

    Graham's show never fails to make me laugh! You are such a witty and humorous individual! I can binge- watch your show for hours and hours!
    Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦

  • liz scott
    liz scott 2 months ago

    His voice... ❤️🎼 👂

  • heyo its sara
    heyo its sara 2 months ago

    aww he’s so adorable for a big guy

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 2 months ago

    He looks more like a Poseidon than Aquaman.

  • RaveZorro
    RaveZorro 2 months ago

    What are those red flowers that Hugh and Graham are wearing on their lapels?

  • Mrjlee93
    Mrjlee93 2 months ago

    Aquaman can use his magic trident to beat up superman. Also, he is able to control water. Any water in the area and it is his

  • Avengers Reject
    Avengers Reject 2 months ago

    He is such a lovely guy 🙈

  • Akira Makara
    Akira Makara 2 months ago

    I hate to be that guy but... Jason has some serious *cake*

  • Anika
    Anika 2 months ago


  • Naomi MUA
    Naomi MUA 2 months ago


  • MilkPudding
    MilkPudding 2 months ago

    Jason Momoa is Aquaman himself

  • Emack B
    Emack B 2 months ago

    No, the water does the talking.

  • Hasan Malik
    Hasan Malik 2 months ago +2

    Jason momoa is such a cool guy

  • Holly Elizabeth
    Holly Elizabeth 2 months ago

    What a man

  • Marie Waltz
    Marie Waltz 2 months ago

    Graham I want to see Colin Firth on your show pLEaASE

  • Gradi3nt
    Gradi3nt 2 months ago

    Jason is a lucky man with an amazing life!

  • VideoPipistrella
    VideoPipistrella 2 months ago

    Jason <3

  • Kate Hernandez
    Kate Hernandez 2 months ago

    "Ack-wah Man" LOL I love his accent!!!

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 2 months ago

    Khal drogo

  • Victor RumStine
    Victor RumStine 2 months ago

    Every time I see him I turn gay...not to sure why 0,o

  • Westley Rage
    Westley Rage 2 months ago

    I swear to God, i would've made SO many dirty jokes if i were there.

  • Mbak Okky
    Mbak Okky 2 months ago

    I had wished "aquaman quindent" was referring to his private parts, but oh well... Happy birthday Lisa, bet he gave you another boring birthday sex........

  • Scarletth Merkley
    Scarletth Merkley 2 months ago

    This girl is so funny thought 😂

  • Sinead O
    Sinead O 2 months ago

    Jason is a beautiful human being!

  • NtRo P1
    NtRo P1 2 months ago

    Hey aquamen queres agua men

  • andrea dietrich
    andrea dietrich 2 months ago

    Dear Graham please, bring Taron Egerton to this couch, please, why haven't you?

  • Ced Boi
    Ced Boi 2 months ago

    Aquaman doesn't talk to fishes. Aquaman confirmed it himself in the comics that fishes are too primitive to carry on conversations. What he does is that he reaches into their midbrains and telepathically push 'em to help him out.

  • charles sturdivant
    charles sturdivant 2 months ago

    he is the man.

  • brama
    brama 2 months ago

    Not aging well.

  • estela007
    estela007 2 months ago

    how this guy is even real?

  • Zahi Abu Ramadan
    Zahi Abu Ramadan 2 months ago

    I love the guy. He's so down to earth

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes 2 months ago

    That’s a Pentant

  • DemonQueen_ Of_Fandoms
    DemonQueen_ Of_Fandoms 2 months ago

    He’s so…beautiful

  • 5252dan
    5252dan 2 months ago

    everybody pees when they swim.

  • mamadoritos
    mamadoritos 2 months ago

    Fish, fish, fish... fish are really boring! Go listen to this song xD

  • Laura Arnette
    Laura Arnette 2 months ago

    He looks as tho he could be related to Jason Castro.

  • Blue Hearthstone
    Blue Hearthstone 2 months ago

    why is the background all bright red and purple?