Mistakes Everyone Makes Using The Slow Cooker

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
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    Who needs the hassle of cooking by hand when you have a slow cooker? Throw everything in there in the morning, then forget it about it until dinnertime - there's nothing better, right? But as easy as slow cookers are, they do come with rules. Here are some of the mistakes everyone seems to make when they use slow cookers, so you can be sure not to make them yourself...
    Taking a peek | 0:18
    Using expensive cuts | 0:49
    Not searing meat first | 1:14
    Cooking skin-on chicken | 1:51
    Fresh vs. dry herbs | 2:28
    Using the wrong size | 3:00
    Adding dairy too soon | 3:31
    Using too much alcohol | 3:59
    Cooking frozen food | 4:32
    Not layering correctly | 4:52
    Not greasing | 5:07
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  • Mashed
    Mashed  Year ago +368

    Are you a slow cooker fan?

    • CCLS Houston
      CCLS Houston 10 hours ago

      Mashed vivid

    • Sparky Vee
      Sparky Vee 26 days ago

      it takes as long as it takes

    • Rich Napolitano
      Rich Napolitano Month ago

      Mashed cauliflower

    • Shawna Fitzpatrick
      Shawna Fitzpatrick Month ago

      Hell yes!!

    • Elijah Mumford
      Elijah Mumford Month ago +1

      ... '''yesss but i HEAR T/reason WHY ...'''MURRYS"...steak house is no LONGER in Business is because of PEOPLE LIKE me ...i SLOW COOKED MY STEAK-MIGNION- and CHICKEN-LEG-QUARTERS-...in their prepared meat sauces and HOT -prepared bar-b-que- sauces -...and used that INDIAN-HEAD-CORN-OIL-...for deep frying ...my DOCTOR TOLD ME ...murry's ...is INSTANT-DIABETES-"""...

  • Ronnie Campbell
    Ronnie Campbell 18 hours ago

    Haha, she said boozy tang :)

  • San Mane
    San Mane 22 hours ago

    If you have anything with bones in it you should throw it in boiling water for 10-15 mins to get most of the gunk out (ox tail, ribs, neck chops etc). Ever wondered why alot of your meat dishes almost all taste identical in a slow cooker, its the salts in the blood stewing that turns to gunk adding a metallic flavour. Just because its a slow cooker doesnt mean you can get away with no prep work before hand!

  • Timothy Frost
    Timothy Frost Day ago

    Yeah lost so much credibility with the never open the lid or you have to add 30 minutes to the cooking time... that's not how that works

  • Joe Hudson
    Joe Hudson Day ago


  • Street S W A T
    Street S W A T 2 days ago

    wait a minute! so don't open the lid BUT open the lid to add fresh herbs at the end? condescending...

  • decanted
    decanted 2 days ago

    HERB! not ERB ffs.

  • Maskoyan Susurti
    Maskoyan Susurti 2 days ago

    Searing is not needed....beef will be tender .....very

  • Nika 113
    Nika 113 3 days ago

    "believe it or not foods don't cook evenly in a slow cooker and foods at the bottom cook faster." NO FUCKING SHIT.

  • Robert Treppleton
    Robert Treppleton 7 days ago

    I’ve got the fastest slow cooker in S Wales !!!

  • JoeStuffz
    JoeStuffz 8 days ago

    Is this a synthesized voice?

  • Phil C greyhounds
    Phil C greyhounds 10 days ago

    Have a look and share with your friends

  • Dave McIntyre
    Dave McIntyre 10 days ago

    As someone who has been cooking with a slow cooker since the 1980's - The 30 minute per every time you open the lid is false, also cooking a whole chicken with the skin on is easy and preferred, just put some onions sliced in half cut part down on the bottom and put the chicken on top - turns out perfect

  • Johnny Topside
    Johnny Topside 10 days ago

    Agree with all but the last one. Liners are stupid and lazy.

  • Demetrius Porter
    Demetrius Porter 11 days ago

    Cool tips I use mine sometimes often especially in Summer and select meals Winter,I do check my liquid make sure does not get low too low

  • The Dude
    The Dude 12 days ago

    what kind of fucking editing is this?

  • Noel Brown
    Noel Brown 13 days ago

    Erb what the fu#k is a erb? it's a Herb!!

  • Wayne Ellis
    Wayne Ellis 15 days ago

    I am not a fast cook or a slow cook. I'm a halfast cook!!!

  • Some of the people Some of the time

    What are Erbs?

  • T Dodak
    T Dodak 15 days ago

    If not using a slow cooker liner or spray to keep the cleaning down on cleanup...use Cleaning Vinegar a bit diluted along with some Dawn detergent....yup, you will need to soak for a while!

  • Col7777
    Col7777 20 days ago

    The clip keeps showing people lifting the lid, yet they tell you not to do it.

  • Kevin Santos
    Kevin Santos 21 day ago

    I just throw a 5 dollar shoulder roast in my slow cooker with carrots celery and potatoes before i go to work, when i get back i have a meal ready for my wife and i. Dont forget to sear your meats

  • J Blxck
    J Blxck 22 days ago

    It's herbs, not erbs. It has an H.

  • Epsensieg 18
    Epsensieg 18 22 days ago

    Cooking in a plastic bag … nope.

  • nasreen johnson
    nasreen johnson 24 days ago

    pls can you tell me what that chicken and rice dish was at the end before the end it looked delicius.the recipe would be even better but at least the mane.it also looked a little it might have cream?in it?

  • Ross D
    Ross D 24 days ago

    So you say don't open it while it's cooking, two minutes later you say add the herbs near the end of cooking. Surely you have to open the lid to add those herbs......

  • Ivy Mossgarden
    Ivy Mossgarden 25 days ago

    Cooking from frozen is ok if you buffer the crock pot bottom with some liquid and cook on HIGH. I never cook on low- that length of cook time seems to dull the flavor. If recipe says Low 8 hrs. I use High 4-5 hrs.

  • Jammin G
    Jammin G 25 days ago

    when cooking chicken /skin on for homemade chicken soup in a slow cooker.... if you do it right the skin will liquify becoming part of the broth. enhancing the broth and flavor. Seasoning is essential here. To much and things taste salty. To little and you get a more watery taste. the secret here is knowing which seasoning to use. always start with a chicken base. then build from there. any and all veggies are allowed. remember, it's YOUR recipe!

  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe 26 days ago

    Fuck these double ads

  • Sergio Barker
    Sergio Barker 26 days ago

    Add the wine to your pan after searing the meat and boil it down like you are creating a pan sauce, then pour it in the cooker.

  • Scare Crow
    Scare Crow 27 days ago +1

    Some of the comments below are humorously vicious and vulgar for a slow cooker video.
    Some examples:
    "Fuck you. Slow cookers are the bomb."
    "I admire your vicious defense of slow cookers."
    "Because it is a Filthy lie"
    "Horseshit, I can thrown frozen chicken-legs into a crockpot.....a nice and tasty soup will appear 2 hours later."
    "Erbs?...Erbs?...WTF! Are you aware of the H at the beginning? If so then bloody pronounce it."
    "Go fuck yourself"

  • m9nroe Mossley
    m9nroe Mossley 27 days ago

    Why does she say "eerbs"???

  • Jessica Swift
    Jessica Swift 28 days ago

    What happened to the letter H in the pronunciation of the word herbs 😂

    • DvsMoi6
      DvsMoi6 18 days ago

      sesame Street gestapo has opened a case on the developing situation....

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper 29 days ago

    Broiler? its a fucking grill fam.

  • Jeannie Markech
    Jeannie Markech Month ago

    This is really terrible. Contradictory and wrong, on at least 3 of these so-called tips.

  • Lankster Price
    Lankster Price Month ago +1

    Adding way to much water to a cooker.
    See this all the time.

  • Kim Lawrence
    Kim Lawrence Month ago

    Chicken skin has collagen and flavour. Take off when cooked

    TKD CHAD Month ago

    So don't lift the lid before it's done, but add in herbs before it's done?

  • emma elson
    emma elson Month ago

    I never seer my meat, but I have done the extra step with the chicken

  • theburkeman1
    theburkeman1 Month ago

    Line your crock pot with a turkey cooking bag. NO cleanup. NO mess

  • Leo Callan
    Leo Callan Month ago

    Great tips! Thanks!

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    That’s a lie, frozen things cook great in the dang diddly slow cooker! Whatcha talkn lady, pure flim flam, a true Crocker knows whats up

  • Hi How Are You?
    Hi How Are You? Month ago

    searing the meat before putting it in the slow cooker is a waste of time

  • Bene Butterbean
    Bene Butterbean Month ago

    You stink. True story.

  • Lynn D.
    Lynn D. Month ago

    Taking a peek+layering: THIS explains why my last few batches of beef stew have been less than satisfactory.

  • Ray Jennings
    Ray Jennings Month ago

    The 'H' in herbs is not silent.

  • john madge
    john madge Month ago

    My veg is always hard ...even if left all night

  • Stephen Nesbit
    Stephen Nesbit Month ago

    Slow cooker liners are amazing. We use them all the time!

  • jsphfrtz
    jsphfrtz Month ago

    #1 mistake of using a slow cooker is using a slow cooker in the first place

  • Tardeli costantini
    Tardeli costantini Month ago

    I used a slow cooker for a fair bit and it's great to have...and i'm a bloke.Less washing up of pots and pans plus utensils.3 or 4 pots and pans using gas/electric is less hassle.

  • utbdoug
    utbdoug Month ago

    "urbs".. They're called fucking "herbs", you turd.

  • joey bland
    joey bland Month ago


  • Jake Holmes
    Jake Holmes Month ago

    There's an h in herbs.

  • Scott Murdock
    Scott Murdock Month ago +1

    I LOVE my crock-pot! Each Sunday I make a 5 qt batch of "pork & beans using 1 lb of pulled pork and the meat off some pork ribs from my favorite local Que shack.

    • Scott Murdock
      Scott Murdock Month ago

      I use 6 cans of Bush's "grillin beans", 2 cups of frozen chopped yellow onions and a half bottle of "chipotle Tabasco", though on occasion I'l use 3 or 4 chopped fresh jalapenos

  • simosc2
    simosc2 Month ago

    thank you

  • Jeanette Sagarsee
    Jeanette Sagarsee Month ago

    Good tips!

  • Willie Gray
    Willie Gray Month ago

    Watch out for them feckin uhrrrbs

  • calum harper
    calum harper Month ago

    Don’t you dare tell me not to open my lid and then say put fresh erbs in at the end, absolutely ridiculous, also learn how to say HERBS. Uncultured swine.

  • Thomas Machin
    Thomas Machin Month ago

    what on earth is an erb

  • John Austin
    John Austin Month ago

    You pronounce Herbs not Erbs!

  • Thomas Vanhala
    Thomas Vanhala Month ago

    I usually boil off most of the alcohol from the beer before adding it to my slow cooked pulled pork but it is so hard to resist lifting up the lid.

  • Jim Hal
    Jim Hal Month ago

    This idea of NOT removing the lid during cooking is BS. You even give examples of things to do before the cooking is complete. Lifting the lid does NOT cool the dish down. If it has been cooking for a sufficient amount of time to have reached temperature, the crock will hold temperature for the time needed to stir, check, or add additional ingredients. Get your facts straight.

  • Hoppyish
    Hoppyish Month ago

    love these tips especially about the denser, longer cooking items to be placed at the bottom like root veggies! great tip that i'll use today! ty!

  • Elijah Mumford
    Elijah Mumford Month ago +1

    ...'''B-A-L-O-N-E-Y-""...""Bologna'...last time i had some was in ...''DAVE"s BAR-B-QUE-''...UniversaL-City-TEXAS''...i/m up NORTH ..now and nearest place was ''CHICAGO''...but now they're..out of BUSINESS...son & GRANDSON''...opened ...up a silly ass computer store ...

  • John Texas
    John Texas Month ago

    Fifty years of cooking dried beans in Dutch ovens and slow cookers has taught us how to do it properly and delicious-ly. The bimbo here neglects to say that--sad indeed.

  • joeywyss junior
    joeywyss junior Month ago

    I have just never had enough of a problem cleaning my slow cookers ceramic that required so much 'elbow grease' or soak in the sink as long as it took to cook the food, that's RIDICULOUS and silly, and ESPECIALLY not enough to prefer my food to cook in a plastic bag for 8 hours.

  • Carling Cooper
    Carling Cooper Month ago


  • Mike Wood 30904
    Mike Wood 30904 2 months ago

    I open the lid all the time. WTF kind of advice if this?

  • Joyce Scott
    Joyce Scott 2 months ago

    Very helpful information!

  • Hazel Fuller
    Hazel Fuller 2 months ago


  • Laura Dorgan Fitness
    Laura Dorgan Fitness 2 months ago

    Dont ever spend time away from your slow cooker!! tvclip.biz/video/MSJJu5896r8/video.html&feature=youtu.be

  • Baba Baba
    Baba Baba 2 months ago

    why is she saying erbs?

  • Pir 8
    Pir 8 2 months ago

    Slow cookers are the easiest cookware to clean. Cooking for hours in plastic is weird.If it needs to be stirred, stir it. It won't add 30 minutes to your end time. Frozen, thawed, whatever. Most recipes are at least 6 hours on low. It'll defrost and cook.

  • Private_uK_SL
    Private_uK_SL 2 months ago

    Since when did "herbs" become " 'erbs" ??

  • Sabrina Layton
    Sabrina Layton 2 months ago

    The frozen food thing is kind of on a case by case basis.... whenever you're using frozen food, ALWAYS put the slow cooker on high. This will minimize the amount of time the food spends in the temperature range where bacteria grows the most. I wouldn't put huge chunks of frozen food in there either. Chicken cubes? Sure. Frozen veggies? Awesome. Big chicken breasts? No. A large chicken breast will spend quite a bit of time in the danger zone, giving that bacteria lots of time to produce toxins that make us sick 👍
    Just thaw it in the microwave if you're short on time. Thawing something in a microwave is 100% cool as long as you cook it immediately

  • wavygr
    wavygr 2 months ago

    The first mistake is slow cookers suck, You should never use one.

    DAVIDATDI 2 months ago

    Lol erb

  • ShadowsGathered
    ShadowsGathered 2 months ago

    I once cooked a whole chicken in my slow cooker. It wasn't just the outside that came out rubbery, it was the whole chicken. We couldn't eat it and the entire mess went into the garbage.

  • sugafreemike1
    sugafreemike1 2 months ago

    sear or don't sear just changes the flavor I prefer un-seared and I don't add any liquids.

  • Charles Townshend
    Charles Townshend 2 months ago

    "Erbs" are really Herbs with an H. The Brits gave the Americans their language but they haven't really leaned it yet. Practice ... HHHerbs. It is English even in America.

  • Drunk Anchorman
    Drunk Anchorman 2 months ago

    People don't use any kind of cooking liner like plastic or aluminum because parts of it will melt into your food. This can cause cancer.

  • BladeRunner
    BladeRunner 2 months ago

    A *chicken foot* in a slow cooker? Claw and all? I have never seen that at the grocery store and can't imagine anybody that self butchers their own chickens cooking it, and even can imagine less Someone putting that on TVclip to utterly sicken and nauseate everyone who sees it! Who made the decision to add this gem? I can't recommend this video to anybody now because nobody I know eats chicken claws. And most would find it disturbing if not outright sickening.

  • MrSquisjhy
    MrSquisjhy 2 months ago

    Rule number one: don't but that All Clad cooker at the start of the video. It is a piece of crap.

  • abcmole
    abcmole 2 months ago

    I put the meat on the bottom, when I did as recommended and put the potatoes on the bottom the meat was drier and not as tender.

  • jrvegeeta
    jrvegeeta 2 months ago

    Lol M. Bison “YES! YES!!”

  • My Name
    My Name 2 months ago +1

    Michelle Obama jerks off punks under the bridge

  • E P
    E P 2 months ago

    Conduction vs. convection fail, Mashed.

  • Lore Jacobs
    Lore Jacobs 2 months ago

    wake entitle standing lncqw individual mere grab gaze dark more fantasy light.

  • YSAmmo
    YSAmmo 2 months ago


  • E P
    E P 2 months ago

    The heat is in the ceramic and in the liquid around the meat. The small amount of air above the food will not impact your dish unless you leave the lid off for a long time.

  • Greatdome99
    Greatdome99 2 months ago

    Remember that 99 percent of the mass inside the cooker is dense food, not gaseous steam. Just like opening up your refrigerator, you won't lose that many BTUs.

  • Frank Gutowski
    Frank Gutowski 2 months ago

    If a quick peek = 30 minutes to reheat, how long does it take to heat up initially? All day?

  • Emperor Blobby
    Emperor Blobby 2 months ago

    Wouldn't wanna put frozen food in there, best to leave it out to thaw, if only there were a warm pot I could put my frozen food to allow it to thaw and just add an hour to the cooking time...
    legit though searing a frozen steak THEN putting it in a slow cooker water bath (in a freezer bag to keep the water out) can completely eliminate grey banding and result in some great seared medium rare steak. Searing it frozen means you can overheat the pan and get a really good browning of the meat while the frozen inside has barely warmed due to most the excess energy from searing going into melting it and the slow cooker can get it to the perfect done-ness afterwards every time.

  • Allan Kellar
    Allan Kellar 2 months ago

    You haven’t cooked too much in a slow cooker.. Frozen meat and clean up are both bs

  • OrangeTabbyCat
    OrangeTabbyCat 2 months ago

    Slow cooker liners...what a load of crap! Who wants to add even more plastic to the ever growing pile of trash on earth?

  • Gee
    Gee 2 months ago

    The word "Herbs" begins with an "H"... It's not "erbs"

  • Jon Lanier
    Jon Lanier 2 months ago

    Wife puts frozen roast in the slow cooker before she leaves for work. 9 hours late is is ready to go. Now she only puts meat in the cooker, no veggies. We'll steam those later.

  • Lewis I
    Lewis I 2 months ago +2


  • Klaus O'Shaunacey
    Klaus O'Shaunacey 2 months ago

    I’m disappointed you didn’t use the “and two shots of vodka” vine for the alcohol part

  • Undefined Lastname
    Undefined Lastname 2 months ago

    Wow. So much bs!