• Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • What happens when you shake up your usual makeup routine and apply everything in alphabetical order? CRAZY MAKEUP HAPPENS!!! Get ready for a crazy makeup challenge! I hope you enjoy!
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  • Sevgi Murat
    Sevgi Murat 14 minutes ago

    Harikasın 🙄

  • Joe Alonzo
    Joe Alonzo 2 hours ago

    Do a challenge if no blending until everything is on

  • Quinn Shioda
    Quinn Shioda 10 hours ago

    Where did she get her earrings from?

  • Lillian Fry
    Lillian Fry 12 hours ago +1

    nikkie could do ANYTHING and her look would still be stunning

  • Kenzie Layne
    Kenzie Layne 13 hours ago

    I need to know what pallet that turquoise color is apart of because I am living for it 😭😭😭

  • Amber Pancone
    Amber Pancone 16 hours ago

    You should use all drug store/Walmart makeup

  • Kimberly Pastor
    Kimberly Pastor Day ago

    No brush challenge! That would be interesting!

  • Minal Ahmad
    Minal Ahmad Day ago

    Can you do full face using only foundation please😊

  • cecilie
    cecilie Day ago

    6:40 OMG SHOOK

  • Tahrxem .M
    Tahrxem .M 2 days ago +1

    12:39 THATS BARBIE! 👩🏼

  • Ciara Thomas
    Ciara Thomas 2 days ago


  • anuradha suresh
    anuradha suresh 2 days ago

    Can u do a makeup look with your opposite hand

  • Merdy Desjardins
    Merdy Desjardins 2 days ago

    Eyeliner eyebrow and eyeshadow start with e

  • Kawaii Girl 12171
    Kawaii Girl 12171 2 days ago

    You should Try and do a full face with only lipstick

  • kate does it
    kate does it 3 days ago

    14:32 oh, oh no

  • Ell Riordan
    Ell Riordan 3 days ago

    You should do a full face of only using creamy makeup e.g. Cream eyeshadow, cream highliter. Ect.

  • Monica Gammoniollk*zmMO

    Can you let use pick your makeup

  • Jax S
    Jax S 4 days ago


  • sarah speicher
    sarah speicher 4 days ago

    I wish you where here to do my makeup for my brother's funarel 😭😭😭

  • Sadé Angelíca
    Sadé Angelíca 5 days ago

    Do lipstick only makeup look includes lip pencil

  • Cerasela Pricina
    Cerasela Pricina 5 days ago

    24 hours with no powder pls 😌😂

  • Síofra & Lúsaí
    Síofra & Lúsaí 5 days ago

    My favorite food are donuts honestly I could eat them all day especially vanilla glazed donuts😋🍩

  • Popstar 2k19
    Popstar 2k19 5 days ago

    Girl u don’t need foundation

  • Milica Kovacevic
    Milica Kovacevic 5 days ago

    Your intro is the best intro in the world!!!😙😙😙😙"Hello guys ,it's me,Nikkie,hello!" funny and cute!!☺

  • ratniani kusdwi
    ratniani kusdwi 5 days ago

    Search make up product from Google start from a-z (primer baby skin, foundation catrice, concealer emina, etc). The challenge name is random alphabet google make up look

  • Tarun Tapan Bhuyan
    Tarun Tapan Bhuyan 6 days ago

    Nikkie... Can you do a no powder challenge... 😅

  • Nia Cunha
    Nia Cunha 6 days ago

    No powder challenge 🙃

  • Satsuna :3
    Satsuna :3 6 days ago

    Do the only eyeshadow challenge

  • Amaliya Bruechert
    Amaliya Bruechert 6 days ago +1

    Love the eyeshadow

  • Gaming with Anna 2018

    U should do the only liquids challenge

  • Aaliyah Vroege
    Aaliyah Vroege 7 days ago

    U look like a Barbie doll when u put makeup on

  • Mallory Hollis
    Mallory Hollis 7 days ago

    you should have BAKED first duh111111111

  • A Schilder
    A Schilder 8 days ago

    love you sooo mucch nikki -xxx-

  • A Schilder
    A Schilder 8 days ago

    oehhh i like your hair in this video xx your such a beauty :)

  • living with Leah 1234
    living with Leah 1234 10 days ago

    How come u don't have any spots on ur face?? All of the MAKEUP?????

  • Aishani Mukherjee
    Aishani Mukherjee 10 days ago

    Try only eyeshadow challenge for the next video

  • Halie's World
    Halie's World 11 days ago

    Here's a challenge! Do your makeup routine backwards? And you did great

  • Lucija Smojver
    Lucija Smojver 12 days ago

    No powder challenge

  • Danielle Gonzalez
    Danielle Gonzalez 12 days ago +1

    This challenge was everything. Those earrings were also EVERYTHING! EVERYYYYYTHING!

  • Skyler Moon
    Skyler Moon 12 days ago +1

    NO POWDER CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!
    And all powder challenge.

  • Olivia Magical Milred
    Olivia Magical Milred 12 days ago

    Sometimes you sound like the female Hormone Monster from Big Mouth xx

  • Johanna Hammarberg
    Johanna Hammarberg 12 days ago

    You need to do a chalenge when you only use cream products

  • BillieEilish Lover
    BillieEilish Lover 12 days ago


  • Ruby Nichol
    Ruby Nichol 13 days ago

    No foundation or concealer challenge but instead of just wiping it of later wear it till the end of the day😋

  • Pato ElTrapo
    Pato ElTrapo 13 days ago +1

    U look great, it's like a more natural look(?

  • Julie Norrie
    Julie Norrie 13 days ago

    All makeup with only eyeshadow

  • Julie Norrie
    Julie Norrie 13 days ago

    Only eyeshadow

  • Julie Norrie
    Julie Norrie 13 days ago +1

    Make a only cream makeup, you only use craem higligther, cream bronzer, cream blush...osv

  • PinkyBelle YT
    PinkyBelle YT 13 days ago

    Do your makeup with no powder! ;))

  • Jaylynn Kichura
    Jaylynn Kichura 14 days ago

    Please do only cream makeup

  • The group of friends
    The group of friends 14 days ago

    The cover FX primer is not just for the beginning it's also for the end just to let you know hence it looks really nice on you on your second to last step

  • Gunel Musayeva
    Gunel Musayeva 15 days ago

    Forget about the makeup honey.. Where did you get those earings.....Gimme gimme

  • Sharky XD
    Sharky XD 15 days ago

    You should write all of your make up products on pieces of paper put them in a bowl then picking them randomly sorry if I spelt any thing wrong

  • Darcy-Lee Brooks
    Darcy-Lee Brooks 16 days ago

    You did contour then concealer then contour again? Girl 😹😹😹😹

  • Claudia Campbell
    Claudia Campbell 16 days ago +1


  • gigi bell
    gigi bell 16 days ago +1

    You look great even with a hard challenge. If I did this I would look like a smeared blobby pancake!

  • Rekha Sinha
    Rekha Sinha 16 days ago +1

    I have a youtuber doing makeup with expired products....
    Can you do it...???

  • Rekha Sinha
    Rekha Sinha 16 days ago +1

    Please please do an affordable makeup video

  • Grace Farr
    Grace Farr 17 days ago

    What if you do a no powder (no setting powder, eyeshadow, contour powder, etc) you have to do everything in creams and liquids.

  • Jill A
    Jill A 18 days ago +82

    You should do a challenge where you can't blend anything until the very end. Apply ALL of your products but then ONLY at the end you are allowed to blend.

  • sw
    sw 18 days ago

    That eye look is gorgeous. She certainly knows the contours of her face

  • Tota Tota
    Tota Tota 18 days ago

    Do a black look on your eyes

  • Angelina Rizk
    Angelina Rizk 18 days ago

    Do your face just with eyeshadow

  • kelsey martinez
    kelsey martinez 18 days ago

    NO POWER CHALLENGE !!!!!! Love you nikkie

  • Amy Jo Smith
    Amy Jo Smith 18 days ago

    This still looks better than any makeup look I've ever done

  • prfctavocado
    prfctavocado 19 days ago

    I stopped watching Nikkie for a while because I was quite busy, but I’m watching her videos again and I forgot how adorable and funny she is. 🤣

  • Nick Brock
    Nick Brock 19 days ago

    ...wouldn't it be setting S not P because there are lots of types of powders...

  • Somdatta Sau
    Somdatta Sau 20 days ago

    her reactions are so cute

  • Rabia Wasim
    Rabia Wasim 20 days ago

    ngl i need to know where those earrings are from more than anything else i'm obsessed

  • A Q
    A Q 20 days ago

    Do a “no color make-up challenge”

  • Macaroni En kaas
    Macaroni En kaas 21 day ago

    Who else loves Nikkie she is so pretty XD my name is Nikki too (but i’m not Pertty like her

  • ArtsySprings Speedpaints and stuff

    You could have just put one of those 2 in 1 primer and setting sprays for primer.

  • Keisha Salshabila
    Keisha Salshabila 23 days ago

    Pleaseee no powder in any makeup type so u should use any cream or stick makeup etc😂

  • Ramona Lopez
    Ramona Lopez 24 days ago +6

    Nikkie please do a challenge by the prices of your make up. From the less expensive to the most expensive.

  • Dauu Leenn
    Dauu Leenn 24 days ago

    I LOVE your earrings 😍

  • David M.
    David M. 24 days ago

    8:47 hey Cara Delevingne

  • Ashleigh Hutchinson
    Ashleigh Hutchinson 24 days ago +3

    Your hair in this video is flawless😍

  • Emma j
    Emma j 25 days ago

    her challenge makeup looks better than me when i try my hardest she’s such a queen

    BTS ARMY 25 days ago

    Nikkie do a no powder challenge!!!

  • Aissa Lynn
    Aissa Lynn 25 days ago +1

    You should go to a book store and blind fold yourself then pick a random book and do your makeup based off of the cover

  • Hanna Lane
    Hanna Lane 25 days ago

    "Hello guys its me nikki................hey"

  • beccababytv
    beccababytv 26 days ago

    Do all your makeup with food

  • Joel Amanda Westwood
    Joel Amanda Westwood 26 days ago

    full face using only eyeshadow

  • Gijsje Vooijs
    Gijsje Vooijs 26 days ago

    you forgot baking powder right? love this video by the way!

  • Sleeping Groovy
    Sleeping Groovy 26 days ago

    I have long eyelashes, so doing eyeliner is always a heckin struggle, and every shadow ever drops down onto my lashes, i would honestly prefer shorter lashes 😂

  • Priscilla Vilva
    Priscilla Vilva 26 days ago

    I was scared at primer

  • Mistchiv 1996
    Mistchiv 1996 26 days ago

    Had a good laugh with this video. Please try the full face of ONLY CREAMS. Such as cream eyeshadow, cream blush, cream contour. Because that would be helpful for those who grew up in make up by just using powders and not knowing how creams actually work. Like me 😂

  • Nicole Butler
    Nicole Butler 27 days ago

    Only liquid make up no powder

  • Julia Hayward
    Julia Hayward 27 days ago

    I love your hair style!!!!

  • Nikole Stager
    Nikole Stager 27 days ago +1

    Reverse alphabetical order

  • Charlene Buskirk
    Charlene Buskirk 27 days ago

    I love your hair and your earrings in this

  • pack the pack
    pack the pack 27 days ago

    Why is blush before base if base has "A" as a second letter?

  • Katie Prentice
    Katie Prentice 27 days ago

    8:51 would have called your makeup done. Looks lovely and natural.

  • Mya grace
    Mya grace 27 days ago

    Maybe you can do your makeup backward

  • Braylie williams
    Braylie williams 27 days ago

    you need to do the no powder make-up challenge !!!!

  • Christina Martinez
    Christina Martinez 27 days ago

    Can we just talk about how pretty she looks with just eyelashes without all that eyeshadow so jealous

  • Alisha Wells
    Alisha Wells 28 days ago

    Only powder challenge and you have to use powder for your brows too

  • guoda alisauskaite
    guoda alisauskaite 28 days ago +14

    How about one color challenge?
    For example, you pick blue so everything on your face must be blue (except for foundation and concealer)

  • Letti Dawson
    Letti Dawson 28 days ago +1

    do ur makeup in only one colour or full face of makeup with one product

  • misty Abernot
    misty Abernot 28 days ago +2

    I was watching in X1.25 speed and at 3:23 when you were trying to say that Chanel cream contour I died laughing 😂❤️ it sounded like a spell from Harry Potter😂 absolutely love you Nikkie💕💕💕💕