"You Know Better Than To TEST ME Bro!" Jalen Suggs Gets Helmet RIPPED OFF & Talks College Decision!

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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    On Episode 3 of Dual Threat it's HOMECOMING for Jalen Suggs!
    Jalen gets a clean cut from his barber and has fun at homecoming all week at school. Gotta look fresh.
    In their next game, things get HEATED when Jalen's helmet gets thrown off by the other team. His brothers had his back, but it almost got UGLY!
    After the game, Jalen gets in a lift and opens up about having to choose basketball or football. My guy's got so much love for football, he has no idea what he's gonna do yet!
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Comments • 100

  • Prodigy Robinson
    Prodigy Robinson 8 days ago

    Me: jalen play football 🏈 it’s more your thing
    Others: play sports your underestimated in
    Loved ones: do what’s best for you

  • Brock Cornell
    Brock Cornell 9 days ago +1

    They didn’t win state champs

  • Bryan Gustavson
    Bryan Gustavson 11 days ago

    Play football. It’s way easier to make it to the NFL than the NBA. You’re not better than Tyus Jones (another Minnesotan) in hs, and that kid barely made the roster in the NBA.

  • Jack Omg
    Jack Omg 12 days ago

    Good work big boy

  • Mytavies Harden
    Mytavies Harden 13 days ago

    Bro should be a QB besides LineMan😂😂

    MALAKHI WILK 14 days ago

    they need to be in a better league

  • malikbeballing Walker
    malikbeballing Walker 20 days ago

    Bruh dude thinks he is Myles garret

  • Ajani
    Ajani 23 days ago +8

    So no one gonna talk about how jalen playing in royal ones

  • Luc Gooj
    Luc Gooj 23 days ago

    so does he go to minnehaha and smb?

  • Justin Gerena
    Justin Gerena 23 days ago

    Pick basketball

  • Nihility
    Nihility 24 days ago +6

    0:05 Who let Myles Garrett play high school football?

  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez 24 days ago

    ok but who heard stevewilldoit intro song

  • Tyrese Cocking
    Tyrese Cocking 25 days ago

    what is the obsession with throwing up gang signs

  • 500subscriberswithnovideos

    So Jalen don't play basketball no more

  • BZiegler_11 1
    BZiegler_11 1 25 days ago

    I like ur 3+ fumbles against hutch

  • HMG Hang
    HMG Hang 25 days ago

    That's my school right there 👏👏👏😂🔥

  • Bob Macado
    Bob Macado 25 days ago +4

    I don’t care what he does I’m still gonna be one of his fans

  • Dominick Castillo
    Dominick Castillo 25 days ago


  • Herbyson Sanon
    Herbyson Sanon 25 days ago

    Pick football

  • islandgurlpurple
    islandgurlpurple 26 days ago

    nobody talkin bout how this dude look like Lou Will?

  • AwEsOmE YT
    AwEsOmE YT 26 days ago +2

    If he wouldn't have gotten a haircut, his helmet wouldn't have fallen off

  • Blistx
    Blistx 27 days ago

    The only reason that guy ripped his helmet off cause they were cheating the whole game the refs were in jalens favor and the score board was rigged to if u watch the full video you can see

  • liltrapjurado 34
    liltrapjurado 34 27 days ago +3

    He’s the next Lamar Jackson

  • Kedra Anderson
    Kedra Anderson 27 days ago


  • fendii
    fendii 28 days ago

    Ong we wouldve jumped buddy afta game

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones 28 days ago

    Yoo that kid with all of them is my brother

  • thetruegodofanime aka god of all sayins

    I didn’t even know he was on overtime

  • Steven Conrad
    Steven Conrad 29 days ago +14

    We would've put on our black forces and jumped him after the game

  • SLR BoddiieZ
    SLR BoddiieZ 29 days ago

    I waited so long for this

  • Kush Amin
    Kush Amin 29 days ago +4

    He is 100% gonna pick basketball over football even when football should be his choice

  • gus reinke
    gus reinke 29 days ago +9

    He look like Trae Young😂

    • Juice box
      Juice box 17 days ago

      gus reinke that his cousin

  • Makai White
    Makai White 29 days ago +1

    Is it me or they stole a lot of Jesser stuff?

  • Jchip23 Oooo
    Jchip23 Oooo 29 days ago

    Jalen a lil Suggs 😂

  • David Pruden
    David Pruden Month ago +1

    How did his team not DESTROY that D lineman? Like who doesn't protect their quarterback?

  • QuanGaming 23
    QuanGaming 23 Month ago +1

    Used to go to all star barbers😭

  • AnkleGraph
    AnkleGraph Month ago +50

    Imagine him vs Shedeur Sanders.. that would be the littest ep

    • Nick Schomaker
      Nick Schomaker 26 days ago +3

      AnkleGraph Sanders team would slaughter them. They’re a lot bigger than his team

  • MercAlot
    MercAlot Month ago +12

    Comethazine lil brother

  • Nolan Pahmahmie
    Nolan Pahmahmie Month ago +1

    Excited to see him ball this weekend in state final four.

  • Samuel Mulangu
    Samuel Mulangu Month ago +69

    Why does Jalen look a bit like Trae Young

  • RunYoVc
    RunYoVc Month ago +2

    Tighten yo chin strap next time 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Father Beps
    Father Beps Month ago +39

    To me it seems like he wanna play football but his memories of basketball and realising what he’ll miss is making him stuck

    • Nvr Shine
      Nvr Shine 23 days ago

      Like AI

    • logan perkins
      logan perkins 29 days ago +3

      I also think it's cuz he knows he will get hate if he doesn't play basketball

  • Zm and Hm and Mm one big family

    Do football

  • Dmoney Brown
    Dmoney Brown Month ago

    Jalen is better off playing football than basketball

    • Edoardo Dell'Osbel
      Edoardo Dell'Osbel 29 days ago

      Dmoney Brown thanks to god it wasn’t that tight, his neck would have snapped

    YOUNGBRAT_ ACIE Month ago

    This series is the shit

  • Carson Ohnstad
    Carson Ohnstad Month ago


  • Tru1ne
    Tru1ne Month ago +29

    Back in my highschool days dude would've been laid out after ripping that helmet off. Coach would've gave us a pass for that disrespect🤣💀

    • TJ Aiken
      TJ Aiken 27 days ago

      That is cool

    • Nolan Pahmahmie
      Nolan Pahmahmie Month ago +3

      Tru1ne I thought thee exact same thing. Bench clearing would of definitely happened on our sideline.

  • Spencer Reid
    Spencer Reid Month ago +10

    What kind of football is this ?😂😂😂 cause if jalen was playing in a actual football game they team would get smacked 😂💯

    • Saint
      Saint 27 days ago

      Nah these teams are trash

    • Jacob Klink
      Jacob Klink 29 days ago +1

      They won state last year but a ton

    • Fetus Deletes
      Fetus Deletes 29 days ago +3

      Jalen is just a super athlete the teams he faces aren’t too shabby

    • iBuildz
      iBuildz Month ago +4

      Spencer Reid their actually pretty good it’s just jalen so damn athletic

  • Welsches
    Welsches Month ago +90

    Yeah we’d be running up on buddy who ripped his helmet off after the game

      HAZZARD 26 days ago +2

      @Welsches lmaooooo

    • fendii
      fendii 26 days ago +1

      @S O F T T E A R S u funny jhit

    • Welsches
      Welsches 26 days ago +2

      S O F T T E A R S stfu weirdo, we’ll run up on you too and give you a big hug

    • S O F T T E A R S
      S O F T T E A R S 26 days ago +3

      Y’all wouldn’t do not a damn thang.

    • fendii
      fendii 28 days ago +1


  • Brady Williams
    Brady Williams Month ago

    Sub to my channel and u will be rich one day

  • alfredo reyes
    alfredo reyes Month ago +49

    why he said he not one of those but he still git his helmet thrown he shoulda got up and rocked him

    • Arline Vargas
      Arline Vargas 25 days ago

      alfredo reyes they was holding him and plus he took it out on the field

    • TS8
      TS8 29 days ago +4

      Then he would have got tossed out the game and hurt his team wouldn’t have been a smart move

    • B-Stix
      B-Stix Month ago +4

      alfredo reyes he got held back

  • coll frank
    coll frank Month ago +4

    If you were here before 1 million like this comment

  • Its. Flexxxers
    Its. Flexxxers Month ago


  • Your Brother
    Your Brother Month ago +1

    make the thumbs up button blue if that guy ripped off your helmet would you mess him up

  • MkE_shelo YT
    MkE_shelo YT Month ago


  • Clutch Kid
    Clutch Kid Month ago

    U da goat

  • Holden Pawlik
    Holden Pawlik Month ago

    6th comment

  • Jatori Wells
    Jatori Wells Month ago +4

    They say he the goat but I act like I don’t know

    • Taj Young
      Taj Young 29 days ago

      Jatori Wells fucked yo bish then we got on the road finish the freestyle

  • Hreatbreaker81 8
    Hreatbreaker81 8 Month ago

    Here befor 1,000

    • Ethan Morse
      Ethan Morse 29 days ago

      Austin Novielli-haseline here before you could spell smh

  • Jaylen  Ward
    Jaylen Ward Month ago +1


  • Fuzzy Doda
    Fuzzy Doda Month ago +195

    Jalen Suggs, Preston Stone, and Shedeur Sanders are the 3 best stories on Overtime right now.

    • G.O.A.T Sports
      G.O.A.T Sports 19 days ago

      Darian Martin I mean he’s clearly going to play basketball

    • Elijah Parker
      Elijah Parker 27 days ago

      Fuzzy Doda right

    • Kylan Hasselbring
      Kylan Hasselbring 29 days ago

      Fuzzy Doda yes fr

    • Darian Martin
      Darian Martin 29 days ago

      Fuzzy Doda, I agree but Jalen Suggs is by far the worst passing qb

    • Prometheus617
      Prometheus617 Month ago +1

      That is very true. And i like how these are somewhat short but very in-depth and straight to the point