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  • Published on Jan 22, 2016
  • So you want to get into the world of IT because you like fixing computers and servers? Bless your innocent heart. We all were there at some point.
    The harsh reality is you won't do that often working at an IT job! What will your tasks be for the majority of your time?
    Watch this video for REAL LIFE examples of the answer to that question.

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  • Sirfatandblack
    Sirfatandblack 2 days ago

    I lost my shit at "I just like the sound that it makes" I struggled to type since I'm laughing as I type this.

  • Mr HunterF Ξ»
    Mr HunterF Ξ» 3 days ago

    Dude just get a different job

  • Kaylee F
    Kaylee F 3 months ago

    I work in IT at a production facility with a mostly older workforce. Now, not every older person has an adversity to learning basic computer skills, but most of them do, and they're the worst. I get calls for the simplest things, like putting more paper in the printer. I've shown them a million times, but they'll still call me to do it. 😬

    • Kaylee F
      Kaylee F 3 months ago

      +Your Regular Angry IT Guy True, true. I have a few coworkers my age or younger that seem absolutely perplexed by the idea of a computer.

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  3 months ago

      You make a good point about older people that I've been meaning to make a video on.
      There are old people that can use tech as well as young people that are dumb as a bag of rocks. It's not always based on age πŸ˜‚

  • Heriberto Pedroso
    Heriberto Pedroso 3 months ago

    Once an user called me saying that she had droped a cup of water over the keyboard and she needed someone to fix it. I said we would replace for another one but she should first bring us the broken keyboard. A few minutes later she brought a Yamaha musical keyboard.πŸ˜…

  • kai !
    kai ! 3 months ago

    *loud noise of label maker dropping like a damn mic*

  • kai !
    kai ! 3 months ago

    Don't use a label maker for that BUY STICKY NOTES damn

  • C Czar
    C Czar 4 months ago

    Been on the phones for 5 years and I’ve reached my breaking point.

  • Jose
    Jose 5 months ago +1

    hey man grreat video i have a question i want to get into IT i dont know where to start and how do i get my foot in the door if i have no prior experince? also would i have to to get a college degree to start into IT thank you very much happy holidays!

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  5 months ago

      First and foremost, I beg you reconsider this for a career. That's the entire point of this channel πŸ˜‚
      Ok, it seems the best way in is to maybe(?) get an introductory certificate like the A+. That'll be enough to get you calls from temp jobs/recruiters. Your first IT job will likely be barely above minimum wage in the US.
      You do not NEED a degree to do it, but to be management in a corporate environment it's close to mandatory.
      Please take this as a grain of salt. It's just my opinion.

  • PartySize
    PartySize 5 months ago

    And why do you lie about not having label maker after all? Why dont say - "Yes I have one and im not going to give it to you to play with!"

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  5 months ago +1

      Because a stupid user will play office politics and tell their manager it's a life or death emergency that they get it

  • PartySize
    PartySize 5 months ago

    Why cant you just say NO? It is counterproductive.
    "Can i borrow label maker?
    -Because you dont need it, and THIS label maker is for IT needs, go get your own to play with"
    IT is not YES MAN service. Pls read smth about "Parent Adult Child model (Transactional Analysis)".
    U can always counter "childish" requests with reason ("adult") or threat of disciplinary punishment ("parent")

  • beshoy yacoub
    beshoy yacoub 5 months ago

    brother, working with customers is always babysitting

  • Master K
    Master K 7 months ago

    Shit if a company wants to pay me 40k+++ or whatever they make in my city to babysit their employees/keep them from doing crazy stuff on their computers I'm all for it!!!!!! I'd prefer that vs doing the phone work, battling printers, & dealing with the infamous user calls I keep hearing about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

  • abdulwaduud ahmed
    abdulwaduud ahmed 7 months ago

    You fixing people.kkk

  • Msann Taylor
    Msann Taylor 7 months ago +1

    Laughing so hard right now..needed this!!!

  • Zack Tyler
    Zack Tyler 7 months ago

    preach it

  • Olympus Gaming
    Olympus Gaming 7 months ago

    Dude I used to work in IT/Tech Support.. and I feel this 100% (Subbed)

  • rolando acevedo
    rolando acevedo 7 months ago

    Flash drives.....they always want flash drives.....or what they like to keep calling junk drives.

  • aaron mack
    aaron mack 8 months ago

    I label my cart, label machine, and other things I have to leave out as IT Dept. so people stop taking my stuff. Compressed air I have to lock up along with wipes to clean off keyboards and screens. I never thought i would have to lock up office supplies... πŸ˜‘

  • prayl00185
    prayl00185 8 months ago

    This shit was hilarious. It is ALL true. I am a system admin, but I still spent my time doing IT help desk. ALL the users were children, lazy, and acted like they knew more than me, even though THEY fu-ked up. This was so freaking funny.

  • Caleb Block
    Caleb Block 8 months ago

    I've stopped freelancing websites for all these reasons haha

  • James Donkey
    James Donkey 9 months ago

    For the canned air get a compressor ;), and some refillable tanks

  • Blake Cooper
    Blake Cooper 9 months ago


  • Blake Cooper
    Blake Cooper 9 months ago


  • JR
    JR 9 months ago

    You wouldn’t have a job w/o you’re so called dumb people. They have a job to do and you have a job to do.

  • Working _Man
    Working _Man 10 months ago

    Also monitor cleaners and tools and tools

  • Joe S
    Joe S 10 months ago

    You could not be more accurate about the help desk world lol.

  • cjones29hd
    cjones29hd 10 months ago

    Man this is so true. You would have a time with some of the users and policies the company I work for has.

  • aluran
    aluran 10 months ago

    its 2018 what up

  • { Ace-Kid97 }
    { Ace-Kid97 } 10 months ago +1

    Putting labels on sheets of paper πŸ˜‚

  • shane newell
    shane newell 11 months ago +1

    that the problem i have at my new job, i just switched to a network sis admin role,and its so shocking how little work these users do, and 80% of issues is self inflectded issues, or a user thinks something should work a surtin way. what shocks me is how little value most employees bring to the table but yet it always seems like the IT guys are the first to go. makes no sense.

  • Riedler Musics
    Riedler Musics 11 months ago +1

    So I'm now 14 and 13 when this happened to me:
    So my Mum (36) wanted a stronger coffee, yeah? She looks confused, so I went up to her and wanted to help. She said she can do it and I could watch youtube videos or stuff. But I knew how to do that, so I went on. Then she started to be rude and say things like: " who has gone to university? You or me?"
    After half an hour she drank the coffee normal.

    • Saren Drei
      Saren Drei 4 months ago

      Riedler Musics
      That’s IT in a nutshell.

  • Jimmy Vila
    Jimmy Vila 11 months ago +1

    That's basically my day at work in IT i fix broken users.

  • KevZen2000
    KevZen2000 11 months ago +1

    Most of the decisions about IT, are made by people with little experience. It's all about whatever is cheapest, that will get by for a enough time, even if it functions terribly. They just blame IT, or outsource the issue.

  • KevZen2000
    KevZen2000 11 months ago +3

    Glad I left the IT industry. It's a terrible industry, especially with the rampant outsourcing to 3rd world countries, so companies save money.

    • Jose Villegas
      Jose Villegas 18 hours ago

      KevZen2000 you mean India and Philippines only?

  • ZzizzR The Artist

    Hey, I'm a new subscriber! I'm literally in stitches laughing watching this b/c I felt that way about my career in Office Administration. I was the only one who all the guys at the IT Help Desk were happy to see if I had a problem b/c I would actually try to solve the trivial problems for my colleagues, like changing the printer ink or restocking paper in the copier. The canned air and label maker scenario is very true! I remember when that movie The Secret came out and folks were printing quotes about Law of Attraction from that film everywhere with the label maker! Now I'm switching to IT, so I'm out of the frying pan and into the fire so-to-speak. My older brother has been doing IT help desk for 9 years, so I hear similar pain in the neck stories from him as well. The folks at your office may not completely appreciate or get your value, but THANK YOU for your HARD WORK and PATIENCE! I always tell folks you don't want to make an enemy out of someone in IT, you may need them to save your butt.

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  Year ago +1

      People like you are our saving grace. I typically have one person per location I can trust to push a button for me in a pinch.
      I actually got into IT in the back door by being that person.
      On behalf of your IT dept Thank YOU! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Opt
    Opt Year ago +11

    You hide in your server room too? My server room is my little escape for bad days.

  • lcchill
    lcchill Year ago +8

    I can’t wait to get out of IT!!

  • lcchill
    lcchill Year ago +2

    Watching this at work!!

  • EnderCrypt
    EnderCrypt Year ago


  • EnderCrypt
    EnderCrypt Year ago +7

    "Tech Support is 90% Adult Babysitting"
    omg, that is so true and correct

  • Dyllan Rowlett
    Dyllan Rowlett Year ago +1

    Love this title hahaha

  • Melbourne Shorts
    Melbourne Shorts Year ago +1

    canned air! thats hilarious.

  • c64braindotcom
    c64braindotcom Year ago +1

    They keep us employed, lol. I work for a Hosting company and people get angry when we sometimes cannot fix a website that they broke. We spend a lot of time disabling plug ins, themes, and doing minor tweaks to some php content. It is funny when you communicate with someone that has no common sense, but insists they know what they are doing. So I'm thinking to myself... why did you call me then? Great video!

  • Iivaitte
    Iivaitte Year ago

    OMG my canned air story is exactly the same.
    Some people actually need to be told not to spray it at each-other despite all the warning labels.
    The label maker story! Holy shit dude, Same exact story with that as well. Its the return of the sticky note!
    I have a story a Teacher once told me.
    She had a student (2nd year computer science) who downloaded a program that claimed it could give it a cup holder.
    it was malware that simply opened the disk drive.
    There was once a time I had canned air (3 of them to be accurate) 1 of them was used for the SURFACE of a keyboard, which all it did was push dust deeper into it.
    The second canned air someone started using it on the ethernet cables.
    The last one I was using to dust out a long overdue computer but it ran low, I couldn't finish the job I had been sent to do because I couldn't find any more canned air.

  • Nameless
    Nameless Year ago

    have to work in it to understand ROFL

  • Steven Camilleri
    Steven Camilleri Year ago

    My hero

  • Harry Rhodes
    Harry Rhodes Year ago

    I did IT support for 4 years and I absolutely detest it! Its a game that you just can't win.

    BLVINE Year ago +8

    Passwords are the worst

    • Isabella Morgan
      Isabella Morgan Year ago +3

      Blaine Austin,Absolutely, one consumer said i can't enter in this password correctly, i said to her maybe if you copy and past it, she said no no i was told to never do that so about 15min on the phone she finally decided to do that and bingo😐😐😐

  • Chris U.
    Chris U. Year ago +1


  • CoffeeWithComment
    CoffeeWithComment Year ago +5

    my g/f was dying laughing about the label maker. thanks for the laughs!

  • tiaomaster135
    tiaomaster135 Year ago

    dude, i feel you...
    how many freaking charging cables for iphones did i have to order, because freaking LAWYERS, LAWYERS STEAL THEM AND WONT BRING THEM BACK !!
    GOD DAMN 5$ CABLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theredpill
    theredpill Year ago

    thats at every job lmao

    • C John
      C John Year ago

      theredpill I swear I got more respect as aa cleaning woman. No bull.

  • TheGeek
    TheGeek Year ago +6

    I work in "advanced" tech support for a cable internet company and with all the stuff I deal with, with each call, regular angry IT guy just became my favorite youtuber with just one video. So much truth in one video.

    • Metcaslix
      Metcaslix 4 months ago +1

      +Your Regular Angry IT Guy ISP is where I've been for three years so far and you're damn right. You wouldn't believe the amount of peoples' kids apparently "neeeeed" Netflix.

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  Year ago +1

      +TheGeek oh my, an ISP has to be rough. People get extra aggressive when their innanets don't work lol

  • ladyxandria
    ladyxandria Year ago +4

    I'm a sysadmin and the biggest thing i get hounded for are desk printers. mind you, we have 4 Xerox MFDs and certain people have desktop printers for claims or HIPPA forms. then everyone wants a printer. I am not Oprah, therefore you don't get shit. We also don't supply canned air to users due to past users huffing it at their desks.

  • John
    John Year ago +2

    With me its usb cables especially iPhone cables I have em but dont loan em out.

  • dimondreamz
    dimondreamz Year ago

    LOL!!this is hilarious! Love your honesty..(moral of the story: people are stupid)

  • Ε’_ Warriors240
    Ε’_ Warriors240 Year ago +2

    😁😁 that's funny

  • Tech Help
    Tech Help Year ago +6

    So true I regretting getting this job sucks omg some many people are stupid why are they using a computer

  • Paula Legault
    Paula Legault Year ago

    fantastic, THANK YOU.

  • Mark Dietrich
    Mark Dietrich Year ago +5

    This guy is my hero.

  • B 4te
    B 4te Year ago +73

    I work IT you have to laugh in order to not cry on the inside

  • RBG Tech16
    RBG Tech16 Year ago +8

    #truestory a tech I know just took a sabbatical to stay home with two year old twins cuz they are easier to handle than users.

  • Jesse F
    Jesse F Year ago +2

    Thank you for the reality check, I was considering switching into a support position but now I know to completely avoid this field altogether

  • eelunagi89
    eelunagi89 Year ago +12

    Thank GOD I realized how horrible IT support is before diving into it. I wonder how many other Information Systems majors switched to Computer Science like I did? Software development is the way to go. I can actually tell people it's not my job to "see why their microsoft is frozen." Sysadmins only wishes they can do that. God bless anyone doing support's souls.

    • Armin Kuburas
      Armin Kuburas 9 months ago +3

      eelunagi89 Although it's a pain in the ass I enjoy it.

  • ExitMusic_
    ExitMusic_ Year ago +3

    First of all, duster isn't used to clean components because pieces are too 'small' or 'delicate.' for a vacuum. It's because the vacuum generates static that will discharge into the electronics.
    Second. Helpdesk staff and junior support staff needs to understand something. Your job is just as much customer support as it is tech support. I always see comments like the ones here about how 'dumb' all their staff is. I guarantee your users are not as dumb as you say they are. Some of my end-users are doctors and specialists who are among the top of their field in the entire country. You think because they can't install a printer on their own that makes them dumb? IT support staff needs to learn to drop the BS superiority complex they have and learn that some people just have different skill sets.

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  Year ago +4

      Kallypso018 Yeah IT guys are funny like that. Making crazy demands like asking to be treated like human beings πŸ˜‚

    • Kallypso
      Kallypso Year ago +2

      Your Regular Angry IT Guy Exactly!! I work in IT and what you just said is 100%. Our department can't keep a person for more than 2 yrs at a time...

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  Year ago +5

      Thank you for rescuing us uninformed people and reminding us of many of the things I said in a video posted years ago and btw no one would ask a user to install a printer.
      There are definitely overlaps with customer service but if you equate tech support to customer service 1:1 I bet your IT dept is a revolving door lol

  • Ricardo Teixeira
    Ricardo Teixeira Year ago +11

    90% fixing people. This comment alone give my happiness. By the way, the music in the background is spot on.

  • Brian Townsend
    Brian Townsend 2 years ago +2

    OMG the label maker! I feel this pain....

  • MagneHalvard
    MagneHalvard 2 years ago +2

    Shitman my canned air is a year old haha. Also users need to drink bleach.

  • johnrush79
    johnrush79 2 years ago +7

    The worst users to support are the idiots who have to have all the gear and no idea! Asshole Senior management are the worst for that. Been in the IT support for 20 years and I hate people!! ....and Microsoft! Thankless job. My pet hate complaint.. "My Microsoft is broken, I need it fixed!!" then you have to talk to them with a smile to get more information but in your head you're giving them a virtual beating because of their stupidity!

  • lazy gizmo
    lazy gizmo 2 years ago +1

    I guess the question I have is why in the hell is your IT inventory open to your floor and not strictly under lock and key for IT personal only? I never worked in IT but i was just confused when you say the computer illiterate people you help had access to canned air.

    • CP44
      CP44 8 months ago

      I dodged this [edit: the canned air supply] entirely by buying a little canister blower that plugs into the wall and has a few attachments (such as a low pressure straw). This prevents the recurring cost of air cans, and if I run a vacuum, toner vac, dust buster, or canister vac at the same time, I can blast dust bunnies and dirt bits free and capture them in the same operation.

    • lazy gizmo
      lazy gizmo 2 years ago

      haha that sucks. Personally I would just like to work on the nitty gritty of servers and network systems void of contact with end users than to do this line of work.

    • Your Regular Angry IT Guy
      Your Regular Angry IT Guy  2 years ago +2

      It's under lock and key, but in the off chance I have to pull a can out to use on a person's computer. All it takes is for one person to see one and everyone miraculously has reasons to request them.
      It's so ridiculous I have to hide the boxes of some shipments that we receive.

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas 2 years ago +20

    Lost it at "I just like the sound that it makes" - subbed
    Over 4 years of user support here, can confirm this is all absolutely true

    • Iivaitte
      Iivaitte Year ago

      I like that you called it user support instead of tech support, lol

  • PatchCode
    PatchCode 2 years ago +90

    It doesn't matter if they have a PHD or have been in the industry for 20 years. If their computer does not work like they think it should they act like 2 years olds.

    • cjones29hd
      cjones29hd 10 months ago +2

      Never thought there are so many adult babies in my life until I got into the IT field. It depends on the company and their culture but mostly the corporate world are babies when it comes IT dealing with users.

    • Isabella Morgan
      Isabella Morgan Year ago

      PatchCode,So on point

    • Trust the_process
      Trust the_process Year ago +1


  • CMDR K-T
    CMDR K-T 2 years ago +4

    I can't tell you how relate-able this video is. The labels, the canned air... The immaturity is difficult to deal with.

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh 2 years ago +13

    Thank you for keeping it real, unlike most youtubers.
    +Your Regular Angry IT Guy

  • Alphonzoe Elrich
    Alphonzoe Elrich 2 years ago +5

    They were probably inhaling the air duster lmao!

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 2 years ago +11

    You spoke for an eternity, i work on IT support in Dominican Republic and a lot of users are like you describe in the video...