what happened to clevver & why i had already left

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
    Well... it has been a WEEK if i've ever seen one. This was not really the plan I had for my first video back after a 2.5 year hiatus but HERE WE ARE.
    If you haven't already, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel (you know, because i'm unemployed now.) t.co/VngHLZnqtG
    Thank you all for the support during this crazy time and of course throughout the years. None of us would be here without you and I still have hope that the Clevver brand will LIVE ON!
    I know a lot of you are confused so I hope this video gives you a bit more context. I also truly hope no one mistakes my sarcasm and humor in this video for not caring about the situation or being insensitive about how many people this situation has affected. Please understand that sometimes when things get SO bad... there's really no other way to cope then to find the humor in even the darkest of times (at least for me). I love and support everyone who lost their job this past week and wish them nothing but the best in the future because if there's one thing DEFY did right, it's bring together some amazingly talented human beings that have been such an important part of my life these last 6.5 years.
    As I said in the video, the future of Clevver, Smosh, and the other properties is still uncertain though everyone is remaining hopeful that they will find new homes soon!
    Borderline Shooting Victim Fund:
    Ventura County Humane Society:
    www.hsvc.org/donate (this one helps evacuate animals, too!)
    Ventura County Fire Relief Fund:
    ALSO, in the meantime, subscribe to the Clevver peeps you might not otherwise see for a while:

    Philip DeFranco
    Erin Robinson
    Ava Gordy
    Chris Stuckmann
    Anthony Padilla
    Joey Salads

    ps. comment below what you wanna see on my channel!!!!

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  • Lily Marston
    Lily Marston  11 months ago +4041

    thank you guys for everything

    • PancakesPusheen !
      PancakesPusheen ! 2 months ago

      your videos are EVERYTHING.

    • rebecca woolfield
      rebecca woolfield 6 months ago

      Lily Marston only suggestion I have is leaving your written blurbs up slightly longer. It was hard for me to keep up, I had to continuously pause the video to keep up with your q/a. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see what type of content you come up with!

    • Harley
      Harley 9 months ago

      Do you have smosh contacts

    • Sarah Love
      Sarah Love 10 months ago +2

      What if u guys create a go fund me to get the money to buy clever

    • Griffyn Scovill
      Griffyn Scovill 10 months ago

      Y’all jeffree star needs to buy clevver

  • Archey no2
    Archey no2 2 days ago

    Your hair is sooo fkn pretty

  • Gina Z
    Gina Z 11 days ago

    Someone, must have been stealing

  • Gina Z
    Gina Z 11 days ago

    We need Lil, Joc, Erin etc...to feel happy noooooo we need clevvr

  • Gina Z
    Gina Z 11 days ago

    Im unemployed right now, it's horrible...I feel terrible, I need a new career n a fun job I feel sad ...any advice? If you need to talk, I'm here

  • Ty Chambers
    Ty Chambers 16 days ago

    Cocaine Zebra. Just a thought. Also good luck to you.

  • Madi Pishock
    Madi Pishock Month ago +1

    Damn it. Just saw this... I really wanted a cheat day of you just dunking foods in ketchup and seeing if you liked them. 😂 No joke though, love you and am sad you left, but glad you make more videos now.

  • PancakesPusheen !
    PancakesPusheen ! 2 months ago

    now clevver has been bought by a brand new brand.

  • Alyssa hardin
    Alyssa hardin 2 months ago

    I'm so confused why is clever style still up

  • k-love
    k-love 2 months ago

    Smosh and every thong from them are now still working and have been working for a lot of months now and in m so happy because I live clevver and smosh

  • Sarah Lorena
    Sarah Lorena 3 months ago

    Theory.. the lease in the LA area was too expensive to renew. So defy let everyone go to raise enough money to the company itself to renew their location and hire only the people they needed. 🤔 I only think so because the same thing happened to me, at the same time, in the same area. Again just a theory..😂

  • Sarah Mcdonnell
    Sarah Mcdonnell 3 months ago

    If clevver Dosn’t get back then u and joslyn show intern at buzzfeed

  • Taylah Nguyen
    Taylah Nguyen 3 months ago

    I live in TO and I had no school for 2-3 weeks

  • Kaelyn Savage
    Kaelyn Savage 3 months ago

    Thank god they didn’t 🤗🤗🤗👍🏻👍🏻😁😁

  • Hale the Hero
    Hale the Hero 4 months ago

    Little did Lilz know that Clevver would get picked up by an even richer brand

  • Jessica -aka JessaNae
    Jessica -aka JessaNae 5 months ago

    *I'm sure your more hurt by this but keep positive bc so many of us absolutely Love you and you'll do better on your own. ...no question!! Xoxoxo!!!*

  • 07covey
    07covey 5 months ago

    Goddamn that drinking sound was fucking nasty, and stop smacking your fucking lips, all your beauty flew out the window when you made those nasty fucking sounds, i mean didnt your mother teach you any manners

    • 07covey
      07covey 5 months ago

      @Lily Marston i really do tho

    • Lily Marston
      Lily Marston  5 months ago +1

      +07covey someone needs a hug

  • lil G
    lil G 5 months ago

    Any Jane the virgin fans think she kinda looks like Petra?😂

  • Jaime Nemeth
    Jaime Nemeth 5 months ago

    0:50 is the time to like this vid people!!

  • Daniel Joseph Pena
    Daniel Joseph Pena 5 months ago


  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis 5 months ago

    I want to be yours and Joslyns friend!!!!!!

  • Charlotte W
    Charlotte W 5 months ago +1

    It cost money to travel across the globe.

  • Charlotte W
    Charlotte W 5 months ago

    Cause: Many Vacations!!??
    Effect: Money problems = shut down.

    • Charlotte W
      Charlotte W 5 months ago

      It costs A LOT to go across the globe.

  • Bradley Leacock
    Bradley Leacock 5 months ago

    Hope you do come back I enjoyed watching and laughing with your show

  • Martina Predajňová
    Martina Predajňová 6 months ago

    She makes me want to get a haircut. Such an amazing hairstyle!!!😍

  • jayla bryant
    jayla bryant 6 months ago

    Ik this was 5 months ago but you are so strong ❤️

  • Hestiaa
    Hestiaa 6 months ago

    I remember watching videos of you and that red head doing beauty trends !! You lost so much weight !! You look beautiful either way though, just haven’t watched that series for a while so

  • Emily Pellegrini
    Emily Pellegrini 6 months ago

    # save clevver

  • inthezone
    inthezone 6 months ago +1

    I wish their was more justice and awareness brought to what happened to the late Claire Wineland. She made content as she was literally dying & they still had no mount of human decency & put her through so much stress during her last years. This reminded me of that because you said the content you would have made on your personal youtube channels money would have went to defy. But in Claire’s case she was mislead and taken advantage of.

  • Kira McNeil
    Kira McNeil 6 months ago

    Clevver is back!!!!

  • Anna Carlton Mangrum
    Anna Carlton Mangrum 6 months ago +2

    2019 Clevver still exist

  • Ma. Carmela Almarinez
    Ma. Carmela Almarinez 6 months ago

    i didnt even realize clevver closed... :(

  • Emerson Caniglia
    Emerson Caniglia 6 months ago

    Its coming back yay

  • Polly Higgins
    Polly Higgins 6 months ago

    Those TVcliprs should sue, they'd probably win

  • Emma Reeves
    Emma Reeves 6 months ago

    Lily what do you do now? and your my favourite person from clevver and hope clevver is still going on as so amazing and looovee relaxing and watching it

  • Am33rah's Vlogss
    Am33rah's Vlogss 6 months ago +4

    Lily looks like Betty aka lily reinheart anyone else see the resemblance

  • Raneem Ali
    Raneem Ali 6 months ago

    i always watched clevver for you your so funny and amazing im not watching clevver anymore plz make more vids here

  • Kaelyn Read
    Kaelyn Read 6 months ago

    Didn’t reht and links Company buy there studio now because smosh talked about it them buying it

  • Jessica Lily
    Jessica Lily 6 months ago

    Lily I am going to las Vegas soon and I am going to in and out because where I live we don't have a note and I would like for you to give me a suggestion on what to get at in and out thank you

  • Riley Miller
    Riley Miller 6 months ago

    This is some Fyre Fest level shiz

  • EquiSisters
    EquiSisters 6 months ago

    i haven't seen Lily since i watched clevver a few years ago and DAMN talk about a glow up 😍

  • Arlen acevedo
    Arlen acevedo 6 months ago

    Can’t you sue or something?

  • caitlin starr
    caitlin starr 6 months ago

    Just a suggestion “Pretty Pause”

  • vivian lawrence
    vivian lawrence 6 months ago

    Would you ever consider doing something like beauty break or cheat day on your channel

  • nishi shaji
    nishi shaji 6 months ago

    Please just do dirty laundry at home and name it something else!! Oscars without dirty laundry felt weirdddd...

  • Cheyenne Kelly
    Cheyenne Kelly 6 months ago

    I hope Clevver comes back along with all the other shows, without all the shady stuff though.

  • Cheryl Beasley
    Cheryl Beasley 7 months ago

    Are you still going to be drinking a box of DR Pepper a day?

  • Savannah Clark
    Savannah Clark 7 months ago

    You're such an amazing woman. I hope you dont get the shit end of the stick when it comes to that company. I wish you nothing but success girl!! Btw your glow-up is unreal.

  • Sleep Chaser
    Sleep Chaser 7 months ago +2

    Good mythical morning bought smosh!

  • Andrea Bennett
    Andrea Bennett 7 months ago

    Omg. Love clever and all the staff.

  • Roger & Maria Capote
    Roger & Maria Capote 7 months ago +1

    Try taking a ballet class!

  • Leah Raymond
    Leah Raymond 7 months ago

    I frickin LOVE clevver!! Lily, Erin and Joslyn are my all time favess this suuuuckkkkkssssssss

  • 3.m 3.
    3.m 3. 7 months ago

    Why do you look like betty Cooper and have her soul why not me !!!!!

  • Amanda
    Amanda 7 months ago

    Well that’s just shitty😕 hoping everything works out for you lily!! ❤️❤️

  • Clearly Elena
    Clearly Elena 8 months ago +13

    The squad (Erin, Lilly, drew, joselin, Jill, ext.) need to start their own channel because they brought so much joy to so many people and they brighten everyone’s day. Miss you guys. Hope all is well.

  • Krystina angela
    Krystina angela 8 months ago

    if lili reinhart and katy perry had a baby it would be lily marston ...

  • DeShawn McDonald
    DeShawn McDonald 8 months ago

    First cracked now clever TVclip is losing so many creators

  • Piorun
    Piorun 8 months ago

    I know that Renee moved to "The Trendy" the sister channel of Talko

  • Chad C.
    Chad C. 8 months ago

    I hope it’s not shutting down 😭😭

  • Alex Ramdath
    Alex Ramdath 8 months ago