GRASS-FED vs GRAIN-FED steak experiment which is best?

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • The big dilemma, does grass feed beef taste better than grain fed? Today I am putting it to the test. I am doing a head to head battle. Grain Fed Ribeye vs Grass Fed Fished! Which one will taste best?
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Comments • 948

  • Sous Vide Everything
    Sous Vide Everything  11 months ago +60

    * More information on Health Benefits of Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed you can watch the video below. Now the question is, do you believe grass-fed is healthier for you? Let me know on the comments below as I was surprise by the answer with my research.

    • Swedish Dogs
      Swedish Dogs 2 months ago +1

      100% pasture & grass fed & finished with 0 grains are best

    • flamesDAassassin
      flamesDAassassin 4 months ago

      Smfh please stop eating that raw ass meat y'all sick

    • joseph iseri
      joseph iseri 5 months ago +1

      I would characterize the grass fed flavor as a tad gamey and leaner, which I dont mind as much, because I do enjoy Deer and other game meats

    • Random Rojas
      Random Rojas 7 months ago +1

      Watch Joel Salaltin

  • riccocool
    riccocool 13 hours ago

    I did the grass fed once ond definitely didn't like it. I agree completely.

  • sfcmmacro
    sfcmmacro Day ago

    Even the idea of grass-fed beef is not fair... as the feds don’t really regulate the “grass-fed” industry. BLUF... beef has a lot of differences between the various ranches and what they consider grass fed.

    • Stop It
      Stop It 9 hours ago

      Grass finished is good tho.

  • Milhouse Vanhoutan

    I have never had a grain fed cow that tasted anywhere as good as a grain fed steak. The tenderness may be less but the depth of flavor can't be beat IMO.
    But I understand that might be my taste.

  • CarlosChip Morales
    CarlosChip Morales 3 days ago

    The fat should be yellow!

  • S7R4
    S7R4 3 days ago +1

    You can always tell quality grass fed. The fat is yellow and soft, the meat is dark. It looks strikingly different than grain fed. (edit, meant to say yellow)

  • Corey Rene
    Corey Rene 3 days ago

    I’ve been eating 100% grass feed cause I thought it was healthy. Time to save some money now.

    • Corey Rene
      Corey Rene 3 days ago

      S7R4 Thanks for the advice. Sometimes I order pasture raised chicken but like you said it’s expensive. I do eat raw salmon and adding in more organ meats too.

    • S7R4
      S7R4 3 days ago +1

      It kind of depends. The vitamins are only a slight bit higher, not enough to justify the price, but the fatty profile is moderately better. It still doesn't compare to fish or something like that but if you take something like a grain fed chicken vs a grass fed piece of beef you start to see a pretty noticeable difference. If you ate all grain fed chicken or all grass fed beef you're going to see your hdl/ldl cholesterol ratio fairly improved from the grass fed beef. So it depends on your diet and goals. I eat a lot of sardines and take fish oil. I hardly eat any chicken. I only eat the grass fed if it's on sale. It is too expensive to justify the price difference health wise, but it's worth buying when it's reasonably priced. You get more benefit out of grass fed raw cheeses in my opinion. (price per nutrition wise). And from not heating seed/plant oils, or from eating wild caught salmon if you can afford/source it fresh, or high quality sardines or salmon eggs/roe or even pastured omega fed or if you're really lucky and can find it insect fed chicken eggs.

  • E. C.
    E. C. 3 days ago

    What about tenderise the grass fed then?

  • Tzaphkiel Melekiyah
    Tzaphkiel Melekiyah 4 days ago

    The grass fed has different fats in it which change taste as well as texture, once you get used to it it's better, it's more akin to eating a wild animal, one which eats what it's supposed to.

  • Arc Samson
    Arc Samson 4 days ago

    they're both great for different reasons but for the cost I'd rather eat grain and eat some fish or fish oil to get all the health benefits.

  • Jason Pe
    Jason Pe 5 days ago

    Have you sous vide venison before?

  • John B
    John B 5 days ago

    Grain fed, always.

  • Leroy Smith
    Leroy Smith 5 days ago +1

    I have had very little grass-fed meat but the little that I have had has a gamey taste to me and not as tender as grain-fed.

  • Lil Am
    Lil Am 6 days ago

    Number b

  • Josh Comfort
    Josh Comfort 6 days ago

    Why does Guga always have limes when he doesnt use them?

  • Carlos E. Garza
    Carlos E. Garza 8 days ago

    Guga what is the green thing you garnish the steak with?

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson 9 days ago +1

    Please do a side by side test with one cooked at 135 and the other at 130.

    BIGGW0RM 9 days ago

    Do Bison vs Beef!

  • MrCarl27
    MrCarl27 10 days ago

    Grass fed is a lot healthier.

  • pete davidson
    pete davidson 10 days ago

    lets dewww it!!!

  • playaronnie14
    playaronnie14 11 days ago

    Probably because grass fed cows are more active as in they move around more compared to the grain fed that are probably stationed in 1 place when they eat

  • WillsATMOsphere
    WillsATMOsphere 11 days ago

    Grass fed is what he have over in Britain. supposedly its supposed to be better for the environment or something...

  • M Fekrey
    M Fekrey 11 days ago

    Unfair test I expect the result befor continuing .. the grass one cut is not as thick as the grain one so it will not be as much tender

  • Curtis John
    Curtis John 13 days ago +3

    "Grassfed beef is higher in omega-3's." - My RD ex-girlfriend

  • John Parrish
    John Parrish 13 days ago

    Down here in central Florida we have a few Ranchers that finish the cattle (last 135 days) on Residuum infused hay. Residuum is a byproduct of distilling alcohol (it is the mash stipped of alcohol) and is very healthy for cattle. All of this meat goes to select restaurants and is never available in stores. I get mine mixed 50/50 with molasses (called Distillass) and give it to my cattle as a liquid multi-vitamin. As I only have about 15 head and any given time, I slaughter 3 to 4 head per year at 4 years of age, unlike the industry standard 18 months, mine is always USDA Prime and I only supply family members. It is just an expensive hobby.

  • ben tackett
    ben tackett 14 days ago

    Ninja's tounge is to taste as a Bloodhound's nose is to smell

  • Kitchen To Commerce With Wendy Achatz

    The grain fed looked dry-aged, the grass did not... For a true test, you need to compare apples to apples. I'd rather have the grass-fed, much higher in CLA.

  • Piano Tutoriales
    Piano Tutoriales 20 days ago +1

    @ 7:00...Focus on what you're

  • BEggerton
    BEggerton 23 days ago

    Loved watching this! It's something I'd be interested to learn more about. Maybe try some double blind tests?

  • Carlos
    Carlos 24 days ago

    Chimichurri fed is better

  • deeboi206
    deeboi206 26 days ago

    Please do not waste your money on grsss fead I went out and got grass fead grass finish and there is a lot more flavor in grain fead and it’s cheaper...the money your spending on grass fead you use that to get a better cut

  • Rasmus Samsig
    Rasmus Samsig 26 days ago

    It could be fun to see if a dry age version of this experiment...

  • Zendefone1
    Zendefone1 27 days ago

    Cows naturally eat grass. Grass fed beef is the natural taste of real beef.

  • Spencer Hunsaker
    Spencer Hunsaker 28 days ago

    "grass fed" is a marketing scheme to charge more money. It's like calling something "fresh" ....really?? How "fresh" is the food we buy. Haha.

  • Linton Wong
    Linton Wong 29 days ago

    Grass-fed all the way!!!

  • jrbisc99
    jrbisc99 Month ago

    You have to get used to grass fed but once you get a flavor for it you'll like it. It's way healthier too.

  • David Seriff
    David Seriff Month ago

    If you want grass fed, make sure it says one hundred percent grass fed or grass fed and grass Finished. Grass fed beef is healthier than grain fed. It has less saturated fat and more omega three fatty acids. But because it has less fat it will not be as juicy and tasty. It's a trade off.

  • 1digitalwatcher
    1digitalwatcher Month ago

    5:10 Ive NEVER had a steak taste like GRASS.

  • IkeGee1973
    IkeGee1973 Month ago

    Ninja been somewhere eating grass. How else would he know what grass taste like?

  • Underrated Inventions

    It tastes like grass 🤔

  • Robert Ayer
    Robert Ayer Month ago

    Well start with the grass fed you did not cut as thick as the grain fead in a true comparison they would have to be from the same species of cow Texas Longhorns taste different than Black Angus different muscular structure and size,

  • TimmacTR
    TimmacTR Month ago +2

    Currently watching this on a 65 hours fast......

  • Scottish Locke
    Scottish Locke Month ago

    You probably should have left off the garlic powder in order to properly judge the complete difference between them.
    Not just consistency but flavor too

  • Christopher David Suryanarayan

    Ninja has a refined pallet. You can’t foo ll him. He’s like the steak eating carnivore version of the “Princess and the Pea” story.

  • Myna Jf
    Myna Jf Month ago

    Grass fed beef cooks quicker - you should have cooked it less!! You can clearly tell by the inside color that grass fed one was cooked more than the grain fed!

  • Taote David Mapitse

    Someone like I used to grass fed would prefer it to grain fed. Grain fed tastes bland.

  • D E
    D E Month ago +1

    I tasted 100% grass feed, for me it has no flavor and it cost much more. This guy’s confirmed that it wasn’t all in my head. Thanks guys 👍

    • Maxco 34
      Maxco 34 Month ago

      I think I it also depends on where you are from ,like in ireland the grass fed beef is Delicious
      Well in my opinion

  • Lalo Lariz
    Lalo Lariz Month ago

    Hmmm just when I started to like you , your ass had to start charging people to watch your videos. Dick

  • sniper60605
    sniper60605 Month ago

    You lost me at , garlic powder. Come on you can’t mince up some real garlic...?!

  • Emmanuel Colette
    Emmanuel Colette Month ago

    We’re gonna, about to, have one right now!” ..... huh?! Lmao

  • Vanda Yazdani
    Vanda Yazdani Month ago

    i would argue that the cattle were raised and slaughtered at different ages, which contributes to marbling/texture and other things. and that also explains the size difference.

  • Physique0
    Physique0 Month ago +1

    Regardless of which tastes best, grass fed beef has an omega-3 fat profile similar to salmon. It's way more healthy for you to eat.

  • Chemical Orbit
    Chemical Orbit Month ago +1

    Sear vs no sear blind test, would be interesting.

  • Turkish_Bannanna
    Turkish_Bannanna Month ago

    6:19; when u see tits

  • Ultra
    Ultra Month ago

    Cannot fool a cuban ninja

  • Burris Streaming
    Burris Streaming Month ago +1

    I agree with ninja. grass fed is sweeter and tastes different than grain fed.

  • Jerry Ragan
    Jerry Ragan Month ago

    I have had and cooked both. The grain fed will be more tender due to limited movements, so in most cases that is why you can get a tender cut. If it is a true field grass fed no grains you slight toughness comes from being able to move around more. Simple trick to tenderize grass fed meats that i do is place in a sealed container at room temp for 24 hours. Rinse throughly cook and presto tender steak

  • Bigus Dickus
    Bigus Dickus Month ago +1

    grassfed ground beef tastes better. I have had walmart ground wagyu and it does not even come close to quality grassfed.

  • Bigus Dickus
    Bigus Dickus Month ago +2


  • Instagram wannabe_d7000

    Grass-fed mutton !! Better than grain fed