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This is the day

  • Published on Apr 17, 2006
  • This is the day
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  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 2 months ago

    this meant nothing to me when I bought the album, that was a long time ago and things change over time,

  • Wicked Anni
    Wicked Anni 11 months ago

    "This is the day your life will surely change..." not always for the better, as recent experience has shown me. I watched a plane fly across the clear blue sky, today, on landing approach to Ontario airport in California, and thought of this song.

  • Neil E Mac
    Neil E Mac Year ago +1

    "This is the Day," three decades later; still holds up. Thank you Wogaim; and 'thethe, of course. 2-Thumbs way up, too. ;-)

  • rodney thomasson
    rodney thomasson Year ago

    stupid spell check and me. SiriusXM is now in my phones vocabulary

  • rodney thomasson
    rodney thomasson Year ago +1

    thank you Richard Blade, dj for Sirius Xmas first wave, for turning me onto this song. I owe you big time. May God continue to bless you.

  • Marty Silver
    Marty Silver 2 years ago +1

    An all time favorite of mine. Timeless in its perfection. And so few ever heard of, yes one person, especially those in the mainstream of musical tastes.

  • Michelle Langendoen
    Michelle Langendoen 2 years ago +3

    Best song from the 80's. Had the CASSETTE of this :) The accordian makes it.

  • IWPhoto
    IWPhoto 2 years ago

    This was one of my favorite songs from the 80's. One of my best friends in my fraternity John Hilde introduced it to me. I haven't seen or heard from either him or this song in years. Nice memories.

  • Che!
    Che! 2 years ago +1

    Yup, this is the day. The storm has passed. The sky is still dark but it's ok cause this is the day when things began to get better...

  • Rachael Bean
    Rachael Bean 3 years ago +9

    As someone said years ago on this thread this song is upliting or depressing depending on your mood. In my 20s it was a song of hope in my thirties a song of despair and this morning in my forties is a happy sing a long as I prepare to tick things off my to do list because I did go to bed last night and did not stay up watching my eyes turn red.

    • Contakum
      Contakum 3 years ago

      +Rachael Bean I read your comment.

  • Contakum
    Contakum 3 years ago +3

    One of the best songs that came out of the 80s that you didn't even knew existed.

  • Stella4eva
    Stella4eva 3 years ago +4

    Empire Records, thanks for this.

  • BrickTsar
    BrickTsar 3 years ago +2

    Love this song! Tomorrow is the day ;)

  • 1rhpsfan
    1rhpsfan 4 years ago +1


  • 77bighulk
    77bighulk 4 years ago

    old school in da house

  • Ryan Mclovin
    Ryan Mclovin 4 years ago +1

    precursor to tim and eric awesome show? this video is so goofy. i've been thinking this for years but just now got a youtube account.

  • Amilcar Pereira
    Amilcar Pereira 4 years ago

    Brutal esta musica

  • steve hewitt
    steve hewitt 4 years ago +2


  • Meninozinho Manso
    Meninozinho Manso 4 years ago

    10 Song!

  • PeDenBe
    PeDenBe 4 years ago


  • Gian Misso
    Gian Misso 4 years ago +3

    I didn't know that Fred Armisen was the front man of The The! Damn, he sure does a lot.

    • Lavern Merriweather
      Lavern Merriweather 3 years ago

      +Gian Misso hardy har har

    • RedDragon0719
      RedDragon0719 4 years ago

      Lol. Im moving to portland in a few months !

    • Gian Misso
      Gian Misso 4 years ago

      Whats your name? +LonelyFanaticN

    • HatNinja
      HatNinja 4 years ago +1

      The accordion player's name is Paul Wickens, a.k.a. Wix

    • Gian Misso
      Gian Misso 4 years ago

      +LonelyFanaticN Thank you so so much. I was wondering for a long time, but took no action. I didn't feel like wikipediaing it i guess. Who's that guy playing the accordion in the background? I aspire to be like him one day.

  • Fernando Ratz Brito
    Fernando Ratz Brito 4 years ago

    ano 70 e 80 nunca mais haverá igual

  • richard murphy
    richard murphy 4 years ago +1

    Cracking Albums so much Talent

  • jreissilva
    jreissilva 4 years ago +1

    This song makes me feel the urgence of acting!

  • spacecowboy5000
    spacecowboy5000 4 years ago

    Matt Johnson couldn't get rid of that stalking accordion player. I'm glad to see so many people remember this classic.

  • musicsunhappy
    musicsunhappy 4 years ago +2


  • Stevah C
    Stevah C 5 years ago

  • urban7rat
    urban7rat 5 years ago

    what band is this?

    • urban7rat
      urban7rat 5 years ago

      +John Galt LOL I even googled it to make sure :D thanks

  • aloha hello
    aloha hello 5 years ago +2

    was this shot in Brighton?

  • Godard Jean
    Godard Jean 5 years ago


  • jake kennedy
    jake kennedy 5 years ago +2

    Bake and Destroy!

  • mojo19792003
    mojo19792003 5 years ago

    Fresh Meat brought me here...makes me feel nostalgic about growing up in the 80's...

  • Doug160
    Doug160 5 years ago

    Fresh Meat !

  • Finn5Fejl
    Finn5Fejl 5 years ago +1

    love this pice Finn5Fejl

  • Melanie Temperton
    Melanie Temperton 5 years ago +1

    need more The The on TVclip

  • Eric Gentile
    Eric Gentile 5 years ago +1

    accordians rock...........

  • Aron Sveinsson
    Aron Sveinsson 5 years ago

    nice b8 m8

  • got2saythis
    got2saythis 5 years ago

    I have the cassette - NYC - Village Records - it was playing while I shopped. Yes, 2 p's in shopped - I checked.

  • Joseph Watkins
    Joseph Watkins 5 years ago

    wooooooooooooooooooo eastbourne!

  • PierreLombardini
    PierreLombardini 5 years ago

    ah yes i re-found this song!!!! :D

  • Steven Laing
    Steven Laing 5 years ago

    DAMIT! My heart broke twice in a week!

  • enya bb
    enya bb 5 years ago

    if you think this is dreary, i have a feeling you'll just love joy division. that, or you seriously misunderstand music.

  • Mike wells
    Mike wells 5 years ago

    such an awesome song of that of my all time fav picks

  • Mario Villa
    Mario Villa 5 years ago

    Bake AND Destroy!!! :D

  • Honda50
    Honda50 5 years ago

    this is such a great song you forget how terrible the production is - it's as good as the re-recorded version thats polished to perfection

  • sinisterai
    sinisterai 5 years ago

    Yeah! I love your clip and your voice is so much better...Oh that's right you are nobody and have done fuck all for the pop charts. STFU

  • Žiga Vrtačič
    Žiga Vrtačič 5 years ago

    it doesn't get much better

  • Scott Newman
    Scott Newman 5 years ago

    No way Dale. The song is FANTASTIC... as for the video... Well...

  • Dale Dreher
    Dale Dreher 5 years ago

    sorry folks, I think this is HORRIBLE !! Depressing, Sad, my 9 year old could direct a better video than this and the singing is dreary.

  • Marcelo Flores
    Marcelo Flores 5 years ago

    Like si llegaste a este vídeo por que viste el Baker - Bake and destroy ._.

  • Giuliano Martullo
    Giuliano Martullo 5 years ago

    Great singer

  • Roberto Santos
    Roberto Santos 5 years ago

    mlq ...sem duvida eram baladas magicas...nossa quantas lembramças boas

  • MrBazzabee
    MrBazzabee 5 years ago

    Not for when it was recorded ( This version ) but obviously "Live"

  • Bruna Sturaro
    Bruna Sturaro 5 years ago

    theme song end of the movie Empire Records:

  • hihowareyouthen
    hihowareyouthen 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful song, just the right side of melancholy. xx

  • loko443
    loko443 5 years ago

    nossa mano esse som é muito loko daora

  • BlueandtheFace
    BlueandtheFace 5 years ago

    This is the day my music should be heard. Check out my channel! Thanks for the upload. Great artist.

  • Lawrence Phillip
    Lawrence Phillip 5 years ago

    I like the The and I like this song cuz its Polka Rock as it features an accordian.

  • Paulo Schiavo
    Paulo Schiavo 5 years ago

    Paul “Wix” Wickens, playing the accordion!!! Fantastic

  • alberto ferreira
    alberto ferreira 5 years ago

    Useless trivia: this song is on the OST of a portuguese film called O Sangue (The Blood) which happens to be one of my favourites. But I loved this song long before that movie came out.

  • Paulo Bg
    Paulo Bg 5 years ago

    tempo de Contra Mão no Tatuapé ...

  • Amdy Haigh
    Amdy Haigh 5 years ago

    This takes me back to good old days they don't make songs like this anymore

  • Patsy Stone
    Patsy Stone 5 years ago

    Those romantic 80s did it all.

  • Alex Msh
    Alex Msh 5 years ago

    screw cassette, i got the vinyl :P

  • ghostwriter71
    ghostwriter71 5 years ago

    Another blue screen thing - out of the blue? Thanks for uploading this.

  • William Knight
    William Knight 5 years ago

    old music

  • BrasilMelhor
    BrasilMelhor 5 years ago

    Bons tempos!!!!! NUNCA MAIS!!!

  • DossRocket91
    DossRocket91 6 years ago

    Fuckin classic, shouts to my dad for putting me onto this

  • RedDragon0719
    RedDragon0719 6 years ago

    Umm.... dubstep sucks

  • RedDragon0719
    RedDragon0719 6 years ago

    I had no idea this song was so old ! The "alternative radio" I listened to played it so much I assumed it came out in the early 90s. I wonder why it was so popular years after. I know The The had a song on Reality Bites, it may have something to do with it. Its a timeless classic, regardless.

  • Rogé Selig
    Rogé Selig 6 years ago

    Holy shit, this vid's been on TVclip for seven years this week. It was in some commercial about six years ago, and I watched this very video when I figured out the artist and song

  • noshine matt
    noshine matt 6 years ago

    empire recerds :D

  • GriefTourist
    GriefTourist 6 years ago

    it's weird seeing him with lots of hair

  • busta nut
    busta nut 6 years ago


  • liaiscool333
    liaiscool333 6 years ago

    you could have done anything, that you wanted...and all your friends and family think that you're lucky, but the side of you they never see is when you're left alone with the memories that hold your life together....

  • Robert Paxon
    Robert Paxon 6 years ago

    Why do I keep coming back to this video? BONUS DRAGONS!!!!!

  • Antony Mazonowicz
    Antony Mazonowicz 6 years ago

    A gas tank frame

  • SuperIstandalone
    SuperIstandalone 6 years ago

    now thats cool

  • Animal Revenge
    Animal Revenge 6 years ago

    When will it change???? Come on tell us!

  • Hellgoregaming
    Hellgoregaming 6 years ago

    Anyone know if they had johnny marr for this song?

  • Camelonbread
    Camelonbread 6 years ago

    Loved this on empire records the movie

  • antoniocsilsantos
    antoniocsilsantos 6 years ago

    Excelente música, bons tempos!!!

  • nozzer
    nozzer 6 years ago

    What is that structure at 0:29?

  • Andrew Cothran
    Andrew Cothran 6 years ago

    i would like to track down every person in this video and ask them if their life really did change .

  • GamerXChange
    GamerXChange 6 years ago

    This Is The Day - 2/20 #PlayStation2013 #Remember

  • Sharon
    Sharon 6 years ago

    First record and dance at my wedding....deja vu me thinks!

  • lazyfreedom98
    lazyfreedom98 6 years ago

    1984 . . . CBS . . . all the money in the world.
    Error, try again

  • lazyfreedom98
    lazyfreedom98 6 years ago

    1984 ---- CBS ---- all the money in the world.

  • shane philipps
    shane philipps 6 years ago

    thankyou baker for showing me badass skating and badass music

  • citato
    citato 6 years ago

    Ah.... I remember the rooftop scene in Empire Records.

  • rachel guerrier
    rachel guerrier 6 years ago


  • soldiergirl84
    soldiergirl84 6 years ago

    My pastor's daughter's (and my sister's best friend) recent marriage brought me here. Congrats Abby and Nick! I hope you have a lifetime of love and happiness together!

  • TimurMucuraev
    TimurMucuraev 6 years ago

    Looking back this video is pretty mediocre, good song but fuck the video is low budget.

    SENIOR SERVICE 6 years ago

    Phenomenal album on cassette in 80's

  • Chad Lofts
    Chad Lofts 6 years ago

    Empire Records :)

  • hobo bum
    hobo bum 6 years ago

    Bake and destroy (spankys song)

  • Unwound
    Unwound 6 years ago

    Great song.......

  • Thelion227
    Thelion227 6 years ago

    not un, skate vids soundtracks did!!!!

  • visaacc
    visaacc 6 years ago

    bake and destoy broughtme here as well !!

  • ch1nmuzak
    ch1nmuzak 6 years ago

    Dump her ;o)