Language Expert: Donald Trump's Way Of Speaking Is 'Oddly Adolescent' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  • Published on Sep 16, 2017
  • Columbia University professor of linguistics John McWhorter joins to discuss the unique way Donald Trump speaks which is unlike any president America's had before.
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    Language Expert: Donald Trump's Way Of Speaking Is 'Oddly Adolescent' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Comments • 17 161

  • Debbie Huck
    Debbie Huck 4 minutes ago

    Columbia University Professor of Linguistics, John Whorton, is looking down his overeducated, snob-nose, and judging President Trump, with prejudice, only because He chooses to speak to the masses in a different manner. Remember, Donald Trump did go to the finest schools, and is highly educated. He is well able to speak just like this highbrow linguist, but chooses to speak to the masses in everyday English. It works well for him, with everyone that matters! For the ones that have their collective noses in the air, nobody cares! 😂😂😂

  • Chris C
    Chris C 21 minute ago

    This video displays all that is wrong with half our country.

  • jrm8899
    jrm8899 Hour ago

    He's a simpleton....... thanks electoral college

  • Peggy Hess
    Peggy Hess 2 hours ago

    Fact checking has been on hyper-drive to keep up with this knuckle brain.

  • Sayuri
    Sayuri 2 hours ago

    elect a clown, get a circus

  • Track Truth
    Track Truth 5 hours ago

    Most colorful language THE TRUTH STRAIGHT UP and unapologetic. Sorry bout that:)

  • C J McCal
    C J McCal 6 hours ago

    Donna, there have been a number of adjectives used to describe me, however, “hater” has not been used. When you make a statement, let it be founded on “facts” and not on supposition or your own feelings.

  • Willy Willis
    Willy Willis 8 hours ago

    No sagging pants, or gold teeth on this guy.

  • James Shelby
    James Shelby 12 hours ago

    His face won’t move…

  • Jen Combs
    Jen Combs 13 hours ago

    When trump was showing off his golf course, in Scotland, he extended his arm out to one side, and exclaimed, "...Here is the Pacific Ocean!".

  • Nicole Rose / Empathic Soulwriter

    “deodorant wearing, Sunday-best-suit-wearing.”

  • Tino Jordan
    Tino Jordan 18 hours ago

    “Believe me, I know you are but what am I?”

  • Wesley Medders
    Wesley Medders 19 hours ago

    Trump is a slump, I mump skump full of flump.

  • Wesley Medders
    Wesley Medders 19 hours ago

    Trump is a slump, I mump skump full of flump.

  • jeseric
    jeseric 22 hours ago

    @ 1:12 ...went to the best schools, "and learned nothing in them" Bahahaha

  • Lynette Miller
    Lynette Miller Day ago

    Oh, JOHN! It's wonderful to hear THIS kind of language!!! I could listen to John McWhorter all day!

  • Holley Downs
    Holley Downs Day ago

    What I find adolescent is MSNBC....

  • Austin Dunn
    Austin Dunn Day ago

    Columbia University particularly the school of education has tremendously damaged the country. it's a far left propaganda machine for Communist thought.

  • Andy Leibrook
    Andy Leibrook Day ago

    Starts off with Brian Williams, lol, we all know how credible he is. MSLSD..Last in news..Last in ratings. Bottom dwelling is a traditional place for liberals.

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee Day ago

    Why don't you folks require an IQ test before someone runs for President? This travesty would never have happened.

  • Captain  Coco
    Captain Coco Day ago

    This is what happens when you hire a 2 year old child as President.

  • PSP
    PSP Day ago

    Oh look it is a MSNBCNN video two clowns with enough brains to fill a thimble

  • Frank Lamagna
    Frank Lamagna Day ago

    Cannot wait till they put a set of handcuffs on that lowlife son of his.

  • MJ Gonzalez
    MJ Gonzalez Day ago

    Where is real news? Oh not here!

  • youstillalive
    youstillalive Day ago

    my wife's son loved this

  • Daniela Gioseffi

    Trump was not legally or duly elected. The election was stolen by traitor far right GOP & ALEC & Koch Bros. and ROBERT MERCER. See Trumping Democracy and Billionaires and Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast-- 2 good documentaries online. WHY DON"T YOU TELL THE TRUTH about the stolen Jim Crow Election and how FEW Americans voted for Trumpdumb in actuality? Why don't the Democrats admit the Electoral College was stolen by taking 7 million minority voters off the registrations records in certain areas of some Red GOP States by cross-state checking? Greg Palast as the hard evidence. TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT VOTER FRAUD BY THE GOP: Why Not??????? We out here are all wondering why that truth is not told by the Free Press. It's so important for other countries and our allies to know!!!! Trump is NOT our president and the great majority of Americans did not vote for him at all. He's a loser and a traitor to who is destroying our country with LIES.


    You lost democrats!! Get over it!

  • Marguerite Gardner

    He speaks as a unifying unlearn person

  • Antisocial Media

    Fat, orange baby!

  • Paul C
    Paul C 2 days ago

    America's TV is trash. This is a good example.

  • Wayne Knowles
    Wayne Knowles 2 days ago

    i am glad to have a President who has the balls to tell the Socialist Traitor Democrat Party of Anti-American Sedition seeking the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Their leadership of Peelousy, Scummer and Schitt are proving that they value Illegal Immigrant Criminals before the true Citizens of The United States. Their First Duty is to keep America and Americans safe. They mistakenly believe that coming to America is a right which it is for American Citizens returning from abroad. For non-citizens it is a privilege to be earned thru the pathway of legal immigration. Any other way is illegal and therefore criminal. If the cannot or will not earn that privilege.
    America. it's legal citizens, and our Constitution must come before any other country, any other people or any other form of government period. I am an American Combat Veteran itizenwho is an American that is all I am not a citizen of any other country or of the world.
    In fact for a non-citizen to become an American to become an American they must renounce allegiance to the past country swear allegiance to America, It's Constitution and our laws putting America ahead of any other country, people, or government and become an American and only an every way. If not they are unworthy of the honor of becoming an American.
    To put any other government, country or people is an act of Sedition

  • Laura Woodswalker
    Laura Woodswalker 2 days ago

    I want to know about Trump's body language. His hand-waving, blinking and exaggerated facial expressions? They look to me like a liar trying to fake people out.

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 2 days ago

    Obama's Words were scripted that's why his speeches were politically correct. Trump speaks off the cuff and says what he means.

  • ted harry
    ted harry 2 days ago

    Spoilt orange baby.
    This is how the world sees him.

    • ted harry
      ted harry 2 days ago

      +Peter Fitzgerald Not my place to do anything, except mock the orange baby.
      He's your leader, not mine. He couldn't lead a horse to water, clearly.

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      ted.........Calls names and does nothing............poor ted

  • mike white
    mike white 2 days ago

    Maybe You all should get Ocasio Cortez to teach Him how to speak.. Listen to this pseudosophist linguistics Professor.

  • mike white
    mike white 2 days ago

    Is this the best You can do. ? No Liberal will debate Me on policy. I let them start out on Trump.( nothing else since Trump ) They will not debate Me. Liberals use flowery big words and phrases like "truth to power" Trump is plain spoken and His POLICYS are right on. I do not want to call names here . Hipocracy off the charts liberals. Trump gives great speeches. What He says is right on. MSNBC....about nothing.

  • Jodie daubenmire
    Jodie daubenmire 2 days ago

    I believe in voting for the best person in the election. What they can add to ur country. That man is an orange ape. His grammar is worse than my 5-year-old.

  • Dale De Morgan
    Dale De Morgan 2 days ago

    What a case to confirm democrapic bias. The self satisfied ooze of these two men makes me sick. Both parading the childish notion that opinion masquerading as truth is acceptable. What a pair of damp squibs.

  • Precious Stone
    Precious Stone 2 days ago

    I believe those who hate Trump are those who have, at least one or are one of the following categories: You are here illegally, undocumented, you live in gov't welfare in the expense of the true American patriot tax payers, you hate God and does NOT want to have anything to do with God, you live an undisciplined and disorderly life or lives, you have at least one bad police if not, criminal record, you always want freebies, you are lazy, you are corrupt, and you want to do things that would destroy America. This I believe.

  • Bryan ANDERSON
    Bryan ANDERSON 2 days ago

    The reason Donald Trump speaks the way he does is because of years of conversing with Melania he has to use very childish and small terms to convey his point.

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      Probably right, but he won and everyone understands him

  • princessnahema
    princessnahema 2 days ago

    How do yall explain record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics? How do yall explain the step one act, the first prison reform we have seen in a very long time. How do you explain the tax cuts, raises, and bonuses many of us got simultaneously when the trump tax cuts went through? As far as y'alls predictions about record homeless and poverty because of trump, California and New York have only themselves to blame.

  • Free Payne
    Free Payne 2 days ago +1

    MAGA....Impeach Trump!!!!

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      No Free Payne.........even with all the exclamation marks, that will never happen

  • Infinite Wisdom
    Infinite Wisdom 2 days ago

    The words he uses are often "generalizations". He was sent to military school as a child. That could be an indication he was "hard to handle" or spoiled from early on. He also has been known not to read books. One thing is for sure, he's no Ronald Reagan. He and JFK were our 2 best modern presidents and they both were great at speaking.

    • Infinite Wisdom
      Infinite Wisdom 2 days ago

      Very funny (((troll))). Now go plug your brain back in and get back to work for your JWO slaves.

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      Infinite...............So your detailed analysis is that he generalises and he does not read books and that is a bad thing.......your a bit stupid aren't you?

  • Charles Moscowitz
    Charles Moscowitz 2 days ago

    Perhaps we should look to Brian Williams as a more adult speaker and storyteller.

  • chris jones
    chris jones 2 days ago

    Jesus on a stick! This trump guy is a bafoon

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      Your opinion chris jones and opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one

  • frank jerseytomato
    frank jerseytomato 2 days ago

    YEAH ,,,,, he's a billionaire that dosent know how to talk ,,,,, GO TRUMP

  • David Kendall
    David Kendall 2 days ago

    Most of his supporters if you will are not of the highest IQ. They can relate to him and think he is just fantastic with his lack of basic language skills. I know some of these people. They think his numerous business failures are not even true! It is like Jim Jones!

    • Infinite Wisdom
      Infinite Wisdom 2 days ago

      I voted for the Orange Traitor in Chief. Do yourself a favor and crawl out from under the rubble of the Trump Train. It crashed long ago.

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      David Kendall. More gross generalisations.............I am socially, physically and intellectually better than you and I and many like me are Trump arrogant fool.

  • David johanson
    David johanson 2 days ago

    LYING Russian traitor fascist dictator WANNABE trump.....time to impeach the SOB and then lock him UP....

  • Matt
    Matt 2 days ago

    Another LGBTQ or whatever it is member ahahahaha

  • Alwyn Childs
    Alwyn Childs 3 days ago

    Donald Trump has got more brains, morals, and intelligence than all of you ignorant lot put together!!
    You are so blind and led by the nose you just cannot see truth when it hits you.

  • Bruce Roberts
    Bruce Roberts 3 days ago

    The bottom line is that you don't need to be intelligent to be president. King 45 has no speaking skills. I bet the British are insulted that he's trampled their language.

    • Peter Fitzgerald
      Peter Fitzgerald 2 days ago

      No Bruce, all intelligent Europeans think he is great

  • Docinze H. Martin (Satheist's Nightmare)

    Lol a Linguist only for the parrots.... most people are automaton aka robotic (conformist like the msm bot conformity)
    Robots criticizes the things they could never understand but only expert of an art in their echo chamber lol
    If only you guys could fathom how stupid you look and displaying it in national tv.
    Oh the futile reach for the unreachable is truly heartbreaking to watch lol
    Such nubility is boundless indeed lol

  • k
    k 3 days ago

    Ridiculous and unintelligible linguistic assumptions... did you learn anything as a linguistic? It has had 0 affect...

  • Esaie Prince
    Esaie Prince 3 days ago

    how can TRUMP relate me? GREAT MAN SAID said "give me death or liberty"....2019; killing endangered species for ivory!!! to be stylish, oils spills the size of Texas!!! MUDSLIDES arctic glacier melting!!! POTHOLES, SINKS HOLES, VOLCANO ERUPTIONS, WILD FIRES, ROOF LEAKS HURRICANES DUE TO--- mass pollution!!!! and TRUMP IS THE SOLUTION?????

  • William Sims
    William Sims 3 days ago

    After we get done making fun, or analyzing President’s Trump, can we get to policies? How about those regulations eliminated? What was the effect of deindustrialization of our country? How can we fix immigration, or even should we?

  • robert franks
    robert franks 3 days ago

    Not a Trump fan, didn't vote for him. Yet I was thrilled the next day that Hillary lost. I'm amazed at two things. How divided we are as a country and the hatred and vitriol spewing from the comment sections. As we (US) spin towards the dust bin of history it's as though nobody sees it coming. Neither party cares about our number one problem. The national debt will end our country. Liberal democrat-socialist-marxists don't see nor care. Conservative-republicans don't see or care. And so we're name-calling and pointing fingers amid the bread and circuses that are labeled 'news', fiddling as Rome burns...

  • jakoblfuller fuller
    jakoblfuller fuller 3 days ago

    im sad i sat here and watched this garbage. you peeps better get with it or be left behind.

  • jakoblfuller fuller
    jakoblfuller fuller 3 days ago

    Langue expert huh?..i see through him so well. Cant you?

  • Joe Taxpayer
    Joe Taxpayer 3 days ago

    I could listen to Professor McWhorter talk for 2 hours. He just validated everything I felt about the speech habits of our current president.

  • Lucinda Greathouse
    Lucinda Greathouse 3 days ago

    People need to stand behind our President and work with him. He is being himself. He is true. He is the same as President as he is with his family and friends. I think he is great

  • Lucinda Greathouse
    Lucinda Greathouse 3 days ago

    I think that Our President Trump is the best. He is not acting this is him. He is not lining his pockets with our money. The first of many presidents that have not done that.

  • H J
    H J 3 days ago

    This professor🤓 is jealous President Trump is rich and white and doesn’t have a weird hair lip like the sad lil professor 😢

    • H J
      H J 2 days ago

      +Stanley Nolly Yeah you are jealous too

    • Stanley Nolly
      Stanley Nolly 3 days ago

      H J ; PO White Trash

  • LowCountry Mountain Biker

    Could you imagine a white man on here talking this way about Obama?

  • Judy Goldthorpe
    Judy Goldthorpe 4 days ago

    hes dead too by the way

  • steven richards
    steven richards 4 days ago

    Unfortunately, the presidency has become a dancing with the stars/American Idol competition type of venue, where the best dancer,the snappiest dresser, the best joke teller, or in summation where the "BMOC" gets voted Prom King. He can hate the country, hate the military, be a pot smoking cocaine using (Obama), and be a full blown communist (Obama) and still get elected because people think he a "COOL GUY". Yes Trump is obnoxious,loud, crude, egotistical , and a boor, but he has , and is doing great things for this country ! I can't wait until he wins his second term, and you lefties really come off the rails !

  • Kay Vangelou
    Kay Vangelou 4 days ago

    If anyone understands Astrology....President is psychic....and he has the highest creative number as his rising sign, 29° Leo ! His feeling nature is tuned in to the "collective" as very protective of his home and country, via his 11th house Venus in Cancer. Anyone who has any planets in Cancer shows their feelings via a crabby face that tells them something is amiss. Trump is Brilliant, he cares, he is a Master. There are too many fancy words these days that people do not even understand, they are all the left brained activity. Right brain is intuitive and creative. We all deal with our polarity. It's usually where we "blame" another. His 29°Aquarius in his 7th house of relationships has attracted all kinds of highly creative people of all sorts. He can deal, as a Sun Gemini, with anything and anyone and can "feel" them all and where they are coming from. His Leonian Sun filters his power to create which makes others look and feel incompetent. They will not get one over Trump. God is guiding this fearless man precisely because he is fearless and will protect his homeland from being violated. His Gemini Sun is in the house of Capricorn which rules Politicians and Builders.
    Would you take down your front door? The Wall is acting as our homes front door ! Only the invited are welcome in.
    Jan 15th 2019.

  • troyswanner666
    troyswanner666 4 days ago

    Yeah this reality show Hotel owner does speak like a imbecile

  • ST
    ST 4 days ago

    anyone w/ some intelligence knows the average comprehension level for the average adult is about 3rd grade level...this is a known marketing yes he speaks to that level of person...know your market ...actually its genius and working well....

  • Political Outsider
    Political Outsider 4 days ago

    You idiots can’t stop

  • Timothy Nesbitt
    Timothy Nesbitt 4 days ago

    Why do you let your government' get away with murderous foreign policy,while also profiting immensely through company's like haliburton etc...

  • BlackDiamond
    BlackDiamond 4 days ago

    does anybody else always hear Chris Hayes say ''just blow me '' at the end of videos?

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Regardless of who's president we have to fix border issue . If we dont the cartels will love it and drug your kids which you think are innocent . If you dont be live it live in Juarez or tj Mexico for 1 year if you even last 1 year

  • S S
    S S 4 days ago

    Language and the use of it was designed to use as a means to communicate. If you know what he's saying, he made his point.

  • Laurice Tatum
    Laurice Tatum 4 days ago

    Trump is ta he best President this country has ever. John McWorter PhD “ piled high and deeper. Typical arrogance fool

  • Hope and Grace
    Hope and Grace 4 days ago

    "Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it, and eventually people will believe it" - Adolf Hitler.
    "A lie told often enough becomes the truth" - Vladimir Lenin
    Now I know where Trump's draws his inspiration.

  • Jim & Jan Tatangelo
    Jim & Jan Tatangelo 4 days ago

    You guys are idiots. LOL. Is there a pill for Trump Derangement Syndrome?

  • glenda wood
    glenda wood 4 days ago

    Obama made beautiful speaches but look what he did to us, cop killing
    Spiraling racism, filled our country with Muslims who Don't mix with other religions. Who say they will take our country over.

  • Aly  Julmiste
    Aly Julmiste 4 days ago

    Trump's parents are not natural born Citizens. Which is probably why his language skills were limited. Even when that's the case, when you are in schools interacting with other students, you are supposed to pick up the language a little better despite having parents that are first generation immigrants. He shows no sign of being an intellectual. He doesn't read which is another reason his linguistic skills are pretty much lacking. For a man that has parents that are actual immigrants, would have the gaul to criticize immigrants. It's like being a hypocrite.

  • Good Golly Miss Polly

    I watched ex-CIA video on detecting deception. I Don't Feel Better About The President. Let us pray.

  • Terry Warman
    Terry Warman 5 days ago +1

    Trump Works for FREE.

  • Terry Warman
    Terry Warman 5 days ago +2

    BlaaaBlaaa.Good Geief Grow Up You PERFECT People

  • Faith Russell
    Faith Russell 5 days ago

    Donald Duck Trump is America`s SHAME

  • Surya Suresh
    Surya Suresh 5 days ago

    Honestly, I wouldn't say I'm a Trump supporter, but I feel I'd rather understand what a president says instead of guessing what other government officials are saying through their intricate vocabulary.

  • Callistus D'Gama
    Callistus D'Gama 5 days ago

    When Donald Trumpet opens his mouth...verbal diarrhoea flows out.

  • 이은굥
    이은굥 5 days ago

    MSNBC and CNN vs Trump

  • 이은굥
    이은굥 5 days ago

    Lolol that might be affected by his environment and his personality, but!!!! He is Donald Trump who owns billion dollars!!!!

  • Tatrice Flowers
    Tatrice Flowers 5 days ago

    But he can't read. Js

  • steve jessemey
    steve jessemey 5 days ago

    I like the way this man talks,, No Uhmmmms and Ahhhhs..

  • steve jessemey
    steve jessemey 5 days ago

    Trump talks like a Thug and a Bully. Basically a man was born with a Silver Spoon 🥄 up his.......!

  • emee
    emee 5 days ago

    don’t bother to look at all the positive things he is responsible for in our nation... sad.

  • Yea Audio
    Yea Audio 5 days ago

    If everybody limped a wrist and snapped a finger when saying something the hits home, there would be no diversification among their confederacy.

  • Bob Pants
    Bob Pants 5 days ago

    Trump is an imbecile

  • Page Miles
    Page Miles 5 days ago

    You can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ears. While we are on the subject of pigs.I can imagine him out in the barn with one of the pigs

  • Page Miles
    Page Miles 5 days ago

    Trump is an inbred to much in breeding. You wouldn't expect anything less from a hillbilly that why he has a speech impediment I would use some of that money he has for eliqution lessons

  • Jorell Ortega
    Jorell Ortega 5 days ago

    His not articulate. Period.

  • Shimon Frankel
    Shimon Frankel 6 days ago

    Wow, if I ever fail at every other profession and seriously have nothing left to offer this world I think I will become a linguist... And I might end up on National Television! I can make s*** up too. I think I would be just as good at it as this guy actually. I think I've figured out from this video how it works, you take the people you already don't like and tell everyone on National Television what your "professional" opinion about them is...

  • Robert Spies
    Robert Spies 6 days ago

    Perfect example of how mainstream media controls yours thoughs and beleifs. In this example it's the power of suggestion. The masses don't have a prayer

  • clayton delanie
    clayton delanie 6 days ago

    There is Absolutely NO proof that MSNBC has committed Journalism.

  • Carlos Miller
    Carlos Miller 6 days ago

    That's what Rich old white ppl do. Then the poor white or wanna be whites listen and agree cuz he got money lol I've seen it be4