Horror Movie Villains That Are Actually Gorgeous In Real Life

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
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    Chances are you've heard of Freddy Krueger, but would you recognize actor Robert Englund if you passed him in the street? He's not a bad looking dude; much easier on the eyes than ol' Freddy. In fact, the actors who play some horror movie villains are actually gorgeous in real life. See for yourself...
    Sofia Boutella, The Mummy | 0:15
    Bill Skarsgård, IT | 1:14
    Bonnie Aarons, The Nun | 1:54
    Ken Kirzinger, Freddy vs. Jason | 2:37
    Bonnie Morgan, Rings | 3:41
    Paul T. Taylor, Hellraiser: Judgement | 4:39
    Sheri Moon Zombie, Lords of Salem | 5:23
    Jonathan Breck, Jeepers Creepers | 6:22
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Comments • 403

  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift  8 months ago +116

    What other horror actors should've made this list?

  • Nazri Buang
    Nazri Buang Day ago

    Phone stalker

  • Oscar & Sarah Reyes
    Oscar & Sarah Reyes 4 days ago

    WTF is this bs list? youtube garbage

  • Paul Jefferson
    Paul Jefferson 5 days ago


  • Xtian Paul
    Xtian Paul 6 days ago

    I love hellraiser I love the jeepers creepers 1 ,2 but I don't like the jeepers creepers 3

  • X-Men Origin's: Freddy krueger

    3:07 LOLOLOLOL

  • Melanie Kaufman
    Melanie Kaufman 10 days ago

    Waste of time clip

  • J Soren
    J Soren 11 days ago


  • greeneyed monster
    greeneyed monster 12 days ago +7

    The original Pinhead is the only Pinhead.🤘🏻

  • Елис Елис
    Елис Елис 12 days ago

    Imhotep from Mummy shall be on the list, Bonny Arons is not gorgeous

  • Tabitha Freeman
    Tabitha Freeman 14 days ago +2

    Paul T. Taylor....gorgeous 🤔
    I mean seems like he has a beautiful spirit and great personality but gorgeous externally.
    This channel has lost all credibility.

  • Tabitha Freeman
    Tabitha Freeman 14 days ago

    We’re using the adjective gorgeous very loosely.

  • Jeanne Ramirez
    Jeanne Ramirez 16 days ago +3

    Brush the mummy is pretty both

    Don't judge

  • mustafa hayat
    mustafa hayat 16 days ago

    Only nicki swift will make a vid about this

  • Toki87 gaming
    Toki87 gaming 16 days ago

    C'mon now... gorgeus is not the word i would use to describe most of em from a beauty point of view... is more like... they are ok..!??

  • Black Siren 20
    Black Siren 20 17 days ago

    Gård not gargad Bill skargårds

  • Arco Miguente
    Arco Miguente 19 days ago

    I wanna suck Pennywise 😂 LOL

  • Gamalier Rosa
    Gamalier Rosa 19 days ago +2

    the nun looks prettier than the actual actress which looks terrifying

  • Márr Jîi
    Márr Jîi 20 days ago

    They're. . . very beautiful. Yes. . .

  • Mande Peer
    Mande Peer 21 day ago

    They start this shit with Sofia Boutella like we don’t see that she’s gorgeous anyway

  • ǝɯʇoq
    ǝɯʇoq 21 day ago

    They arnt

  • LPS Electro
    LPS Electro 21 day ago

    👀 jeeper creeper looking pretty good from this angle

  • Raven's 25
    Raven's 25 22 days ago

    I love PINHEAD 😁

  • Tahzi Bizimungu
    Tahzi Bizimungu 23 days ago

    Do anyone find it funny that white people know the countries in Africa when the countries are not black? Interesting...

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat 23 days ago +1

    Creeper always scared the crap out of me. Breck is handsome though 😊

  • peachy.
    peachy. 23 days ago

    I watch Pinhead once when I was younger and I kept having nightmares 😂

  • Eloy Martinez
    Eloy Martinez 23 days ago

    Kevin peter hall the predator

  • Marchioness Amoretto🌹⚜

    Brad Dourif and Mark Hamil have always been a pair of Sexy Chucky's

  • Scur41
    Scur41 26 days ago

    Ummm... Bonnie looks like the nun without make up... no damn thank you mam

  • Nini Okala
    Nini Okala 26 days ago

    Sofia Boutella looks great. Even as a mummy😍

  • VJtasha
    VJtasha 26 days ago

    Those who finds the actress of the Nun ugly, you're a coward.

  • James Haskell
    James Haskell 26 days ago

    Hollywood uses the term "Gorgeous" too loosely today.

  • Thomas Cox
    Thomas Cox 27 days ago

    Sheri Moon zombie is always hot

  • wig error 404 not found

    Skarsgad or whatever his name is isn’t all that like he is pretty normal .that’s just my opinion

  • Ana Marija 54321
    Ana Marija 54321 Month ago

    bonnie aarons is better looking in horror movie than in real life

  • JoeWaylo Gaming
    JoeWaylo Gaming Month ago +2

    We missed the original Pinhead (thumbnail). He left after six films.

  • Henny Verheij
    Henny Verheij Month ago +2

    Amazing how make up can scare a lot of people :-)

  • Lord Eli
    Lord Eli Month ago

    Shari Moon Zombie me of the most annoying untalented chicks to ever get by on her overated famous husbands pull

  • LadyArmand2000
    LadyArmand2000 Month ago +1

    I may be in the minority, but I loved The Nun. Anyways, several of these people are not gorgeous. Sherri Moon Zombie and The chick who played The Mummy are very pretty women, but Robert Englund is not good looking by any stretch of the imagination. Bill Skarsgard's family has some awesome genes. That's a whole lotta sexy in one family. However, I fell in love with Alexander instead. Sorry...

  • Norse Nation
    Norse Nation Month ago +1

    Beauty is in the eye that holds her

  • Mario Oldani
    Mario Oldani Month ago

    I have a whole new appreciation for hellraise? Now

  • CaribbeanSimmer *
    CaribbeanSimmer * Month ago

    Well hello Skarsgard 🥰🥰🥰

  • Amy Mac
    Amy Mac Month ago +1

    The Knight King. Game Of Thrones.

  • Rebecca Stratton
    Rebecca Stratton Month ago

    Jeepers Creepers #1 was the most outstandingly frightening horror movie I have ever seen. More than any other this one has left a mark on my mind that to this day still makes me shiver. If you haven't seen it, find it and watch it with a friend. I is NUTS!

  • united light church

    rotten flesh some people get turned by it,do you?

  • Smile Or We'll Die
    Smile Or We'll Die Month ago

    I was wondering why Ralph Fiennes wasn't on the list until I realized that the list was for Horror movie villains lol

  • YourAmericanHellraiser

    I see Pinhead in the thumbnail, I click.

  • Mecca Mitchell
    Mecca Mitchell Month ago

    That looked so corny 3:20

  • nadine brown
    nadine brown Month ago

    Skaarsgard is ugly

  • Leila A
    Leila A Month ago

    The nun she's not pretty she's scary witchy looking lol..

  • Delia Salazar
    Delia Salazar Month ago

    Nah the the nun still ugly.

  • Inspired with Joseph Elvis

    I wish there's a collaboration with all of these villains

  • austinruleskush420
    austinruleskush420 Month ago

    Zombie family oh hell yeah !!!!!!

  • Tonya Scarlett
    Tonya Scarlett Month ago


  • 56 22
    56 22 Month ago +4

    Nope, this dude will NEVER be Pinhead🙄

  • NWO 4LiFE
    NWO 4LiFE Month ago

    Gorgeous?? Huh 🙄😐

  • radolf p
    radolf p Month ago

    How about IT actor bill skarsgard

  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan Month ago

    When inhuman injustices go against eve what would eve do about it???
    What a waste of ?!nhumane space What is the most inhumane thing you have done to you? And were left alone isolated before it was too late yeah right pfft

  • Lady Sagittarius
    Lady Sagittarius Month ago

    The jeepers creepers mask looks like my moms boyfriend 👿👹👺😏😷😱

  • Big E
    Big E 2 months ago

    Bill Skarsgard looks exactly like Joel Eriksson Ek from the Wild

  • Jade Ravenwolf
    Jade Ravenwolf 2 months ago

    nobody will beat kane hodder , awesome bloke .

  • Pat Trainor
    Pat Trainor 2 months ago +1

    When you have a head of nails, the whole world looks like a hammer...

  • PhootPhetishPhilip !
    PhootPhetishPhilip ! 2 months ago

    I actually saw robert englund without the freddy makeup before seeing him in freddy

  • sara martinez
    sara martinez 2 months ago

    Hellrasier is ugly. Eww jeeper creeper 3 sucked so much the other two were good what a waste of movie

  • Tachanka boi
    Tachanka boi 2 months ago

    R E E A N N A H

  • sexobscura
    sexobscura 2 months ago

    *Has anyone seen Bonnie Aarons and Cher in the same room at the same time **1:54*

  • AngelKayla 2021
    AngelKayla 2021 2 months ago

    Is it weird that i hate clowns with a deep passion but when i seen "It" i was not scared at all.. But the original version of the clown does scare me.. I think thats weird.. Anybody else?
    Edit: also i think the nun was a really good movie.

  • Lapinporokoira
    Lapinporokoira 2 months ago +1

    Should have titled this as actors without scary makeup

  • FozzieatDetour BillNye
    FozzieatDetour BillNye 2 months ago

    Paul T Taylor's a hero and a good actor but I barely think hes gorgeous. Not ugly but not gorgeous

  • Seagull Blackthorn
    Seagull Blackthorn 2 months ago

    That dude is NOT!! Pinhead. -_-

  • Medikate Blutengel
    Medikate Blutengel 2 months ago

    Doug Bradley as pinhead was hott

  • WakingOHIOMama 91
    WakingOHIOMama 91 2 months ago

    The Nun. Can anybody tell me if the woman who played in it, Farmiga, is related to Vera Farmiga that plays a young Warren? ??

  • DopeQueen 22
    DopeQueen 22 2 months ago

    The girl who played on that rings movie she also plays on A series of unfortunate events

  • Diamond Lewis
    Diamond Lewis 2 months ago +4

    jeepers crepers scares me the most. but he is low key fine. damn. choke me to death please

    • Gigi Epiic
      Gigi Epiic 22 days ago

      Diamond Lewis lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 eat me to death

  • Psyrecx
    Psyrecx 2 months ago

    The newer It wasn't a horror movie.
    If anything it was a bad comedy.

  • Eily Bergin
    Eily Bergin 2 months ago

    NO! They are no monsters in real life?! Thanks for telling us that, Nicki Shit. :D

  • The Cakeis alie
    The Cakeis alie 2 months ago

    But all these ppl ain't that cute

  • The Cakeis alie
    The Cakeis alie 2 months ago


  • Emp Tee
    Emp Tee 2 months ago

    The reason The Mummy did so poorly is because of the simple fact that fuckwit Tom Cruise was in it instead of Brendan Fraser.

  • Maria Rivera
    Maria Rivera 2 months ago

    Bill is gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍and perfect

  • Kendrell Ramsey
    Kendrell Ramsey 2 months ago +1

    Bill is gorgeous

  • Catspaw
    Catspaw 2 months ago

    On a TVclip channel called Double Toasted the host Korey made a comment on how when people saw Bill Skarsgard's baby face how could he pull off playing the scary Pennywise the clown? He pulled it off very well and he is a sight to behold without the makeup

  • GD Noah
    GD Noah 2 months ago +3

    40 % of comments: bill skârsgard
    Other 60: the nun is not gorgeous

  • Rhys Stickrod
    Rhys Stickrod 2 months ago +1

    The candy man.

  • Adrian Orchard
    Adrian Orchard 3 months ago +1

    Whoever made this has never seen Freddy vs Jason

  • c. lince
    c. lince 3 months ago +1

    a paedophile ia associated with jeepers creepers franchise

    • Risingofthephoenixx x
      Risingofthephoenixx x 2 months ago

      I can't believe he isn't serving life in prison or executed instead he's making millions off of movies and still gaining fans and living life! This world is evil man

  • Nancy Nazzaro
    Nancy Nazzaro 3 months ago +1


  • Totalchaos1983 0
    Totalchaos1983 0 4 months ago

    Sheri Moon Zombie😍😍

  • Witch's Brew Sims
    Witch's Brew Sims 4 months ago

    Bonnie is like the female Doug Jones. They're such adaptable actors and dedicated to their body with using it for their transformations for their craft

  • diamond life forever
    diamond life forever 4 months ago

    Jonathan Breck looks like Yul Brenner.... Fine

  • Mariawanae Tumanako Peteru

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  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill 5 months ago

    😂😁😀😊☺😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😳bill skarsgard

  • TootsiesCreationz
    TootsiesCreationz 6 months ago +1

    Nightmare on Elm Street with Robert England is and always will be the best versions. The new remake doesn't have the same horror feel as the original version!

  • TootsiesCreationz
    TootsiesCreationz 6 months ago

    Love Jeepers Creepers too!!

  • TootsiesCreationz
    TootsiesCreationz 6 months ago

    PINHEAD!!! Love Hellraiser movies!! The original guy who played Pinhead was cool! Loved the accent!!

  • Thepaperbag family
    Thepaperbag family 6 months ago

    0:29 when your eyebrows are thicker than yours😂

  • 미친놈
    미친놈 6 months ago

    The mummy still looked pretty even with the makeup

  • Rustlama27
    Rustlama27 6 months ago

    Go Jason. yay

  • Rustlama27
    Rustlama27 6 months ago

    I like jason idiot

  • 069220
    069220 6 months ago +1

    Tim Curry was the greatest!