🔵 I Made Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs

  • I Made Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs
    If you believe the comments... this is the worst, undercooked, raw egg concoction ever! But you know, can you believe anything you read in the online comment section? Let's make chef Ramsay's scrambled eggs recipe and taste test for ourselves.
    3 eggs
    45 mL (3 Tbsp) butter
    Salt and pepper to taste
    30 mL (2 Tbsp) crème fraiche
    Chives for garnish

    Crack cold eggs into a cold pot along with the butter.
    Put the pot onto the stove and turn the heat up high and then start cooking the eggs very gently.
    Stir the eggs with a rubber spatula cleaning the bottom of the pan to ensure the eggs don't stick.
    After 30 seconds of cooking, take the pan off the heat for 30 seconds, stirring constantly.
    Repeat this on and off the heat for the next three minutes.
    Keep stirring the eggs the entire time, they will start to thicken.
    Only once the eggs are cooked do you season with salt and pepper.
    Off the heat stir in the crème fraiche this amps up the creamy texture and stops them from overcooking.
    Garnish with chopped chives.
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Comments • 80

  • Glen & Friends Cooking

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    • DrMontague
      DrMontague Month ago

      Not a heal;thy dish

    • TheCattyKid
      TheCattyKid 4 months ago

      what is a "like calorie"?

    • J T J
      J T J 8 months ago +1

      Congratulations..thing is Gordan Ramsey is a dick..why are you wasting your time...lol..

    • spudd86
      spudd86 8 months ago

      The salt thing is untrue, see www.seriouseats.com/2014/04/does-pre-salting-eggs-make-them-tough.html

    • Aca Tea
      Aca Tea 9 months ago +1

      I’ve always said that it makes sort of an egg jam. It’s great to spread on toast.

  • Jeffrey Gómez vlogs
    Jeffrey Gómez vlogs 5 hours ago


    MUHAMMAD AMEEN ABOO 3 days ago +1

    I have tried this Scrambled Eggs recipe several times, and each times it comes out tops. Tastiest!

  • nope uhuh
    nope uhuh 6 days ago

    If u don't like these eggs then u don't like eggs plain and simple

  • joseph burtulato
    joseph burtulato 6 days ago

    All of these conflicting techniques. As a pretty good home cook and bread baker i feel you just have to find your own way.

  • Saddle Tramp
    Saddle Tramp 6 days ago +1

    I love creamy scrambled eggs

  • Adam Belleville
    Adam Belleville 9 days ago

    I think you used way too much butter and he says half table spoons of creme Fraiche

  • Deborah Shallin
    Deborah Shallin 10 days ago

    I've made them. My husband and I think that GR eggs are delicious. I don't cook scrambled eggs any other way now. Thanks as always for your videos. Keep them coming!

  • Stirring Time Designs
    Stirring Time Designs 14 days ago

    My son cooks eggs for his little girl with a olive oil and butter combo similar to this way but adds cream cheese at the end, it does look the same when done too and boy does taste yummy wish I made it this way all those years ago hes now 33 lol

  • S3CR3T SAUC3
    S3CR3T SAUC3 16 days ago

    I’ve made them this way, and yes your more than doubling the calories of your eggs, but an are they good!

  • RonJohn63
    RonJohn63 18 days ago

    That's a whole lot of work simply for scrambled eggs. Another commenter had it right: just turn off the heat a bit early, and let the residual heat finish it off.

  • buckaroobonsi555
    buckaroobonsi555 19 days ago

    I spent 12 of my first 18 years in Germany. Germans tend to cook them a bit more than that and leave out the creme fresh. When done in that manner usually the word words "French" is tossed about in connection with the egg's. Most Americans though will consider them runny or under-cooked. I like mine a bit more cooked and no creme fresh but their is a lot to be said though about how people over cook scrambled egg's in N. America in general!

  • Ed B
    Ed B 21 day ago +1

    i tried them didn't like it...i like big fluffy egg curds

  • fadetoblack
    fadetoblack 21 day ago

    Maybe he gives conflicting information because his method has evolved over time? As for how often you pull the pan off the heat, I always pull the pan off when I see the eggs starting to stick to the bottom of the pan a bit. When the eggs stop sticking, I put the pan back onto the heat. Rinse/Repeat

  • The Clean Kitchen
    The Clean Kitchen 22 days ago

    Those look better than his!

  • angie tyri
    angie tyri 22 days ago

    Just made these! I used ghee instead of butter just because I love the taste and happen to have it in the fridge but overall I followed the instructions and these were Absolutely scrumptious! It’s worth the try, honestly, especially if you like creamy eggs! The taste is divine!

  • Robin Taylor
    Robin Taylor 25 days ago

    Those Eggs are going to be amazingly delicious. I’ve made eggs like that many times before Gordon Ramsey ever made a video on them. My mom was doing that when I was a kid But she would use lebni cheese from Lebanon instead of crème fraîche.

  • texxtrek
    texxtrek 26 days ago

    I whisk my eggs in a bowl mixed with a little cream or sour cream before adding then to a cold pan, then add a pat or two of butter. With the gas burner on low, I'll let the pan warm up slowly. When the eggs first start to set, start scraping the pan with a rubber spatula from the outside toward the center. Then just keep scraping until there are no longer any watery bits, then add salt and pepper, turn off the heat and continue scraping until the eggs are firm but still have a moist texture. Then it's on to the plate. The worst thing you can do to scrambled eggs is over cook them.

  • Troll King
    Troll King 26 days ago

    i remember Ramsey once yelling that there's nothing worse than burnt scrambled eggs, well perhaps not, but there's certainly something equally disgusting, - _Half Cooked_ Eggs.

  • Marilyn Smith
    Marilyn Smith 27 days ago

    My husband always put a dollop of mayonnaise in scrambled eggs. Really good. And no you can't taste to mayo. It makes the eggs have more body

  • Sam I am
    Sam I am 28 days ago

    You had trouble because you watched 3 of his videos cooking the same dish. It’s like the man with one watch knows what time it is. The man with 2 watches is never sure!

  • Joe1729
    Joe1729 28 days ago

    Everyone agrees that the best way to fry an egg is so that the yolk stays runny. Nobody there complains that the yolk is "raw". With this it's the same, except the solid white and runny yolk are mixed together, so the mixture is creamy and porridge-like.

  • 𒁲🅹🅰🆈🅵🅰𒁲 ✓ • 5 years ago

    2:49 "...because they were seasoned too early"
    Actually Kenji from Serious Eats looked into this and completely debunked it.

  • Peaky Blinder
    Peaky Blinder 29 days ago

    Americans have no idea how to make proper Scrambled Eggs.

  • Peaky Blinder
    Peaky Blinder 29 days ago

    He never says 1 knob of butter per Egg.

  • Barry Lab
    Barry Lab Month ago

    I wonder if Gordon Ramsay approves...im sure he would...good job!

  • Anton R
    Anton R Month ago

    + Tabasco & Ketchup 👍

  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy Month ago

    Ramsey is correct about the best scrambled eggs......I started doing his recipe about 2 months ago. Keep stirring eggs. He said turn off the heat after the eggs are cooked and pour in the creme...stir 'em.....even half and half works.....it's amazing how creamy they taste...best eggs ever...Ramsey said he learned the cream thing in France. Even if the eggs are slightly over cooked they turn out creamy.
    Screw the idiots posting their stupid comments. They just haven't gotten laid living in their parents basement.

  • Anasazi Tribe
    Anasazi Tribe Month ago

    Butter, cream, and eggs tastes very good? Heck, yes. Add self rising flour and you can make a cake. Chocolate or sugar icing?

  • Alan L. Simmons
    Alan L. Simmons Month ago

    I truly enjoy your shows.
    But Ramsay is the tRump of chefs. You've stain your reputation by show casing this misogynist & bully.

  • Brandon Dodd
    Brandon Dodd Month ago

    This is my favorite way to make them. They are great.

  • KJ
    KJ Month ago

    I don't care, I now do Gordon's eggs as a treat. Over toast, best eggs I've ever ate.

  • muddbogginredneck
    muddbogginredneck Month ago

    i have only ever made scrambled eggs because i messed up a omelet.

  • micky rooney
    micky rooney Month ago

    I made this and I didn't like it.Maybe, that is because I've always cooked scrambled eggs in a ''conventional'' manner but I found it too creamy and too ''wet''.I'm probably a food philistine but I will continue making scrambled eggs the way I like them...

  • Don Geraçi
    Don Geraçi Month ago

    Personally and with all due respect to Chef Ramsay, I've always liked
    southern style "rubbery" eggs with lots of butter/pepper as opposed
    to runny creamy scrambled eggs.

  • blah
    blah Month ago

    Wow, cooking for Gordon Ramsay, what an honor

  • Farida Aminy
    Farida Aminy Month ago

    Hi Glenn I actually made this for my son he requested it n said Gordon ramsay made this scrambled eggs, if you could make it for me please, so I made for him but didn't put any creme fresh in it cause I didn't have any,, my son liked a lot.

  • Chris Bruinsma
    Chris Bruinsma Month ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos......but this is one that I would send back to the chef.......I for one cringe when I hear " OH but it is SOOOO creamy".......a sure fire indicator that I won't like it. just can't do the creamy texture.....in most foods.

  • dale burnsred
    dale burnsred Month ago

    I've made them a few times and they've came out pretty eggsellent each time just sucks because it's a lot of stirring lol

  • RFH95
    RFH95 Month ago

    I don’t even eat butter, but I enjoy the way you explain things

  • IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown

    Cream cheese works well too, if you don't have creme fraise.

  • 5argeTech /\
    5argeTech /\ Month ago

    My microwave eggs can't be beat. Same technique gobs of butter in a microwave on high at 8 Seconds at a time. Makes the creamiest most delicious eggs you have ever eaten.

  • Cody Forehand
    Cody Forehand Month ago

    I cooked it Ramsey style, minus the creme fresh, and my kids said they were the best eggs I ever made. Coming from a 10 and 4 year old.

  • John Cossack
    John Cossack Month ago

    It's a texture thing. Those eggs suck

  • Jeff Swett
    Jeff Swett Month ago

    I think maybe he just has a few ways to make them depending on what mood hes in.

  • Cassandra's Rollercoaster Journey

    I eat eggs the "European" way all the time now... Exactly where you are "done" and seasoning I add 1 more pat of butter instead. I hate solid american scramble now 🤣😂 So creamy and just... a great experience. 😁 My Nana was raised in a Nunery in Ireland and then served at the childrens hospital in Toronto... this is the only way she knows how to make eggs and will trash them if cooked longer, no one in the family but me appreciates how easy she makes it look.

  • raul castillo
    raul castillo Month ago

    If you shouldn't put salt and pepper until the end, does that mean that we should use unsalted butter?

  • Bulka40000
    Bulka40000 Month ago

    i like you

  • JewManFew
    JewManFew Month ago +3

    I am willing to try and or cook them though I agree with the, "I can't get over the creamy scrambled eggs" type comments. Who am I to judge, I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.

    • Doug Hendrickson
      Doug Hendrickson 23 days ago

      Just please try them before you hit them with the ketchup. I think you'll find you don't need it. With these being cooked so gently, they actually have flavor.

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel Month ago

    Made this version a few times, I like it as a variation, but sometimes I feel it's a bit too smooth, it's like eating an egg-cream porridge. I've grown up on more textured scrambles (which Gordon would call 'rubbery') and I have to go back to that version once in a while

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel Month ago

    I see why people think they are underdone - most people don't stir as much, they wait for larger curdles to form before the eggs are done - so the smoothness of Gordon's version looks like they're in the pre-curdling phase and thus not done.

  • in2food
    in2food Month ago

    I tried this method and became a believer.

  • Rob Hoffman
    Rob Hoffman Month ago

    I tried making them twice and just didn't like the texture.

  • jack flash
    jack flash Month ago +1

    Scrambled butter and creme fraiche with eggs.

  • toby 2
    toby 2 Month ago

    how could anyone watch Ramsay? what a dick!

  • Axholio
    Axholio Month ago

    Just goes to show that Ramsay don't know shit.


    But how did you get your hands on Ramsey's eggs?

  • Mike M
    Mike M Month ago

    first.. professional chef would use an ALUMINUM SKILLET, not STAINLESS STEEL ... Aluminum is much superior for equal heat transfer. Stainless steel is only good for burning everything. oh.. second.. Gordan IS AN ASSHOLE.

    • Glen & Friends Cooking
      Glen & Friends Cooking  Month ago

      Look @Mike M - here's a two Michelin Star kitchen in Paris... would you look at all those stainless steel pots, pans and fry pans. Hahahahaha professional chefs would only use aluminum my ass. Maybe the 'pro' chefs at the Applebee's down by the interstate use aluminum, but the adults use stainless, copper, and carbon steel.

    • Glen & Friends Cooking
      Glen & Friends Cooking  Month ago

      If I could use aluminum in the studio, I might. Not all 'Pro' chefs as you say, use aluminum. I've been in plenty of high end Michelin star 'pro' kitchens... not an aluminum pot or pan to be seen. Stainless steel pans with multiple layers of aluminum and copper sandwiched between the steel, have excellent heat transfer, you should get down off your all caps screaming sometime and give them a try.

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister Month ago

    Chef Ramsay says "Knob of butter" because it is not supposed to be a specific measurement of butter. That is the beauty of his recipes.

  • Tommy Peterson
    Tommy Peterson Month ago

    looks nasty

  • Seth O'Shields
    Seth O'Shields Month ago

    They might be cooked, but they are still “runny” eggs.

  • GiMarie
    GiMarie Month ago

    They remind me of boiled egg salad...yum.

  • D M
    D M Month ago

    No, your scrambled eggs don't look undercooked but his do.

  • MrKErocks
    MrKErocks Month ago

    I've eaten this style of scrambled eggs and can't stand the weird texture... yuck!

  • Atasco Osage
    Atasco Osage Month ago

    This, but with bacon grease instead of butter 👀 fry up some bacon and then use the pan for eggs

  • uzimonkey
    uzimonkey Month ago

    After seeing Ramsay's video I tried it out. They were the best eggs I'd ever eaten. I don't care if they're "undercooked," they're soft and rich and delicious. Eating "normal" scrambled eggs now just seems like flavorless overcooked eggs. And yeah, you can skip most the butter and the creme fraiche. The thing to take away from this is to cook them slow and don't let them overcook in the pan.

    Instead of "Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs" I call these "scrambled over easy." You want to cook the whites but leave the yolks runny while scrambling them. Seems impossible at first, but they are delicious.

  • G M
    G M Month ago

    This is absolutely the best scrambled egg dish I've ever had. I make mine slightly less set than this and actually just onto leave out the CF all together.

  • Justin Mcleod
    Justin Mcleod Month ago

    I make scrambled eggs in the microwave. 4 medium room temperature eggs, 1 tablespoon butter, 2 tablespoons whole milk.
    Microwave for 1 minute, stir, microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for 20 seconds, stir, stir, stir, season with plenty of pepper and a pinch of salt.
    Better scrambled eggs than any restaurant I've ever been to, and less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

  • Sexydiverguy
    Sexydiverguy Month ago

    Used to make that several years ago...had to make my own creme fraiche...I live in Regina. Those eggs are dynamite !

  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago

    Similar to how I've made them for years though I didn't know about adding the salt after not before. Thanks.

  • Kevin Perez
    Kevin Perez Month ago

    6 out of ??

  • Ann Fam5
    Ann Fam5 Month ago

    I actually make them. They are quite good. I think that you put too much butter in. I grew up with Scrambled eggs that were dry. And tasteless. I love CR's eggs and so do my kids. Also, the Roux brother's make their scrambled eggs like this too. I believe they set the bar for this recipe.

  • James sickmore
    James sickmore Month ago

    Would you like somes eggs with your butter

  • j m sparger
    j m sparger Month ago +4

    These are sometimes known as "French" scrambled eggs. Wet, creamy, curds like instant oatmeal. In the southern US some do the same thing but with long folds like ribbons instead of curds. And a little heavy on the black pepper.

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown Month ago

    That is a *lot* of butter. For me, *any* amount of dairy in scrambled eggs is just deeply, deeply wrong. Of course, I also like my scrambled eggs cooked to the point of starting to brown, so... Probably listen to Ramsay, not me.

  • Joey Suggs
    Joey Suggs Month ago

    The first time I ever made scrambled eggs, I stirred it continuously. Turned out like Ramsey's, in other words it was baby food. Yech.

  • orangeoblivion
    orangeoblivion Month ago

    I bet they taste good, it’s more dairy than egg.

  • Smizoke Mizark
    Smizoke Mizark Month ago

    undercooked water eggs

  • dagda825
    dagda825 Month ago

    The European eggs are akin to a custard. The classic French omlet has a luxurious custard center. When I do Gordon's scramble I watch the mixture to start giving off a faint steam. Once I see that I know the pan has the heat needed to cook with. That's when I take it off and let the pan do it's magic. When it starts giving a bit of resistance back on the heat it goes.

  • Volatile Sky
    Volatile Sky Month ago

    With all that dairy I can't eat this anyways - but just from the looks of it, I doubt I'd like it due to texture. If anything I think I prefer the omelette method of lightly cooking it and then folding over (avoiding Browning at all costs). Still a bit of softness in the middle but more texture on the outside.