Strange Lights In The Night's Sky Are Getting People's Attention : May 24, 2012


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  • Dillpickle #no subscribers

    Just now I saw these. At first I thought it was like a nuke or a planet. I new it wasn’t a plane because it wasn’t moving. They appear white to me. I don’t know. On the west coast

  • cat goddess
    cat goddess Day ago

    Still experiencing it in 2018 in oklahoma

  • Jerry Hallmets
    Jerry Hallmets Day ago

    Literally been seeing something like this 2 nights ago and then again tonight here in Buffalo NY. The one over here had 5 lights but they kep changing and looked like it had 5 or 6 trails of light coming from it. It dont move out just in the same spot for ever. Tonight it's in a different spot but the exact same. I wanna know what the hell it is!!!

  • Steven Buchanan
    Steven Buchanan 3 days ago

    I live in fall river ma I seen it purple flashes .. yes red green blue 123 they hit each other it's weird

  • ragga mafin
    ragga mafin 9 days ago

    America don't know shitt. this is beond there knowledge and technology 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carrie Richardson
    Carrie Richardson 12 days ago

    I witnessed these same lights above my home south of Knoxville, Tennessee around August 25, 2018 . I have a friend that has seen the same lights tonight. Its creepy.

  • Yliana Garza
    Yliana Garza 17 days ago

    thats happening right now i see something in the sky its getting brighter its been there everyday in the nighttime its littey the only thing in the shy thats so bright but nobody really thinks its something bad who knows

  • cappaculla
    cappaculla 18 days ago

    They are put in the sky by smart people to get the stupid people talking.

  • Kevin Dotson
    Kevin Dotson Month ago

    I've been noticing lights in the sky also you can tell the difference between a star and this one I've been seeing is kind of Orange it doesn't change colors it's just a dull orange light but I've been noticing other lights to that don't look like stars it's weird I wish I had a really powerful telescope

  • Elizabeth Marks-Graham

    I’ve seen multi colored flashing stars all of my life BUT I did see one white sphere suddenly appear and right as I went to take a picture it vanished I did get a fuzzy one of it though

  • Mr D
    Mr D Month ago

    I just seen a lighting dot moving fast(not so fast) this night and it suddenly dissapear after appearing about 10 second in the sky. I have no idea what it was..I wondered what it is..There is no way it was a plane because it not make any sound. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing?

    REAL LIFE Month ago

    Just SAW this in KATY TEXAS!

  • UglyDuckling
    UglyDuckling Month ago

    Hi there its 01;48 here in Austria Europe ... its Dark night no clouds i saw one Drone far away looked like a Star the i watched with my Occulus (sry my English) and it was Drone a big one Red Blue Yellow and now i am shocked because actually there are arround 40 Drones in the Sky blinking .... called the Local Police but they just said " What should i do now do they harass u" and i just WOW ... its for u normal do see 40 Drones in the Sky !!! People wake up there is something BIG in the Air ... Change will come !! Look at the Sky it must be everywhere in the World because i live in a Shitty Town

  • michaela young
    michaela young Month ago

    Wow! So happy to see others seeing this! I live in central Indiana and I see them every single night. Usually at least one or two to the west. a huge one to the north east. A couple directly east and one south. Not always the same spot. But basically the same amount and I’ve even sat and watched one till it decided to leave. Which took five hours for it to decide to do. I only have high quality binoculars but I kept up with it all the way from low in the north west sky to high in the north east sky with very sparratic movements until finally it was the size of a pin prick (started the size of the biggest stars in the sky with the naked eye) and then it disappeared. So amazing. Strange thing though, I’ve tried capturing them on camera and they absolutely will not photograph for me.

  • Scarlett Poyner
    Scarlett Poyner Month ago

    I’m trying to find this light me and my family seen in the sky. They were above the clouds moving in rhythm with each other and if you took a picture you couldn’t see them and if you took a video you couldn’t even see the sky. They stay in the clouds and look like either ghosts angels or a relative watching over us...

  • robert a
    robert a 2 months ago

    I am looking at a same strange cicular light way up in the sky near Quebec city this light is hoovering and stable strange that is I got a picture of it .

  • afro hair
    afro hair 2 months ago

    Monday July 16th 2018 4:03 AM another white light spotted in the sky but its so dark that i can barely see it

    • afro hair
      afro hair 2 months ago

      4:18 i can clearly see it as a white dot

    • afro hair
      afro hair 2 months ago

      4:17 AM its shrinking now

    • afro hair
      afro hair 2 months ago

      4:16 AM its getting larger

  • afro hair
    afro hair 2 months ago

    Around 3:00 to 4:00 AM something orange but blurry was in the sky. I thought it was another manmade light from earth but it was not shining the way the other lights shine. It lasted a few minutes but the last i looked its gone.

  • kurt ashbridge
    kurt ashbridge 2 months ago

    I saw one over Edmonds tonight appear to be hit by the naked eye about size of a 50-cent piece and then it hovered for about 45 seconds and then just dropped like a rock and disappeared

  • Fonzie Griswold
    Fonzie Griswold 2 months ago

    OK I am sitting here looking at the same thing sunday night in to early monday morning indiana

  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago +1

    Typical americans:"hmm... i don't know what that is, it must be a UFO"

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck 2 months ago +1

    It's called a star, light gets refracted into different colors than it actually is, similar to how mars isn't really red.

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck 2 months ago

    -1 stability

  • dont worry bout it
    dont worry bout it 3 months ago

    last night i sat outside just star gazing for about 4 hours. i can assure you, the sky is alive. things are there that shouldnt be there. things are moving and strange extremely bright flashes that come into view then fade are happening. i have no doubt we are not alone i just dont see why the fuckin government doesnt just come out and be like ok fuck it guys yes we are being visited. fuck it. now what...

  • lizzie kat msp
    lizzie kat msp 3 months ago +1

    This is really weird cuz i have seen it

  • KarenLynn RiverCityParanormal

    I'm in California and I see these in the night sky every night. I have taken pics and videos of them as well. They are posted on my channel. They are not stars, planets, satellites, or drones. I have been observing them in our skies since 2014. I sure would like to know what they are.. they not only flash colors of red, blue & green, they are shape shifters as well.

    • Ancient Sumerian
      Ancient Sumerian 3 months ago

      KarenLynn RiverCityParanormal I know for a fact they aren’t stars. Around 2014 me and my brother saw one of these not 3000 yards above our house. What’s strange was the fact that when my brother tried to record it, nothing appeared on the video.

  • Strange Skies and More By; Tonya Henslee

    I took this video last week. You can see this object shape ship in this video. Please share this video thank you

  • Samantha Barnett
    Samantha Barnett 4 months ago

    I've seen these!!! Every night in greenwich ohio

    G0LDENGAMING 4 months ago

    Lori Pettit say this through my Window today a light comming out of nowhere and Bam there is some sort of plane then it came one more exactly the same thing happend in Sweden btw

  • Danblack666
    Danblack666 5 months ago

    Strange lights in sky

  • Shellie Milano
    Shellie Milano 5 months ago

    We are in Jersey . Back in 2015 we drove down to FL and one of these was hovering around 7:30 pm passing through Maryland on a July night . A year later back in jersey my husband went out in the middle of the night for a smoke and something similar was out in the back yard hovering and then took off . Another night one was hovering over a neighbors house . But never took off just hovered . Now this makes sense , the military is 100 years more advanced that they are telling us. Tech always goes through military first . Beware of the fake alien invasion that might occur . Aliens are not real . There is a spiritual war going on for our souls . Stop being so distracted in this life . Everyone needs to get right with Jesus Christ and be born again . The world has turned upside down since 9/11/01.little by little things are being ripped away, our rights and freedom (Patriot act/police surveillance state) If you trust in Christ and believe he was God in the flesh and pray for him to save your soul you will have everlasting life . It’s so simple . John 3:16 (kjv) the elite is trying to hide Jesus and God they took him out of the schools in the 1960s and little by little they are trying to erase. Wake up . Get right with God before it’s too late .

  • Eternal Oblivion
    Eternal Oblivion 5 months ago

    HOLY SHIT! I thought me & my dude were the only ones seeing a thing like that. We don't live in Kansas we're in Newburyport MA. Ours blinks red & blue with no green that I can see. It showed up 3 years ago & is in the same spot every night flashing its colors like a party light in space. I hate cloudy nights because we can't see it. We call it Blinky. :D

  • Blue_ Jay
    Blue_ Jay 5 months ago

    I was heading to my bus stop one morning around 6:40, and I look up at the sky, and I see a green orb whizzing across the sky. It's lights weren't blinking, and it was moving way faster than a plane, and then it just disappeared.

  • Anna Campbell
    Anna Campbell 5 months ago

    Seen them in Silver City, New Mexico for the last week sometimes as many as 12! They hang around the Orion Constellation, but travel all over the sky. The first night i saw them 1 of them came pretty close it looked like something out of Star Wars! There are some videos going around out of Macon, Georgia and the lady that posted them has recorded the exact same crafts i have been seeing! Something big is happening that they are being seen WorldWide!

    CARLIN FORTE 5 months ago

    They are police drones

    SLEEP NO MORE 6 months ago

    Last August i was in our backyard along with three family members when we noticed similar lights in the sky. We live within 10 miles of an international airport, so the first thing we thought was, it's just a plane and we're looking at it from a strange angle but then we noticed more of them. It was sunset and we were facing south watching these lights when i noticed one of these lights(glowing marble) was moving very fast from west to east and heading straight towards another non-moving light(glowing marble). I said "they're going to collide" and we laughed thinking that they would pass each other. They didn't pass each other though. The one that was moving hit the one that wasn't and bounced off of it like a billiard ball at the exact angle it hit at. We all looked at each other and laughed even harder. We stayed out there and watched them for hours. At one point after it had gotten dark we saw a group of about twenty or so lights(glowing marbles). Some were moving towards each other to come face to face like they were talking to each other and then they would part and go to another light or grouping of lights. It is the most fascinating thing that i have ever experienced.

  • Permito Juanito Mendoza F.

    mar 18 2018 12:44AM. umm i saw then jus 4hours 25 mins but yea wattz gucci 😎😀

  • I support Jesus Christ
    I support Jesus Christ 6 months ago

    I saw the same thing and i think it is a star.

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis 6 months ago

    I see it's stationary but it's just white cluster and it does freak me out!!!! WHAT IS IT?????

  • Rose Mc
    Rose Mc 6 months ago

    I had seen them too last 2 days ago here in OTTAWA its was like 5 stars I thought it was a bright star until it moved! i thought it was a drone . but it was really strange

  • Model RC
    Model RC 6 months ago

    UFOs don’t exist

  • Winter White
    Winter White 7 months ago

    I saw these lights in Florida yesterday. I was honestly terrified.

  • Dasha Parker
    Dasha Parker 7 months ago


  • Punchthebell
    Punchthebell 7 months ago

    i saw some tonight in the sky my mom said it was probably the space station but the space station moves.

  • Bible Signs
    Bible Signs 7 months ago

    The sun is becoming a red giant these are plasma ball that the sun is shooting at us. The sun is

  • cornel sanders
    cornel sanders 7 months ago

    I've seen them in Michigan , they appear to be brilliant colors of yes, red , green , blue , and white , I looked at it with a rifle scope and could see it pretty well. One night the one to the north did a drastic zig zag that blew me away. I believe they are not a UFO but a lesser known light phenomenon called earthquake lights. They seem to hover and float , going forward back side to side and small arcs . It's basically the earth releasing energy that reflects up into the atmosphere off of rocks and clay and interacts with energy or something in the atmosphere. Look up earthquake lights and I think you will agree. They are not aliens or any of that .

  • rabbitseason
    rabbitseason 7 months ago

    I guess you've never heard bout satelites in the USA. The ones that we send to low orbit areas can be seen at night as the one that those UFO spotters have seen.

  • G.G Marie
    G.G Marie 7 months ago

    wtf I just saw this now

  • ItZel Baizan
    ItZel Baizan 7 months ago

    My dad was picking me up at school at 6:00 pm and He saw like 6 bright lights I thought it was a building and thought my dad was joking on me but then we decided to go towards them and they wouldn’t move they stayed there still when I realized my dad wasn’t playing I freaked out we went forwards to see them getting brighter and brighter they kept on moving slowly IT WASNT A AIRPLANE NOBODY BELIEVES ME

  • Stoney Parris
    Stoney Parris 8 months ago +1

    I'm in central Fla and I've seen this a few times ..... I have a video of it also and very interesting !!! It changes color blue green

  • Joe Dude
    Joe Dude 8 months ago

    1:05 red green and blue. these are drones people you're being watched...

  • kit kat
    kit kat 8 months ago

    I was sitting in my living room one night and I kept seeing a light shining in my window and door. I finally opened the door and a very bright light was shining down at me from the sky for a few seconds and then it disappeared. No noise, not a plane. A clear night. I can't stop thinking about it.

  • SaltyLife
    SaltyLife 8 months ago

    Over the past 4 years I've seen the same light but much higher. I saw two at one time once and the moved oddly then after a minute, one went straight up and disappeared into space. A few seconds later the second one followed. I saw that in San Diego but it was so high I don't think it would matter where it was scene. The next few I saw in Florida. Same things. They don't move like space junk or satellites. They moved side ways both ways and then up into space. I could see it fading as it went up. Nothing more frustrating than people making excuses as to what it was. I know it wasn't from us.

  • Angry Sausage
    Angry Sausage 8 months ago

    Yesterday. I saw one. I don’t really think it’s a ufo because.

    The neighbors were shooting off fireworks and then I saw a light come from their house into the sky. It stayed there for a few minutes then it vanished into the sky.
    The light was red and it didn’t flicker.

  • Sowmya Shree
    Sowmya Shree 8 months ago

    Even, I saw red and white

    LE PICKLE 8 months ago

    The same thing is happening to where I live and I just found out but right now! It just started happening and I know because before going to bed I look up at the sky and stare at the stars thinking about our universe and space and stuff like that ( I know I’m weird I’m the only kid in my class who wants to become an astronomer) but anyway there was this brighter one that kept on moving in all directions but slowly and it would go back to where it was before just like a couple other ones. They would also flash from green, blue, white, and red. I think that maybe they’re drones or maybe just something else but yet there is another part of me that thinks just maybe it could be something so fantastic to decode and research! In a weird way I truly want them to stay so I can try to figure out what it is but then again I’m only 11 so that’s an issue 😆
    If you live in Middletown, NY Welp then please help and if you don’t still... please help 🙂

  • Michael Wolf
    Michael Wolf 8 months ago

    Nothing new if your just now seeing them dont think it new they've always been there you just never paid attention or looked at the night sky and questioned it

  • Michael Wolf
    Michael Wolf 8 months ago +1

    They've been in the sky as long as i can remember every night small objects flying around sometimes 3 to 4 at a time just from my position so there's millions of these people just dont use there eyes or think about things i have no idae what they are or do but they have been around for over 20 years probably a lot longer.

  • Rosa Colon
    Rosa Colon 8 months ago +2

    I saw the same thing in 1989 in PR. from my Window on a second floor, a clear night, and something like a helicopter shape from the helicopter comes out these illuminecent globes almost translucent with bright colors of green or like an orangee red falling very slow and guess what on the same place is a small hill more like an open museum an there is a Capsule of one of the astronaut that visit the moon and his space uniform. I don't know if is still there but those lights are beautiful, and you can not take your eyes away. It kind of hipnotizing. Very unreal of what we are used to but very real if i may say so. I think I like what i saw, NOTHING to worry about, is like an illusion, is there but is not there and zapped in a flash. 🚁🚁🚁

    • Rosa Colon
      Rosa Colon 8 months ago +1

      By the way that happened in Bayamon, P R

  • Rory Perrodin
    Rory Perrodin 9 months ago

    I live in Louisiana and see mutiple every night. Have been for a while now.

  • daniel Gugulski
    daniel Gugulski 9 months ago

    My girl has it on her phone at 4am the same thing it came into the atmosphere moved around and then it left the same thing on this video same colors .. U wait till 3 or 4 am they move like crazy

  • Stephanie Pelayo
    Stephanie Pelayo 9 months ago

    This happening here in Elizabeth New Jersey 12/15/17
    I am not lying for the love of my life

  • aliensRdronez
    aliensRdronez 9 months ago

    New book folks phoenix lights get it now 2018 >>> barns and noble

  • NayFresh87
    NayFresh87 9 months ago


  • Nicole Hutchinson
    Nicole Hutchinson 9 months ago

    We seen them here in butte mt also. Lastnight

  • Victor Campos
    Victor Campos 9 months ago

    Something strange in the sky, let's call an astronomer... Nope, I thing a UFO hunter is the best person to call. This is what I call great journalism!

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 9 months ago

    Have seen in dekalb county Alabama. Its department of justice drones spying on the public

  • J C
    J C 9 months ago

    Skylight - chineese laterns

  • Garret Shook
    Garret Shook 9 months ago elko nevada. I took this video.

  • DC DC
    DC DC 10 months ago +1

    They are back, finally!!!!

    • Justin Prave
      Justin Prave 9 months ago

      I just saw them at one and it's still at my house. I can't even sleep cause I wanna know what it is

  • Rochelle Zoetic
    Rochelle Zoetic 10 months ago

    We live in Slaughters, KY and have been seeing these red, green, blue flashing hovering lights off and on for a couple months now. They vary at how high they are and which direction they linger. A couple nights ago around 1:45 a.m. I was walking past my livingroom front door and saw one brighter and lower (so much so I’d seen it out of the corner of my eye)...I was shocked, opened the front door, stepped on the porch puzzled by what I was seeing! I ran back to get a camera to take a picture but by the time I got back outside it was already ascending upward and off at a distance that I couldn’t get a decent shot of it. I’d really like to know what these things are. They’re very silent, by the way. They don’t move at all like anything we’ve seen in the sky at night. They hover in one place sometimes, then move in all directions. We usually just see one at a time every so often but every now and then we will see two or three together in the sky.

  • J Mo
    J Mo 10 months ago

    Sounds like the disco star...

  • Quinn Porter
    Quinn Porter 10 months ago

    Oh my god I saw that on my birthday a month before above my house at night mine was just white it was 30ish feet above my house it sat there for a bit as me and my friends stared at it then it zoomed way to fast and suddenly over the horizon then disappeared a month later we split up later and I noticed weird powers I live in texas ammarillo

  • Xenon Czar
    Xenon Czar 10 months ago

    Just posted a vid3o I just took in Griffith Indiana.. Close Vid3o check it out and share.

  • powerbookg4apple
    powerbookg4apple 10 months ago

    Ive seen the same in scotland and cumbria these lights are everyway just people dont always take notice look at my videos

  • Zach Holt
    Zach Holt 10 months ago

    They move slowly. Like remarkably slow. They don't appear to be planes drones or helicopters. Looks like 1 is following the other.

  • Zach Holt
    Zach Holt 10 months ago

    Seeing two exactly like this in my backyard right now. Anyone know what the hell these are? haha

  • Theinfamousqeef-Fortnite
    Theinfamousqeef-Fortnite 11 months ago

    I actually saw this tonight I thought it was a star but it was flashing colors.

  • Sandra Kral
    Sandra Kral Year ago

    seeing this everynight in Massacusettes sometimes three,, I have seen them disapear

  • Ty E DEMAJ
    Ty E DEMAJ Year ago

    Star Wars is here

  • necro mantis
    necro mantis Year ago

    me and my girlfriend In Florida seen a orb like this but it came down and hovered above the powerlines then went back up really high then it seemed to turn into a larger orb and very fastly flew out of b
    our veiw straight up. when it was hovering above the power lines we could see it pretty well it looked almost transparent and look like the inside of this orb was completely filling the inside of the the orb kind of like those electricity balls that you put your hands on except it was completely full of blue light instead of little streams

  • TheBakerman55
    TheBakerman55 Year ago

    If people would keep there butts up past 10 o'clock and watch the night sky they would be amazed at what they see,why wouldn't they be hiding on the dark side of earth,broad daylight means trouble. I don't think there could be aliens anymore, I know that they are here and follow the darkness of this planet while using a bright light in order to look like stars,I also believe that while in the dark side of earth they sleep eat and plan there next action.People they are fighting in our sky's,I have seen them chasing and firing on each other and I don't believe they are here....... I KNOW there here.

  • TheBakerman55
    TheBakerman55 Year ago +1

    I have seen 4 of these strange multiple colored lights for a few weeks one landing 4 nights in a row with the other 3 seeming to be watching over the one that landed. I honestly think I've seen at least 4 to 5 different types of vessel's. I have 3 witnesses,and what bothers me is the fact that (they) do not care if I see them. Once you see this after 62 years on this Earth,it is overwhelming to say the least. Don't remark on what I and 2 others have seen because it won't change what's happening.

  • The Krazi Renee Channel

    Can anyone tell me what I caught tonight? I just put it on my channel. It's red and white?

  • RelatableReaction
    RelatableReaction Year ago +1

    I live in Belgium europe and i saw Those lights also multiple times. No idea what they are, doubt That it are aliens tough.

  • passive_ghost
    passive_ghost Year ago

    I know this was in 2013, but I just saw one of these out the window, about 3 blocks away (it's a two floor house) and there was this glowing orb flying here and there like mad. It couldn't have been a light bug or some bird reflecting light, because it looked like the size of a tennis ball and the street light was very far from it

    • kelly rebal
      kelly rebal Year ago

      passive_ghost I found it right now and I'm in Chicago

  • Sovereign of Sabers
    Sovereign of Sabers Year ago +1

    We have one of these in our neighborhood, and for the past 4 days it has come out in the same place, like clockwork. Though the light is only white, and it goes dark many times as it slowly travels across the sky. Sometimes it will stop completely and let off a bright flash of white light and move away.

    • michaela young
      michaela young Month ago

      Same in Indiana we have all of this now

    • Rhondasl
      Rhondasl 7 months ago

      In southern PA the lights do they same thing, but they do flash different colors sometimes. The flash, grow brighter, dim, turn off completely. It’s all very scary.

  • Mary A
    Mary A Year ago +1

    it really sounds like someone is using their drones to prank people. why didn't any of these witnesses just get in a car and drive to the spot where the thing was in the sky and then you'd see what it is

    • Justin Prave
      Justin Prave 9 months ago +1

      They are basically still in space. At least the ones I saw. No matter where you drive to you can't get to them. Just saw them tonight

  • jasper
    jasper Year ago +4

    They are not drones, or stars! they are seen all over the WORLD.

  • Michael cleek
    Michael cleek Year ago

    I build racing drones and there is no way your gonna build a drone with a light that big and not hear the props spinning so the fpv is not what it is

  • Michael cleek
    Michael cleek Year ago

    I have been seeing this in my area also just hovering and slowly goes up and down

  • justine christian

    Saw the same thing here in the Philippines last two days! It was midnight 12:10 pm. But it was cloudy! And behind it, it was flashing Red, violet/blue/pink and green!

  • candidandy52
    candidandy52 Year ago

    The last two day, there has been a large increase in these orbs along with more strange lights crossing part of the sky.Those very first signings of eerie black clouds about two weeks ago appeared and they I am sure are off world tech. There is hardly no chem planes because of these black clouds [ sure a lot of cloud creature images they form] where the cover-up by the haze. These black clouds move around there giving off a cloud of haze making the strange black cloud fading out and then huge white cloud forms and I have seen it create itself a larger body. There a lot of orbs in the last two days in that north-east direction, they are closer and I have noticed two of these pulsating orbs sideways and they do have a back body and not saucer shaped. These are the small ones, other orbs here and elsewhere are like corner posts for much larger triangle shape, big and smaller. Planet X, I doubt it exists around us now, Invasion yes, ETs helping the half billion Zionists gain their goal of being the chosen ones only on Earth.

  • Butch Lomeli
    Butch Lomeli Year ago

    ive seen a group of lights blinking red and blue and they aren't stars because the colors were bright and they werent planes or satellites or drones because they were not moving

  • Mitch13pavel
    Mitch13pavel Year ago

    Just saw the same exact thing in Michigan tonight. Crazy stuff

  • David Huffman
    David Huffman Year ago

    I've been obsessed with it for the last year when I finally noticed it

  • Leigh Denn
    Leigh Denn Year ago +1

    haha! at least you guys managed to get others to acknowledge them and a media report on the news about it!!! Ppl in Australia can't even seem to see them and if they do they immediately dismiss as stars, satellites, planes, or hellicopters....and only the ice users who have seen them will admit they see them at night but sadly claim it is the police with satellites following them because of the red, blue, and white flashing lights!!!! :-O I think the police have better things to do than follow and trace a bunch of lone junkies etc off chops in the night and then not even bust them!!! bahaha!

  • Leigh Denn
    Leigh Denn Year ago +4

    I have seen them since approx 2011 here in Perth, Western Australia!!! In 2011 they were EVERYWHERE!!!! Since then there are fewer and fewer-now==there is around 5-10 all at once spread out around my area and then they disappear for about a month and then return. Here they flash BLUE, RED, AND WHITE! It is truly amazing, however, that when you point out what is so very OBVIOUSLY NOT A STAR, NOR PLANE, NOR SHOOTING STAR to people and how they will swear black n blue that it MUST BE a star or plane or satellite!!! I have been star gazing since I was a kid and I know all the stars and planets and what a bloody satellite looks like-and TRUST ME=IT IS NONE OF THESE THINGS!!!! Idiots here in Perth think it is the Australian police intelligence with satellites watching over crims and meth heads!!! All because they flash blue, red, and white; like the police!!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!! C'mon people!!! IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT AND IT IS NOT THE POLICE!!! IT IS NOT NASA!!! THEY ARE UFO's!!!!! Just be grateful that you have seen them and know what is def not a star in the sky that suddenly has appeared!!! The Australian police do NOT NOT NOT have the energy or money to waste on such things!!!! BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU NOW KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT THE ONLY LENTILS STUCK HERE F$##@!ING UP OUR OWN PLANET!!! AND IF YOU CONTINUE TO TURN A BLIND EYE TO ALL THAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU IN THE WORLD TODAY, THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU STAND A VERY REAL CHANCE OF LOSING YOUR PLACE HERE ON PLANET EARTH....HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS DOES IT NEED TO GET???? Derrrrrr!!!!

  • chefjimmie1
    chefjimmie1 Year ago

    WOW! I have never seen anyone cover this topic even though I have known about these things for 7 years now. This is old video but you won't see anyone talking about them in the mainstream. That's because they are hiding something. I'll give you something WITHOUT hiding anything. Here it is...
    *The four steps to being saved:*
    1.) *FORGET* what you have been told all your life regarding the bible
    2.) *GET ONE* at the Dollar Tree (KJV, only one buck)
    3.) *READ* starting in the book of Romans
    4.) *ASK* God to show you His Plan for your life
    Can you follow the four steps to be saved? Then you can be saved TODAY. You see, salvation is something that happens in the heart of a person who *DESIRES* to know *TRUTH.* They have looked everywhere else for it but have never looked at the bible because they believe what the world teaches about it - that it's an out-dated, archaic book of fairy tales. Most will never be fair and READ it to learn whether they have been told the truth about it or not.
    But it's coming down to the wire now. There is very little time left and people like me know this. That's why every person who has the Holy Spirit living in them (saved, born again people) is now sounding the alarm. It's *TIME TO WAKE UP!* There is truly very little time left. Yeah, I know; you have been hearing people say that your whole life it seems but *LOOK* at the facts.
    You can't understand the prophecy in the bible until you are indwelt with the Holy Spirit and that is why it is imperative that you STUDY the bible - first to be saved and then to understand all of the prophecy written about *THE VERY DAYS WE ARE LIVING IN!* Read the King James Bible because the new versions are PERVERSIONS - a study all it's own.
    If you do the steps to be saved and are *HONEST* in your heart, God will show you the Truth and you will be *SORRY* for your sins. Next He will _convict_ your heart and you will *REPENT* of them. For most, this involves a completely changed life. _Welcome to the Kingdom of God._ You will be departing this world very soon now to be with The Lord forever. Now, tell as many people as you can.
    *IT IS THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST* which saves us. We are saved by the Grace of God through FAITH in the ability of Jesus Christ to save us from sin and death. The "steps" above are what will LEAD you to the KNOWLEDGE of faith. The world doesn't understand this but if you read this far, you are being called OUT of this world.